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Tribute for Ronan (Oklahoma Girl’s Adventures)

by Pamela Olson

In the summer of 2002, on holiday in Croatia, Pamela Olson met an Irish sailor named Ronan and spent a romantic week with him on a secluded island. His larger-than-life stories and funny, thoughtful humility made it effortless to fall in love with him. Their parting was sorrowful, but with a thread of sweetness — a plan to meet up in the United States the following year when his ship was scheduled to dock in Miami.

The reunion in Miami only made the second parting that much harder. And when she found out a year later that he had been killed in action, she was devastated.

This is the true story of their romance, and the author’s attempt to make sense of his untimely death. Until new information came to light that shattered everything Pamela thought she knew…


A figure walked down the gangplank of the ship and came toward me across the concrete of the jetty, and my heart skipped about fifteen beats. Wearing a dark blue T-shirt and sunglasses, he was taller and slimmer than I remembered, and his stride was cool.

When he got within hearing distance, he asked, “Hey, how ya keepin’?”

I was too overwhelmed to know how to answer. He walked up and kissed me, and his lips tasted salty.

I heard a noise from behind him, and he laughed, embarrassed, and said, “Oh, don’t worry about that, just me mates back there.” The other sailors were whistling and hollering from the shipâ?¦

Note: This volume includes a sample chapter from Olson’s latest book, Fast Times in Palestine (

Have I got to have another scar? by P G Cook

by P G Cook

My story takes us through the years of my post university life. Meeting my now wife and the subsequent years that followed. The birth of my daughter and the worrying times that lay ahead.

I knew becoming a dad for the first time would have its tough times. I just didn’t realise how tough. But then I hadn’t reckoned on anything other than a â??normal’ birth. And perfectly healthy offspring. It had crossed my mind of course, but how many of us really think it could happen to us?

I’d certainly never imagined I would have to stand by and watch my little girl, 2 days old, being driven off in an ambulance with its lights flashing and sirens blaring. Isn’t that just something that happens to other people? Our destination was Addenbrookes Hospital, the specialist hospital for babies in our area. I had never been so frightened.

I have been ever present since the birth of my little princess. Changed her first nappy and carried her to the operating theatre for her first operation and every subsequent operation. I have been consoled and been the one consoling.

I have had many days and nights when my emotions and those of my wife and extended family have been stretched to a limit above and beyond anything I ever thought I would be able to cope with. But I have also laughed so hard its hurt.

This book takes in everything. From simple tales of splashing about in puddles, changing nappies and ending up with the contents of a soiled nappy on my forehead, to not being able to pick my daughter up for a cuddle as she was “way to poorly” and being told by an intensive care nurse “I genuinely thought she was going to die”.

I’ve had days when I have thought “why us” and days where I have been thankful it wasn’t us.

I never thought anything could be more frightening than that first operation when Charlotte was just two weeks old. But then came open heart surgery in Gt Ormond St. and what happened in Addenbrookes in June 2008 made the heart surgery operation feel more like a check up at the dentist. Seven operations later and the memories are as fresh today as if it was yesterday.

Being a parent is the most amazing experience that has ever happened to me and ultimately I love being a dad, it is without doubt the best feeling in the world, If we could just stop having to go through so many life saving operations���..

Grandpas Mission

by Greg Boudonck

A Grandfather’s Mission for justice in the killing of his 23 month old grandson. This book has been redone from the 2008 version and is in a 2013 version that has much more information.

Blessed Hands–A Book in Honor of Christmas

by Alexandra Louisington

God wants us to be kind and do good deeds. But good deeds do not save us. It is the Lord Jesus Christ Who saves us from sin, but then He gives us a new desire to do good deeds once we are Christians.

It is wonderful to do good Christian deeds, to bless others and to bring joy to the heart of God our Heavenly Father through our good deeds.

Unfortunately we have experienced the fact that many take advantage of us after we have done kind things for them and they are not there for us in our time of need.

But God will not forget us. He remembers all our good deeds and that others have taken advantage of us and God will indeed bless us and comfort us.

He is our refuge in all times and gives us power to keep doing good deeds for His glory and honor, for good and for which we will be eternally rewarded in Heaven. Get the book now!

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Emma Roberts Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by R.B. Grimm

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Emma Roberts Unauthorized & Uncensored

“I loved her in Aquamarine! I love this book too,” – Stephanie Lewis

“She knows how to bring her role in American Horror Story well, I think she’s great and so is this book!” – Allison Fader

This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and more. The content makes this series a best buy. You will get a great insight on your favorite entertainer that you might have thought you knew a lot about.

We have created a layout that not only educates, but also entertains the readers. This makes learning finding about your favorite star fun.

Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Emma Roberts.

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Marilyn Monroe STRANGE Fantasies and Reality (Fantasy Reality)

by Linda Pinky

This is my fabulous book about the Hollywood screen goddess and legend, Marilyn Monroe. I have included a few photos of myself as Marilyn Monroe in the introduction part of the book, to show you how much I adore Marilyn Monroe.

The book portrays Marilyn’s whole life, from cradle to the grave (and beyond). It contains over 150 full page, colour paintings or drawings from my heart. This brings Marilyn Monroe’s memory back to life in a way that no other book has ever achieved.

Each drawing has been lovingly crafted and depicts all her emotions, from childhood to stardom, to her untimely death. Most illustrations are in full page colour, and I think the book depicts Marilyn Monroe’s life, like no other book EVER has. Every page contains a full page, beautiful illustration to bring Marilyn back to life and showing the aguish, pain and suffering, as well as her stardom and more happy times.

Her dog Maf, (or Mafia Honey) accompanies her on many of her adventures. This book is more like a beautiful, colourful, graphical novel of her life. Marilyn was so colourful in her real life, rather than many pages of boring text of facts and dull photographs……

Please note, a percentage of any royalties associated with this book sales, will also be passed on to the Anna Freud centre in England. They deal with young people with mental illness and have connections with Marilyn Monroe, through Marilyn’s psychiatrist, Dr Marianne Kris. Please see inside my book for more details. I know Marilyn would have approved of this as she loved children.

My book contains chapters of Marilyn’s troubled childhood, her rise to stardom, fame and her controversial death. All beautifully illustrated for you to enjoy. It covers her 3 failed marriages to Jim Mortenson, Joe DeMaggio and Arthur Miller. It depicts her rise to stardom and film career in movies such as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, “The 7 Year Itch”, “How to Marry a Millionaire”, “Some Like It Hot” as well as some of her lesser known films. It also covers more sensitive issues in her life such as her battle with depression and mental illness, in a sympathetic way that other books completely ignore.

In the gallery chapter of this book, it covers Hollywood stars and other famous people Marilyn met throughout her life. This includes people such as Hugh Heffner, Elvis, Jane Russell, Jean Harlow and Bridgette Bardot. The gallery also includes many more stories of more recent stars such as Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Kylie Minogue who continue to uphold Marilyn’s image and legacy.

I have included witty stories about these people and their interaction with Marilyn Monroe, in a way that no other book about Marilyn has EVER attempted to do.

I have included a scrap-book of my personal memories of Marilyn, and a little background about myself. This includes how my book was made, including behind-the-scenes photos of the construction of this book which you may find fascinating?.

There are also some tributes to some famous people, such as Hugh Hefner and David Gaisnsborough, who are avid Marilyn Monroe fans and collectors.

As a bonus, there is a fantasy chapter of Marilyn Monroe for you to wonder at, and what might have been if things had turned out differently for Marilyn Monroe.

This book has been a real labour of love from me, to you, the reader, to enjoy, and should appeal to Marilyn Monroe fans, young or old.

The book would make a great present to any Marilyn Monroe fan, and the stories and illustrations make for a fantastic read wherever you may be….on the beach, in bed or just curled up the sofa.

I hope you enjoy my book of Marilyn Monroe – STRANGE Fantasies and Reality.

May Marilyn Monroe Live Forever!!

Lots of Love

Linda Pinky xx

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