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HOW TO LEARN ANY LANGUAGE WITH EASE: Tips And Secrets For Your Language Learning Success

by Martina Srblin

Which language would you learn next if you knew you could not fail?

The “HOW TO LEARN ANY LANGUAGE WITH EASE: Tips And Secrets For Your Language Learning Success” ebook is full of ideas and strategies on how to learn any language in a simple and lifestyle friendly way.

It’s been written with you in mind – you that love learning foreign languages; you that are planning on learning a different language but are so busy you don’t know where to start; you that adore the thought of becoming a polyglot; you that need to learn a language fast and want to set up an efficient language learning system that will support you in achieving your goal; you that have always struggled to fit learning languages into your schedule; you that want to discover the best way to learn a language no matter what your previous linguistic knowledge is; you that have language learning in your DNA.

Foreign language mastery comes from consistent, bite-size learning that is fun, entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking. The tips and secrets contained in this ebook will show you how to turn learning a foreign language into an exciting journey you’ll never want to end, and experience the language learning magic while getting great results and reaching your language goal faster and with more ease than ever before.

You’ll also discover how to pick your next (or first) language to learn, what’s the best attitude to adopt when learning a language, how to gain a rock-solid linguistic self-confidence, how to get started to instantly generate momentum, how to create an action plan, how to find time for learning a new language, what to do when you need a motivation boost, how to improve your memory, how to keep the knowledge fresh, and MORE, like the laser-focused questions at the end of each chapter to get you into immediate action.

The entire ebook has been designed around a profound conviction that learning languages is not a cookie-cutter process. No two persons learn the same way, and that’s why the information contained in this ebook has been strategically chosen to help you create your own winning formula for quickly turning efforts into celebrations.

If you can’t wait to start using your next (or first) foreign language, “HOW TO LEARN ANY LANGUAGE WITH EASE: Tips And Secrets For Your Language Learning Success” ebook is the ally you’ve been looking for. No fluff, just pure content to get you to language learning paradise!

Refiner’s Fire: Implementing Ex Corde Ecclesiae for Roman Catholic Higher Educational and Lay Ecclesial Reform

by Robert King MDiv ThM EdS

Robert J. King, M.Div., Th.M., Ed.S. is a Vatican-Loyal Roman Catholic scholar-activist who has written and taught critical thinking, religion/theology, and ethics at several universities and colleges. King received his B.A. in Religion from Davidson College (Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.), his M.Div. and Th.M. from Duke University, and spent three years in the Ph.D. program in Moral Theology and Early Christian History at the University of Notre Dame. King recently completed his Ed.S. in Leadership for Social Change in Education, with a concentration in Ethics and Public Policy, from Walden University. King is a Faculty member (Critical Thinking) for the University of Phoenix, and is completing his Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership at Walden University. King received N.E.H. grants in 2010, 2011 to study U.S. religious history (Mayflower Pilgrims, Pullman Railroad Strike), and was awarded the N.I.S.O.D. Excellence Award in 2011, 2012. King is currently Financial Secretary of his county’s division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and also a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus.

Inspirational Quotes for the Heart and Soul

by Ritu Kalia

Words are powerful and it is words that make a pen mightier than a sword.

This book is a collection of 108 of the most powerful and inspiring quotes by people all around the world.

These inspirational quotes will remind you what success is really about, inspire you when you feel low, make you persevere in the face of obstacles, nudge you into looking at your circumstances differently and help you push your way through failure!

Sample Picturing English 4: Vowel Sound Stories for Teens & Adults

by Doris Baker

This book of pictures and stories is a sample of the fourth in a series to help teens and adults master the sounds and letters of the English alphabet. Picturing English 4 follows the same format as Picturing English 3. It focuses on nine individual vowel sounds and their spelling patterns. Picturing English 4 also provides an explanation for when to pronounce â??ed’ at the end of past tense words.

Idioms are explained, unusual silent letters pointed out, and spelling patterns organized for each specific vowel sound. These stories can be used as a study guide to remind you of the spelling patterns when you write and the sound patterns when you speak.

Accent Annihilation for Japanese Speakers: An Illustrated Guide to the American Accent

by Ivan Borodin

Have you ever felt like your were being punished for even entertaining the idea of speaking English like an American? Does the rising tide of panic threaten to engulf you when you attempt to pronounce certain words? Maybe you’re enjoying a conversation with an American, and don’t see the question coming. “Where are you from?” Inquiries about your accent should not make you want to punch people in the face. Maybe you live in America, and having a tough time communicating. When we can’t have our dreams, sometimes it’s worse to be trapped near them. Fully supported by a series of free YouTube videos, this illustrated speech manual can help you change people’s perceptions of you. Follow the instructions contained within, practice the vowel and consonant combinations, and you’ll soon feel appreciation and acceptance from all the way across a crowded room. There will be a glow in people’s eyes, marveling at your clear American speech. Pretty much all Japanese peopleâ??men, women and young adultsâ??are all going to find something of value in this book. Don’t get sidetracked in your mastery of American English. It’s time for people to listen to your words, not your accent.

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