Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Dec 13

The Forgiving Heart (The Heart of Minnesota)

by Becky Riker

Saved from the gas chambers by the whisper of a single powerful word, Karlijna seeks a safe haven. Even in Sweden, far from the noise of battle, trouble finds her.

Her only hope is to rely on a young man she scarcely knows, a man who offers her safety and a family, if only she can trust him.

Michael Gunderson didn’t mean to fall in love with the frightened girl he met in his uncle’s store, but her gentle manners and forgiving heart endear her to him. He desires her trust, but he fears for her safety. Michael must make a decision, he must disguise the truth to protect her.

Madeline : The Whore of Paris – Book 4

by David McWhinnie

18th Century France.
Beautiful, but naive sixteen year old Madeline escapes the clutches of her domineering mother and heads for Paris, the city of her dreams. Falling under the influence of Monique; Madame to the French elite, she is soon drawn into the murky side of the city. Her varied admirers become many which leads to lust, love, envy…and murder.
This is the on-going saga of Madeline, her plight into prostitution, the awakening of her own sexuality and her climb to become the toast of Paris.
A classic visualisation on a contemporary theme, Madeline is a must for lovers of period drama and historical fiction.
A series of novellas which contain highly explicit content and is suitable for adults only.
An extended installment in the series.

From a Venetian Courtyard

by Patricia Nolan

In these twelve, atmospheric stories you are transported to an apartment in a leafy courtyard at the heart of Venice. Against a background of crumbling palazzos and remote canals are woven tales of tragedy, death and romance; a soul is lost in transit, a young blind woman from the eighteenth century learns to navigate the city by scent and touch, a proposal is long-awaited, an opera ticket changes the future of a whole family and a cat displays a keen sense of history. And always the essence of Venice is evoked, when light catches the rosy brickwork of the bridges, the flat melancholy waters of the lagoon chop around the boats and cobwebs of mist hang over canals on winter morningsâ?¦

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