Free literary fiction Kindle books for 29 Dec 13

Recrimination (the Katoey of Gethsemane Soi Part I) (A Psychological Suspense, Murder & Mystery Thriller Series)

by alasdair gilchrist

Gethsemane Soi is a sexy, psychological mystery.
 What do you do when you discover that your hiding a terrible secret?
Robert Gillespie a corporate strategist is drawn back to Bangkok after 10 years by the lure of a bright new future.The question that’s on everyone’s lips, “Why have you come back?”

               He is embroiled in …suspicion and recrimination

              but where will it end …reconciliation, redemption OR MURDER!

Dominoes (Dominoes Complete)

by C. B. Blaha

Maeve O’Brien and Jenna Branson anticipate a relaxing, fun filled weekend with their two children at an annual music festival in the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Instead, they fall victim to an unforeseen chain of circumstance that threatens to tear apart the very essence of their family unit. This unfortunate series of events brings together a host of characters whose lives are forever changed: a birth mother who tries to illegally reclaim her son, the questionable ethics of a psychiatrist, the desperate search for an amnestic woman, and more. By the time the last domino falls and the dust clears, nothing will ever be the same.

All characters in this novel are fictional, so any similarity to a real person is completely coincidental, and the address numbers used do not actually exist. Please note that all but the ending pages of this book were written in 2012, and the novel was copyrighted before the Supreme Court overruled California’s Proposition 8, therefore references to California’s marriage laws reflect conditions during the time period between the passage of Proposition 8 and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling.

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