Free sports Kindle books for 29 Dec 13

Hunter’s Guide to Shotguns for Upland Game

by Terry Boyer

  • Recommendations for purchasing the ultimate all-around shotgun
  • The best shot to use for quail, grouse, woodcock, partridge, doves, pheasants, and rabbits
  • Instruction on handloading to tailor shells to different birds and situations

    Hunter’s Guide to Shotguns for Upland Game is a valuable reference that educates hunters about how to find the perfect shotgun to match their needs. The book takes a pragmatic approach for the average hunter looking to get the most bang for his buck and shows that hunters don’t have to break the bank to buy a versatile shotgun. It discusses the best guns for various species of upland game and examines the all-important criteria for choosing a shotgun: the hunter’s physique, preferred action type and gauge, gun features, price range, whether or not he’s hunting with dogs, and other possible uses for the gun such as deer hunting or clay target games. Profiles of major manufacturers and models showcase a wide variety of shotguns to give readers a good idea of the relative strengths and weaknesses of available products. Once a hunter has selected a shotgun, he will discover how to use custom loads and make modifications to personalize his gun and improve its performance.

  • I Wana Know What Love is Training Manual

    by Dw McCarthey

    Are you a dog lover? I know I am. In fact, I know I trust and have more respect for my dog than most of the people I have known. A bold statement? Perhaps. I have been around dogs all of my life, mostly farm dogs, bird dogs, hound dogs, and mixed breed dogs. One thing, I have notice is that dogs seem to have very few expectations from their owner. Apart from feed me, and a pat on the head once in a while, the dog is okay with that. Undying loyalty, Got my back, so to speak,

    Case in point: Take your dog and your spouse, or best friend, lock them in the trunk of your car on a hot summer day, come back in an hour, open the trunk and see who is happy to see you, with no anger, resentment, violence, drama. Your dog of course. The person in the trunk, after hitting you over the head with a tire iron, calling 911, and you ending up in jail where you probably belong for animal cruelty, will probably not be seen again, except to testify against you in court. Your dog, will still be your friend.

    Just to be clear, the above was just an example of how devoted and loving your dog can be. Please do not try this at home. It’s just a story to prove a point.

    The purpose of this book is to introduce the non-professional to the art of training their devoted companion for the purpose of being a happier dog. Keep in mind, as you read this book, that dogs are smarter than we are. They really are, I mean after all, they set in the back seat, sometime in the front seat of your car and we chauffeur them around all over town. I don’t get that from anybody.

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