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I Still Do – Tips for Saving Your Marriage, Preventing Divorce and Rekindling that Flame (Marriage and Relationship Help)

by Joshua Osenga

Marriage is one of the most significant aspects of living, and is the significant commitment two people can make in love and in life. Becoming husband and wife is beautiful, and unifies two people in celebration of their relationship. However, this commitment isn’t easy. It is a lot of work, and the relationship needs a lot of attention and care. Therefore, entering into marriage is a serious step to take and should be given a lot of thought.

Due to the complexities of marriage, it is not unusual for couples to experience marital problems along the way. However, many couples ignore these problems thinking that these aren’t severe enough to cause significant damage. This is where things can go wrong. You must remember that letting problems accumulate unsolved build up into big roadblocks in your relationship, and can eventually destroy it.

So, if you find that you’re in serious trouble and are afraid that your marriage is falling apart, is there anything you can do to actually turn it around? Well, in reality, there is. With a positive attitude and taking steps that we’ll discuss here, you can be proactive and save your marriage with the one you love.

Marriage is a wonderful life commitment that needs your constant nurturing and efforts. If you are currently down and out, and feel that your marriage is irreparable, don’t lose hope. There are things you can still do; things that are effective and plausible given the right amount of motivation and hard work. Remember that at the root of your marriage is love. So, use this love to motivate you to move forward and risk yourself to save your relationship, and to become stronger and better as a couple. Fearing failure won’t help you, so take that leap of faith, do what you need to do, and more often than not you will reap the rewards.

Damn Divorce: The Psychological and Financial Costs of Untying the Knot

by Lisa Roberts

And so the groom kissed the bride. He joyfully took the pen and signed the marriage contract. The woman, fluttering her eyelashes did the same thing. They are as sure as the sun would shine the next day that it is the start of their happy ever after.


Most people believe that weddings are the inception of a marital bliss. They are so caught up in the idea of all the glitz and glamour and all the saccharine memories a wedding can bring. They prepare so much for that one big day usually forgetting the rest of their forever – their marriage. This is the main culprit why people usually end up with broken hearts and empty pockets. By the time they both realize that it is not always roses and butterflies and candlelight dinners, the nightmare begins.

When nagging bills start to pile up; when their spouse transforms from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde; when everything turns nasty. Because the truth of the matter is divorce is one of the worst things that could ever happen to a person. Its impact is way beyond broken vows but extends far – from emotional mayhem to financial turmoil. Worst, it is a prevalent malaise that cripples not only the couple but also the members of the family most especially the children.

This book is part of a humble and honest series that attempts to explicitly enumerate the costs and damages of a divorce in all facets of a person’s life. This book will propel away from oversimplification. It will meticulously unfold the missing and unseen facts one always overlooks whenever divorce becomes an option. This book will help you decide whether you are totally ready to
call it quits and face the hardships that are entangled with divorce.

Hush Lil’ One

by Cicely Smith

Join Lil’ One on his journey throughout life.

I Still Do – Bring Back that Spark ave Your relationship and Rekindle the Flame Forever(Marriage & Relationship Help)

by Joshua Osenga

Relationships are essential and magical parts of our lives that we need to nurture and cherish. But along the way, many of us hit speed bumps that make us question whether the connections we have are genuine and worth saving. We often find ourselves at a loss, not knowing whether what we do will help or hurt us. Luckily, there are different ways to get your relationship back on track.

This book will help you understand that different factors that often cause relationship problems, and what kinds of behavior cause distance between ourselves and our loved ones. This book will also give you great gift ideas, and will help fire up your creativity for setting up the perfect date in order to bring the love back into your relationship.

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