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by Anthony Beckham

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Bonnie & Clyde are two of the most famous criminals in history due to the ruthless crimes they committed.

The pair was responsible for carrying out multiple murders and an endless amount of robberies.

But it has been widely debated they did not commit their crimes alone. It was in 1933, during their infamous wild goose chase with the law. The couple was later accompanied by Clyde’s brother Buck Barrow and his long term wife Blanche.

Discover real accounts and learn about the pairs mission in life in this great biography.

This biography on the notorious duos life is perfect for long term Bonnie and Clyde fans and anyone who would like to learn about their life and activities.

It is packed with thrilling true accounts and facts which will leave you will be amazed!

This is a great and full on account of the infamous gangs life and activities and is an extraordinary Bonnie and Clyde Book for mind stimulation.

Bonnie and Clyde – Criminals:

Methamorphisis 3

by Brittney Luv

Real, Raw and Unedited.

The pages ripped from the diary of a recovering meth whore chronicling her 90 to 120 days of recovery. Experience the methamorphisis of a crystal methamphetamine junkie from the meth capital of the world Phoenix, Arizona. This is a must read for anyone that has been touched by the disease of drug addiction.

Under Lock and Key, Honor and Obey

by Aija Butler



A hierarchy of lies and deception: The true story of a woman bound to a man whose lust for power and greed turns deadly. A new age Romeo and Juliet, that crosses lines of loyalty and deception within Family, a Bonnie and Clyde true crime account based in the gangland streets of Los Angeles.


“A kingdom will fall and rise with its successor. This family is a vessel strengthened by loyalty, a bond that can’t be broken by lust and greed. We all work. We all eat. I welcome you to this vessel, FOR LIFE!” Lock commanded.

While the appointed right hand man has fallen for the Queen-HBIC, and wears the colors of another land-hood, the left is jealous and makes a move for the thrown. Twelve Disciplesâ?¦ a King guarded by fearâ?¦ and a woman looking to save him from total damnation despite her hearts content.

Will Lock’s reign end by the hands of his own men, or will they fight and die by his side? Will the promise of riches lead men to question the Kings laws? Who would you trust? Who would you fear the most? Looking down the barrel of a gun at the woman you have sworn to protect is crying blood at its other end. Has she too, had enough?


There was a quiz each night,

A physical test of loyalty,

Take this money and deliver itâ?¦ 45 minutes

I counted each dreadful second from damn near Pasadena to Inglewood.

Gun exercise, empty the clip and reloadâ?¦ 30 seconds.

I got used to sleeping with a nice nickel plate 9mm with a beautiful ivory bone handleâ?¦safety offâ?¦

BUT, content with death

I can still feel the snap of my arm being jerked outward in my attempt to flee his wrath;

I raised my right arm to shield myself from the blow;

Catching my arm in midair he assured me that everything was ok;

He was not angry;

I came from under a my ball of defense and relaxed my strained muscles only to catch the full blow of his furry;

My head jerked back and hit the stone fireplace;

The shock of the beating numbed the pain;

It wasn’t until he said he was sorry that my bones began to ache;

During the hours we had company in my dorm apartment he would make a point to show how obedient I was;

He fed upon his desire to create fear in the hearts of his followers;

He was short in stature but, he was grizzly;

Days drifted into weeks;

He worked the dark streets of Los Angeles;

He smelt of trash, when he returned, still he held a hubris fortitude;

Happy to see that he had retained ownership, of my person and loyalty’s,

He would dare others to look at me;

For the life of me I couldn’t understand why none of them had taken the opportunity to win back their freedom;

I’d given plenty of time and opportunity;

Motive floated in the air like a cloud of smoke from an uncontained fire;

Desire caused sweat to bead upon their brows and wet their palms.

“Cowards I screamed,” from my delirious mind;

My arms and legs were kicking and flinging as hard and fast as they could in my mind;

I burned them with my stares;

Mere boys claiming to be men holstering guns;

They are afraid to use,

But jump up and down in an attempt to prove themselves to another man;

A man with who is just as afraid as they were;

Under his wrath,

The lot of us;

Under lock and keyâ?¦


We Are The Road Crew

by Ken Barr

Starting in 1978 and ending in 2000, I worked in the music indusrty as a technician. My journey started in the bars and rock clubs on Long Island, New york, and eventually took me to arenas and stadiums around the world working for KISS, Alice Cooper, Stone Temple Pilots, and many other groups. This is my story. From club gigs after school as a teenager, to concerts on every continent on the planet. I’ve been there and back, and survived to tell the story. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed living it.


by Ian M. Malcolm

DON’T VOLUNTEER by Ian M. Malcolm

Keen to serve his country during the Great War, 17-year-old James Malcolm enlisted in a Dundee Company of the Royal Engineers against the wishes of his parents. He fully expected to be sent to the trenches in France, but Fate decided otherwise and he ended up spending three years in India with the Worcesters.

This is not a story of high adventure, but the record of his service compiled by his son from a diary and notes often difficult to decipher. Includes interesting historical photographs and illustrations.

The 27 Club

by Serena Stevens

The 27 Club is the name of a club of legendary musicians who all died at the age of 27. This book looks at the lives of Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, all who died at 27.

Jeremy Renner Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by R.B. Grimm

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Jeremy Renner Unauthorized & Uncensored

“This is a good book to read, give it a shot!” – Tyler Parker

“I loved him as Hawkeye and I enjoyed reading this book!” – Gabrielle Elaine Hodgens

This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and more. The content makes this series a best buy. You will get a great insight on your favorite entertainer that you might have thought you knew a lot about.

We have created a layout that not only educates, but also entertains the readers. This makes learning finding about your favorite star fun.

Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Jeremy Renner.

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Reindeer Manor, Part 1 of: (The Haunted Houses of Anderson)

by Kevin Guest

In the early 1910’s, a tragic fire consumed a house and its occupants in Red Oak, Texas. That home was owned by James Sharp, a wealthy investor with Howard Hughes. Following the tragedy, Mr. Sharp decided to move to Red Oak and build a spacious manor in place of the burned structure…

Everyone knows who Howard Hughes was. But not everyone knows about his business partner, James Sharp. -And even less know about the mysterious murder of Sharp, in his unfinished manor. In the early 1920’s, that case was quietly buried, and to this date remains unsolved.

But that is not the end of the tale. The Sharp family would see tragedy revisit them over and over. -And just like before, those terrible events were quietly hidden.


Dr. Jonathan Anderson, chair of the psychology department of Dallas’s most prestigious university, received a rejection letter on his life’s work. The next day, October 31, he got a second chance, an article confirming the existence of ghosts at the infamous Reindeer Manor of Red Oak, Texas.

The current owner, who only goes by Andy, has been running the property as a Halloween attraction for years. However, it’s not the attraction that is of interest to Anderson, but rather its true history.

Upon visiting the manor, he struck a deal with the owner to rent the entire property for five days, under the condition that all Halloween props were removed.

Unfortunately for Dr. Anderson, he got his way…

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Visit Reindeer Manor:

Saint Joe and other stories

by C Z Brazendale

A collection of short stories mostly of a spiritual or comic nature.

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