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School Is A Nightmare #2 The Field Trip

by Raymond Bean

Justin’s first week of school was a complete nightmare, and he’s thankful it’s over. He may not be a fan of school, but he’s a huge fan of field trips.
It’s finally the day of the first school trip of the year. All week he’s been looking forward to pumping his fist so truckers will honk their horns, sneaking loads of candy, and having a fun day off. It’s only the second week of school, but he’s already exhausted and needs a break.
Unfortunately for him, his day off isn’t exactly what he had in mind. He’s bitten by a snake, attacked by bees, and blamed for making the whole grade late. Even worse, he’s sent to the hospital and may not even get a chance to finish the trip with the rest of the kids.
It was supposed to be the perfect trip, but it was a total nightmare.

Nelson Mandela: A Biography for Kids About The History & Life Story of Nelson Mandela (Nelson Mandela Book)

by Jacob Smith

Children’s author Jacob Smith presents: “Nelson Mandela: A Biography for Kids About The History & Life Story of Nelson Mandela”. This informative kids book includes great pictures & well chosen words to help children learn more about Nelson Mandela.

Aside from the amazing pictures Mr Smith presents in his Nelson Mandela: A Biography for Kids Book, he also covers some interesting facts and insights about this great leader, his life, how he managed to get out from prison before his life sentence was up, the type of person Nelson Mandela was, how he continued to help others after his retirement from being president of South Africa in 1999, and much more!

The pictures within this book are accompanied by informative, yet, easy to understand text while making it an interesting read about this amazing man’s struggle for freedom. Therefore, this book on Nelson Mandela is a great educational book for children ages 8 years and older (or for parents that want to read this book with their children).

Currently set at a wonderfully low promotional price, “Nelson Mandela: A Biography for Kids About The History & Life Story of Nelson Mandela” can be easily downloaded from the Amazon Kindle Store by any young readers that love to read on their own, as well as by parents who will read to younger children that are still learning to read.


by Gene Wilikers

***New enhanced edition!***

Now with fullscreen images!

A tortoise and a hare took a walk in a park and found a very odd animal indeed. With the bill of a duck and the gills of a fish, what ever could this strange creature be?

29 pages, fully illustrated, for emergent readers, wonderful on color devices but also works in black and white!

(Note: text to speech is not supported on this title.)

Saving Ben

by Ashley H. Farley

A boy, his sister, and her psychopathic roommate.

When Katherine Langley’s roommate, Emma, disappears from a house party on New Year’s Day, the only evidence left is a single set of footprints in the snow leading down to a deserted dock.

Flashback sixteen months to Katherine’s first day at the University of Virginia when life is sweet. She is finally free from the drama of her parents’ dysfunctional marriage and ready to focus on studying to become a nurse. Her brother, Ben, belongs to the hottest fraternity on campus, and her new roommate, Emma, is beautiful and charming, a party girl whose answer for a hangover is happy hour. She is also a psychopath. When Katherine’s obsessive-compulsive overprotective brother succumbs to Emma’s charms and falls dangerously off-track, Katherine must save Ben from himself.

From the University of Virginia campus to a cozy cottage on Carter’s Creek, Saving Ben is a haunting tale of love and loyalty, anger management, substance abuse, and betrayal.

“This beautifully designed book might have come from any of the biggest publishing houses and sit shoulder to shoulder with some of the best LOOKING books to be released this year . . .The writing is exceptional and the story compelling with an emotional resonance that demonstrates a maturity to the writing that makes Ashley Farley an author to watch.”â?? Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

Children’s book: Trasher – Garbage Truck Colors and Days of the Week. (Picture books Stories for kids Ages 2-8)

by George Manga

Trasher – Colors & Days of the Week – Children’s book
‘Trasher’ the great garbage truck, zooms through the mountains and cities heading to service the great people of Coolwest city. People of Coolwest, the young and the old, falls in love with their new garbage truck and names him Trasher.
Trasher is able to change color, and he changes to a different color everyday through the seven days of the week. A fun way to teach the young ones days of the week and the colors of rainbow.
This book is suitable for young children, preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade kids. It is short enough for ages 2-5, and yet cute enough to capture the attention of all garbage truck lovers. This story book is perfect as a gift for all garbage truck loving kids.
Book Details

  • Age Level: Baby, Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Days of the week
  • Colors
  • Vibrant and captivating high resolution illustrations.
  • Text magnification enabled
  • Formatted for all digital eReaders including all Kindles, and kindles for iPad, iphone, Android, PC and Mac.

My Big Coloring Book

My Big Coloring Book

WHO SHOULD INVEST? My Big Coloring Book offers great value for all parents with young kids. Mums and Dads, Grandparents, babysitters, nurseries, shops and of course waiting rooms and eateries.

WHAT YOU’LL GET; In this mini-book book you will find 50 A4 Individual pages of easy to print black and white illustrations for kids of all ages from lollipops to helicopters, fashion and even flowers, some easy and some hard. Just choose which illustrations are best for your children. Reprint them time and time again and watch their coloring skills improve over time.


– “The Kids love it”

– “My daughter loves it”

– “Awesome coloring in book”

– “Great, loved it!”

– Good Coloring images”

– Easy to use for very young to older children

It’s insanely good value! Unleash the artist and designer in your children, Cars, trains, dolls, puppets, zoo animals, dogs, cats, horses and pets, holidays, clothes,

– This is a great book for my daughter who loves coloring in. She finished some pictures quickly though.

– “It keeps my granddaughter occupied and creative.”

– The free download was lots of fun. once we did all the pictures I bought the big version. it was pretty easy and cost under 10 bucks – which got me 250 pictures. The kids are happy, and spend hours coloring in now. Best 10 bucks i spent in a long time.

– “Good product, excellent for kids.

– It keeps my great-grand-daughter busy when she comes to visit.

– “Kids adore this colouring book”

– My two daughters (4 and 8) both love this colouring book

– Easy to use and keep my kids entertained.

– Easy for my 3 year old g’son to use..he loves it

– Great fun

– I like this product cause it worked well and assist my child to improve in coloring

– My Niece, who is 6, absolutely loves these pictures. Simple to print and great to use.

– “Great fun for the kids”

– “Wonderful & Fun-filled colouring book.”

– “Excellent , Simple to use , Suit all age children”

– “if you like to colour or draw, then this is the program for you!”

– Tons of fun!

– “A must for children”

– Great – my 7 year old loves it

– Excellent illustrations for kids.

– “Great fun for little kids”

– “Excellent Product There are a lot of pages to colour in”

– The product is a good learning tool for kids. Its just one day and my kid who is just 3 yrs old is already enjoying it

– Easy to print and lots of pictures


It’s a simple coloring book packed with a variety of cute black and white pictures for children who love to color-in. You can reprint the images as many times as you like so no squabbling! This A4 Book has 50 pages of coloring fun, your children can just add their imaginations to the book.

Children’s EBook: LITTLE LONELY LEIGH (Happy Children’s Series – Book 10 — Sweet, Delightful, Bedtime Story/Picture Book about Believing in Yourself and Making Friends, ages 4-8)

by Sally Huss

Little lonely Leigh is a delightfully illustrated story of a little girl who, like many children, suffers from shyness and lack of self-confidence. She has no friends and finds herself alone walking to and from school and even at school, until she comes upon a mirror that becomes her friend. She poses questions to the mirror and the mirror always answers back. The mirror agrees with her as she describes her loneliness, but also agrees with her when she decides to change.

With the mirror’s support Leigh ventures out of her isolation and learns to believe in herself. What child would not want to be rid of shyness or be sympathetic to those who are shy? Great lesson!

Charmingly illustrated by Sally Huss in bright and happy colors.

Great for pre-schoolers and early readers.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, click on the cover of the book to look “Inside the Book.”

From the Author:

I write children’s books to help brighten the lives of children and add a little dollop of wisdom in the process. Children need good habits, handy skills, and a good sense of humor to keep them moving forward in a happy, healthy, and productive manner. As a King Features syndicated author, I have been creating positive and inspirational messages, called “Happy Musings” for newspapers in the U.S. and Canada for many years. This has led to my writing and illustrating a great number of uplifting books for both adults and children. Along with my writing and illustrating, I have created collections of wallpaper for children baby bibs, t-shirts and a vast number of prints and original art for children’s rooms.

As you can see from the title of this book, it is the eighth in a line of books titled Happy Children’s Series.

Other books in this line include:

*THE MERMAID TEA PARTY (about Kindness and Manners)


*THE SECRET (Manners and Saying “Please”)


*THANKSGIVING DINNER (About Thankfulness and Friendship)

*THE TREE-WITHIN-THE-TREE (About Friendship and Appreciation)

*DID YOU EVER SAY THANK YOU? (About Blessings)

Dragons Within

by Val Edward Simone

*** This is a SHORT STORY of approximately 7,500 words***
When a young girl is bullied because of her belief in dragons, she offers a unique solution.

Submarine: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2 (Planet Collection)

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?

As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “SUBMARINE” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Submarines.

Toddlers and babies will love looking at the large photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the fun fact filled passages.

Early education sets up your child for success.

We are a green company and a portion of each sale is donated to charity.

Dill’s Pickle

by A Stones

Children’s story that adults also enjoy – just right for reading aloud at bedtime. A friendly dragon, a knight and a princess – what more could you want?

Howard the Owl Book 8 Going to Bird School

by Marga Stander

This book is the 8th in a series on the life of birds in America. The idea is to bring an awareness of birds to children from a young age and to teach them to love and appreciate the birds in their area.

In this book Howard teaches them a few more lessons about flying, feeding and bathing. Some of the birds are not really that interested, because they usually don’t fly, but others are very interested and very anxious about teaching their young birds.

12 Drawing books for Beginners: How to Communicate Through Drawing (Over 400 Pages) (Drawing Books Collections (Hebrew Edition))

by amit offir

A #1 Best Selling “how to draw collection” of 12 BEST SELLING DRAWING BOOKS in Hebrew Edition.

This collection contains over 400 pages that will teach you how to draw step by step the coolest things.

This collection is on sale!!!! 
It is a great drawing book collection for parents that want to spend some quality time with their kids.
It is a great drawing book collection for drawing teachers and art teachers that can use it in so many ways with their students
and finnaly, it is a great drawing book collection for kids and adults that love to draw and want to improve their drawing skills in a short and fun way.

The drawings are really easy to follow and very simple to draw!

In this collection you will learn how to draw:
How to draw pirates
How to draw wild animals
How to draw vehicles
How to draw fantasy
How to draw fashion world
How to draw prehistoric world
How to draw the farm
How to draw the garden
How to draw “the beetle that wants to be – and friends”
How to draw birds
How to draw sea world
How to draw Noah’s Ark

The Cat Who Crashed Christmas (ABC Series)

by Hollyn Overton

“Claws Cat could chase mice, but he could never catch them!”

See how Claws Cat crashed Christmas! These books are full

of fun, excitement and are down-right entertaining! Around 20 pages

of Amazing color pictures, with expressive characters. Join Claws Cat

and enjoy reading ‘C’ words, in our ABC book series; we have one letter

for each book – enjoy them all!

Enjoy ezReader books – by Hollyn Overton

Thsnk you fans for your support of my books;

with your support I can create more cuteness

for the world! 🙂 And have fun with reading!

Geraldo the Giraffe (The Diaries of Robins Toys)

by Ken Lake

Geraldo was another great buy for Robin he had a very interesting story to tell and a great explanation about giraffes and sore throats. He was also getting bored with his simple diet of leaves so he tried an experiment with people food. That brought its own problems but what happened helped Robins friend Caroline with her own difficulties.

Larry The Bear And The Rainbow Forest (STANDARD RESOLUTION)

by Andon Arnold

Come join the first adventure of Larry the Bear, a little bear who seeks something different for his life. Follow along his journey as he discovers the value of friendship, team work, courage, and the importance of honesty. Larry’s true reward, comes when he finds a wonderful, new, magical land.

The Story of Adam Apple (Fruit Tales)

by Lisa Cheung

Adam Adam loves to play hide and seek, one of his favourite games. When the other fruits do not want to play with him, Adam does something terribly bad, which causes him to run away…

But when he meets upon a cheerful friendly Banana called Bobby, Adam begins to learn a truly wonderful thing about being himself.

This is a beautifully illustrated picture story that helps children to learn about friendship, kindness and the importance of positive self belief.

Tommy’s Dream World #2: Meet The Giant (Children Book Age 3 – 6 years)

by Freda Jones

Tommy’s Dream World

This time Tommy dream about a Giant. Tommy meets with a very big ugly Giant. The Giant is very stinky and very scary. What will Tommy do when he meets the Giant? Will the Giant eat Tommy? Will Tommy die? Let’s go into Tommy’ss dream together.


by Viv Rosser

This is a book of nonsense poetry for children of all ages. When children discover rhyme and they are developing their phonetic abilities, fun words, playing with rhyming sounds and even made up words helps them speed on their way to mastering language. This book is designed for Kindle-fire with colourful pictures and nonsense poetry to stimulate both young children and older ones who still have difficulty reading but hate feeling patronised by childish books.

Above all it is to enjoy and hopefully make reading fun for children. Read it with your child and once they get the rhythms they can learn the words themselves.

Use on any device with a kindle app, use in schools with whiteboards to display to a classroom of primary children.

Wacky Days With Justin Bieber: Humorous memories of my days with the Biebs (Nutty Times With Celebrities Vol. 4)

by Dan Santana


Nineteen-year-old Justin Bieber is the main character of this funny and revealing book about his private life and childhood years. A friend of the Biebs, Dan Santana wrote this great comedy book for those who have a fine sense of humor, packed with jokes and humorous situations! Use the CLICK TO LOOK INSIDE! feature to read the first pages now!

Read it now, discover a new and comical face of Justin Bieber, and have a laugh!

What are you feeling, Dragon? – A cute bilingual Greek picture book about feelings and emotions

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a cute Greek picture book about a magical dragon.

His/Her color changes to reflect his/her mood/feelings.

If he/she is happy, he/she turns green. If he/she’s feeling shy, he/she looks pink. He/she turns purple when he/she’s

angry and yellow when he/she’s sad.

Bright and cheerful full-length illustrations on each page will keep your child’s interest.

If your child likes dragons, then this Greek book will make talking about feelings an easy task!

You could use this Greek book to talk to your child about strong emotions like sadness, sulking etc. On each page, a magical dragon is depicted in a different color.

So you could associate a color to an emotion to help your child deal with their own feelings in a new and different way.

There is a bonus guessing game at the end of the book: Guess what Teddy is feeling. There are Questions sprinkled on each page. These can be a guide to discuss various situations with your child.

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