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Dance in Shadow and Whisper (The Marionettes of Myth)

by Sarah Godfrey

Kali has always been obedient, but when she takes her first step onto a protected “humans only” high school in suburban Pittsburgh, she knows she was the wrong choice for this mission. Ever since the murder of her parents when she was too young to remember, she’s been sheltered – and trained. She can swing a sword with expert precision, but studying popular human teen magazines hasn’t taught her how to masquerade as seventeen years old.

Jason is the target of the mission. She and Yuuhi, who was also designated by his own people to be her partner, must find solid proof that Jason is, in fact, a supernatural phenomenon. Yuuhi sees little more than a socially inept emo kid dressed in conflicting shades of black, but Kali only touches Jason’s hand, and she feels the sting of something dark and deadly. Jason’s shadow is bigger than he is, and if the leaders of Yuuhi’s people find out, Jason won’t be human much longer.

The goal of the mission is to protect him, but Kali will find that the only way she can do just that is to break every rule she’s been conditioned to follow. She’ll have to learn how to disobey.

Beginning with Kali’s point of view and then shifting to the eyes of other characters, the Marionettes of Myth series introduces Pittsburgh as a superhuman metropolis, a world both wild and conquered by the monsters buried in its seams and darkest shadows.

And those monsters will be watching her.

Grievous Music – a fantasy short story

by Carole Nomarhas

Grievous Music

Rondaihl music is the most beautiful and unearthly music in the mapped world. Salem, has never heard anything like it. It is a magical music capable of moving mind and heart and spirit and body. But Rondai is also a land where music is sacred, where only a chosen few are permitted to become musicians. To the Rondaihl music is not something for mere amusement or pleasure, but for healing, and often a matter of life or death.

Salem, a foreign musician, abandoned in Rondai when his trader Master is driven out, finds himself in a land where he barely knows the language, and certainly does not understand the customs. When he begs for the chance to become a musician in Rondai, he soon finds that music in this strange land is truly a matter of life or death and not only for him.


Stone whispered and slipped under Salem’s fingers. The muscles in his straining arms shook, wrenched by the weight they were being forced to bear. The world tilted as he glanced down to the courtyard below, his vision awash with sudden vertigo.

He would die from the fall.

They called to him to surrender.

He was beaten either way: surrender or fall. There was no other retreat open to him. He inched along and caught the rounded stone of one of the balustrade struts, balanced a foot against the wall and hauled himself upwards, shoulders and arms screaming at this new effort. Hands reached for him and dragged him up and over. He collapsed as he landed, half sitting with his back to the rim of the balcony. That respite was brief. His captors pulled him to his feet and checked him for weapons. Then there were questions, loud and many, but he could only shake his head, dizzily.

“The music…” His limited vocabulary in the local patois failed him for a moment, and he tried to search for another word. He couldn’t find one. “I only wanted to listen.”

There was a murmur at that, frowns, another question he didn’t quite understand. They released him abruptly, and he rubbed at his arms, surprised to be free. Until a single stinging note sounded, as one of the guards put a small bone whistle to his lips, and blew that shattering note directly in Salem’s ear.

Grievous Music is a Ditmar nominated short story of approximately 7500 words.

Sean David Kilpatrick Flynn (Wizard – A Love Story)

by Murphy Childs

You think you know what’s real but you don’t believe in Wizards? I’m sorry but, I believe your definition of Wizard needs an adjustment! I know exactly how to make that adjustment too but don’t worry. Your perception of reality will be much clearer when we’re finished.

Meet Sean David Kilpatrick on the day he’s born amid destruction and death. How do you help protect a young Wizard when the evil Brujos come after him? They’ve already killed his birth parents but Sean David survived. Now they are going after him and his adopted family. And his family keeps growing.

Imagine raising a young Wizard that can talk to animals and control the weather. Babies don’t come with user manuals but, prospective parents can at least read about issues other parents have had. The Flynns, Sean’s adopted parents, have read all the books about the problems they expected with a new baby but they’re in uncharted territory now. The Flynns aren’t just raising a baby. They’re raising the next leader in the battle for mankind’s soul and they’re in the middle of the war. Fortunately, they don’t have to fight the battle alone. A Shaman from a nearby reservation joins them to help protect and train the baby. In the process the rest of the growing clan learns what they need to know for survival when the Brujos, Witches, and Warlocks come calling. It’s a learning experience for everyone, including you, the reader. Let’s see what you believe when you’re through reading.

Tales from Dargo Island (The Complete Trilogy)

by Jerry Hart

Take a trip to an exotic island “five minutes” from Dallas, out in the middle of an ocean, where giants and wizards live. It is a place where anything can happen….

Ransom for Hire: Appointment in Hell

by Shawn J. Wells

The world of demons and magic and things that go bump in the night is where men like Jack Ransom thrive. Men who work for hire, who get paid to do things no one else canâ?¦or will. Paid to track bounties on people and creatures and things that have no names. Paid to hunt them. Or paid to protect them. Sometimes, paid to kill them.

Jack Ransom was one of the best there was, at all of this, and more. He commanded a high price for his skills. In his years as a gun-for-hire for the paranormal community, he sent evil men and good men alike to their deaths. Men, trolls, demons, wizards. He did it because he could. He did it because he was good at it. He did it for the money.

Until he found love, and turned his back on all of it. A woman saved him from that life. She pulled him up from darkness into the light of day and made him a better man. His old life was in the past, forgotten and left behind.

That life is about to catch back up to him. Like it or not, he’s about to get back in the game.

Because his wife, the woman he loves, has been dragged alive into Hell. Jack Ransom is her only hope of surviving. He has the skills. He has the connections. But to save her, he’ll have to get back into his old ways. Back into his old life. He’ll need to make a deal with a demon and face the horrors of Hell.

He can rescue her. He knows he can. No price is too high.

That’s assuming he lives long enough to pay it.

An urban fantasy novel of paranormal suspense. (About 13,000 words.)

The Blood Bind

by Heather Gish

Gemma Wood’s life is easy and great, except for the nightmares about people dying. That’s ok though because nobody knows about them and with her two best friends Katie and Elizabeth she can be a normal teenager. This works out well until she meets Archer the new guy at school and discovers that there is more to his being there than a simple move. They are about to discover an ancient bind that ties them together in every life, and the warlock that put the bind on them to tie Gemma to him forever. Will love overcome the bind this time?
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The Fairies’ Ball

by A. R. Jarvis

This simple and elegant gay fairy tale is told as two parallel stories of a father and son who have a very similar experience on a trip into town.

Guardian Angel

by David Trebus

A young man named Michael gains the ability to see his Guardian Angel, Jasmine. As Michael struggles to come to terms with the new turn in his life, a complex relationship with her develops. But with evil forces and Hell’s Scourge on Earth interested in his ability to see angels, the love Michael craves seems anything but easy to find.

The Puddingstone Well

by William Westhoven

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: Music lovers around the world are mourning the alleged suicide of a famous musician while sports fans are shocked by the sudden death of a mercurial tennis champion. Only one person ââ?¬” a troubled young writer ââ?¬” knows these two doomed celebrities shared a mysterious past. When would-be investigative journalist Jersey Jackson sets out on a search for the truth, he finds a great deal more than he bargained for, including the stunning secrets of his birthright. Meanwhile, a benevolent billionaire inventor, gripped by terminal illness, embarks on a similar path to the same destination ââ?¬” a dream-like village inhabited by a peaceful community of extraordinary people hiding in plain sight from an increasingly wired and intrusive world. The myriad pleasures of this idyllic land, including the beautiful soul mate whoââ?¬â?¢s been waiting a lifetime for his arrival, seduce Jersey into joining the Dwellers of Avalon. But just when it seems that his every wish has been granted, he learns that all is not well in paradise, nor is it easy to hide from a greedy power broker who would steal their secret for himself.

FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED NOVEL “ONE-HIT WILLIE” WILLIAM WESTHOVEN is a longtime journalist and newspaper columnist whose work has won state and national honors, including seven first-place awards from the New Jersey Press Association for Critical Writing. He also is the author of the nonfiction “Eric Clapton: Career of a Rock Legend”

When Heaven Touched Earth

by Ben Faridi

Short Story.

A man crossed the desert to save the life of his child. He is losing his way and starts to walk on the border between night and day, life and death.

Ben Faridi is a German based author, born in Iran. He is writing thrillers and novels. Several of his short stories have been awarded.

Fortunes Bought and Sold

by R. Leonia Shea

Calypso “Caly” Mendelsohn can’t understand why people go to a psychic for advice on major decisions – but since it’s their money, she’ll play along and try to guide her clients on their journey in an ethical way. Relying on her worn deck of Tarot Cards and solid intuition, she tries to stick to her moral code. She already has enough bad karma from her shady past.

Her career as a Psychic Advisor in Salem has given Caly the stability her past denied her and things are going well – until Dan Saint James, the heir to shipping fortune, pays for a reading. Dan’s past is catching up with him and he needs Caly’s unique skills to stay one step ahead of trouble.

Helping Dan clean up his own life might be more difficult than Caly imagined because her moral code wasn’t designed to deal with art theft or greed. When Caly finds out her former partner has an interest in Dan’s problem, that makes it a game Caly’s all too familiar with – and one she might not be able to resist.

In order to help Dan, Caly will have put her cards on the table and use all of her skills in a dangerous game to stay one step ahead of her past. With her future on the line and a fortune at stake, it will be hard to resist temptation and walk the slippery slope between doing what’s right and doing what’s easy…but everyone deserves a second chance.

Just a Dream (Love and Fate)

by Christopher Coons-Moore

What kind of guy is the main character? What did all of that stuff in the first scene mean? Was it even real? You might find the answers in this scene, but you’ll have to ask yourself whether or not you’re just being mislead again.

Magick, Boundless Magick

by Leirion Eos

Through the bewilderment and snarls of life you need a swig of night-cider to be your lamp down the crooked, couch-grass path. I’ve flicked a few pips of ink your way.

Starlight (Ashes of the Fae)

by Briana Bradley

The world is stalked by vicious goblyns, the high fae have disappeared and all bounty hunter Atticus Ash wants is a decent night’s sleep for once. He’s probably in the wrong career.

Ash’s life was simple: hunt goblyns, kill goblyns, collect the bounty money. He thought he liked it that way, with no one else to worry about but his loyal fae familiar, Saul. Then he meets Star (who may or may not be a witch) and finds himself spellbound, discovering emotions he didn’t think he was capable of. He’d love to explore this new side of himself but there’s a feral demon dog on the loose, terrorising the local villages and tearing its way through their cattle. It will only be a matter of time before it turns its attention to the human population.

There’s no rest for the wicked, and Ash never promised to be good.

This is a novella, part urban fantasy and part paranormal romance about faeries and the warriors, witches and warlocks who fight alongside them. Part one of a series of novellas called Ashes of the Fae.

Tales of the Bodhisattva: the Khurran

by Justin Dockins

In a world of duality, there can be no light without the darkness. Indeed, the sages know this well. Delicate and primordial is the world of Kaliya, and so she shall be overcome with darkness if the bodhisattvas do not restore the balance and bring the light! This is the tale of Leaf, the Khurran, and how he and his companions must journey to restore safety to the mortals and gods alike in the world of Kaliya, for the ancient devil, Rokkhu, has awakened and none are protected from his malignance! Without a teacher, and amidst an odyssey of chaos through the deep unknown, Leaf must realize his nature as a reincarnated bodhisattva before it is too late!

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