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by Hayden Mills

This was a collection of poetry I wrote in a Journal during some hardships in my life, particularly in school, I hope that this book helps others in understanding that they are not alone in these issues of bullying, teen suicide, Anxiety Disorder, and dealing with everyday life.

The Brimming Void

by Pamela Olson

Art and poetry by Pamela J. Olson, author of Fast Times in Palestine ( These 29 short poems were written in moments of awe and inspiration, mostly in the Middle East, Russia, and California. They are illustrated with pieces of art the author has created and artistic photography she has been featured in. Pamela is not a trained poet or artist (there’s a reason this book is offered for free: see below), but who knows, you may find something that resonates with you.

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War and Ablution (The Semaphore Collection)

by Samuel Peralta

From the author of the acclaimed How More Beautiful You Are and the award-winning Pacific comes an exploration of human conflict and its consequences.

In War and Ablution, Samuel Peralta brings forth a mastery of the poetic narrative, weaving individual and personal stories into a meditation that is visceral, provocative, gripping, and unforgettable.

From Vietnam to Afghanistan, from Biblical to modern times, from diaspora to the Holocaust, Peralta’s poems chart the geography and history of war and revolution, and its cost.

War and Ablution is a tour-de-force of storytelling, a harrowing testament to the horrors of war, and a memorial to the redemptive power of the human spirit.

MILITARY BOOTS (An anthology of war poetry)

by D.G. Torrens

For all our soldiers past and present… We have all been touched by war at some time during our lives. Whether it be a grandfather who served during WWII or a brother who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Or maybe a friend of a friend who is deployed somewhere in the world doing their best to serve their country.
War inevitably affects each and every one of us, maybe not always directly but certainly indirectly. My collection of poetry is for all our soldiers past and present, living or dead. They are all brave heroes and should never be forgotten for the hard job they have been or are faced with on a daily basis. This collection is also for the lovers, mothers, sisters and brothers who get left behind.
The innocent will always need protecting…

Sounds & Vision – Selected Poems and Lyrics

by Simon Garlick

Sounds & Vision – Selected Poems and Lyrics is a selection of poems and lyrics by writer Simon Garlick.

The first collection of Simon’s poems cover themes which include the growing pains of youth and teenage years, through the loves, the laughs and the losses that life brings with it.

Simon documented his feelings in both poems and songs and he has decided to share the best of them, the interesting, the fun, and the anger. This collection spans the years from 1992 -2012 which those of you with any sense will soon realise is a whole 20 years and so 40 poems may not seem like a great amount of work in those 20 years and indeed, there were moreâ?¦. Just these are his favourites.

Simon Played in a number of Bands including â??Rainbow Junction’ and â??Brand’ and also performed solo in both the north of England and Wales.
If you enjoy this collection, then please check out his personal website

Sounds & Vision – Selected Poems and Lyrics includes the following works:

Bloodthirst, Bloodthirst, Bloodthirst Roar
Hungry Yellow Monster
Christian Relic Hope Song
Conversation: Sheep to Tony, Tony to Sheep
â??Least for a While
Today You Broke My Heart
It’s Time to Bury the Dead
Across the River
My Comfort is a Bottle
Never Seen Star Wars
The Dutch Navy Song
9 -5
This Human Being
Widow, Widow, What Shall You Do
I Hid
Chocolates Are Better Than Flowers
I Said I’d Write A Poem
When You Jump, You Jump
Cottingley Glen
Little Girl Lost
Blue Sky Fell
Wise Man Memphis
When You Die Young
The Morning After
Black and Yellow Bad Ass Bumble Bee
Zon Man
Don’t You Ever Touch My Dog
The Tap
All At Once It’s Gone
Can You Find Me God?
This Love
Male Aggression and the use of Repetitive Mundane Words – Part One
Talking With Friends
One Final Poem

Faith Statements Love

by Sean Kornegay

Progressive poetry and prose from the mind of a progressive activist and veteran.

Touch My Soul

by Alex Wilson

Inspirational Poetry

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