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Jesus Loves Me This I Know (A Bible Based Children’s Picture eBook)

by Kimberly Bennet

Jesus Loves Me This I Know is a charming bedtime story. Katie’s daddy ever so gently tucks her into bed and tells her just one more story. Katie, as all children do, has many questions to ask before she can fall asleep. This Bible based story teaches children of Jesus’ love for us and helps provide answers to questions they may have about Jesus.

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Children’s Book:My Huge Money Tree (funny bedtime story collection)

by Yonit Werber

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a huge money tree growing in your backyard?

In this story a young boy gets a fright when he hears that his mother has no money in her purse. He thinks he won’t be able to go on his school trip, buy any toys or have good food to eat. A nature documentary about walnut trees inspires him to use his one and only penny to growâ?¦ a money tree! But as his tree grows and he harvests the money fruit, he wakes up to find he was only dreaming. His mother soon explains that she does have money, but not in her purse. It’s been invested in a bank where money should be!

A well-illustrated and educational rhyming story for children aged three to seven years old that provides parents with a great opportunity to expose their children to the concept of money, saving and investing, in an easy-to-understand way.

Berrieland: Blue Butterflies For fans of The Lady Bug Girl, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious

by Maria Raczynska

Welcome to Berrieland! A magical land found under a rainbow far, far away.

A land filled with Perky Bees, Skypogs, Smiley Peas, Umea Cloudberries and the most wonderful family of them all, the Berrie family.

Papa and Mama Berrie, along with their children and friends, help to protect Berrieland from Gertruda and her evil crow army from the Black Forest.

For fans of The Lady Bug Girl, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious.

Morgie and Peej Go Fishing; A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Book, A Humorous Story of Friendship (Morgie and Peej Early Reader Series)

by Ian Schmahmann

Morgie and Peej go to the river to catch a fish for dinner. There they hook the biggest fish in the river and manage to land it. Read what happens next.
This is the simplified version of Morgie and Peej’s Amazing Fishing Tale. It uses the same illustrations and follows the same story line but has been rewritten for early readers who will enjoy reading simply constructed sentences.Ideal for parents to read to their younger children. The illustrations will help your child follow the story step by step.

Cowboy Time (Discover Reading)

by Nancy Streza

Discover Reading Early Reader

Does your kid love cowboys?
Want to transport a struggling reader to a different time and place?

If your child is curious about the wild west and would rather be out roping cattle than inside reading a book, this is the leveled reader for you.
A Discover Reading Level 1 reader, Cowboy Time combines simple sentences and vivid pictures to help your beginning reader discover the world.

Features full screen images with pop-up text

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Magic Flying Carpet Adventure #3: The Fall of Atlantis (Fiction Adventure Kindle Chapter Books for kids Ages 6-8, 8-10, 9-12, Boys & Girls)

by Jamie Roy

The Magic Flying Carpet Adventure Book 3: The Fall of Atlantis

Over 2,300 years ago, Plato, the greatest Greek philosopher, described a mythical island Atlantis in his book Critias. The island was highly civilized. Then, it disappeared overnight. What happened?

In their new adventure, Sarah and Daniel went back to Atlantis and witnessed the fall of the continent. In addition, they discovered the last password to unlock the big alien secret.

Look Inside the Book Now and See What Really Happened!

This is the Book 3 of The Magic Flying Carpet Adventure.

The Miller, His Son, and their Donkey (Sommer-Time Story Series)

by Carl Sommer

The miller Elmo and his son Mort have a problemâ??instead of standing up for what they know is right, they follow everyone else’s opinions. When a farmer complains that Elmo is overworking the donkey, Elmo and Mort mill the grain. When others complain that his prices are too high, Elmo reduces the price, even if he’s losing money. When a friend suggests Mort steal apples with him, Mort goes along with the plan.

Their trouble worsens when they take their donkey to sell at the market and listen to all the advice they hear along the way. By trying to please everyone, they end up pleasing no one and losing their donkey. This retelling of Aesop’s classic fable illustrates that the path to success means standing up for what is right.

Wolverine: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2 (Planet Collection)

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?

As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “WOLVERINE” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of the different wolverine behavior.

Toddlers and babies will love looking at the large photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the fun fact filled passages.

Early education sets up your child for success.

We are a green company and a portion of each sale is donated to charity.

Seth the Sleuth #3: The Mermaid Myth (short mystery for children ages 9-12)

by Sarah Rowe

Seth and his best friend, his dog Mac, live in a house attached to a lighthouse. They often go on fun adventures together discovering mysteries which they are determined to solve.

In “The mermaid myth” Mac and Seth hear unusually strange and loud splashing in the ocean. Is it possible that they have discovered mermaids? Join them as they uncover the truth.


by Steve Cornforth

Martin and Andy along with their cousins Kes and Mike are at the start of a 6 week holiday in Wales. As the rain pours down they are less than excited about the prospect. Everything changes when they are whisked away to another world by the mysterious dog Blenheim, who guards the secret doorway between the worlds.

They are to help him defeat treacherous villain, the Bog, who threatens Blenheim’s world and then plans to break through the very doorway into their world.

Blenheim leads them on a roller coaster adventure where they meet many new friends including a very smelly merchant and his old pack horse, a Lara Croft lookalike and a talking head. They also encounter terrifying villains, a dragon like monster and a terrifying wild tiger; as they help Blenheim to face the Bog and find the world’s greatest hero who has been missing for many years.

ABC Flashcards

by Brenda Ponnay

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A is for Apple…
D is for Doggie…
U is for Underwear!

The ABCs burst brilliantly on to the page in this alphabet flash card book by blogger Secret Agent Josephine, a.k.a. Brenda Ponnay. Children will delight in the colorful illustrations and simple text. This alphabet book is an ideal introduction to the alphabet — the large letters are front and center in this book specially formatted for ereaders and Fire devices. Based on flashcards developed for her blog readers, this ABC book has been featured on Alpha Mom, The Pioneer Woman and many more!

Static Rain (A Short Story)

by Julius St. Clair

Anna has only had one constant in her life. And that is the rain.

But through the downpour, she learns how to weather the storm, carrying the lessons she’s learned from childhood well into her adult life.

Finding friendship, love, and true peaceâ?¦

This is a short story.

Roothy’s Zoo

by Ruth I. Rubin

Did you ever wonder what our animal friends are thinking, and feeling about other animals, unusual weather, us, and even aliens? Come and meet a wonderful, entertaining, and amusing cast of characters, like Farnsworth Fox, Bigley Bear, Oscar Owl, and Bob the Bird, who will brighten your day and make you smile.

Mystery At 561 East Meadow Lane

by Maureen Bell

What will twins Aiden and Arabella encounter at their eccentric old Aunt’s house during Winter Break?

The Book of the Little Flatulent Fairies

by Teresa De Martino

A long time ago, in a lonely grove, there were so many b…, bad elves! you think, but you are wrong: there were so many beans. There were also many fairies who, having nothing else to eat, ate beans for lunch, dinner and breakfast. However beans bloat your tummy and make this effect even with the fairies. Indeed, for them it is even worse. So the fairies began to make fart and became the … LITTLE FLATULENT FAIRIES.

Fantastic and humor tales of a 10 year old girl in the language of his peers, with color drawings by the writer


by Chanthira Sekar Suppiah

A colourfully illustrated Alphabet book of interesting Animals that children of all ages will find amusing and entertaining.

Parents can read to their children and have fun and enjoyable discussions with them.

An enjoyable ride.

Kako se kaze volim te

by Slobodan Stanisic

Kako se kaže – ja te volim,

treba li glasu bar malo glume,

uz koju ruka

kaže ruci,

nešto što samo ona razume?

Kako se Ä?uti – ja te volim,

kad usta ostanu skupljena, bleda,

oči pogledom


jer znaju kako se tajno gleda?

Kako to zvuči – ja te volim,

vedro ili pomalo tužno,

sasvim ozbiljno,

namerno smešno,

veoma lepo

ili ružno?

Koalas (Australian Wildlife)

by Steve Challis

The Koala is an unusual Australian animal. This book has photographs that Koala lovers of all ages should like.

The Koala is definitely NOT a bear, and this book by an Australian gives accurate facts about the iconic Australian marsupial. This book is suitable for older children and young adults.

  • The book covers:
  • The name Koala
  • Koala relatives
  • Koala brains
  • Baby koalas
  • Koala senses
  • Koala distribution
  • Koalas on Kangaroo Island
  • Koala diet
  • Threats to Koalas

My Favorite Animal: Antelope

by Victoria Marcos

My Favorite Animal Nonfiction Reader

Learn all about Antelope in this informational picture book. Kids ages 4-8 will enjoy learning about the graceful antelope through beautiful photos, engaging text and fun questions to test comprehension throughout the book.

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We Love Horses: Classic Poems for Children of All Ages (We Love Poetry)

by Katrina Streza

Horses have been adored for centuries and this volume of poetry brings the graceful steed to the page. For horse-crazy children, adults who love horses, or a horse-themed education unit, this collection brings together the best horse poetry from the ages.

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Helping Mum

by Agnes Musa

Kim comes home to a mess. Her brother Frank is nowhere to be seen. Their mother is also not in the house and … there is puke in every toilet. When Mrs Mitchum from two streets aways brings in her triplets, Kim is sure something has happened to her mother …

Leisa’s Journey

by Rose Mary Perino

“Glass shatters as it hits the wall, and I don’t even flinch. At this point I’m used to it, and I’m not entirely sure if that’s a sad thing or a good thing. The words probably cut worse than any physical sharp edge. Cuts and bruises can heal, and maybe they leave a scar but that’s just cosmetic. It’s words that get inside you. They rip apart every thing you know, everything you could ever believe about yourself or the world.

The world is not a nice place, and it further proves my point that I was able to learn that in only thirteen short years.

I’ve only just walked in the house, home from a weekend at my friend’s house. I ignore the fighting as I trudge up the staircase.

Sometimes, when the fighting gets bad, I notice I reserve myself more at school. I get deeper in thought, questioning the world and its intentions. I wonder if the kids at school notice the way the bruises on my arms take the shape of fingers, or the way my head gets tender. I wonder if they actually notice, and if they don’t care.

The shouting dies down, and I guess they can hear me slam my door shut.”

Leisa’s world is about to change dramatically. Keep reading to find out how…

Sparkly Ballerina Princess ( A Gorgeous Illustrated Children’s Picture Ebook )

by Sharlene Alexander

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#1 Best Selling Children’s Book Author, Sharlene Alexander

One day Princess Sophia loses some of her sparkle.  Will she still be able to conquer her fears and perform at the ballet recital?   This ballerina story has a fun surprise ending and a great message about being yourself.   

– Beautiful color illustrations that both parents and children will enjoy. – This book is perfect for bedtime and also young readers. 
– Fun rhyming lines that children will enjoy reading over and over again.

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Story Teller (Dream Epic with these Epic Stories) (Tales Time)

by Danish Mir

Story teller is a short story book from the series ‘Tales Time’. It is an epic journey in the ancient Asia and it takes you close to the then popular fictional stories and beliefs. The book contains a series of stories well narrated to give you a perfect touch of fiction. The stories are also great for Bed Time reading. It is the Second volume in the Series. If you like the book then please do consider my first Volume ‘The Precious Present’ for a read.

The Angel Key

by Mr Gray

During the second term of their first year, at Aides par School for Angels, Daberalo and her friends were sitting by the unicorns fountain. There was Levylo, smiling as always, who was the funny one and could always make you laugh. Graminch, who was taller than the others, was the clever one, she seemed to know the answers before the questions were asked. Tanglee, was practical and would look at you over the top of her her glasses, which were always perched on the end of her nose, she could always figure a way to make some kind of gadget, from what appeared to be nothing but junk. Not all those at Aides Par school for angels are good, if they were there would be no need for a school and the best example of this was Ficheism’s gang, Herbroil, whose face had only had one expression, scowling, Yanghut, who was all brawn and no brain and Brierlet, who thought being bad was good, none of them could have imagined what lay ahead, school would never be the same again. Their futures were already set out for them but none of them, at this time, knew what those futures were. They would find themselves on different Realms, Twizzlebit, Nickjitters, Justice, Inventive Ideas, Relaxation , Aromatics and most exciting Realms beyond Realms. They would encounter strange animals, like the dangerous Spikey Backs, invisible sheep, flying pigs, chequered shires and fish that would swim backwards. They would meet Imps, Peacemakers, Demons and Protectors. The one thing common to them all was the Angel Key, the Demons wanted it for evil, the Imps wanted it for mischief, Ficheism’s gang just wanted treasure and Daberalo and her friends just wanted to return to Aides Par, not knowing that when they did return a mighty battle would be waged between good and evil and one close to them would sacrifice their life to save the Angels Key.

The Tooth Fairy’s Unlikely Adventure (The Fairy Tale Series)

by Gallagher Twins

Every child has to go thru the process of losing their baby teeth. It seems that there is nothing more distracting than a loose tooth. This was Kelli’s FIRST loose tooth. Her parents told her that when the tooth came out that the Tooth Fairy would visit her when she went to sleep that night.

Kelli had never heard about the Tooth Fairy before. She could not wait to put the tooth under her pillow and receive some coins the Tooth Fairy would leave that night. Little did she know what an amazing adventure would develop as a result of loosing that first tooth. Share her experiences with the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Fairy’s secret special helper.

Will Kelli be able to help the Tooth Fairy?

Who gave the Tooth Fairy the best plan ever?

Who is the Tooth Fairy’s enemy?

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How the First Letter was Written

by Patti Price

Read about how Emma writes the first letter!

Rudyard Kipling wrote the first version of this story in 1902. Over a hundred years later here’s an updated version, modernized and set in United States. It’s a story about the great invention of writing. With reading and writing you can share ideas with people far away from you in time and in place. The updates support beginning reading in several ways:

– Easy to read one sentence summaries of every story page

– A short poem on every story page because poems are fun and because rhymes remind you there are sounds smaller than a syllable, which is important in reading English

– A question at the bottom of every story page, to help the reader remember to imagine things and to ask questions

– Modernized and updated text and images

– Detailed sample of the alphabet necklace

– A new long poem at the end

Instead of the description of each letter of the alphabet and how it’s used in English which appears in the book version, the Kindle edition has child-friendly word definitions with many images. The definitions include help on word skills and breaking words into pieces to figure out meanings.

Probably, at least at first, a good reader will read the text in small black print to the person learning to read. Listening to the story helps build vocabulary and grammar skills. Beginning readers can start with the page summary at the top, then the poem and the question, and eventually read the whole text, perhaps to someone else! The goal is to help enable competent and enthusiastic readers

Puppies (Discover Series)

by Xist Publishing

Who wants a puppy? Who wants to take care of one? Whether your family is considering bringing home a new puppy or looking for a way to stave off requests of “can I have a puppy, please” this collection of puppy photos is guaranteed to please. Each image is labeled with the dog breed and is an excellent way to introduce babies and toddlers to puppies. Used as a jumpstart for interaction, Discover Series Picture Books are a great way to introduce new images, words and concepts to kids.

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