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Constant Pull

by Avery Kirk

Mel Harper is a finish carpenter in her twenties, searching for herself after experiencing the trauma of losing her parents three years ago. Through that tragedy, she meets Kevin who has grown to be her closest friend and her primary confidant.

Mel is suddenly tormented by vivid and peculiar dreams that seem to mean something. More disturbing and now tangible signs follow and she hesitantly confides in a mysterious man named Harry, as one of the few people she will tell. As if all that is happening to her isn’t enough to manage, Wren enters Mel’s life and immediately seizes her interest. Against Harry’s advice, Mel courageously heads to California to suppress her curiosity about what all the signs mean, without knowing what waits for her there.

Alinor’s Shard

by Brian Beam

Yalis was once a peaceful world, one of endless beauty and splendor. Alinor, the Creator, so loved this world of His own creation that He chose to live amongst those who populated its beauteous lands. Sheltered by His love, the people of Yalis experienced centuries of untold prosperity . . .

Until Renoris, the Dark God, descended upon Yalis with vengeful fury, forever changing everything.

Ever since that fateful day, Fillon, once a simple artist, has slaved under the Dark God’s oppressive reign for the promise of his family’s protection. However, an unexpected attack against the Dark God’s forces reveals the deceit behind that promise, rending Fillon’s life asunder.

The sole purpose of his existence lost, Fillon joins in the rebellion against the Dark God in hopes of confronting the evil deity with humanity’s last hope for reclaiming their worldâ??Alinor’s Shard.

Will Yalis once again be bathed in the loving warmth of the Creator’s light, or will it forever be entombed within the malicious desolation of the Dark God’s shadow?

Alinor’s Shard is a 13,000 word novelette by Brian Beam, author of The Dragon Gem and The Forgotten King fantasy novels.

Michael (The Guardian Chronicles)

by JT Whitman

A 6,000 word weekly serial.

In the city of Belmont, evil lurk in the shadows. The only ones that can fight this evil are The Guardians, but someone is picking them off one by one. Now, it is time for the new generation to rise. The first one has been called and his name is MICHAEL.


by G.M. Browning

Long ago a glorious kingdom called Everheart was protected by a magical sword, the Everblade, a sword with the power to absorb dark magic. Until the witch Lorelei opens a chasm that swallows the castle and its guardian blade deep underground. In a final battle to save their kingdom, the mages of Everheart subdue Lorelei and imprison her in a tomb for eternity.

A new kingdom, Torea, emerges unaware of Everheart or its destroyer, and lives in peace, until the day Lorelei returns.

Weak from her imprisonment, Lorelei joins forces with Darren, a sorcerer lusting for power. When the two combine their magic and set out to conquer Torea, it falls to Darren’s younger brother, the swordsman Alek, to stop them.

With the help of a gallant knight, an old mage, and a battle-ready princess, Alek embarks on a dangerous quest in search of the lost city of Everheart, where the sword of incredible power is said to rest. The Everblade is Alek’s only hope in stopping the witch, and his own brother, from enslaving the world.

Six Celestial Swords (Celestial Empire)

by T. A. Miles

Inspired by the rise of dark forces in Sheng Fan, the mystic Xu Liang, officer of the Empire, servant of the Song Dynasty, leaves his homeland in search of four ancient magical blades to unite with two sacred weapons already in the possession of the Empire. It is his plan to unite these weapons against the chaos rising in Sheng Fan. What he does not plan on is uniting the swords’ bearers as well, nor the many forms chaos has taken throughout the world.

Six Celestial Swords is the first book in the Celestial Empire series, and the first published in the larger Dryth series.

Contains violence, some gore, thematic elements, and mild language.

The Black Goats (Wine of the Gods)

by Pam Uphoff

Third Book in the Wine of the Gods series.

They were the last magic users in the world.
Seventeen witches and eight badly inbred mages. Nine wizards, eight of them transformed into large black goats.
Perhaps the gods should not have drunk so much while considering how to remedy the situation.

The Street King (A Silver City Tale)

by R. K. Lewis

The Street King is a humorous short story, set in a fictionalised version of Aberdeen (a city in Scotland, UK), which combines elements of fantasy, Arthurian legend, satire, surrealism and general good-natured tomfoolery.

Brief Synopsis:

Arthur – Arty to his friends – is a man of the street. It’s his home; it’s his companion; it’s his source of sustenance; it’s his supplier of cheap strong lager. Unfortunately, the citizens of Aberdeen generally find him a bit of a nuisance, getting under their feet and in their way when they’re trying to go about their ordinary lives.

But Arthur is a man with a rare gift. He has the ability to see things that few others can even dare to imagine. And when he’s ordered to undertake a quest to save mankind from the evil engulfing the city, nay the world, he is brave enough to take up the challenge and embark upon an adventure that takes him right into the heart of darkness where demons, ghouls and dragons await.

Suitable for all ages (if you don’t mind the odd rude word).

Please read:

Readers are strongly advised to try the sample before buying. Some of the language used is colloquial Scottish and although a glossary of some phrases has been provided, some readers may find the text difficult.

Story length:

Approx. 15,000 words.

The Statue of Ku (Moa Series)

by Tricia Stewart Shiu

This book is free on Kindle 12/30-1/3/14
                 “Statue of Ku” is the second book in the Moa series by Tricia Stewart Shiu. The first is “Moa” and the third, the recently published “Iron Shinto.”  All three chronicle a fanciful flight through time and space in a multi-dimensional universe of interplanetary spirits. “Though Shiu writes her books for a Teen or Young Adult audience, her commitment to expand the mind is so well centered that her audience could comfortably and satisfyingly include adult readers, especially those curious about universal levels of being.” –Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer Book Description”Statue of Ku” follows Hillary and Moa as they jet to Egypt on the Prince’s private plane to reclaim Moa’s family heirloom, the inimitable statue of Ku. Once on the ground, however, they find that their search is less about retrieving a treasured family possession and more about tracing a healing path in their genetic lineage to its true beginning. Their journey involves magic, sacrifice and discovering their unique healing gifts, which live within all of us. Their story intertwines with that of the real boy, Ku–his questions, his travails and, eventually, his triumph. In their continuing search for the Statue, Hillary and Moa find that the answer to every question they seek is where they least expect it and that healing gifts are not lost but merely forgotten.


by W. Adam Burdeshaw

“He is a ghost and yet he breathes. I have heard of ghosts in the sense of those whose time has passedâ?¦ but ghosts of those whose time never came to beâ?¦ that is something I cannot even begin to fathom and so I dare not try. This is some sort of curse or miracle or a mingling of the two. He is waking up now I thinkâ?¦”

– Thomas Whiteblood

Wolf Girl – Volume 1 – EXPOSED (Wolf Girl – A Graphic-less Novel)

by Chris Reid

For the citizens of Basin Village, life is simple. But the tiny, Northern Canadian hamlet conceals a dark secret. Each night, a mysterious prowler stalks the streets, with the body of a teenage girl and the spirit of a beast, seeking out new prey to satiate her unquenchable thirst for blood.

Most pass it off as merely a legend; but even those who believe in it only know part of the story. For soon the fate of all Basin Village – nay, the world – will rest upon the Wolf Girl’s slender shoulders. And that day of reckoning is fast approaching.

Let’s just hope she’s potty-trained by then…

Wolf Girl – Volume 2 – UNLEASHED! (Wolf Girl – A Graphic-less Novel)

by Chris Reid

The legend of the Wolf Girl continues. Paz is still trying to come to terms with her bizarre new circumstance, and new body. But little does she know, she’s about to be thrust into a dangerous world of heroes and villains.

Wolf Girl – Volume 3 – UNMASKED! (Wolf Girl – A Graphic-less Novel)

by Chris Reid

Having narrowly escape from Betamax and his army of clones, Paz now finds herself up against an even greater threat: High school.

Wolf Girl – Volume 4 – BELLY OF THE BEAST! (Wolf Girl – A Graphic-less Novel)

by Chris Reid

Paz hits puberty. Hilarity ensues.

Wolf Girl – Volume 5 – MADE TO BE BROKEN! (Wolf Girl – A Graphic-less Novel)

by Chris Reid

Basin Village is about to become Ground Zero in a war that will ravage all of mankind. And the only one who can prevent it is a young girl who, unfortunately, recently died.

The Locksmith’s Daughter (Brutus Weaver Stories)

by Anthony Chatfield

Brutus Weaver is bored…and hungry. The city of Willemshire is too peaceful and for a down on his luck former City Guard with nothing to his name but a keen sense of observation, peace is bad for business. So, when a local merchant comes to him for help, Brutus jumps at the opportunity to help. But, he quickly learns that even the simple cases are not that simple. A little bit of detective story, a little bit of medieval fantasy, The Locksmith’s Daughter is the first in a planned series of Brutus Weaver shorts.

This is a short novella – approximately 50 pages/13,500 words.

The Awakened (The Awakened Saga)

by Elisha shelton

In the dream, it was dark. Nighttime. She was standing outside an old brick building and heard the creak of a sign swaying over the doorway; the word orphanage was peeling off the sign in long strips of worn paint. Three cloaked figures emerged, two of which cradled small, securely wrapped bundles in their arms. “At least we found them first,” whispered a man’s voice. He peered lovingly into the eyes of the infant he held tightly. His second companion, a woman, nodded in agreement, adding, “To show such power at their young age. It’s unheard of. They’re lucky they didn’t hurt anyone. Or worse.” Something crashed nearby and the trio’s heads shot up, their eyes darting nervously into the darkness as if expecting something terrible might suddenly materialize out of the shadows. “We should not delay,” breathed the third cloaked figure tensely. “If it’s true what they say, we do not want to be around if he decides to show up.” The cloaked figures peered down at the two bundles and then back up at each other, their eyes screaming fear and horror they could not vocalize, and then they hastened the two infants away into the darkness.

Souls of the Lost

by Ted Moro

A story following the after math of what happened after Legacy of Kain Defaince.

Why I’m Traveling With a Talking Cow

by Michael H. Payne

A cobbler, her farmer husband, and their son get tangled up with corn fairies, a baker’s ghost, an ever-so-helpful wizard, and the titular cow in a story inspired by various of Carl Sandberg’s Rootabaga Stories. Originally published in the Winter 1996 issue of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy magazine, this short story sports a cover by Marilyn Scott-Waters of

Legacy of the Bloodborn pt. 2

by Max Cooper

True Men Are Born In Blood.

What would you give for peace? Your life? Your wealth? Your family? Your crown?

The Guild King has tipped the scales of power to his favor through war and treachery. He rules all that he desires- or does he? Forces unseen since the formation of the world are gathering in the darkness. The once strong Guilds have become weak from years of peace and prosperity. The Prophets no longer seek after the Divines and the Guild King’s hair turns grayer and grayer. The kingdom is weak and none but a strange girl from the south can stop it.

Legacy of the Bloodborn is a full length, full force, fantasy adventure.

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