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2020: Season 1 (The Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Series)

by Paul Moxham

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Not Logan Pollock. He only had one thought on his mind on that fateful morning, and that involved his bride to be, but in one instant, in one second, all that changed as he, along with everyone else, witnessed something so horrific and terrifying that life would never be the same ever again.

This collection comprises every single episode in Season 1 in this thrilling, action packed saga about the apocalypse has all the requirements to make it a slam bang action read.

Follow Logan and Kenneth as they meet new friends, encounter dangerous enemies, help folks in need, learn new abilities and, most importantly, try to work out what the heck just happened.

Roms, Bombs & Zoms (A Three Little Words Anthology)

by Michelle Kilmer

When hearts rot, fuses ignite.

Super geek gets the girl, a righteous preacher and his undead wife, fantastical zombies, the tantric art of zubbing, mindless hive workers, and traditional flesh eating walkers, this anthology has a bit of everything. Our twisted tales pull you into the darkest of darks, where hope is lost, and sustaining life is no simple feat.

Twenty-one authors congealed romance, bombs, and zombies into stories that are diverse, witty, and occasionally gut-wrenching. Travel through time to walk in alternate histories, visit magical realms, and face down pestilence that will literally rot your insides. This collection is sure to warm your cold, dead, heart.

Stories by Ken MacGregor, Patrick D’Orazio, Randy Henderson, and Kriscinda Lee Everitt, among others.


by Mark W. Jarrell

“As the boy with the purple ball cap walked towards the tennis court, he could see that it had been an energetic point that was going on. …that had been going on. He stopped for a moment to assess the situation, shrugged his slim shoulders and continued walking. He opened up the door to the fence that surrounded the courts and stepped out onto the green concrete. The ball was now sitting perfectly still just a foot or so off the ground near the tall lanky boy with the not-completely-grown-in mustache. No one on the court was moving. Everyone was perfectly still–frozen in mid-motion on the court. […] It was really eerie. It was almost as if someone had hit the pause button on the remote control. Except, this was real life on pause, not a movie.”

Seventeen-year-old Johnny (otherwise known as Stopper) has the unusual ability to stop time for the rest of the world. And it’s a power that he himself can’t control. He can’t interact with people in a normal way because of his power and has multiple character flaws that have developed as a result. A group of friends at the local school start to notice the strange things happening whenever this particular boy is around and they try their best to make contact with him. They eventually end up adopting him as one of their own, all the while trying to protect him from a looming threat.


by Jonathon Biers

Eyesâ??all that Ashley could see were the young child’s eyes, nothing more. Frightened, beautiful eyes. She could spend an eternity staring into those hypnotic eyes. Then they began to move away, and as she followed them, she saw the flash of rifle fire in the distance and she knew that her time had come.

A tall young medic entered the room, escorted by two soldiers dressed in military fatigues. The medic smiled and held out her hands. “Ashley,” she sobbed, as she enfolded her fingers into hers. She looked away and saw three more soldiers entering through a side door. “Let’s get her out of here,” she whispered, and everything from that moment on moved in slow motion, as the child’s restraints were released and she was gently lifted from the table.

Darkfall is a story of love between Mother and Daughter, and of what a woman will do to protect her child, and of a man who had betrayed them both.

The Land Beyond the Lens [Flannigan Trilogy #1]

by Stuart J. (writing as John Bloodstone) Byrne

NEVER REPRINTED SCIENCE FANTASY CLASSIC! When the first volume of this classic trilogy appeared as a complete novel in the March 1952 Amazing Stories, it caused a sensation and hundreds of readers wrote in demanding a sequel. It took two more sequels to begin to satisfy the reader’s hunger for “more Flannigan, please!” Ray Palmer, editor of rival Other Worlds, hailed the Flannigan stories as “terrific” and called the author, a “worthy successor to Edgar Rice Burroughs.” For the first time in more than half a century, read this thrilling, colorful science fantasy adventure that captures all the excitement and energy of the classic pulp magazines. Don’t miss this visionary trilogy that become increasingly off-trail as it develops from book to book, and is certain to remind some readers of the work of Jack Vance. A song was the clue that propelled Michael Flannigan from one world to another. A song and a dream. The song told of a strange woman and a strange land, and so did the dream. Most vivid of all was the image of a strange other dimensional gateway shaped like a lens that lay somewhere on the Moon. That’s why Flannigan became an astronaut, and that’s why Flannigan made certain he was chosen pilot on the next flight to Luna. Behind him, Flannigan left the woman he loved and who loved him. But he left even more behind when he found the the inter-dimensional gateway and passed through it. There he found he found a primitive world of swords and arrows, with ancient legends of golden gods and lost magic, a world enslaved, groaning beneath oppressors, fighting constantly for its life. There Flannigan discovered the truth about himself, about his identity. If he could only believe that truth! There he also found his lost love, Altinra, “she of laughter, whose eyes were like the dawn.” But, when Altinra was captured Flannigan determined to free both her and all the people who dwelt in the land beyond the lens. Flannigan’s only hope was his knowledge of Earth weapons like explosives and guns! To rescue Altinra, Flannigan determined to fight the terrors of this hidden world of monsters and primitive city states with modern weapons. It was a daring dream that would carry him to victory or death. And did Flannigan really want to live? For if he won he would have to choose, not merely between two worlds, but between two loves! “I’d stand in line for a story by Stu Byrne!” said Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Balrog Award winning sf author Ardath Mayhar says that Stuart J. Byrne writes science fiction “with strong metaphysical elements [that] develops the color and excitement of Edgar Rice Burroughs, melded with the complex visual imagery of A. Merritt. In short, it is a compelling read.” With a special introduction by the author.

Planets Of Adventure #1: Sword Of Fire & The Rocketeers Have Shaggy Ears

by Emmett McDowell

The Ultimate Adventures In Space! Forget Star Wars! Star Trek, ho hum! Each “Planets of Adventure” reprints two complete “book-length novels of space adventure” from the supreme exemplar of highly-charged, vividly-colored space opera, the legendary pulp Planet Stories. Fasten your seatbelts for atomic-powered thrills, alien landscapes, daring heroes, intrepid heroines, fiendish villainesses. Here from the 1940s are: The Sword of Fire: A Novel of an Enslaved World by Emmett McDowell. He was a plain, ordinary Jones, so his spaceman father named him Jupiter, hoping it would help him stand out. But he remained a plain, ordinary Jones–until the space warp cast him, naked and helpless into the slime of that vile world. Then Jupiter Jones cursed the fate had marooned among the planet’s groveling mutants. He only wanted to escape. But the mutant’s rising excited whispers proclaimed him a knight in shining armor who alone could save them. And the strange sword he’d found was, they said, the one weapon that could prevail against the vicious octopoids who enslaved them. The Rocketeers Have Shaggy Ears: A Novel of Peril on Alien Worlds by Keith Bennett. Their fighting song was known from Terra’s hinterlands to Ganymede’s glittering domes” “Oh, the Rocketeers have shaggy ears. They’re dirty sons of space!” Someday there will be a legend like this. Some day, from Steamy Venus or Arid Mars, the shaking, awe-struck words will come whispering back to us, building the picture of a glory so great that our throats will choke with pride. Pride in the Rocketeers of Terra.

Outbreak Ashes to Ashes (Outbreak Ashes to Ashes, A Novella)

by N.S. Hill

After mandatory vaccines go horribly wrong millions of people die, one unlikely group of survivors have to rebuild a life in a desolate America. With no power grids, no transportation systems, no dependable fuel source they have to make a way to survive and hide from the yellow-masked army that hunts them. If you were to be forced into the same situation, where would your sense of loyalty be in the face of such struggles? Would you survive, would your mental health sustain, would your survival skills be enough? This small group of six people and one faithful dog named Rosy would stumble across a map that would change their situation and turn the tables on the yellow masked army that hunted them.

FROM THE AUTHOR: Outbreak Ashes to Ashes is the length of a novelette, a very short story, about 35 pages. I had this short story floating around in my head for awhile and I am happy I now have a platform to share it on.

Interplanetary Huntress

by Arthur K. Barnes

Science Fiction’s first heroine! Out of print for more than 50 years! The action-packed exploits of Gerry Carlyle, Interplanetary Huntress, on assignment from the London Interplanetary Zoo to capture the rarest alien lifeforms in the solar system – and “bring ’em back alive.” The only fly in the ointment of this intrepid woman is pilot Tommy Strike, who’s just as determined to prove no woman is his superior. Their battles with the most fearsome of otherworldly critters are nothing compared to their battle with each other!

The Land of Big Blue Apples: An Uproarious Science Fiction Farce

by Don Wilcox

A WACKY SCIENCE FANTAST CLASSIC! If you love off the wall, guaranteed loony sf, then you’ll love the writer the 1940s hailed as Don “the madman” Wilcox. Wilcox writes “Adult fairy tales!” wrote his contemporary, sf/f/h author, anthologist, critic Lin Carter. When Joe Banker falls for Donna Londeen, the university’s new cheerleader, he thinks she’s out of this world! When Joe accidentally knocks off Donna’s perennial hat, he sees he’s right. Donna has horns! Donna flees, and Joe follows her to a concealed spaceship. When he runs into his crusty, corncob puffing Uncle Keller, the two end up trapped in the spaceship just as it takes off. Soon they are on the craziest planet ever conceived, where the apples grow big and blue, and the people have horns for catching them as they fall from trees. Joe quickly discovers that he isn’t the only suitor for Donna’s hand, and that the locals also use their horns for other things — like fighting! To win her, Joe will have to beat his rival in the traditional contest. Whoever most cruelly beats the relative he loves most wins Donna! And Joe only has one relative at hand! Meanwhile, Uncle Keller has made some discoveries of his own, such as the fact that the “naggie wool” from which the locals spin their garments makes an excellent substitute for tobacco. Then Joe and his naggie wool smoking Uncle discover poachers from another star have landed and are beginning to capture and kill the locals for their horns! As right-thinking American males, there is only one thing they can do. Take on the poachers and destroy them and their ship. If they survive, Joe will have to torture his beloved uncle, that is, if Joe survives the violent case of naggie-madness he has just contracted from eating one of the big blue apples that has gone bad! Long before Donna says, “The Earth Man is good to look at,” you will be laughing yourself sick. Zany situations, off-beat puns, daffy characters, no wonder sf/f/h author, anthologist Terry Carr pleaded, “Give us more Wilcox, please!”

A First Glimpse And Other Science Fiction Classics

by Raymond Z. Gallun

The Nebula Nominee Story and More! Here is the only collection of stories by the Nebula nominee author of Skyclimber, Bioblast, and Dawn of the Demi-Gods. One of the only two writers to produce science fiction of increasing quality and sophistication from the earliest days of the pulps and into the last quarter of the 20th century, the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction hails Raymond Z. Gallun as “the best of those pre-1939 writers who failed to remain well-known.” Featuring “A First Glimpse,” one of the author’s two Nebula nominee novelettes for Analog, this mammoth 100,000 word collection includes the novelettes “Comet’s Burial” and “Stamped Caution” and the two novellas “Brother Worlds” and “Forbidden Moon,” which have been virtually unobtainable for nearly half a century; plus a quartet of reader favorites that have been out of print for more than twenty years, including “Davy Jones, Ambassador,” “Hotel Cosmos,” “Prodigal’s Aura,” and the masterful “Seeds of the Dusk.” Here is a collection, and an author, no one who loves good science fiction should miss. These are stories the Encyclopedia has described as “plotted with vigor and packed with ideas, often decidedly original.”

Nemesis Magazine #1: Featuring Gun Moll, Undercover Nemesis of Crime

by Stephen Adams


Here is a real thrill for lovers of The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider, Operator 5, and other crime-fighting heroes of the heyday of the pulp adventure magazine.  NEMESIS MAGAZINE #1 stars the gun-blazing exploits of Gun Moll, the coldly beautiful Undercover Nemesis of Crime. In Tentacles of Evil, Gun Moll uncovers a plot in which the virtue of innocent, young girls is traded in a devilish bargain for the riches of the Orient. Gun Moll vows to bring the fight back from the streets of New York and carry it straight into the Chinatown stronghold of Dr. Sin Lo, a fiendish super-genius who spins a web of crime and intrigue designed to bring the future of civilization itself into his clutches. Her brain constantly working behind an expressionless face like a white, porcelain mask, Gun Moll calls upon the help of Rocky Brannigan, the gangster warlord; Jingles, her loyal, brutish chauffeur; Flynn, the uncompromising old cop who dotes on her like a daughter; Calpurnia, her feisty maid; and the debased slave girls of Sin Lo’s opium den to concoct a plan that will save the ancient celestial’s victims from the burning curse of a fate worse than death, and utterly destroy the vile cult of evil along with the black-hearted Master whose hand guides it. With only her wits, icy determination, and blazing automatics to rely on, the stunning undercover ace thrusts herself directly into a maelstrom of corruption where she must face dismemberment in the shackles of a clockwork torture device, battle for her life against the slavering jaws of ravenous rats, and risk defilement as a slave of the Master of Evil. In the mysterious dens of old Chinatown. Here is the first of Gun Moll’s no-holds-barred battles with the Dr. Sin Lo to save the world from being strangled by his Tentacles of Evil! PLUS other stories and features. Cover: Stephen Adams.

The House of Many Worlds

by Sam Merwin Jr.

THE CLASSIC OF ALTERNATE EARTHS! Ancient, encrusted with legend, supposedly empty, the old mansion on Spindrift Key stood like a dark and lowering wraith. In this classic science fiction novel the New York Times called “a fast-moving adventure, told with engaging humor,” reporter Elspeth Marriner’s nose for news leads her into a world of trouble. Make that, in worlds of trouble. When she and photographer Mack Fraser, the man she loves to hate, are sent to investigate the old mansion in the Hatteras, they never dream that once inside their lives will never be the same. For the house is a gateway to alternate Earths, watched over by a mysterious group called the Workers, who guard against more advanced civilizations crossing the dimensional barriers to conquer defenseless neighbors. From the Workers, Elspeth learns that her and Mack’s presence at the house is no accident. They have been personally selected by the Workers for a dangerous assignment. Their unique combination of talents and knowledge are needed to counter a threat that could plunge the entire world into war. If Elspeth accepted the assignment, she would have to cross to another world, aided only by her native ingenuity, then surmount a succession of plots and counterplots, with death the price of failure. Worse, she would have to work more closely than ever with the detested Mark Fraser. “Merwin has created characters that are human â?¦ House of Many Worlds is entertaining and realistic.” San Francisco Chronicle. “House of Many Worlds is an exciting … story, with a new and highly unusual twist â?¦ outstanding for its realistic characters and expert seasoning of thrills and horror.” H. L. Gold, Galaxy Magazine.

Unthinkable & Incomprehensible: Two Mind-Expanding Novellas from the Golden Age of the Pulps

by Rog Phillips

Hugo Nominee’s Most Dazzling Novellas! Rog Philips’ “Unthinkable” and “Incomprehensible,” which have never been reprinted since their original publication in Amazing Stories half a century ago, are two outstanding examples of the thought variant story designed to open new ways of seeing and thinking about the universe in its readers. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction hailed Phillips’ work as “ingenious exercises in paradoxes of perception.” None more so than this pair of short novels. As the author himself wrote in his Afterword to “Unthinkable,” “In this story, an attempt has been made to depict [laws of nature that] conflict with human mentality. It is not the ordinary science fiction attempt. It is not new laws working in harmony with old, or new discoveries that fit into the old pattern. It is, if you please, an utterly alien bit of reality in conflict with the old. You won’t like it at all–unless you have the type of mind that can reach a little way beyond experience. And though what you may ‘see’ may have no counterpart in all reality, if this story serves to expand your mental horizons, it has at least found an excuse for being written.” No wonder the Encyclopedia says Rog Phillips stories “did much to raise the standards” of the sf of his time, and Multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Robert Silverberg, who as a young man admired Phillips work very much, wrote that Philips is “the master of a new type of sf writing.” Put your own brain to the test with “Unthinkable” and “Incomprehensible,” two unforgettable classics from the golden age of the science fiction pulps.

The Second Coming

by J.L. Deal

“Jeff Deal has written an exciting and terrifying look at what science, unleashed and without conscience, can do in a fallen world. One of the most intriguing premises I’ve ever seen, backed up with action and characters who count.”

Bret Lott, author of Jewell, an Oprah Winfrey Book Club Pick of the Month.Set in historic Charleston, South Carolina and drawing from current science in the fields of genetics, cloning, and Biblical history, The Second Coming tells the story of a young man who is thought to be the genetic duplicate of Jesus of Nazareth. His escape from the company that secretly imprisoned him results in a near-fatal accident. While recovering at a local hospital, the nameless man is befriended by a local physician who suspects there is more to his story than he is told. Events unfold that threaten the lives of all the participants and lead to a shocking discovery with its roots in Palestine of the first century.

By the author of Time Drive, Toccoa, and The Mark.

Future Realities

by Rettam Itnarettam

Short Story. What happens one night when observing the sky and what it shockingly means for the future will be impossible to believe.

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