Free science fiction Kindle books for 30 Dec 13


by C.C. Kelly

Mask is a Collection of six twisted Science Fiction tales and runs approximately 140 print pages.


We created them, sought them out, attempted to enslaved them and now they’re coming for us.

Six disturbing tales of robots, aliens and mad scientists, teleportation and time travel, adventure and exploration, murder and horror, the apocalypse, totalitarian regimes and the cosmic importance of pizza will explore the question – can we trust the machines we enslave to secure a better future or do we even have a future to consider?

The purity of intention doesn’t always grant atonement for our sins and with any adventure of unknown origin or destination – we should always remember to pack body bags.

This Collection includes the previously published titles:


5 Minutes or Less

Suicide in the Third

Sometimes in the Light

Gamma Series

The Last Outpost

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