Free sports Kindle books for 30 Dec 13


by Tony Rosa

It’s never too late to change your ways; especially when you’re young.

Troubled teen Mark Crowe has twenty-five weeks to do just that. At that point, he’ll turn eighteen and all his problems will go away (so he thinks). But it will take more than just reaching a date on a calendar. Mark carries around a checkered past, has never known a stable home life, and believes all his problems originate from the neighboring golf course. He feels the odds are stacked against him and nobody is willing to give him a chance. A probation officer provides some routine counseling, but Mark is often leery of him and the process.

It is at the least-likeliest of places, on the links, working with a most-improbable ally, a visually-impaired golfer, that Mark finds encouragement and catches glimpses of a better path through life.

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