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Does Your Husband or Wife Have a Personality Disorder? Symptoms of an Irrational Spouse and What You Can Do About It (Growing in Love for Life Series, Vol. 20)

by Liam Naden

Does your spouse seem to act irrationally at times?

Is your marriage filled with drama and conflict?

Do you feel that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to solve the problems in your marriage?

Does your marriage seem to been on a roller coaster between states of heaven and hell?

It could be that your husband or wife has a personality disorder.

In this book in the acclaimed “Growing in Love for Life” series, Liam Naden will show you:

– the most common and destructive personality disorders: what they are and common symptoms

– how a personality disorder affects your marriage

– the difference between emotional ‘tendencies’ and a true disorder

– how to know if your spouse is suffering from a personality disorder (or more than one)

– what you can do to help them (and yourself)

– what NOT to do (most people do these things, and it makes the situation a lot worse)

– how to move forward in your marriage with a spouse who has a personality disorder

– and much more

If you can’t understand why you and your spouse aren’t happy, you may well find the answers in this book!

Autism and Toilet Training Made Easier

by Trevor Lewis

Highly anticipated, the booklet ‘Autism and Toilet Training Made Easier’ is the new toilet training guide that every parent or support person of a child who has Autism, or another developmental disability and is currently approaching the toilet training process needs to have.

Trevor Lewis, an experienced and qualified Behaviour Specialist, Author, and Parent, has written this guide to make toilet training a child with autism a fast, easy and less stressful experience. His first toilet training booklet ‘Toilet Training Using the Dior Method’ has sold well over 3000 copies, and many of those who used these strategies had their child toilet trained in just days!

After having assisted many different Parents to get their child toilet trained when all others had failed to do so, he now brings his expertise and experience to this easy to follow and implement toilet training guide.

As well as including three different strategies for overall toilet training, so all Parents and children are catered for, he also includes tips on ‘getting poo’s in the loo’, ‘Night Time tips’, and gaining compliance to aid the process.

“I hope you will give my booklet a go, as I have written it to help Parents like you. I am confident that if you are consistent, stick to the strategies, and are persistent in their application, you will have a very good chance of having your child toilet trained within days, or certainly well on the way to success.”

Poetry of a Soldier

by Jack Young

Life will often throw us curve balls. How do we react? What do we do? When Fred was drafted at age thirty-three he began writing poems. He had never written poems before. He stopped writing poetry after he got out of the service. Within the poems we can find some deep meaning that can help us within our own lives.

Christmas Caper, Squishy’s Christmas Wish is Granted (The Adventures of Squishy Gum Bottom & Harry Needles)

by B.P. Caudill

Squishy has a change of heart and pulls a Christmas Wish caper. Giving up everything he wants for Christmas to help someone else, Santa Claus rewards Squishy with his Christmas Wish. Find out how Desmond and her family are blessed by Squishy’s Christmas Caper.

Intelligent Design must explain

by Edgar Postrado

When the real intelligence from the new Intelligent Design had been used to explain life’s most difficult questions, our understanding of life and reality will surely change and our lifestyle will also change. What will be the explanations of life’s most difficult questions by using the real intelligence, by using the principles of intelligence, and the newly discovered Intelligent Design? When naturalistic science and religions could never answer them, ask Intelligent Design, it has surely an answer.

This book will bring you new dimension to reality, new insight to many hard topics in life, and new explanations to many difficult topics, and new hope to face those difficult situations in life.

Positively Change Your Life – My Journey Out of Depression and Into Pure Joy

by Amy Mullins

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This book contains steps and tips on how to positively change your life. This is an account of Amy’s journey out of depression from a major job loss, her son’s diagnosis of Type I diabetes and her husband’s stroke and coma. When faced with such trauma, she chose the depression and hid away. Until the day came to sink or swim. She found her purpose and is living life fully charged.

If you are searching for meaningful ways to make positive changes in your life, then you are in the right place. Our thoughts can make us or break us. Learn how to use these steps to become a person of increase. Steps such as gratitude, generosity, positive affirmations and self-compassion.

Amy shares her stories of how she overcame negativity and how she continues to use these steps everyday to stay on a positive path, moving forward and no longer being a prisoner to her past.

* How Do I Know You Can Overcome Struggles?

* Can a “Thank You” Really Work?

* How Do We Feel When We Give?

* Can Using Post It Note’s Help?

* Can Our Surrounding’s Be Bad for Us?

* Do Souls Actually Need Nutrition?

* Are We Really Mean To Ourselves?

* What is a Purpose Driven Life?

* How Important Are Our Choices?

Now is the time to make positive changes in your life and become a better you. We live for today, the present, now.

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