Free literary fiction Kindle books for 31 Dec 13

Confessions of an Internet Pornographer

by Luis Mario

A family’s adventures in the world of online erotica.

A tired thirty-five year old man dreams of leaving his job as a taxi cab driver, and making a better life for his growing family. With no technical knowledge, he convinces his wife to spend their last $2,000, and build a XXX website on a crazy new thing called the internet.

Confessions of an Internet Pornographer is a novel about a family’s fight for the American dream with a website named A humor filled story about desperation, sex, faith greed and family.

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No Girl Like You

by Dennis Wood

Three 1960s girls and three very different destinies: Saskia the musician, Verity the historian of Greece and Rome, Teresa the student of Russian. Their lives are changed irrevocably when they encounter two friends, Tony and Martin. In a story that begins in England and Holland at a time of great change and is set against a background of archaeological discovery, the characters find that revolutionary politics, misguided loyalty and physical attraction can conspire to blow even the most cherished relationships off course.

No Girl Like You is an engaging novel about being young in the Sixties and explores the nature of love and commitment.

The author, Dennis Wood is a professor of French literature and taught in Paris in 1967-8


by Bryan Salazar

A homeless man who wreaked terror mixed with cannibalism. A sinister turn-around during the last day of Jose Rizal. A seemingly innocent boy who is the Devil encapsulated. This is a collection of eight horror stories set in Philippine soil, of what might happen in your somnolence–in your nightmares.

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