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The Sex Spell Shop 2 – Dealing With The Landlady

by Bridy McAvoy

Katlin has never been any good with money, and now she’s all alone at college sharing a flat with other students with the same inability to save for the rent she was bound to run into problems. The arrangement they had with the landlord worked for a time, but now he’s dead and the landlady wants a piece of the action, or rather a piece of her ass! Can Mimi Cavandish and her small coven save Kaitlin and her flatmates from a fate, none of them want. Can they deal with the landlady?
This is the second story in the new series from prolific eroitca writer Bridy McAvoy.

And Light Blue Eyes

by Dan Muston

On a scale of 1 to 10, Tim was an 11. As if that weren’t enough, he was 4.0 student at Harvard Law school. His mother Eva was a beloved broadway star, and his fabulously wealthy step-father owned half of Manhattan.

He had everything going for him.

The long line of people who lusted after Tim was never ending.

And then there was Marie, his current girlfriend. She was a gorgeous blonde who grew up in Boston society, living her own fairy tale life.

It seemed as if they were made for each other.

But Tim’s need, to fulfill other desires, would not coincide with his plans with Marie. As he entered the notorious gay sex club that warm night in September, destiny called both their names.

And their lives were changed forever.

This book contains graphic sexual content and language.





Mistress Aliana

by Jessica Midsen

They say it’s a man’s, man’s, man’s world but when Mistress Aliana cracks the whip then men cower at her feet!

Mistress Aliana is a professional dominatrix with a heart as hard as the diamonds that men buy her. When she witnesses a client get killed, Mistress Aliana is dragged into a world of corruption, suspicion and cruelty. Her liberty and her very life are at risk, but Aliana hasn’t let a man beat her yet!

Who can Aliana trust when she is caught up in a mystery involving the armed forces, politicians and the Russian mafia? When her best friend is murdered as well it becomes personal. As the bodies mount up around her one thing is for sure – if they thought that Mistress Aliana was going to curl up and die they can think again!

Jessica Midsen is the exciting new name in hard boiled fiction! At last we have a strong female heroine thanks to this sultry blend of crime and erotica!

Dirty Sluts: 10 Stories From 7 Authors

by TJ Holland

A new collection of stories from 7 different erotica authors. Over 40,000 words!


The Cougar in 26B & Pounding The Ex by JT Holland

Finalizing The Divorce by Tina Rose

Innocent Until Proven Filthy by Scotty Diggler

Owning The Slut by Michael Scott Taylor

Anal Playthings by Aaron Grimes

Kicking Things Up A Notch by Dirk Rockwell

College Daze: Volumes 4-6 by TJ Holland.

Adults only! 18+!

This collection includes depictions of hardcore, graphic sex, including buy not limited to: oral sex, anal sex, dirty talk, rough sex, aggressive sex, femdom, light bdsm, slapping, spanking, and much, much more! It is designed with the discerning adult in mind.

Serving The Emperor (The Story of Ambrosius)

by Ambrosius


The third and final installment in the scorching tale of the lusty slave, Ambrosius! In this installment, Ambrosius finds himself and his lover, Ajax, in the household of the kindly Emperor Hadrian. Life is not good for them, however, as they are subject to the cruel whims of the emperor’s pet, Antinous. Their treatment at the hands of the emperor’s lover makes both men long for freedom. Ambrosius uses the only tool he has to make them free men, his body.

This short story is approximately 7,000 words. It contains male/male sexual practices and should only be read by adults.

Salinity (Erotica for the Thinking Man (and Woman))

by Nicola Strange

This is an erotic short story about a pair of socially-challenged people, who find each other through a shared erotic proclivity, saline infusion. One of the antiheroes manages to track down the other, after seeing an erotic video the other posted, and forces a confrontation. What ensues is a sexy, emotionally charged… well, you’ll have to read it…

Coming Back To Him (A BDSM Domination Billionaire Erotic Romance)

by Darya Kelly

27-year-old Abigail Riverside was living the dream. She’d become engaged to William Buckston, the gorgeous and kinky heir to Buckston Oil. Despite that fact that she’d been raised a good Christian girl in the suburbs of Houston, TX, she had grown to love the sensual pain he inflicted.

However, in a moment that changed her life, her pious sister Nadine caught William and Abigail in the middle of a steamy session of BDSM. Now, six months later, Abigail has been separated from William, fearful that Nadine would make their perversions public.

Tonight, however, that’s all going to change. After six months apart, Abigail is going to see William. Little does she know that he’s been missing her all these months that they’ve spent separated – and is ready to dole out a punishment for her running off.

Warning: This 8,000+ word short story is a steamy but romantic tale of BDSM, dominance, and a sexy billionaire. It is intended for mature audiences only.

The Critical Pose: A Quickie of a Short Story

by Kate Baggott

He must have recognized her from the black and white photograph that ran in the magazine beside her column. He came up to her at an arts’ society benefit and introduced himself, but never asked for her name and she didn’t volunteer it.

“You remind me of all the renaissance beauties,” he had told her. “Your colouring and contours are exactly like them. Would you help me with my next series?”

“I’m not a painter, I’m a critic,” she’d laughed. She glanced around to make sure none of the bitchy members of the art world were listening in wait for the next piece of gossip to share with everyone and anyone.

“Come pose for me,” he had said and handed her his business card. “Come to the studio tomorrow after work.”

He winked at her and walked away.

10 Nerds 1 Prize: Round 3

by Arla Coopa

They’re coming with pea shooters this time. But it’s not what they’re shooting with that’s important. It’s what there shooting at that will thrill the crowd.

Almost a Double Date: An MFM Threesome Erotica Story

by Connie Hastings

I was angry as hell when my friend didn’t show for the blind double date that she’d arranged! On the other hand, the men were very charming and kind and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner even if I was having difficulty choosing between them. It turned out they weren’t interested in making me choose. In fact, I found out they both decided to have me at once!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including double team sex, rough sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this ebook.

Here is a preview:

When he pulled away, I smiled bashfully at him and bit my lip in a way I hoped was cute as hell.

Then Mario turned my head to face him and kissed me as well. I was shocked at first, and all of the which boy will I end up with confusion jumped to the forefront again. Still, the kiss was amazing, just as amazing as the other, and I ended up kissing back with just as must passion as I had with Donald. It was when I felt Donald’s hands reaching up from behind, reaching under my shirt and travelling up to where my bra was clasped, that I realized they didn’t expect me to decide between the two of them at all. It was such a strange situation, and both terror and elation ran through me at the same time. I found myself kissing Mario harder, and I think it was just to keep from having to agree with what they wanted verbally. I certainly didn’t want to disagree, but I think the idea of agree to it out loud was an even scarier idea.

Thankfully, the two moved forward with a kind of assumptive attitude. Mario broke off the kiss but didn’t speak. Instead, he lifted my shirt up and soon both my shirt and bra were off me. Immediately, he moved his mouth to one of my breasts and began nibbling on my nipple and flicking his tongue over it. I moaned softly and then sensed movement behind me. I turned my head and saw that Donald had gotten to his feet and was pulling off his shirt. I stared as sensations of longing and urgency emanated from my breast, and when he began unbuckling his belt, it was as though the reality hit me. Two men were planning to have me at the same time. Both of them. Both of them at once.

Hall Pass

by Jess A. Belle

Bored after ten years of marriage, Alexis has been searching for a way to spice up her world. One evening, after watching the movie Hall Pass, Alexis works up the nerve to ask for one herself.

Join Alexis as she steps away from her marriage and into an erotic weekend off from marital obligations.

*This 6,000 word short story is for mature audiences. It contains explicit language and sexual content.

Vampires In Manhattan

by Michelle Krupp

An erotic vampire short story set in Manhattan. When vampires Drake and Dominique first lock eyes in a Manhattan night club, sparks ignite! He is a Dark Shadows enforcement agent who exterminates vampires who have gone rogue. He and his older brother Viktor, from the eastern side of Kodiak Island, Alaska and the leader of the Dark Shadows Enforcement Agency there, must go to Bucharest, Russia to exterminate the Russian leader because reports have come in that he is turning rogue and is out of control.

Dante, Drake’s cousin, likes to turn beautiful, human women into vampires because they are totally hot and horny once they have been transformed.

Viktor falls head over heels for Xann, Dominique’s little sister, who lands in the clutches of Dante, and needs rescuing.

Juicy: Erotic Comic, Issue # 1

by Trish Maine

With collaboration from some of the greatest Graphic designers, Trish Maine has now assisted you in picturing her imagination. With three sex stories done in the ranch, at the beach during summer and during a vacation holiday in Caribbean – just prepare for your sexual wrap. This comic e book will keep you on the edge as you nourish your sexual fantasies. without much to say i think this one is just the best comic book ever …. simply come on inside so we start the show , I have just been waiting for you darling but if you are a SEXUAL CONSERVATIVE don’t bother coz you will just bore me and ultimately the show

Making the Grade in History: A Rough Teacher Student Sex Erotica Story

by Brooke Weldon

I didn’t realize how much harder college was going to be than high school. I pretty much breezed through high school with minimal effort. College on the other hand wasn’t quite the same. I quickly learned that I would have to utilize one of my most prized assets, my ass! It doesn’t take long for my History professor to take me up on my offer, lesson learned!

Warning: This ebook contains explicit sex and includes teacher/student sex, rough sex, and more so only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

I turned back around, marched right back to his desk and screamed at him. I called him just about every vile name that I could think of, and he continued to laugh. I was so mad I started to cry. I mean, there I was offering him sex in exchange for grades, pretty much exposing myself to the elements and he was fucking laughing! I drew back my arm to slap him, and he caught it in midair. Oh fuck, I was in trouble! Time to add assault to list of crimes I had committed in the past twenty minutes! I can imagine the call my father would get, yup, I was in trouble.

Mr. Royal twisted my arm so hard that my body turned around and I was now bent over his desk. I was waiting for him to cuff me and call campus security, but he didn’t. He grunted, hiked my skirt up past my ass, and forced my legs opened and then yanked my panties down to my ankles. I felt his cock rubbing against my pussy lips and I sighed with relief. He wasn’t going to call security, he was going to fuck me right there bent over his desk.

Ouch! That’s My Backdoor! Five First Anal Sex Erotica Stories

by Angela Ward

First anal sex in all its glory. These explicit stories don’t pull any punches. From sweet to scorching, lovely ladies experience their first time, and sometimes it can be beyond overwhelming. The one thing you can know for sure is that this backdoor bliss is hot!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of anal sex and includes group anal sex, rough anal sex, first anal sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Bent Over at the Country Club: A Public Sex Short by Geena Flix

Hollie has a big crush on Grady, the senior frat boy, but she’s only a freshman and doesn’t think he likes her. So, she’s very surprised when he invites her to a party at his country club. She gets even more surprised when he abandons the girls surrounding him and takes the college girl to a bench, where he bends her over and fucks her right in public, and she even has her first anal sex!

2. Bound and Bent Over in the Forest: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Amber Cross

My husband and I always made crazy bets and crazy dares. On a camping trip, we started talking about who was a better outdoorsman, and before I known it I told him I could escape from him in the forest even if I was naked and tied up. The dare was on! I lost, though. That meant he got to do whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was to give me my first anal sex experience, right there in the forest while my wrists were still tied!

3. Horny for the Ranch Hand: A Cowgirl Anal Sex Threesome Short by Marilyn More

Two sexy cowgirls make on cowboy very, very happy, and they use every hole to do it! Sandy and Tory have their eyes on Gavin, the new stable worker. He has a way with horses, but the cowgirls are much more interested in what other talents he might have. When the opportunity arises, life on the ranch heats up. In fact, the whole place is about to explode into a cowgirl threesome complete with hot anal sex action!

4. Trying Where It’s Tightest: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

I had a big crush on Brennan, the boss’ son. I never expected that I’d end up with him. I was very, very afraid of having an office romance. He was so damned charming at the holiday party, though, and I just couldn’t resist. Of course, when he got me to my apartment, he took complete control. Before I knew it, I was not only changing my mind about office romance but also having my first anal sex experience!

5. Two Men and My Tightest Hole: An MFM Threesome Erotica Story by Angela Ward

I always thought Martin and Vincent were gay! How was I supposed to know they lived together because they were cousins? My misunderstanding put me right in the middle of an awkward situation, a situation that meant they both had me, and one was after my tightest hole! Two men AND first anal sex? What a morning!

Two Cock Surprise: A Double Team Sex Short

by Kandace Tunn

Marissa is nervous about meeting her boyfriend Andrew’s best friend Carl, but she’s set at ease when she finds him to be charming and is overjoyed that he seems to like her. Carl likes her more than she thinks, and as she moves on top of Andrew later that night, he shows up and joins the party! Andrew doesn’t mind at all, and now Marissa has two cocks to contend with for her first ever double team MFM ménage sex!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a double team sex encounter. It includes oral sex, rough sex, double team sex, deep throat, and semen swallowing. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by explicit descriptions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

I moved on top of Andrew like I had so many times before. It was wonderful because we knew exactly what turned each other on and as he pushed up into me I leaned against him, feeling his chest on my back while his hands moved up and down my sides. He was leaning backwards into the couch but his legs were straight out, so it was only the top part of his back on the couch. It was a very erotic feeling because every time I pushed down on him, he bounced a little bit.

He reached around then and began rubbing my clit. The added feel of his hand on me really began to drive me wild. Eventually though, he pulled back onto the couch, pulling me upwards so that I was leaning over the edge of the couch while he was actually leaning on the armrest. The angle was wonderful and as I felt him pushing in and out of me, I loved it. I began to moan as he pushed deeper inside me, and I reached down to rub at his balls while his hand kept moving on my clit.

I was enjoying his movement and his motions, leaning my head back as he rubbed my clit, feeling every sensation as they ran through me, feeling so overwhelming. I closed my eyes as the thrills washed over me and all I was really aware of was his huge cock pushing into me , deeper and harder and faster when, suddenly, I felt something at my head and I opened my eyes and there was another cock right in front my face.

Two Cocks and Me: A Rough Double Team Double Penetration Short

by Lisa Vickers

Katie has been burned before, so she’s a little hesitant when her new flame, Tad, invites her to spend the night. Still, he’s romantic and sweet and she eventually relents. They have a wonderful dinner, and when they get to the house they’re so turned on they undress on the way to the bedroom. Katie knew Tad had a roommate, but she didn’t know that Arthur was invited to join them. Before long, Katie is in the midst of an explosive double team sex encounter, complete with rough sex, deepthroat, and her first anal sex in the form of double penetration!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a rough double team sex encounter. It includes deepthroat, rough sex, double team sex, rough anal sex, ass to mouth, first anal sex, semen swallowing, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

My mouth was on Tad when Arthur walked in; I was shocked. I started to pull up but Tad put his hand on my head to keep me down. I struggled to get my mouth off of him. At first I thought he hadn’t seen that Arthur had walked in but then I heard him say, “Don’t worry about Arthur. He’s here to play too.” Of course, that made me really start to struggle, but he held my head firmly and pushed in deeper. I felt the head of his cock against the back of my throat and he still went further. I felt him entering into my throat and began to panic a little, gagging hard around his shaft.

I lifted up my hands to beat against his thighs but suddenly, Arthur was behind me. He grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back. It was strange because even though I wanted to use my hands to try and get away from that cock that was forcing its way into my throat, I felt an electric thrill when someone other than Tad touched me. Arthur held me in place like that and Tad continued to push down my throat. He was all the way inside of me, my nose pressed up against his pubic hair. He held me there for a little while, watching me as I gagged and struggled with his cock.

You Want What? A Very Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story

by Connie Hastings

When the John who’d hired me told me he wanted to be rough, to make me a substitute for the wife he was unhappy to have, I was a bit afraid. Still, he was paying far more than my normal rate, so I told him he could do it and even lied to pretend I was used to rough sex. When we got started though, it was far more intense than I could have imagined with very rough deepthroat, a hard spanking, and rough, rough first anal sex for me.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including rough sex, rough deepthroat, spanking, first anal sex, callgirl sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this ebook.

Here is a preview:

It was heading a different direction than I’d thought. “Has she stopped meeting your needs, Baby? Do you want me to pretend to be her, to take care of you like she used to?”

“Not quite,” he said. “I mean, I do want you to pretend to be her, but I’m not interested in you doing anything but taking what I give.”

That was a strange way to put things, and more than just a little ominous. “What do you mean?”

He took a breath. “I want to be very rough with you. I want to punish my wife, and I want it desperately, but I can’t do that, obviously. I want to spank you; I want to be very mean. I wantâ?¦I want to imagine it’s her and get it out of my system.”

I paused for a minute. “Have you done this before?”

“Every six or eight months, I suppose. Do you think I’m bad?” There was something in his tone of voice, a sort of urgent desperation that made me want to rescue him even as it scared me a bit. “Iâ?¦I have a great deal of money,” he said. “And I already put far more in the envelope than you asked for.”

I opened my purse and looked in the envelope I’d picked up from the counter. It was more than four times what I’d asked.

“I’mâ?¦are you afraid to do something rough?”

“Of course not,” I said. “A great many of my clients prefer it rough, and I know how to pretend I can’t handle it.” That was a lie. I never did rough things, but there was a hell of a lot of money in the envelope, and he looked like a good enough guy. “I don’t mind being herâ?¦what’s the word? Her proxy. That’s it. I’ll be her proxy, and you can punish her.”

Yuletide Crimson (Twisted Eventide)

by L.M. Adams

I am Jaevia Knightley, Jae for short, a daemon, a mutt, a mix breed, half succubus, half vampire. I am one of the Kindred, our only charge, to police the other supernaturals of the worlds. I’ve been training for years to become one of the children of Abbadon, a Reaper, a bringer of death to those who have broken our law. But when my brother is in danger of being hunted by Reapers what can I do but race against time to clear his name?

It is Yule at the Kindred Palace, and all manner of supernaturals walk the streets. Tabari has awoken surrounded by bodies, no alibi to speak of, and to add insult to injury, one of the victims is the Light Fae Queen’s grandson. But if it wasn’t Tabari that has stolen the life from these poor souls, who was it, and why? I will risk all, even my body and soul, to clear his name. Loyalty and honor demands it. When the going gets tough, the tough get hunting.

Join Jaevia, Tabari, Lucien and a few others for this fast paced adventure in the world of the Kindred. Yuletide Crimson is a novella prequel for A Snow Covered Moon (but best read AFTER A Snow Covered Moon).

*Novella contains violence, graphic sexual scenes, horror, BDSM and other adult situations*

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