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Reverse the Spending and Unlock the Power of Free: 110 Ways to Get Free Stuff Everywhere Everyday

by Blake Dresden

Reverse the Spending and Unlock the Power of Free: 110 Ways to Get Free Stuff Everywhere Everyday

Are you looking to make significant changes in your spending habits? Do you want to uncover well-kept secrets on how to receive products and services for free? Are you the adventurous and curious type that enjoys finding new ways to score freebies and share your success with others?

Discover the secret of free and how acquiring free goods, services, and products can help you both financially and emotionally, leaving you with a healthy wallet and a strong sense of satisfaction. You’ll find tips that will excite, revitalize, and encourage you to take action. I’m not just talking about free samples in the mail or filling out surveys to get free rewards. Nope, you won’t see any of that here.

In fact, my “110 Ways To Get Free Stuff Everywhere Everyday,” guide will enlighten you with new free tips you didn’t know were out there and websites you had no clue were available – practically begging you to take their free products and/or services!

Specifically, you’ll be presented with material from the following chapters:

  • Free Educational Stuff
  • Free Computer Stuff
  • Free Financial Stuff
  • Free Car Stuff
  • Free Health, Beauty and Wellness Stuff
  • Free Entertainment Stuff
  • Totally Freebie Stuff
  • Free Online Printable Stuff
  • Free Outdoor Stuff
  • Free Phone Stuff
  • Free Library Stuff
  • Free Credit Card Benefit Stuff
  • Free Business and Work Stuff
  • Free Event and Store Stuff
  • My goal is to offer you as many tips as possible to guide you towards free stuff for the forseeable future!

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    What Is Your WHY?

    by Connie Ragen Green

    The stronger your “Reasons Why”, the more you’ll achieve in life.

    We are business people, entrepreneurs, or want to be. We create our businesses

    for many different reasons. Stating those reasons clearly, beyond a vague, “I

    want to work for myself”, then remembering them when the times get challenging

    (as they often do in any business) can be very powerful.

    Connie Ragen Green teaches new online entrepreneurs how to build their

    businesses. In one of her recent programs, she asked the participants to get

    clear about what their reasons where, why they were making the effort to build

    their businesses, and then to write about them.

    The answers to that question comprise the book What Is Your WHY? Some of

    the chapters were written by people who have been making their living online

    for some time. Some by people just now starting out, still trying to find their

    footing. Some were written by those well on their way toward having their

    online business provide their full time income. Their businesses are varied and

    their reasons why as varied as they are.

    Whether you’re starting your business (or thinking of starting one) simply

    to get out of the rat race, to provide for your family, to have the freedom to

    travel, to have an impact on the world and the people around you, or any other

    reason, you will find some inspiration in the pages of this book.

    And the more clear you get about what your reason why is, the easier it will

    be to do what needs to be done.

    Size Doesn’t Matter – 10 Steps to Being Organized, Productive, and Happy in a Small Office

    by Bob Bessette

    Is your small office getting you down? Well, if you are looking to make some positive changes to your office real estate, this 10 step guide will give you tips and advice on how to get the most out of your small space. You’ll not only become more organized but you’ll be presented with some unique office items to help make your space more productive and fun! If you are also looking to upgrade your office or cubicle decor, this book will give you some advice and ideas on how you can make your office the talk of the company!

    Bob Bessette, cubicle dweller and owner of the popular office blog site, CubicleBliss, has made it his business to make the most of his small work space. He has spent over 30 years working in the corporate world, specifically in Cubicle Nation. He knows what works for his small office and shares that knowledge in this unique book. After reading it, you will have no reason to lament your small working space! In fact, you just might find that size doesn’t matter!

    Sell More eBookS – How to increase sales and Amazon rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing

    by Lucinda Sue Crosby

    $ell more Ebook$ – how to increase sales and Amazon rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing

    I Believe Every Author can learn how to navigate through Amazon and the KDP-Select platform to make their book a top seller.
    If you want to learn some basic tips to get you started with your writing and publishing career this digital publishing book is for you. It is a nuts and bolts resource guide for authors seeking better ebook marketing ideas and methods to navigate the Kindle Free Promo Days.

    Learn How to make Your Book a Kindle Bestseller:

    Ebook marketing ideas for Kindle:
    Digital publishing has opened doors for self-published writers that were not available even three years ago. Take advantage of this opportunity.

    This marketing book outlines:

    *  How to market your ebooks online

    * How to navigate and plan/implement proven selling strategies for the best results

    * How to reduce marketing costs and product overhead costs

    We’ll also cover:

    * KDP promotions that can improve your rankings – we’ll show you how

    * KDP’s revenue opportunities – you’ll learn how to take advantage

    * The art of Free Promotions and how to keep the “Book Buzz” going

    Be Part of the Ebook Publishing Revolution

    First time authors, especially self-published writers are often overwhelmed with online marketing and even after reading all the ebook marketing guides, latest book selling ideas or better promotion books, it can be confusing.

    In our book, Sell more Ebooks – how to increase sales and Amazon ranking using Kindle Direct Publishing we have tried to outline some simple steps to get you started with your new published work.

    We offer an easy step-by-step path toward finding potential book buyers by using the KDP free day promotions. In addition, we offer some simple book marketing strategies to get work noticed by using good book titles, descriptions and pricing methods.

    What others are saying about Sell more Ebooks

    “This book will save you time and money while providing an
    excellent blueprint of steps to take for publishing your book. The
    amount of website resources listed will save you hours of time. I found
    resources and ideas to investigate even as a non-author.”
    – Anthony Wessel, retail industry book veteran of the 90’s with Borders/Waldenbooks and re-entered the eBook industry in 2010 and is also a top 500 Amazon reviewer

    Don’t miss out on learning Author Marketing Strategies for Selling your Books

    Learn from our mistakes and from our experience. We want you to succeed. As authors, we know how difficult it can be to get your book noticed, especially when you are competing with so many other book titles and big-names. But if you use some key marketing strategies, you can place high in sub-categories to increase visibility and ultimately book sales.
    Here’s to your success.

    If I can do it, you can too. Scroll up and grab your copy today.

    About The Author:

    I am a journalist, so as a former newspaper editor, reporter and page
    designer I thought book publishing would be easy. I was correct,
    publishing is easy. Selling or finding people to read your book is the
    real challenge.

    Then I discovered Amazon’s Kindle Publishing platform and my book sales
    started to increase. But I also had to learn how to market my books and
    increase Amazon sales by using free book promotions.

    Once I learned to do that my book publicity efforts got a boost and so did my sales.
    I wanted to pass that on to other authors and that’s how I came to
    co-write $ell more Ebook$ how to increase sales and Amazon rankings
    using Kindle Direct Publishing.

    SMART Goals: The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide

    by Jacob Gudger

    Want an exclusive system for setting SMART goals? Then this is for you…

    In “SMART Goals: The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide” you’ll learn:

    -What SMART Goals actually means and learn the simple method for setting them.

    -Dozens of examples of SMART Goals from other achievers.

    -How to know if your goals are SMART Goals. And if they’re not learn how to change them.

    -How smart goals increase your chances of increasing ROI in business and life.

    -How to use smart goals in every area of life.

    -How to push (inspire) yourself to reach your goals.

    -How to stay calm, productive, and relaxed as you work towards them.

    SMART Goals aren’t just good ideas or dreams you fantasize about living. They’re a system you can use to achieve real results now. SMART Goals are

    Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

    Specific: SMART Goals are specific. They’re exact. They are so clear that any person can easily understand them. They’re more than just good ideas; they are exact. Instead of “I want to be healthy,” a great idea, the specific would be “I want to fit into my old acid-washed jeans,” or “I want to weigh 135 lbs.”

    Measurable: SMART Goals are measurable. You need to quantify your goal in some way. This is easy with financial or fitness goals. We’ll share how to do it with relationship goals and others later on.

    Attainable: SMART Goals are attainable. You can actually achieve them within your given time frame.

    Realistic: SMART Goals are realistic. If you’re a 63-year woman with diabetes, becoming an NFL player isn’t in your cards. Sorry to burst that bubble!

    Timely: SMART Goals are timely. You set a date for when you’re going to complete the goal and devote your energy towards fulfilling that goal.

    70 Social Network Tips To Boost Your Online Business and Brand

    by Lee Werrell

    Struggling With Social Media Marketing?

    Only a Few Pathetic Likes on your Company’s Facebook page? Not Seeing Any Social Media Networking ROI?

    You Need A Social media Management Strategy… but Which Platforms To Use?

    Unsure How to Make Social Network Marketing, or even where to start? 70 Social Network Tips can help!

    70 Social Media Networking Tips With FREE 2nd EBook Download Inside is your easy learn guide to social media networking for business, covering all of the web and mobile’s biggest players, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and more! This book provides simply-written expert tips about how to assess and implement a program to build your brand in social media network spaces, attract and engage with customers, keep them locked into you and increase sales!

    Social Media and Social Networking queries

    • How Social Media Can Help Build Your Brand: The 5 Top Reasons
    • Adding Targeted Value to your Social Networking
    • The Keys to Social Media Networking and Content Marketing
    • Why You Should Have a Marketing Strategy and How To Do It

    Ë?Ë?Ë? If you think Social Media and Social Networking Sites are just another platform for adverts, THINK AGAIN!

    Ë?Ë?Ë? Why is Social Media and Social Networking Low Cost and High Return

    Many people want answers to their questions like;

    • Social Networking Sites are generally free, but how do you decide which ones to use?
    • If you use the wrong ones, does it matter?
    • What are the benefits of Google+ over Facebook or LinkedIn?
    • How do you use Twitter to sell anything with only 140 characters?


    Business Blogging Is The Poor Relation To Corporate Marketing: We Show You Why It Is The Best Businesses Social Media Tool

    Business Bloggers Provide a Greater Return On Investment: But Many Don’t Know How To Start A Blog

    Start Blogging TODAY…

    Building a blog can be your first step to running successful web business. Most people get into blogging to make money. So this guide was written for anyone who wants to blog about a specific niche and generate online income through increased sales.

    In a recent survey, HubSpot 55% reported that Blogs provided a below Average Cost per Lead

    It’s not hard to start a blog. It’s a simple process that anyone can complete, even if you don’t have a technical background.

    This blueprint doesn’t contain any fluff. Each step of the process is clearly identified. You will learn why each action item is important and how to implement it. That way you can take immediate action.

    You will find answers to some of the following questions:

    • Which type of business owner should be blogging?
    • What should I write about on my blog?
    • How can I justify the time investment it takes to run a blog?
    • What’s better: a Facebook page or a blog?
    • What if I don’t like to write?
    • How can I get more subscribers to my newsletter via my blog?

    And so much more …

    So if you are a wannabe Business Blogger, Social Media expert Lee Werrell will share with you how why blogging is “The Best Businesses Social Media Tool” and how you have control over the whole process.



    by Sharad Churiwala

        SIMPLE WAYS TO SAVE COST IN BUSINESS! You are sitting in your office, your accountant arrives and hands you the monthly profit and loss statement. You are shocked to see that you have made loss despite having terrific sales in the month. Your accountant explains you that certain costs have eaten away the profits.

    You now wonder what to do next???

    This is where, this book will come handy as it will guide you through the process of saving costs in your business by taking simple steps. You will discover some very basic as well as innovative ways to save cost.

    Here is sneak peak

    • Where to Start When Planning to Save Cost?
    • How Your Vendors Can Help You in Saving Cost?
    • Discover How You Can Turn Your Existing Assets, Resources Into Gold Mines and much more…

    40 Prayers for the Job Seeker (40 Prayers Series)

    by D. Duane Engler

    International Amazon Best Seller’s Ranked #1 Author*, D. Duane Engler joins Scott Yeomans with another title in 40 Prayersâ?¢ Series.

    Prayers are essential to right communication with God. In all aspects of your life. Your career can bring glory to God. As you look forward to meaningful work, take all your requests to God, In prayer, that He will honor your path and guide You.

    Career transitions, job uncertainty, job change, job loss. Any of these can be worrisome and burdensome, creating stress, fear, denial, inner self-criticism, disbelief, depression, and resentment for you. One thing is certain. God wants us to take our concerns and fears to Him in prayer for direction.

    Just as Jesus instructs us to pray in Matthew 6:5-15, let’s pray like the little children would pray: full of expectancy, anticipation, trust, enthusiasm, and hope in Christ. We should also remember the guidance in 1 Thessalonians 5:17: to pray continually.

    Let’s get to prayer!

    To God be the glory,

    D. Duane Engler & Scott Yeomans

    D. Duane’s titles are not yet published in any other language. If you have any requests for topics, please let D. Duane know, and if you do download a copy of this it’d be great if you would review it for others and share how it helped you in your walk with Christ.

    *One of D. Duane’s titles reached Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,364 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store) as well as in these categories.

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Prayerbooks

    #2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Prayer

    #6 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Parenting & Relationships

    666 and the IRS: Taxes are the Work of the Devil

    by Westin Piece

    Take a wild romp through the USA in search of connections between the devil’s number 666 and the Internal Revenue Service taxes. From the Land of Dixie to the Wild West, the IRS devil went everywhere, waving his 666 flag.

    The 666 IRS devil began his journey on the Devil’s Road in Florida, traveling the states of Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North and South Carolina and Tennessee to collect the devil’s due in taxes.

    Then the 666 IRS devil moved through the Midwestern states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin. It took the town of Hell, Michigan to appease the devil’s quest for taxes and save the Midwest from the devil’s wrath.

    The 666 IRS devil wouldn’t be caught dead without visiting the Mountain States of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Drive the Devil’s Highway and find out which state promised the devil the unlimited power of taxation.

    Follow the Wild West trail of the number 666 devil stallion, as he galloped through the Wild West states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and California on his number 666 horse collecting taxes. Throw in a few outlaws such as the outlaw whose skin was made into a pair of shoes, and you’re ready for a Wild West adventure.

    Finally, the devil collected taxes in the original Thirteen Colonies of the United States via the number 666. The Thirteen Colonies of the American Revolution, and the first to sign the U.S. Constitution were Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, North and South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York and Rhode Island.

    If ever you had a doubt about where our taxes came from, here is absolute proof that taxes are the work of the devil.

    3475 word shortie

    Ace Your Accounting Interview – Accounting Interview Questions & Answers

    by John Wilson


    This is a short book that covers everything you need to know to get a job in accounting.

    Accounting interviews are tough and this book will prepare you.


    This is the bare bones of what you need to answer all the accounting interview questions that are thrown at you.


    General interview tips

    Accounting interview questions

    You WILL be fully prepared.

    I have seen hundreds of candidates come in and bomb an interview by being ill prepared. The purpose of this book is to make sure that you have what it takes to land any accounting job you interview for. I have kept this book as short as possible. Literally down to the bare bones of what you need to know to land the big job you want. The first chapter goes over the basics that you need to know for any job and the rest of the book is to prepare you for the questions that you will face when interviewing for the accounting position.

    How to do PR for a Startup (Public Relations For Startups)

    by Sam Enrico Williams

    This publication will teach you the basics in How to do PR for a Startup. With step by step guides and instructions, you will not only have a better understanding, but gain valuable knowledge of what it entails to do PR for your Startup.

    The Perfect First Job

    by Vince Bank

    In the time it takes you to drink your favorite tall beverage or two, you’ll also take in a decade of insider recruiting knowledge about beating the system and getting hired at the job you want. It’s the advice college grads wish they had during school. A light read and a practical, 5 chapter ebook – The Perfect First Job: Recruiter Tips and Secrets offers good advice for graduating high school students, and is a valuable read for any college student or job seeker.

    YouTube Tsunami: How To Get Free Viral YouTube Traffic By Making Celebrity Videos!

    by E Joseph

    Do you know you can get insane traffic by merely creating lyrical music videos of popular celebrities?

    You probably don’t know no right?

    I’ll teach this system…

    This simple, short and straight-forward system will teach you how to siphon viral traffic from recently released songs of musical artistes you already know by creating lyrical music videos of their songs.

    101 Tips To Increase Productivity and Accomplish Goals

    by J. Black

    With 2014 coming on fast, it is time to set our goals for the New Year.

    This book will provide you with quick actionable tips that you can apply to your daily life immediately to help you be more productive and accomplish your goals.

    In todays world, it is easy to get distracted from our goals. Before you know it you have lost your focus and site of what you are trying to accomplish.

    By increasing your productivity and using your time wisely, you can get more work done in a shorter amount of time.

    How to Fundraise (Fundraising Ideas For Beginners)

    by Sam Enrico Williams

    This publication will teach you the basics in How to Fundraise. With step by step guides and instructions, you will not only have a better understanding, but gain valuable knowledge of what it entails to be a professional fundraiser.

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