Free history Kindle books for 31 Dec 13

Between the Lines: Facial Tattoos and the Chaouia

by Yasmin Bendaas

Sepia-tinted photos from over 50 years ago show striking facial tattoos of women from indigenous populations in Algeria. But documentation of these women has faded like the aged photographs. In Algeria today the actual practice of facial tattooing is disappearing along with the older generation. One particular indigenous group losing this cultural marker is the Chaouia of the Aurès Mountains in northeastern Algeria. This project from Pulitzer Center student fellow Yasmin Bendaas captures incredible portraits and stories from Chaouia women and investigates the origins and disappearance of tattooing, especially with the advent of literacy and Islam’s spread. *We recommend viewing the book on the Kindle Fire.

TORPEDO IN THE WATER! – A Complete Guide About Submarines

by Marco Galluccio

The ultimate book on modern military submarines!
Completed after more than two years, this is a book full of technical data and clearly written.

The first part of the book includes the following chapters:
– the concept of submarine;
– the designations;
– the hull;
– the compartments;
– conning tower, trees and antennas;
– propulsion and navigation;
– the propeller;
– the sonar;
– life on board;
– the armament;
– nuclear deterrent;
– countermeasures, mines, bombs and tactics of defence;
– the sunken submarine scenario;
– underwater communications;
– revolutionary projects;
– a look at the Navies of the world;
– interviews;
and much more!

The second part of the book includes highly detailed dossiers on all the submarine classes operating in the world, including those for incursions, scientific research and rescue! All accompanied by a lot of images, comments and data sheets.

The Faith of Benjamin Franklin

by Randy White

Ben Franklin is one of the most well known American figures world-wide. He is looked to as the elder statesman of the founding fathers, a man of moral virtue, Biblical knowledge, and tremendous wit.

Was Benjamin Franklin a Christian? Franklin was not timid about his religious views. “The Faith of Benjamin Franklin” reveals to modern readers what colonial citizens knew so well about Philadelphia’s most famous citizen.

HMS Sikh (1939-42)

by Jay Singh-Sohal

E-book about HMS Sikh (1939042) based on the Official Admiralty papers and reports. Sikh was a Tribal Class Destroyer named after the martial race of Sikhs which inspired the British personnel on the ship. Sikh fought during the Second World War – being involved in the hunt for the notorious German ship the Bismarck. It was sunk at Tobruk in 1942. This research draws together Admiralty sources to provide an account of the ships actions.

The Winds of Change

by Ned Eddins

The Winds of Change brings out the impending effects of early American western expansion on the Indian cultures of the Ohio Country and the Great Plains. A territorial people, the Northwest and Plains Indians had no concept of land ownership. In contrast, the driving force behind European settlers expanding west of the Allegheny Mountains was land. As settlers acquired Indian land, Indians could no longer hunt on the settler’s land…a way of life was gone forever.

The settlers, the military, and the fur traders interaction with Tecumseh of the Shawnee and Partisan of the Sioux is brought to life from the Indian perspective. In addition to the Shawnee and Sioux, The Winds of Change story line interacts with the Comanche, Cheyenne, Crow, Hidatsa, Blackfeet, and Shoshone Indian cultures.

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