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Raptor Apocalypse (The Raptor Apocalypse)

by Steve R. Yeager

A. J. “Jesse” Prieo, a small town Deputy Sheriff, led a life of comfort with a loving family by his side. All that changed in an instant when genetically engineered creatures were set loose on an unsuspecting world. The creatures, terrifyingly similar to velociraptors, were cynically designed to remove humanity’s surplus numbers. The situation soon spiraled out of control, and these ‘Raptors’ quickly became the new apex predator.

In this lawless new world ‘Justice’ has become a forgotten term. Small pockets of civilization remain, but they are few and far between. Most are run by those ruthless enough and mad enough to claw their way to the top.

Jesse Prieo still holds on to a personal code. He is not a ruthless man. He is not interested in gaining power. But he will do whatever it takes to lay his ghosts to rest and bring justice to the world.

Helped by Cory Melkin, a former radical; Evelyn Phelps, a woman of many hidden talents; and Kate, a lost child who knows more than she is saying, Jesse must survive long enough to uncover the dark secrets that led to The Raptor Apocalypse and prevent the extinction of the human race.

The Raptor Apocalypse is the first book in The Raptor Apocalypse series and contains mature themes and violence. 

Book 2, Red Asphalt, is now available on Amazon.

“Mad Max meets I Am Legend meets Jurassic Park meets Robert McCammon on speed.” â?? Harry F. Kane, Goodreads.

“This was an unexpected good find.” â?? Kim Venatries, Amazon.

“Loved every horrifying moment.” â?? K. Blakely, Goodreads.

“This was a well written, fast pace, roller coaster of mayhem and emotion.” â?? Kkline, Amazon.

“If you want a believable post-apocalyptic world, this is it.” â?? Garrett Robinson, Amazon.

“It is a dangerous place with real consequences for the characters. They never feel safe. Not everyone is going to survive.” â?? Carl Sinclair, Amazon.

2 B R 0 2 B [Illustrated]

by Kurt Vonnegut

This Seedbox Classics edition of 2 B R 0 2 B or 2BR02B includes illustrations.

2 B R 0 2 B by Kurt Vonnegut is a science fiction story that focuses on a society where individuals have an indefinite lifespan and the population of the United States is limited to forty million.

In order for a new birth to take place, someone else must die. The suspense builds as two parents wait for someone to dial 2 B R 0 2 B, which is the telephone number to dial for an assisted suicide with the Federal Bureau of Termination.

Harmonizer (Penultimate Invasion)

by Daniel Blumberg

Dan Corden is living the life of a typical teen until he discovers his father’s extramarital affair and gets shipped off to military school in Virginia. An earthquake strikes the school shortly after his arrival, trapping him underneath the debris. While trying to find a way out, Dan discovers a beautiful extraterrestrialâ??Aelita Godhes, an ancient goddess of destructionâ??who frees them both and changes his life forever.

The pair travels the world, first fleeing from the US government and a deranged president, later as enforcers of peace and executioners of those who commit crimes against humanity. During their international journeys, they find foes and friends, including one surprising world leader who already knew of the existence of aliens and wants to help their cause.

A whirlwind of an adventure, The Harmonizer combines science fiction with political intrigue, showing the devastating effects abuse of power can have within countries and around the world.

Fans of Larry Niven, Steve White, David Weber, and John Ringo will enjoy this first story in an action-packed series to come.


by William Espinosa

It’s 2028. The human race is divided on how to deal with the threatening eco-legacy of the twentieth century. Calls for a strong, centralized response mount, but skeptics of institutional power seek another way.

A prominent Brazilian healer is poisoned by toxic flower-essence. The leader of the Palestinian peace movement is shot, in bed with a Shin Bet operative. A Peruvian community organizer falls 600 meters to his death. The deaths entangle a rainforest ecologist, a New Age dreamer, a Palestinian peace activist, and a U.S. Senator’s aide. The four find themselves suspects in a high-stakes game. Seductions, searches, surveillance and renditions unfold as part of a plot with planetary aims.

Themes of power, self-discovery, spirit, and nature are explored in a likely near-future as the protagonists crisscross the globe. Warming! is an inspired new title in the emerging cli-fi tradition.

“This wonderful eco-thriller is a page turner. Bill Espinosa presents a vision of a path toward global sanity, almost unimaginable in today’s world, but the elements are there before our eyes. He has a broad-based understanding of how ecosystems connect with politics, society and everyday life; and paints his multidimensional portrait with a wonderful cast of characters.”

-Steve Nachmanovitch, Author, Free Play: Improvisation in Art and Life

“Warming! is a good story with vivid characters; the voice of nature is wrapped around a probing vision of how an ecologically threatened planet will govern itself.”

-Dr. Abdul Aziz Said, Founder, Center for Global Peace, American University

Flute of the Wind Queen (Outlander Leander)

by Eisah

Leander is an energetic young man who wants to become a treasure hunter. When his dad is deployed he sees it as an opportunity to go on his first adventure; which unfortunately leads him straight into enemy territory. All ambition and no skill or experience, he stumbles his way around enemy camps to find the famous relic the Wind Queen left behind.

KnightWatchers: Blood from a Stone – the fourth episode

by Jason Williams

This time, it does begin with a bang and a boomâ?¦

Oh sweet, loyal, and generous financial contributing readersâ?¦ what can I tell you that you don’t already know ?

How can I even begin to describe the fourth tale in a simple â??back of the book’ summary that will entice your highly intellectual palettes for adventure?

You, who are so generous, sweet and pure-minded, how can I tempt you into buying this next episode ?

I won’t even begin in describing how our young heroes – Ace, Flash and Alabam – have stumbled on their greatest challenge since the stories began. I can’t even fathom how to tempt your sharp wits by describing such a pedantic story as an asteroid wiping out the sun of Koren, which could potentially destroy all life on the floating city of Elysia, not to mention the Marine Kingdom of Aquaelia below.

How the young heroes travel to the undersea kingdom only to find a stubborn merman ruler and his beautiful mermaid daughter.

Should I even attempt to lure you into an adventure of mystery and action that deals with battling off giant squids, merman sentries, ten foot tall robots, secrets revealed, and not to mention the first flight of Ace’s christened spaceship, the T-16?!

Should I ? Can I ? â?¦ waitâ?¦ did I ?

Hmm, I did.

Well, the price is on the bottomâ?¦ your call.

Panspermia: Exodus

by C. Walter

In an ever evolving world, humanity continues to push its technology to new limits. As one man finds himself caught in the unfurling of the human race into space, he quickly realizes that the heart of man cannot hide behind claims of progress. The hype for an ever expanding frontier may promise opportunity far and wide, but not without cost.

Drawing from his own past of naval seafaring days, Walter brings a tale of the evolution in exploration. No matter how dynamic humanity’s destiny may seem, its very nature is not so unpredictable.

The Power of Buous

by Stephen Fleenor

A brilliant neuroscientist has all but proven atheism true – but he refuses to accept it. The Power of Buous is the story of Peter Chadwick, haunted by the untimely death of his father, on a desperate quest for metaphysical answers in an atheistic universe. In the backdrop of this journey is the rise of Filius Ignito, a self-thinking robot on a destructive rampage. And when Peter is recruited to decode and deactivate the robot, he soon learns that the secret to defeating Ignito lies not in his mind, but in the depths of his soul.

The Power of Buous explores the very essence of humanity, from Peter’s impassioned love for a beautiful woman named Claire, to his seduction by an evil energy, and challenges fundamentally who we all are as humans. And as Filius Ignito’s wave of impending destruction reflects our own inevitable demise, it questions what we will all become.

The Eden Hole

by Ben Brown

John Saunders had it all. A beautiful wife, two amazing kids, a dream job, and an apartment in the best part of town. Life was as perfect as it could get. However, when the planet’s worst tsunami hit his building, it shattered his world, and his life. In a heartbeat, everything he cherished was gone.
His dream, his perfect life, washed away in the filth filled waters of LA’s worst ever disaster. In the aftermath, he tried to stay strong, and he vowed to honor the memory of his family. But it was a vow he found increasingly hard to uphold.
Everything reminded him of what he’d lost, and of what he would never have again. Three years passed, and the pain cut ever deeper. He needed a change, a fresh start.
The discovery of the wormhole to the Eden planet offered him the new beginning he needed, and with the help of his friend, Dr. Jack Bradley, he would be on the first transport to Eden.
New beginnings are often difficult, especially when the new beginning means leaving your home planet and traveling countless light-years to an uncharted region of space. A region of space which is secretly coveted by others.

The Eden Hole pulls John Saunders not only to a new sector of space, but into a world of terrorism, espionage and murder. He finds himself in the middle of a struggle for power which threatens to overthrow hundreds of years of peace. Can he survive the struggle? Can he make a difference?

Soul Horizon

by Carole Nomarhas

Soul Horizon:

A Space Opera Novella

Everyone has secrets, some secrets haunt you, some secrets can get you killed, and some secrets are far more dangerous…


The Port had a name but it was of no importance or meaning to Terras. He was an alien in this place. Hironi. A hunted creature driven to ground and last resort. On this ship which lay as helplessly caught as he, cradling him in its ruined body. Bitterly cold in its death throes. The stale air had the stink of his own fear and for a moment it threatened to suffocate him.

His hand slid greasily on the weapon. He could die sooner than of starvation. And wondered bitterly if that was not a mercy. Others had come. Come to steal. Come to kill. And now another hunter came…


Quell was a ship’s Speaker, dumped in the wrong Port at the wrong time, broke and unshipped. Even worse than that the Port had a problem and Quell was elected to solve it – get an exiled Hironi out of the Port, on a ship that was barely more than a derelict. A ship no other Speaker had been able to work.

Now Quell and Terras are both out of options and running for their lives, on a ship with secrets of its own, keeping one step ahead of their enemies, trying to stay alive – and trying not to kill each other.

Be careful where you voyage… you cannot always find your way home.

Soul Horizon is a short space opera novelette of around 14,000 words. It originally appeared in a slightly altered form in the Alien Shores anthology from Aphelion Publications.


Blue Tyson’s Guide to Science Fiction: Soul Horizon 4 out of 5 stars.

Carole Nomarhas’s “Soul Horizon” is a piece of space opera which has a rich and detailed background, and is presumably part of a series of shared universe stories, or at least I hope so… Thoughtful and exciting, with sharp dialogue and some original hyperspace theories.

Martin Livings, Fresh Ink, Eidolon Magazine

“Soul Horizon,” a skilfully written story of far-future space intrigue.

Robert K.J. Killheffer, Review of Alien Shores Anthology, Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

The Bridge

by I. McInally

Tim is a blind medium. Five years after losing his sight, Dave, the person responsible, returns to ask for his help. Missy, the strange little girl from next door, keeps showing up at Tim’s, making him wonder if Dave’s and Missy’s visits are coincidental – or not.

KnightWatchers: Sins of the Father – the third episode

by Jason Williams

Now if you’ve just picked up this book, not knowing a thing about the stories or any of the characters, it would be pretty pointless for me to start off with the usual Sci-Fi sum up that entices the reader into buying the book.

However, since I can always use the money – well, here we go…

In the third episode, Wheeler-2 Maverick (also known as “Ace”), Flahsbextris Flutia

(“Flash”) and Alabam (â?¦ just Alabam) are on passage in hopes of finding clues to the elusive Nitreum Crystal. They journey to the fantastic floating city of

Elysia on the aquatic seventh moon of Koren. Along the way, they meet the ever fostering Lana Q’Adelling, the befuddled Governor Darphil and the sinister Captain Clandestin, whose watchful eye puts them ill at ease. But he’s quite possibly the least of their worries.

The three get in way over their heads the moment they find a monstrous thug has attacked Flash in the library, while another assault puts Alabam in a fight of fisticuffs that takes him high above the city along the tops of astro-cars in mid-flight.

As they unravel the clues, one by one, they find that the mysterious plot is

somehow linked with young Ace-2 Maverick.

Discoveries are made.

Friendships are tested.

And one’s dark past is finally revealed.

With winding flashbacks, thrilling action and the usual fun and surprises,

KnightWatchers: the third episode promises to have all that and more, with its usual trademark Saturday matinee adventure style.

â?¦And if you’re still not interested, I’m sure there’s a nice book about “dreamy boy vampires” somewhere around here.


by Richard Norman

Aliens in another galaxy who have evolved to the form of pure energy, but have no emotions or any of our five senses come to earth to inhabit our bodies to learn and enjoy life the way we do. Sojourners are sent out to what they call patrons who are chosen for them for specific experiences. They are given choices of the experience they would like to have. while they inhabit their human patron they are not to interfere with their life but use the memories and stay within the parameters of how that person lives. One certain sojourner decides that he would change things up a bit, and this gives him a learning experience that alters his own thinking. when faced with having to return back to his planet he now questions their whole reason for living. At the point of his gaining awareness he finds it may be too late. Travel with this sojourner on his journey of awakening.

Life After: Episode 9 (A Serial Novel)

by JJ Holden

Following a civil war that left the United States in ruins, the remaining few who managed to escape the Imperialistic Army and the horrors of their death camps must unite and fight to reclaim their country.

Episodes for this serial novel will be released bi-weekly.

KnightWatchers: The Chalice of Dusk and Dawn – the second episode

by Jason Williams

Here’s the part where you expect to see phrases like, “most anticipated follow up since…” or “exciting and thrilling chapter that warms the heart and livens the senses and yada blahdeblah…”

You already know that this is the second installment in the KnightWatchers series. And you know the phrase, â??don’t judge a book by its cover.’

Well, this … dear browser of digital book summaries, is no exception.

With two fantastic tales happening simultaneously, this episode spares no expense in capturing your imagination.

The Nitreum Crystal is missing.

As agents explore the deepest parts of space to retrieve it, the former space pirate, Alabam, is paired on his first trial mission with ever-cocky Ace-2 Maverick to recapture the infamous Tolharan Urn, a piece that is rumored to be as powerful as the Nitreum Crystal.

However, it cannot work without one gemstone, one that has not been in the galaxy since 10,000,000 BC. And the only being capable of traveling back in time to retrieve it is Flash the Neutronian.

Meanwhile at the center is the menacing Tolharan clan who holds Tecmonian Institute hostage until the Urn is rescued.

Sounds bizarre, I know, but with a bilateral quest on this scale, there’s no telling what can occur. With partnerships put to the test and the importance of a foreign alliance, this is certainly an adventure that reminds us that nothing is ever as it seems.

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