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A Lamb in Wolfe’s Clothing (Scott Wolfe Series)

by S.L. Shelton

Meet Scott Wolfe. He is a talented computer and security specialist and an avid rock climber. Scott always had a secret edge in his profession – a secret which comes in handy when he is introduced to the world of international terrorism. Sadly, the gift doesn’t seem to extend to helping him in his relationships.

How much responsibility does a man have for the life of an ex-girlfriend? That’s the question Scott had to ask himself when Barb Whitney, her father (a State Department Attorney) and twenty eight other diplomats and their families, were supposedly killed in a terrorist attack in Amsterdam.

When Scott gets a text message from Barb’s phone AFTER the explosion, he is propelled into an adrenaline charged operation, worthy of the intelligence agencies he is trying to avoid. Dodging killers, organized crime, mercenaries and the CIA, he struggles against a clock which even he doesn’t know is ticking.

REVENGE – A Mick Murphy Mystery (A Mick Murphy Mystery)

by Michael Haskins

When journalist Mick Murphy runs into his love fantasy in a wintry Harvard Yard, he is soon dragged into a web of brutal killings that began in Boston and end in Southern California. Trying to protect his dream girl, a Filipina named Michelle, Murphy runs afoul of a police friend and his nemesis, a Cuban-American cop, as well as Los Angeles County sheriffs, before he is beaten by a gang of Ameriasians and his Jeep is blown up. Holding onto his romantic dream, Murphy faces loss of friends and his life before the finale.

The Unwanted: A Novella

by M.J. Winn

This harrowing psychological thriller chronicles the happenings within a remote adolescent reformatory. Its unpredictable storyline will unnerve and frighten even the most avid readers. This book is for a mature readership. Not for teens.

Fully Loaded

by Lattice

Struggling to overcome her past, Faith Calloway turns to the streets of Detroit to make ends meet. Stunningly beautiful, she can have any man. Or is it simply the money she wants? Determined to find out what’s best, Faith gets involved in several murders as she tries to make a living hustling the hustlers. Fortunately life takes a turn for the better when she meets Shake, a man with money who is willing to do anything for her. But is this enough? Faith wants it all. Will her greed for money overpower her judgement? As the secrets of her past begin to catch up, Faith tries to find out the truth before she ends up like the victims.

The Penis Files

by Morgan Donahue

The Penis Files
Someone wants Sylvia Juarez, a crime reporter at a small daily newspaper, to uncover a scandal exposing the darkest secrets of Kentucky’s Capital City power brokers.
After a powerful senator is murdered, a mysterious phone call directs Sylvia to a flash drive containing a copy of a videoblog called “The Penis Files.” Her anonymous source tells her a woman named Katrina Collins was the creator of the videoblog. Katrina used to be a bartender at Saylor’s Bar & Grill in Frankfort until she drowned mysteriously last year. Police quickly closed the case calling it suicide.
But Sylvia soon learns Katrina also pretended to be a part-time massage therapist to cover her intimate relationships with a number of powerful and prominent men in the Capital City.
In fact, Katrina was in the midst of uploading snippets of video of her sexual encounters with these men to her blog where she used coded descriptions of them and described their sexual preferences and performances when police claim she suddenly decided to take a dive into the Kentucky River to end her life.
Sylvia knows better.
None of these men would have wanted to be discussed in a sex blog for public view but one obviously wanted to silence Katrina enough to kill her.
Sylvia tries to keep her knowledge of “The Penis Files” a secret from both the cops and the killer while she uncovers the identities of the men in the blog. But when she finds a dead rat on her back porch, she realizes she’s not only been found out but has become the killer’s next target. She’s forced to turn to Officer Kent Matthews, the only cop she thinks she might be able to trust, to help her solve the mystery and get the story of a lifetime…if she can live to tell it.

A Matter of Policy [An Amy Brewster Mystery]

by Jr., Sam Merwin

A Matter of Policy is an enthralling read that begins when a young friend of Amy Brewster’s finds his life in jeopardy when an unknown mastermind insures it for one million dollars. This is the first of three classic Amy Brewster mysteries available for the first time in over fifty years! When a private detective hired to protect the young man is the first victim, Amy Brewster must think fast and act faster if she is to learn who is behind the plot on the young man’s life in time to save him. Is it Tosta Kaaren, AKA the Canarsie Swede, a platinum-blond nightclub singer whose real name is Toots Carlin? Or Paulie Paulec, the local crime boss who has a finger in every racket in town? Or playboy Lance Torrey, whose sources of income are suspect at best. A Matter of Policy is the first of three suspenseful Amy Brewster reprints by the legendary Golden Age mystery writer/editor, Sam Merwin, Jr.

Abby (Abby Series)

by Anthony J. McGirr

All Abigail ever wanted was to be happy.

For as long as she could remember, Abby has always been teased for having an imaginary friend she calls “Maxwell”. After a horrifying tragedy that left her alone, Abby grew up in a girl’s home where Maxwell was the one she could turn to.

Five years after the incident that scarred her, Abby gets the chance to finally have what she’s always wanted, to be part of a loving family. But the one thing keeping her from being happy is her past, which seems to be coming back to haunt her in terrifying ways!

“Abby” is part one of an intense three-part series of short stories that will leave you wanting more! you won’t be able to put this story down!

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The Second State (Mina Balestra novels)

by John Johnson

The attempted assassination of a magistrate, a police officer found dead on a train after an apparent overdose, a celebrity with something to hide. Everything points to a cover-up, but only Mina Balestra seems to be interested in finding out why.

Awkward questions about a suicide that no one believes in lead down a road from which there will be no return.

The Second State is the second installment in a trilogy of crime novels set in Italy and featuring Mina Balestra, newly appointed Commissario of the Imola Settore Investigativo, and her colleagues Berti and Ligeti. The opening novel is entitled Servants of Two Masters.

The Three Second Rule (The Rules)

by Jillyan Marsden

Mark Nathan Stone is an undercover police officer with an identity crisis. Eighteen years of on-off undercover work as Nate Stelling is beginning to warp his perspective as the legend gradually subsumes the man beneath. It’s a battle he can’t afford to lose.

Several anonymous tips about the illicit dealings of both known fence, Ed Morley, and all round bad guy, Sergio Angelini, sees Nate don his cover once more and head to the village of Eldon Hill, Surrey. But an unexpected turn of events catapults him to the heart of the action, bypassing months of hard work and time consuming infiltration.

From the sedate Surrey greenery to the windswept plateau of Ronda in Málaga Province, Nate battles everybody and everything standing in his way, his judgement increasingly compromised as he loses sight of what is truly important in favour of taking down Sergio once and for all. But perhaps he should have been focusing on who was keeping Sergio out of reach in the first place.


by Stuart McLeod


Pretty dull sometimes, isn’t it? Ordinary. Routine.

A drive in the car, a trip to the bank, putting out the rubbish, reading in bed; all menial tasks. Banal, even.

But what if something happened, some occurrence to skew the perspective of those everyday tasks, to lead you on a path you’d never imagine?

These are the stories where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, where the routine turns into the unusual, and the world you never knew existed becomes the norm…

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by John F McDonald

“McDonald is an explorer of courage and a writer of immense talent” – The Irish Times

“Spirited, vivid, convincing, imaginative and poetic” – St. Petersburg Times

“McDonald’s prose is rich, thick and magically poetic” – The Sunday Independent

“Powerful use of the unspoken, the complete objectivity of his writing has the effect of changing the moral basis for decisions regarding right and wrong” – The Leinster Express

“McDonald’s insight allows the reader into a different world” – The Belfast Telegraph

“The writing is top class and makes putting down his book to get on with life an irritating activity” – The Irish Post

“McDonald’s language is distinct and attractive – comparable to Chuck Palahniuk, Anthony Burgess and even William Trevor” – Publishers Weekly

“Gritty, hard-hitting and cutting edge” – The Writer’s News

Silent Destruction

by Baron Driden

Conspiracy Theory:

ALP 246 (Acidic Liquid Plasma) is a top-secret military experiment involving a brand new and unprecedented weapon designed for use on the battlefield. It involves breaking down an extremely rare chemical element (Idiomstone, which has only ever been found in one location on earth) and creating an explosion-like effect without the obvious factors: fire, sound, shrapnel, and percussion. It also contains the benefit of disabling all electronic components within a half-mile radius for over twenty minutes. By breaking down this specific element through nitration, one is able to create a force that literally and physically destroys nearby space like a phantom bomb. Nothing is heard, seen or known. Things within the vicinity of the weapon, simply… vanish.

Silent Destruction

Andros Varlander has been a small-time thief for most of his life. He began stealing soon after his older brother was abducted as a child. Ever since, he has taken whatever he can, whenever he can, from whomever he can. Regardless of his small stature as a common thief, he hits the jackpot when his uncle dies. See, Uncle Rever was a brilliant man. Not a rich man, but he, while alive, created a weapon of sorts that gives Andros the ability to break down any barrier and break through any wall. Completely silently.

It’s up to two federal agents to stop him. Harry Skyborn and Ken Blacker become the willing participants in catching him. That, however, is a task easier said than done. Andros always remains one step ahead of the law, and, through accident and coincidence, ends up getting into far more trouble than he’d originally bargained for; committing acts he never intended to commit and straying into violence in order to save himself from captivity.

This action/crime thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. So, hold on tight, check out the sample, and I hope you enjoy! You won’t be sorry.

A Serious Mistake, A Novel (The Grievance Committee)

by Frank R. Southers

The Law is not just a job for criminal defense lawyer Scott Lonnigan. It’s his life.

Scott treats his appointment to the Grievance Committee in San Antonio, Texas in the same way. He uses common sense in judging complaints against lawyers since each represents a story of hopes and fears for both parties. Each accusation means at least one person made a serious mistake.

Maybe the lawyer accused of settling without the client’s consent? Or, maybe the lawyer accused of extortion and harassment of the other party, an ob-gyn?

Or, maybe the dead lawyer in the stolen airplane caper in the Bahamas? Or, maybe the baby lawyer accused of falsely advertising his abilities in the Yellow Pages?

Now, it’s Scott’s turn because a serious mistake threatens to turn Scott’s world upside down.

When the judge is the accused, will Justice be there? Or, the fix? Or, retribution?

How will Scott find redemption?

In A Drink (Sons of Mil)

by Nancy Brooks

Cursed by the high god Teotl in ancient times, she was destined to wander the rivers and gorges of Mesoamerica as a malicious spirit – La Ziguanaba. She will do anything to get her life back.

In San Francisco’s festive Mission District, Chepe Gallo has found the perfect way to extort money from club-goers and bar-hoppers. It is a demonic scheme that may cost more than he is willing to pay.

Chris Gerardi has left behind a broken heart, a family that no longer needs him, and a life controlled by his job as a detective in the NYPD. Now he’s found the girl of his dreams, a new family, new friends, and his future is unfolding exactly how he wants it to… until a rash of unexplained mutilations in the Mission District threatens to tear his new life to shreds.

With time running out, and La Ziguanaba’s power growing stronger, there is only one person who can interfere with her malevolent plan. Janie Lobo, a young single mother with hopes for a better future, must trust the truth and release her inhibitions in order to protect everyone she loves. She must not fail!

My Best Friend is a Killer # 0 (The Prelude Collection)

by Julius St. Clair

Kristin Dawn and Aurora Matthews have been best friends since childhood, and only one secret has remained between them.

Aurora is a serial killer.

And when Kristin finds out, the nightmares are just the beginning…

This collection includes three short stories, taking place before the upcoming first volume of the My Best Friend is a Killer series…

Bethesda Fallen: Part 1

by Michael Ichan

It has been centuries since the Eastern Star and the Brotherhood of Steel organization has been found. They are bitter rivals, but face a common enemy. That enemy is those who worship the Icon of Sin, an evil force that existed before the fall of man itself. Enter Bethesda Fallen, a young girl whose parents were killed at the age of six. She was once known as one of the brutal “silver-eyed” witches, but now at the age of fourteen she is trying to change her demeanor. A new home and a new beginning, Bethesda embarks on yet another dangerous quest to stop an unholy force known as Ariel. Those that witness Ariel in it’s might, never lived to tell about it. Will this be Bethesda last quest, as she goes on this suicide mission? Or will she redeem herself, as she fights in the realm of the seen and unseen? Enter Bethesda Fallen…

Better Stay Dead 4: The Reapers and the Party

by Dave Callahan

YOU CAN NOW BUY THE WHOLE ARC ONE : Search for “Better Stay Dead Arc One: John Cries as Reapers Rise”

In a world where the dead run and bite… they better stay dead!

Episode 4:

While someone has to stop the Fort Callahan mini-apocalypse, Frank concerns himself with seemingly trivial matters.

An injured man is on the verge of dying as his group tries to keep everyone alive with heroic acts.

Episode List:

Better Stay Dead: John’s Shout

Better Stay Dead: First Blood

Better Stay Dead: Recon Mission My Ass

Better Stay Dead: The Reapers and the Party

Better Stay Dead: Guns and Grudges


Next Episode: *Better Stay Dead: Guns and Grudges* ARC FINALE

The Burden of Guilt

by Molly Clifford-Nixon

The year is 1965. Jules and Charlotte are thrown together unexpectedly through the EFPO. Having not seen one another since their break-up, will they survive the emotional turmoil of regret, guilt and hope that ensues? What is the secret Charlotte believes will destroy the love Jules still feels for her? In contrast, his superior, Smythe, embarks on a journey of love he had thought impossible.

Their relationships unfold against the backdrop of an investigation prompted by Smythe’s distrust of Fawkes, the new Head of the EFPO. Why does Fawkes want a file on â??The Monument Men’ archived? What really happened to Charlotte’s father? Did he steal artefacts during World War II? What connects the 1938 Berlin Olympics with a ship bound for Gloucester docks?



It is a character driven tale of ghosts and the Demon that could be living inside each one of us, waiting for our moment of weakness. When we mourn and challenge our beliefs that is when it strikes. It haunts and possess us until some of its victims commit crimes of a horrific natures. The story starts in a home with a history of heartache and terror. The flow of the characters’ lives caries the story through a two hundred year time frame. Two hundred years later when the spirits in the house and the demon which has touched all of its previous owners in one way or another reappears and the battle begins again. The demon has always prevailed in the past. Until the Cross family moved in, no one before them stood a chance of being happy in that home. After realizing their new home is haunted the family is distracted by the Demon by it adding an additional problem in their lives. Susan Cross has made friends with a woman named Diane Lewis. After taking pity on her, allowing Diane into their home and now the war begins. The family believes she is being stalked by just law enforcement and a psychotic stepson. Susan and Jeb have no idea that Toby Diane’s stepson is now like others before him possessed by the Demon. Strange occurrences around the home have intensified since Diane’s arrival. Two forces are trying to locate her whereabouts, one with the intention of murdering her and the other trying to protect her. Thankfully with the help of an Angel, Toby her stepson does what no one before him could, he recognizes the evil inside him and fights it . The Cross family has something the other families did not on their side also. An Angel and a pair of twins with psychic powers stronger than even their parents had suspected. Get ready for an emotional battle between good and evil. It will help you see and empower you against the Demon inside all of us. This novel is written to take the reader on an emotional rollercoaster which makes it a real page turner.

The Janus Room

by martha brygman

A chance remark during a dinner party provides the catalyst for an overdue reunion between Linda Middlewick and her former childhood friend Elaine Rutherford. Their paths had first crossed thirty-three years earlier, when they both attended boarding school in Yorkshire. Although they were initially thrown together by a common adversity, the two girls soon developed an enduring bond of friendship.

Back in the summer of 1970, while ensconced within the sanctuary of their hideaway room, in an out-of-bounds wing of the school, their friendship came to an abrupt end, upon the revelation of a horrific family secret.

After meeting up again in 2003, they attempt to â??lay the ghost’ of this earlier traumatic event, by visiting the old school, which three decades on, is now a smart country hotel. However, instead of finding closure from the past trauma, the very same room unleashes another shocking cataclysm, which in turn, unlocks lifelong secret desires within Linda.

Unshackled from her self-imposed perpetuity of constraint, Linda embarks on an unfettered, spontaneous lifestyle. Her abandoned behaviour, launches an inescapable tidal wave of retribution, to surge a channelled course, straight to her door. The resulting consequences prove devastating, for those entangled in the deadly web of deceit and betrayal.

Victim Zer0 (The Hector Martinez Casefiles)

by Travis Brantner

Hector Martinez was a rookie detective who had been thrown in the middle of a case he didn’t fully understand. Despite putting the bad guy behind bars, it wasn’t the movie perfect ending he had hoped for. Too many hearts were broken and lives were changed forever. Now a few days later, the nightmares he’d been having are the least of his problems and the case was never really over.

Instead, it was only just beginning…

The Fingerprint Thief (Sniper)

by Carolyn Beasley

SARAH ARDEN is a forensic technician with a special talent and a medical abnormality. She can profile a person’s passions from a fingerprint, yet due to disease has no classifiable fingerprints of her own.

On a cold winter night, Sarah is called to Melbourne’s Williamstown Beach where a young woman has been murdered. When Sarah attempts to print the girl, she notices that the fingerprints have been removed. Sarah not only identifies the girl but discovers that beneath the facade of the young woman’s life as an environmental activist and anthropology student lies a web of ritual, secret protest groups, and a fractured family determined to destroy each other at any cost.

In a city of transition, where progress takes precedent over history, rivers mysteriously flow backwards and forgotten citizens turn to the superstitions of the past, Sarah discovers she is facing an evil that has broken the most sacred law of nature.

CAROLYN BEASLEY is an award-winning short story writer. This is her first novel.


“…has the quality of an exquisite mathematical equation.” Fiona Capp”

“An amazing story, really arouses the tactical responses of the reader. My fingers tingled.” Ania Walwicz

“Imaginative…and beautifully developed.” Lyn Hatherly Wilson.

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