Free horror Kindle books for 30 Dec 13

We are but Shadows

by Cornelius Clarke

At bedtime, a child turns to his mother and whispers “someone’s coming!” She would not have long to wait.
Tommy is a loveable pet rat, but what was that noise the next door neighbour can hear and why is there blood smeared on every wall?
A would-be murderer is sent spiralling into a world of madness, deserted on an island of scarecrows.
Terrified of being buried alive, a timid man wakes up living his most feared nightmare.
On Halloween night, a boy visits a travelling funfair and gets more than he bargained for in the ghost train.
During the Christmas season, a petty thief steals from the wrong person and is paid a visit later that night, but is it Santa Claus knocking at his door?
A year after losing his family in a tragic boating accident, was it to soon to return to Thatcher’s Rest cottage by the sea?
These are the tales that make up We are but Shadows, that are sure to chill, thrill and ultimately entertain.

Terror at The Sterling

by Jeff Dawson

February 2013. The day started out
normal enough for Mel: emails, phone calls, and general business issues. His
normal routine was about to be disrupted when the new General Manager, Cheryl,
told him and Jimmy to evict the two hookers whose rent was three days past due.
Mel shivered at the thought.

The last eviction, six months ago, still haunted him. He couldn’t
erase the memory of the blood and gore he and his partner RJ witnessed. What
they saw reminded him of the story the ole’ timer told him about; the unsolved
murders of two oil men in 1973.

Spend a day with Mel Thornton, as he embarks on a simple eviction that
plunges him into the horrors and truths of the crimes from forty years ago.

Get a copy today. You will never
look at staying in a hotel the same way: ever!

Holding Darkness

by Russell Proctor

A little girl lives in a cellar with her brother and father while a war rages overhead. A man tries to kill a nest of wasps until he looks closer and discovers a bizarre secret. A man waits for a ferry and slowly loses his memory. Three stories that explore the darker side of the mind.



A planet which is home to psychics and prophets. Unknown to the planet they’re working together to interfere and to alter the fabric of time. Their aim is to save the planet which is predestined to be destroyed. Can they alter people’s timelines to bring them the outcome that they seek? Or maybe there is someone else who can stop the end of days?

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