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Asakaze Peasant

by Martin H Kerrigan

In Feudal Japan, life is harsh and difficult for the peasants.

They are at the mercy of the village Samurai, Kira Sama, who controls the village for the Daimyo. The smallest infraction of respect, arcane rules or honour can result in severe punishment without appeal.

Asakaze is a young boy, barely ten years old, when, playing as young boys do, he causes a terrible tragedy that affects his entire family – and changes the direction of his life.

Scarcely able to comprehend how his life could have altered so completely since the morning, Asakaze is given harsh lessons in the rules and ritual of Japanese society.

It is a society full of traps and danger. Romance and betrayal. There are alliances to be made and enemies to be defeated. Asakaze grows into this realm and becomes very adept at the games that are played.

It is a world where honour is everything. Held above all else. A man without honour is nothing.

With such honour, comes revenge.

Weaving together the threads of the story, it rushes towards a breath-taking climax.

Which path shall Asakaze take?

To visit a world where a sideways glance can lead to death, where absolute power is wielded without compassion, purchase Asakaze Peasant on Kindle now.

The Fable of Megastan

by Pamela Olson

I was working in a think tank in Washington, DC, in 2006 and listening to the debates about the Iraq war that surrounded me. I had just come back from a year and a half of living in the Middle East and felt that depressingly few people had any real understanding of what the Iraqi people were experiencing, thinking, and feeling.

So I decided to re-write Iraq’s history for the past 30 years, with America playing the role of Iraq and a fictional country called Megastan playing the role of America.

Some of the parallels will be obvious — US President Maddox Houston is Saddam Hussein, Megastani Prime Minister Malik Boun is George W. Bush, and you can guess who Vice Premier Dik Chen Yi represents. Others will be a bit more obscure. But all of them are footnoted in case you’re not sure, and it’s my hope that after reading this, you’ll have a more complete and human understanding of the meaning and consequences of the Iraq war, and what it would be like if a similar thing were to happen to our country.

Also included is a sample chapter from my latest book, Fast Times in Palestine (

Escape to Sweden 1943

by Bent Rosenberg

A Jewish child’s dramatical story of his and his families escap to Sweden in 1943 to avoid German persecution in Denmark.

Mountains of Stone

by Ned Eddins

Mountains of Stone chronicles the effects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the emerging fur trade on Native Americans. Early western expansion beyond the Mississippi River set in opposition two people: one with an insatiable thirst for land; the other a territorial people with no concept of land ownership. For the Indianâ??Mother Earth was shared by all.

A rich historical background coupled with cultural and religious aspects of Native Americans makes Mountains of Stone educational while the blend of fiction and fact rivets the reader’s attention.

Intertribal Editorial Board stated:

“â?¦a fascinating storyâ?¦well researched with good descriptions of various tribes and their cultures.”

Acceptance by Native Americans on the Council for Indian Education Editorial Boardâ??whose ancestors were such an integral part of western historyâ??is the best possible review.

Roman Numerals: 1 to Googol

by Justin Robertson

Starting with a short explanation of how Roman numerals work and different theories of how they’re written. Then a long list showing I to MMM (1 to 3000) Then I explain how to write 4k, 5k,6k, etc, 10k, 20k, 30k, etc, 100k, 200k, 300k, etc, 1million, 2million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, all the way up to googol.

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