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Fearless Writing for Women: Extreme Encouragement and Writing Inspiration

by Susan Gabriel


Writing is the hardest job you’ll ever love.

Whether you are new to writing or an experienced veteran, when the going gets tough, this wonderful book by acclaimed author Susan Gabriel will provide you with inspiration, writing tips and encouragement to get going again and keep going.

In addition to sharing from her own experience as a writer for over 15 years, Gabriel also reflects on thoughts and experiences from a wide variety of writers and other inspiring people including Annie Dillard, Virginia Woolf, Harriet Tubman, Ursula Le Guin, Barbara Kingsolver, Kathryn Hackett, Hillary Clinton, Alice Munro, Jane Austen, Maya Angelou, Fran Lebowitz, Brene Brown, Emily Dickinson, Anne Tyler, Harper Lee, Elizabeth George, Anne LaMott, Nora Ephron, Gail Godwin, May Sarton, Willa Cather, Marianne Williamson, Carson McCullers, Sue Monk Kidd, Alice Walker, Louise Erdrich, Geena Davis, Martha Beck, Mary Oliver, Elizabeth Gilbert, Tina Fey and others.

You’ll enjoy the wide ranging and inspiring essays, including:

* Where ideas come from
* The art of “shitty” first drafts
* A lesson from Tina Fey
* 101 excuses why people don’t write
* Writers who are also mothers
* Kill your darlings
* What writers can learn from coyotes
It’s never too late to start your writing career and much more.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“When your heart speaks, take good notes.” – Judith Campbell

“I grapple with having equal proportions of narcissism and low self-esteem.” – Anne Lamott

Here’s what readers are saying about this encouraging book:

“I think this is a wonderful book for all women – whether they write, want to write or are just big readers – who are interested in a life of soul and purpose.” — Anne Alexander

Download Fearless Writing for Women right now and start getting inspired!

101 Players – 101 Facts: The Cincinnati Bengals Edition

by Mark Peters

Looking for Cincinnati Bengals trivia?

Want to find out info like:

-Who was the first Bengals player to gain 5,000 career rushing yards while playing for the team?

-What Bengals quarterback had a better rushing average than the best running backs in team history?

-What team did Bengals defensive back David Fulcher have the most interceptions against during his NFL career?

-How many rushing yards did wide receiver Cris Collinsworth have during his career with the Bengals?

-Three different Bengals quarterbacks finished their careers having ran for exactly five rushing touchdowns each while playing for Cincinnati. Who were they?

-Who were the first three Bengals wide receivers to string together three consecutive 1,000 yard seasons?

-How many field goals did kicker Chris Bahr make while playing for the Bengals? How many did he make later in games against the Bengals?

Then check out: 101 Players – 101 Facts: The Cincinnati Bengals Edition!

101 Players – 101 Facts: The Cincinnati Bengals Edition is loaded with some great hard to find information about one of the National Football League’s great teams. The Bengals have had some great players over the years like Andy Dalton, Carl Pickens, Charlie Joiner, Boomer Esiason, Anthony Munoz, David Fulcher, James Brooks, Corey Dillon, Ken Anderson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Eddie Brown, Takeo Spikes, Ickey Woods, Pete Johnson, Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, and more. These players and many more, some just as famous and some you may not have thought of in a very long time, are all featured here. There’s even a fun bonus section titled Cincinnati Bengals Players You May Not Remember!

101 Players… 101 Facts!

Explore the Cincinnati Bengals by learning interesting information about over 100 of the great players who have played for the team.

If you’re looking for Cincinnati Bengals trivia? 101 Players – 101 Facts: The Cincinnati Bengals Edition just may be for you!

Bundle One (Set One)

by Laura Rollins

Bundle One includes the first four books in the Ribbit Books Series.

Ribbit Books is a series aimed at teaching young children to read. Each book builds slowly so your little tot isn’t overwhelmed. With adorable pictures and a steady learning pace, Ribbit Books makes it easy to enjoy the thrill of learning to read. No one is better apt than you to give your child wings to soar.

In these four books ‘at’ words are learned and explored. Words learned include: cat, mat, rat, bat, sat, fat, and, is, the, end.

French Folk Wisdom (Proverbs from around the World)


The French have a long tradition of down-to-earth realism, expressed in short pithy proverbs that reflect their culture and national character. Even today, these one-line aphorisms contain many a useful lesson. They are ideal reading for short intervals during your day, when you do not have time to get immersed into a longer work.

This EBook contains over 300 French proverbs, ordered by subject and newly translated into English (as literally as possible, so as to preserve the original flavour). Many are obvious, others require a little guesswork. Can you easily understand the point of these typical expressions?

It is only the good deals that prove ruinous.

A wound in your pocketbook is not mortal.

Loaning out money makes the memory deteriorate.

Nothing gets old as fast as a favour that you have done.

When God sends the flour, the devil carries the bag away.

The wind of prosperity will often change direction.

Who cares about the leaves, if they hide a beautiful fruit?

A hundred pounds of melancholy will not pay off a cent of your debt.

A good wine does not require any signpost.

Wisdom, beauty and gentility do not make any pot boil.

The age of gold will be the age when gold no longer rules.

Money cures all ills, except for avarice.

Who is waiting to step into a dead man’s shoes, risks having to walk barefoot.

Govern your tongue according to your purse.

A good friend is worth more than a hundred relatives.

Better to forego a witticism than to lose a friend.

What Woman wills, God wills.

You are only ever betrayed by your own people.

Eternal love requires frequent partings.

An old oven is easier to warm up than a new one.

The Language Code: The Power of Words – How to Stop Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Stress and Depression.

by Philos Sopher

THIS IS THE ONLY BOOK NEEDED, to UNDERSTAND how the Language Based Thinking Mind Tricks you into Negative thought patterns, which then cause ANXIETY, WORRY, FEAR, STRESS and DEPRESSION.



There are NO TEDIUS EXERCISES to follow, This Book is NOT Used to market ANY External Product/Service and This Book is Not used to sell FURTHER BOOKS.

PLEASE LET GO of Needless Unproven Thought, Remove Tainted Vision and for Once Again, SEE CLEARLY.

Quotes and Sayings about Love, Life, Happiness

by Gaby Rowland

A handy selection of quotes and sayings about love, life, happiness, and other areas that affect our lives. Quickly find words to express your thoughts and feelings, or to inspire or motivate you.

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