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Magic Flying Carpet Adventure Books 1-3 Collection: The Myth of Alien Bottle (Fiction Adventure Kindle Chapter Books for kids Ages 6-8, 8-10, 9-12, Boys & Girls)

by Jamie Roy

Magic Flying Carpet Adventure Books 1-3 Collection: The Myth of Alien Bottle

This Book Collection Is An Amazon Best Seller

*** One Magic Flying Carpet, Two Smart Kids, Three Breathtaking Stories. ***

Eight-year-old Sarah and her twin brother Daniel received a flying carpet from Santa as a Christmas gift and started their adventures in these 3 chapter books:

1. The Dinosaur World: They survived the T. Rex attack and found a mysterious alien bottle .

2. The Magic Lamp of Aladdin: They helped Aladdin to defeat the bad Jafar and get his Princes back.

3. The Fall of Atlantis: They witnessed the fall of Atlantis, a mythical island disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean over 2,300 years ago. Plus, they found the last password and unlocked a big alien secret.

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Science Projects for Kids. Making Science Fun in 10 Minutes or Less. (21 Science Experiments For Kids Ages 4 – 8)

by JoJo Sabra

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Children’s Science, Nature & How Things Work – Over 11,000 Downloads

Looking for Fast, Fun and Easy Science Projects To Do At Home This Winter Break? Look No Further!

Kids are born scientistsâ??they’re curious, inquisitive creatures who thrive on adventure, exploration and experimentation. Kids naturally want to know why things work, how things came to be, and what things do.

Kids should be given the room (literally in your house and yard), encouragement, and guidance to figure things out by themselves.
This is why we created this book!

Do your kids have extremely short attention span? Do they hate Science? This this book is perfect for you!

Hand-picked activities that take 10 minutes or less (most take five minutes, at least) by a mother-daugher team.

  • 21 Biology, Chemistry and Physics Experiments for Ages 4 – 8 years old
  • All projects can be setup in 10 minutes or less
  • Experimentation with the Scientific Method
  • Each project includes a Science Project Outline
  • Each project offers “Things to Think About” discussing
  • Full Glossary of Terms included

Science should remain a hands-on subject. So, let’s get dirty and enjoy making science fun today!

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The Silent Soldiers

by Travis Stinnett

I want to introduce you to the Silent Soldiers vampire series. This amazing new vampire series will keep you wanting more. Follow Luke and his awesome team of supernatural super heros as they battle with evil creatures around the world.

The Silent Soldiers Book 1 of the supernatural series

Luke is an ordinary young boy, or so he thinks, living with his uncle and cousin after the death of his parents shortly after his birth. Little does Luke know, he is about to embark on a life changing journey to his grandfathers’ house for the summer.

Upon his arrival at his grandfathers’ estate he learns the world he lives in and what he is, is not what it appears to be. Luke finds himself fighting for his life with a team of supernatural kids his age against a powerful dark wizard and all his minions.

Filled with demons, faeries, vampires, werewolves and more, this novel will put Luke through a gauntlet of trouble and turmoil, leading up to a final climatic battle.

Back to School is Book 2 in the Silent Soldiers series of novels. Book 2 is due to release early January 2014.

I promise you do not want to miss this amazing new vampire series created in a world all its own.

In A Mash! [Trilogy: Book 1 for Kids Ages 4 – 8] (The Hilarious Adventures of Brainy Zainy)

by JuJu Sabra

Age Level: 4 to 8 | Grade Level: K to Grade 3

Zain Spark has earned a few nicknames over the years: Brainy Zainy, Brainy, and the Brain. Why? Well, he loves solving problemsâ?¦or, at least trying to solve problems!

First, he tries to help his mom out, but just causes a “dust storm.” So, he’s sent to his room for the day and isn’t invited to his parents’ adult-only dinner party. He heard his mom was going to make his favorite: vanilla layered cake with strawberry frosting and a cherry on top! Man!

Then, up in his room, bored and upset, how can Brainy not notice the burglar below? And, how can he not try to save the day?

So, Brainy decides to get involvedâ?¦way involved.

Brainy is In A Mash this time, and you just have to figure out what happens in this hilarious, must-read for kids and adults alike.

The Gas Giant (Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters)

by Jeff Bilman

Book 2 in the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monster series.It’s been very quiet on Earth in the six months since Matt and Jamie Belmont defeated the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters … too quiet.

But now, all of a sudden, huge numbers of meteors have begun falling to Earth. The Belmont family suspects their dopey alien foes, but don’t have any proof. The secret organization – EDAM (Earth Defense Against Martians) – is almost broke, and most of the Robo-suit pilots are still somewhere in Siberia.

It’s once again up to Matt and his troublesome little brother, Jamie, to find out what’s going on.

What they discover is another brilliant plot to take over the Earth – not the SNARM’s idea of course. That’s right, it seems those pesky little Prune Heads are also back – adding the brain to the SNARM’s brawn. Worse still, there’s a new SNARM on the block, and he might just be meaner, tougher and dumber than any SNARM the boys have faced yet.

So get ready, take a deep breath, and strap yourself in for another wild journey into space with Matt and Jamie Belmont – as they try to save the world again and defeat the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters in, THE GAS GIANT.

Alisha All Alone

by April Marcom

In exactly one hundred years, a very evil man will enter a top secret lab and set off an explosion that will infect all human beings and change life as we know it. Civilization will crumble. Terror and chaos will set in. Two powerful races will rise. Out of the burning ashes of this uncertain future, one young teenager will rise differently than the rest. Her name will be Alisha.

Alisha All Alone is a short story full of danger, suspense, and a teenager left to face the world all alone. It’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

Kwaku & His Hearing Aid

by Darren Meade

The theme throughout the Kwaku series is to show a positive portrayal of the African Caribbean family, its traditional and modern values. Kwaku and His Hearing Aid tackle the issues of hearing impairment, how it can affect a child and the child’s learning.

The Problem with Dragons

by Val Edward Simone

After discovering a young dragon in a previously unknown cave, a young boy discovers The Problem with Dragons.

How To Do Your Homework and Schoolwork (Survival Skills)

by Joy Berry

Ages 6 to 11
How To Do Your Homework and Schoolwork is a book that explains the rationale behind homework and schoolwork and teaches how to do both more effectively.

The purpose of the Survival Skills materials is to teach children the information and skills they need to fulfill reasonable expectations. This is accomplished by teaching them the personal skills they need to take care of themselves, the social skills they need to develop and maintain positive relationships, and the coping skills they need to relate to things in positive rather than negative ways.

Each Survival Skills Self-help Book is a 48-page book that speaks directly to children 6 – 11 years of age about subjects they encounter in their daily lives. Colorful cartoon illustrations enhance and expand on the text.


by J Paul Arden

In this first novel in a new series, The MORRIS Chronicles, MORRIS the robot and friends take us on a hilarious ride into the very near future. Dr. Joseph Marten is dedicated to developing a robot to help his â??baby boomer’ patients stay healthy and out of nursing homes. He recruits Rachel Kapin, a self described “old fogey”, and they use her home as a robotics laboratory. Rachel is jolted by one robotic catastrophe after another, including outrageously funny calamities involving her friends and people the robot encounters. An incredibly sophisticated 12 year old robot emerges from their collaboration with skills far beyond anyone’s expectations. MORRIS creates a sensation when he and Rachel Kapin appear on 60 MINUTES. That leads to a spectacular adventure that captures international attention and catapults MORRIS to Super Hero status. Along the way, always with humor and chuckles, there is tenderness, romance, and a compelling look at issues of aging, high tech, and creativity. We get a sneak peek at the robot-human dyad that will be coming into our lives in the not so distant future. J. Paul Arden tells this story in such a warm, low key, funny, and realistic way that it doesn’t feel like Science Fiction.

My Tiara Is Giving Me A Headache: Part One

by Stephanie Dolce

“My name is Kellie Harrison and I hate my life.
There I said it, are you happy now?
I hate, just hate how everyone “assumes” that I have the entire world in the palm of my hand. They think that everything just falls into my lap and that everything in my life comes up roses. Ah, so perfect- NOT!
I don’t know how I got here but I am the girl who everyone reveres and treats like “a princess.” All the kids at Valley High treat me as if one day I will rule the world. (yeah, no pressure.)”

Living Your Life With Celiac (Coeliac) Disease And Gluten Free Recipes :Healthy And Happy Life While Coping

by A.E Wilson

This book will show you everything you need to know about Celiac disease. Know how to recognize the symptoms and how to get properly diagnosed. Learn about Celiac disease in children and helping your school age and teenage kids to cope with the disease. Know more about the gluten free diet and how it can help you feel better if you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac disease. This book will also give you a guide in choosing gluten free food at the supermarket so you can make tasty, gluten free meals at home.

Learn all about switching to gluten free personal care products and cosmetic, and the brands that are safe to use. Read a sample of a 1 day menu plan that is gluten free and absolutely delicious. This book will surely help you live a healthy and happy life while coping with Celiac disease, so read more all about it.

Bear’s New Friend

by Gary Parkin

Bear is an inquisitive little teddy who sets off on a journey to see what life has in store for him outside of his colourful little nest.

This wonderful tale introduces children to the concepts of bravery and friendship, told through a series of beautiful illustrations by artist Gary Parkin.

[Clickable Art Puzzle] Kagappee’s friends in 9 pieces by Tetsuya Kagami ( ISBN 978-4-905222-03-3

by Tetsuya Kagami

This activity book contains 80 clickable art puzzles and 60 portraits.
This book is fun and useful to all generations.

Sandy and Sandra Crane (The Tales Of Wooffer’s Woods)

by Betty Fasig

20. A Tale Of Wooffer’s Woods – Behind Pogo’s new house, behind the fence and a little way beyond, was a big vacant field that turned into a smooth, beautiful, shallow lake after a big rain. There were no trees but there was a lot of tall weeds, and plenty of water to wade in. There were also places of higher, drier, ground to make a nice, dry nest.

Baby No Name


Mr and Mrs Pastor had a beautiful baby boy. Everyone was very happy but there was one small problem… they didn’t know what to call him.
Everyone suggested suitable names but none of them suited him so Mr and Mrs Pastor decided to let their baby choose his own name.

Enjoy reading this funny story to your little ones. If you could choose your own name what would you have named yourself?

From R W Mitchell the author of:
Zelda and the Crystal Slippers
Alien Babies
The Naughty Little Princess
Night Terrors and things that lurk under the bed

North Carolina: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2 (Planet Collection)

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?

As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “NORTH CAROLINA” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of North Carolina.

Toddlers and babies will love looking at the large photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the fun fact filled passages.

Early education sets up your child for success.

We are a green company and a portion of each sale is donated to charity.

And That Was The Day I Changed Myself.

by Oona Kiss

Age Range: 8 – 13 years

Grade Level: 3 – 8

11 year old Robbie suffers from the rare bleeding disorder Hemophilia, where minor injuries can lead to bleeding, or worse, a hospital stay.

Robbie’s been trained by his mom to protect himself by not participating in physical activities, including recess, which leaves him a social outcast in class. But when his pretty classmate, Katie, challenges him to play, he takes a bloody chance that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

A Short Story.

Book of Pale Skin

by Paul Anthony Holliday

Arbiter Frederick Dove is dead. But, invulnerable in a cage of magic of his own making, how and why did he die?|

Inquisitor Tiberia Edge is on the run, with a price on her head. Who better to set on a murderer’s trail than this ex-secret policeman and Page of the Circle? Naturally she’s a woman in a hurry to get the job done. But which of Dove’s cases led to his death? And who in this uncanny city, home to the dons of the Twelve Colleges, could she possibly trust?

If that’s not enough, Edge is guardian to a thoroughly modern teenager, far away from home. Anna Maxwell feels right out of place: for what use is a hacker and maths-geek in a pre-zero world, when the Grand Avenue Strangler stalks Miranthir’s streets, and the dead walk?

But the murderer knows that a secret locked in Anna’s head can solve the mystery of Dove’s demise – if she survives that long…

Penelope Parker: Witch In Training

by Susan McCaskill

Penelope Parker is a ten year old girl with a problem; she has just been expelled from school! Now what on earth could a ten year old girl have done that was serious enough to get her expelled?

Well, Penelope has special powers, the trouble is she can’t control them. Her father is a wizard and her mother Mundane, with no powers at all, so the powers Penelope inherited from her father are not balanced by those of her mother. This causes no end of catastrophes, one of which ends with Penelope being expelled.

From that time on, Penelope’s life was never to be the same. Follow her adventures and the scrapes she and Hecate, her talking cat get into, and the danger just around the corner.

‘Tween Girls and God – GIFTS!

by Maretha Retief

It’s tough raising a girl in this day and age! Cultural influences seem to want to reach out and snatch our girls out of the Christian environment we’re trying so hard to maintain! Let ‘Tween Girls and God offer you a second – or third – source of inspiration to their lives! With devotionals, activities, articles and stories geared directly to their age group, this digital magazine can be a starting point for great times together, important conversations and a renewed interest in things of the spirit.

This month, our theme is ‘Gifts’. The magazine will be free for 5 of our first 6 days of publication, so grab it during that time. Our goal is to minister, not to make money.

Enjoy several new crafts, devotionals and make an origami shoe to give to someone who’s spread the Gospel!

It’s our last issue on GIFTS, so grab yours during our free period, this week from Monday – Friday (12/29 – 1/3)

Who is Pope Francis?

by S.G Mancini

Who is the Pope? Is a fantastic short book aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 9.

This book explains all the questions that your child will have about the Pope, a Papal election and Vatican City.

It answers these questions

Who the Pope is and what role he plays

The relationship between the Pope and Saint Peter.

Where the Pope lives

What the Pope does

What happens when a Pope dies

How a new Pope is elected

It also tells the story of Saint Peter’s return to Rome and his death.

It gives a little bit of information about the present and most recent Popes.

It also gives some amazing facts about the Pope.

It is a short book that is written for YOUNG children about the age of 5 to 9!

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