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Collected Works by Robert Shroud

by Robert Shroud

Over Ninety Entries.

Life. Love. Play. Death.

Stories. Inspiration.

Romance. Avant-Garde.

About the Author:

Based in New York, Robert Shroud peruses the interweaving passageways of his mind, soul and spirit. In these circumspections, he shakes loose life experiences, depths of emotions, spiritual connotations and burgeoning aspirations. Infused with a quirky sense of humor, the result is transformed into gritty, soulful, down to earth characters of imaginative intent.


by Ted Keith

A relatively recent collection of poems initially around the themes of Remembrance, in connection not only with the First World War, but all wars —- and continuing with Autumnal visions of nature seen through a painter’s eyes, with perhaps a more optimistic tinge to them. A very small glimpse into my over 300 poems, of various styles and subjects, written over some 30 years.

Sheryl’s Poetic Fantasies

by Sheryl Cherian Parakkal

A light read, of 50 poems on various themes, for young and old alike.

Love Is

by Various Poets

A collection of poems from entrants into the Peace River Poetry Romantic Poems contest.

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