Free horror Kindle books for 31 Dec 13

The Fume of Sighs

by Stefany Reyes

Fifty shades of payback…

Vampire? Faerie? Shapeshifter?

Kylie Outhwaite is something far worse. A woman scorned.

She’s suffered at the hands of the Pettite men for many generations. Ernest, the great-grandfather. Samuel, the grandfather. Arthur, the father. And now, more than a hundred years after her initial romance with Ernest, she’s involved with Harrison, the son. Involved and charged with settling a centuries old score. If only it were that simple it would’ve been first settled when Teddy Roosevelt was President. Kylie’s two impulses are at war. Which will win? Her lust for revenge? Or the surprising tenderness and love she feels for Harrison?

Reel Horror

by Ernie Garrett

A satirical zombie novel that pokes fun at the genre while also paying homage to it.

Rich Giesecke is a 20-something movie fan from Jersey who gets into an argument with a mysterious Usher, and finds himself trapped in a cheesy zombie film sequel, where the damage done to him is real. The only way to escape is to figure out the story (with help from his friends in the theater) and complete the film. This means not only surviving the action scenes, but also forcing the character arcs to happen, and stumbling his way through the plot-holes.

The content is PG-13 and doesn’t go overboard on gore or profanity, with a tone similar to stories like Back to the Future or Ghostbusters. Story is roughly 60,000 words and moves very quickly, with enough in-jokes, references, subtexts and set-ups for several readings. The product of a lot of work. Currently offered at a discount due to being new to the Kindleverse.

Strange Dark Tales

by Marie E Swift

The author of â??Eve’ and â??Ill Wind’ brings you a collection of short horror fiction. Take a journey down eight dark and twisted paths to some unexpected places.


The Perfect Day – the story of a very strange bus ride

Shark – a woman’s phobia takes her to the edge of madness

Honeymoon – a trip to paradise is not all it seems

Joy – a drink after work has some unusual consequences

Plus four more dark tales to poison the palate.

Approximately 82 pages.

Let’s Drink To The Dead (The Faceless)

by Simon Bestwick

Fourteen-year-old Alan – abused, terrified, and haunted by the spirits of dead children – is gifted with the means to fight back and protect himself and his sister. Narrowly escaping assault on the road, hitchhiker Dani accepts an offer of hospitality from a gentle stranger; but the grisly stories he tells of the town loom closer than she suspects. Summoned by a ghostly figure to the abandoned farmhouse on Dunwich Lane, Myfanwy uncovers a history of abduction and cannibalism. The scene is set for a final showdown with a mysterious entity known only as the Shrike…
Welcome to Kempforth. Simon Bestwick, critically-acclaimed author of The Faceless, presents us with three new, interconnected tales of supernatural terror and human cruelty.

Episode One: Suicide Pact

by Christian Giovanni

Two teenagers travel to Santa Monica pier for similar reasons…they are both on missions of suicide. Drusilla prepared all her life for this night. Paul can see no other way to escape the misery of losing everyone he’s ever loved. Paul and Drusilla possess something the other desperately needs.Their fateful meeting is destined to change their worlds forever.

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