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Forgive and Forget 2: Love’s Anguish (Short Story #2)

by Tramaine Green

In the sequel to Forgive and Forget, Chardae struggles with forgiving her husband Jacob for not being there for her when she lost their baby and in turn pushes everyone away from her including Jacob as she grieves for the child she lost. In doing so, she allows someone else to enter into her life causing her to doubt her unfailing love for her husband.

Jacob, the ever persistent husband is doing his best to get his wife to open up to him, but she continues to block his attempts. He is growing weary and tired of not getting anywhere with her. Will he choose to let her go or will he keep trying? Or will a tragic accident choose for them?

Denise, Chardae’s best friend, is in love with Jason, but she keeps a hidden secret from him causing her to end their six month relationship. They end up reuniting but will she be able to keep her secret from him? Will he still want her once he finds out?

Cherlene, Chardae’s mom, has struggled for years to forgive her ex-husband Corbin for his abuse and philandering ways. The opportunity presents itself for them to try and regain what they once had, but she has reservations. Will she take a chance and risk her heart again? Or will she choose to let things remain as they are?

Kim, Chardae’s cousin, now faces the dilemma of being pregnant and living with her mom. She will do anything to make money so she can have her freedom again, but at what cost? When she runs into Chris (her baby’s daddy) again, will she choose love or money?


by Glenis Stott

Imagine you are given everything you need but it’s all second-hand or even fifth-hand.
Imagine there are no cars or trains, no shops or supermarkets, no computers or internet, no money or credit cards.
Imagine your food is delivered by horse and cart, along with a recipe telling you what to cook for your family.
Imagine Agnes the Guardian watches your every move and can take away everything you have if you put a step wrong.
Welcome to Celia’s world.


by Christopher Lightbody

“We shall have to do away with the old man,” my brother said. “His insanity is infecting the entire house.” He stared down at his open hands, as if feeling the weight of this insidious suggestion. Behind him the wallpaper winked and nodded in mute complicity.

– “A Necessary Evil” by Christopher Lightbody

By turns absurd, disturbing and darkly comic, the seven short stories in Christopher Lightbody’s Interlopers offer a glimpse into an imaginative realm in which nothing is as it first seems.

While each of the stories is short enough to be read in one sitting, they leave a lasting impression which won’t be soon forgotten. A fresh and original new voice in modern fiction, Christopher Lightbody takes his readers into realms which mix the prosaic with the surreal to create fiction which is sometimes unsettling, often edgy but never ordinary.

In addition to the seven main stories featured in this work, this collection also includes a selection 12 “Flash Fiction” pieces, super-short stories of less than 200 words.

Infernal Drums

by Anthony Wright

Infernal Drums explores the spiritual awakening of protagonist Jonah Everman, who regards himself as a writer who drifts, but is really a drifter who writes. Journeying to Mexico, he runs afoul of the law and pays out big to avoid jail. He then heads to the capital where he finds a few kindred spirits, newspaper work, and trouble in spades. Forging an unholy alliance with occult forces, Jonah’s moral destruction seems assured. Or is it?

Migrations, Volume II: Only the Deplorable

by Ashim Shanker

“Was it possible to feel nostalgic about something that had never happened to him, possible for nostalgia to be taken in by the body as a free pathogen to infect the consciousness with stray sentiments? Perhaps, in his dreams, he had traveled back in time, or even drifted into another dimension of space-time and inhabited the body, experiences, and nostalgia of another. To even envisage so allowed the trauma of those lost moments, though not his own, to draw from him a certain envy for the entity in whose memories he had basked vicariously. . .Perhaps, nostalgia was a microorganism. . .the bacterium that infected. . . Yes. . .maybe he was sick. ”

– p. 354, Only the Deplorable

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