Free fiction Kindle books for 29 Dec 13

Love’s A Bitch (LSDV Productions)

by LaShonda DeVaughn

Latrice is beautiful and powerful in her own right. She and her best friend Kenya can’t seem to find good men, hence deeming their bad luck in relationships as “the curse”. Latrice’s problem in her marriage is that her husband feels as though he is the only one in the relationship who should hold the power. He’s not afraid to flex his power by raising his hand to his wife and dares her to strike back! When she gathers the courage to leave him for a life outside of the abuse, only time will tell if she survives his wrath or will she be able to break, The Curse!

Breaking The Curse, by LaShonda DeVaughn

Neisha is an industrious publicist who has a promising career in the Public Relations industry. Her boyfriend Jerrod constantly ridicules and physically abuses her because he believes she cares more about her PR firm than their relationship. The lengths Neisha goes to prove her loyalty to her man would make your stomach turn, the hairs on your arms raise and your eyes water. Is she a ride or die chick or is the love that she has for this man killing her?

Love Is A Killer by Hannah Spivey

You can’t help who you love, but you can decide what you will and will not put up with. Best friends Braylin and Zy’lah try to be there for one another as they each go through their own relationship turmoils. From baby mama drama to back-to-back cheating, both girls are pushed to their limits. When a tragedy forces both couples to do more than just soul searching, will their relationships survive, or will they garner the strength to give up and start over?

Stuck In Love by Sequaia Reed

Why Santa Why

by Maria Silvo

Christmas is a season that’s filled with thoughtfulness, giving and fun for the entire family. It is meant for everyone… but especially for children where magic still lives.

This book “Why Santa Why?” explores the many questions that children endlessly ask themselves and adults each Christmas.

– Why Santa wears red?

– Why Santa travels by himself?

– Why Santa rides his sled?

– Why Santa hides himself?

and more.

There is something in Christmas that takes one back to one’s childhood; most probably questions like these that until now have found no clear answers.

Enjoy this book and be like a kid again who is full of wonder, laughter and love.

A Merry Christmas to you!

Hush Baby

by Cindy Vine

Kyle Rushton appears to have everything going for him. His own home, a successful business, a beautiful woman in his bed and an adorable son.

But when things start to go wrong in his relationship it spreads like a cancer into every facet of his life. With his life turned upside down, he goes to his sister and some old friends for help.

Sometimes things are not what they seem.

Caught between a need for revenge and a search for justice, Kyle and his friends turn to the past for answers and the more layers they uncover the darker the truth becomes. Until he finds himself asking – is knowing the terrible truth going to help him move on with his life?

Daisy Chain

by Nancy Morgan

Daisy Chain is a collection of short stories that are linked by one line. The last line of each story is the first line of the next. They are otherwise unrelated. This is a concept that came to me a few years ago and it was an extremely fun project to complete. When a writer starts with one sentence and has no idea what the story will be about, it tends to unfold in unexpected ways. The subjects vary from love and betrayal to time travel to magic. I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

After the Dog Died

by mbpardy

Jim and Candy want more from life than opportunities in the workplace. They team up, turn to crime, and find happiness in a Recreational Vehicle.

This book is an action-packed, page-turner with characters who will live on in your memory.

Sharp, punchy, fantastic holiday reading. Ideal for kindles and tablets.

The Cover Image is Totally Unrelated to the Contents of This Book

by Kevin Duffield

Tales of mirth and mayhem set within the When Last We Left Our Intrepid Adventurers universe! See the early days of Sylvester Halfeagle’s villainy. Embark on an epic journey to find a mystical altar. Follow the enchanting tale of an inept bard and more!

Free Vermont

by Joseph Douglas

In this fast-paced novella, Vermont secedes from the Union when the U.S. government decides to build a nuclear waste dump in the Green Mountain State. “Free Vermont” is a smart, satirical look at one man’s reluctant journey from peaceful obscurity to modern-day folk hero. A fun, quick read.

Goodbye, Mr Larnach and other stories

by Deborah A Rogers

These bold and sensitively told stories offer an insight into the human condition and explore the things that matter mostâ?? being loved, forgiven and accepted. â??Tug of War’ reveals a cross-cultural romance, â??Mea Culpa’ explores a murderer’s repentance, and â??The girl on Nanjing Road’ tells of a holiday in China. â??The Island’ uncovers an unexpected affair, while â??Whitewash Heads’ involves the death of a beloved daughter. Finally, â??Goodbye, Mr Larnach’ recounts the tale of a new friendship between a runaway teen and a husband who wants to disappear. Many of these New Zealand stories are critically acclaimed but you don’t need a literature degree to enjoy them. Goodbye, Mr Larnach and other stories will charm and uplift you, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Oh, the Shame

by Jordan Wilder

Michael Wexler is on a mission to see a naked woman. Unfortunately, he’s only ten! In 1976, there was no Internet, no pay-per-view, and no webcams. It was a bad year for a kid if you wanted to see a naked woman. Just ask Michael Wexler. How does a 10-year-old become obsessed with seeing nude women? For Michael, this quest becomes the sum of his father despising his every move, his mother favoring his younger brother, his grandmother literally wanting to kill him, and a houseboat loaded with nude women slowly passing by certainly doesn’t hurt. Huck Finn never had it this good on the Mighty Mississippi.

Although Michael is wise for his years, this doesn’t keep him from sassing teachers, terrorizing department stores, and wreaking havoc on some unsuspecting residents of his once peaceful community. While he trips himself up quite often, Michael’s wisdom occasionally offers ways to sidestep his father’s unrelenting wrath. It also provides creative strategies on how to achieve his only goal in life . . . to see a woman in the buff. Looking in dumpsters for dirty magazines, scamming his way into a risqué drive-in movie, and even pretending to befriend a classmate to play doctor with the kid’s older sister, are all on Michael’s to-do list.

OH, THE SHAME is a hilarious coming of age novel for anyone who has ever heard the words, “You’re too young to do that,” and did it anyway.

Many books claim to be funny and witty, but this one actually delivers! One of the few titles this year with a naughty theme that does not mention the word “bondage” in it.

Last Call at the Rusty Nail

by Tim Fields

Jack Crow is a treasure hunter and a gunslinger. Robert Cogburn is a gregarious gambler and ladies man. Solomon David is a travelling archaeologist and scholar. When the three get tangled up in a plot to take over Texas they end up drawing their friends and lovers into an adventure that spans the breadth of the state and changes the course of history.

One part adventure story, one part mystery, one part reflection on the Western genre, Last Call at the Rusty Nail is a fast-paced tale of heroism, scholarship, gunplay, family, history, and the darkness of the imagined West.

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