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The Price of Innocence

by Bryan Devore

In the decade since their younger sister’s death, James and Ian Lawrence have drifted apart – James to pursue a steady but humdrum career as a CPA in Kansas City, Ian to go adventuring off to Leipzig, Germany, for his doctorate in economics. But when Ian mysteriously disappears while researching the economics of organized crime, James must take a leave of absence to look for him. Risking everything, he embarks on a perilous journey across Europe, digging deeply into the business affairs of some very private, very dangerous people. But in the search for Ian, he discovers a brewing revolution that will shock the world – and change what he sees as his own place in it.

“A first-rate suspense thriller…delivers gripping action, well-rounded characters, and a tantalizing plot…The Price of Innocence is a complete package of entertainment…Devore skillfully immerses his readers in German and Czech cultures, adding rich international flavors…As if an exciting, precise plot weren’t enough, the author also fills his story with subtle but powerful themes, including respect for women, eternal optimism in the face of defeat, and the strength of brotherly love…Fans of John Grisham’s legal thrillers or Robert Ludlum’s intricate action scenes are going to be pleased with Devore’s contribution…Readers of all ages will enjoy this intelligent novel.” -ForeWord Clarion Review (5 Stars)

“The narrative boasts a distinctly cinematic impression…every scene is made memorable by chilling descriptions and dialogue…An enticing plotline, lifelike characters, high octane prose and penetrating visualizations combine to create a compelling, hair-raising story that may not be as far from reality as readers may think.” -Kirkus Reviews

“A fun thriller…By the time the book climaxes (in its final chapters), the action is relentless, with a satisfying denouement.” -BlueInk Review

“After about 20 pages, The Price of Innocence takes an irresistible hold. Devore has a big imagination and the writing skills to match…The story is immediate, personal, and riveting–a page turner, in the very best way…will keep you captivated until the very last paragraph.” -Pacific Book Review

The Twelfth Juror

by Alexandra Swann

Young, beautiful, ambitious Megan Cleary seems to have the perfect life: a dream job in a prestigious law firm in New York City, an upscale boyfriend, and a fabulous apartment. But her perfect world is shattered when one night, while she is working late, she is brutally beaten and raped by a stranger. Afraid and ashamed, she refuses to admit what has happened to her, but she cannot forget her terrifying ordeal, and shortly afterward she illegally buys a handgun to protect herself. A few months later Megan is attacked again, but this time she is armed and ready. She shoots her assailant and flees the scene before the police arrive and discover the body. She never tells anyone that she owns a gun, or that she has killed a man, but her professional and private life begins to unravel as she struggles to gain control of the fear and guilt from which she cannot free herself. When events beyond her control leave her financially destitute and emotionally drained, she returns to her parents’ home in Buffalo to start over. This page turning story of loss and redemption will leave the reader guessing to the very end.

Fast Escape

by Bonnie Vause

Harrison and Elizabeth Davenport were settling comfortably into retirement life in their new home in Brevard, North Carolina.

The early morning news repeatedly blasted, “Breaking News!” Towering flames are engulfing an old cotton mill village;” which caused this prominent couple great concern as they watched for pertinent details.

Harrison Davenport became consumed with unsettling thoughts of how his wife would react to the current events taking place in her small poverty stricken hometown. The mere mention of Shadow Village had the potential to send Elizabeth into a twisted emotional spiral of haunting chaotic nightmares that could last for weeks.

Could returning to Shadow Village alter the lives of the well respected Dr. Elizabeth Davenport and her astute husband? Would their perception of self worth forever be changed as this prominent couple face facts that threaten to take them hostage?

Murder in Ancient China: Two Judge Dee Mysteries (Chicago Shorts)

by Robert van Gulik

Judge Deeâ??Confucian Imperial magistrate, inquisitor, and public avenger, based on a famous statesmanâ??was Dutch diplomat and Chinese cultural historian Robert van Gulik’s (1910-67) lasting invention. A welcome addition to the elite canon of fictional detectives, the Judge steps in to investigate homicide, theft, and treason and restores order to the golden age of the Tang Dynasty. In Murder in Ancient China‘s first story, we watch as Judge Dee attempts to solve the mystery of an elderly poet murdered by moonlight in his garden pavilion; in the second, set on the eve of the Chinese New Year, the Judge makes two rare mistakesâ??will peril result?

Distracted: A Thriller (Shell Series)

by Phillip Thomas Duck

Not quite Jack Reacherâ?¦

But certainly tougher than Tom Cruiseâ?¦

Shell, a killer-for-hire, has his latest victim in his crosshairs. But killing Roger Coke, a brutal gun and drug trafficker, is a complicated endeavor. Especially because Coke’s stunning girlfriend is in desperate need of a savior and her greatest moment of need comes just as Shell is set to make his kill.

PRAISE for Phillip Thomas Duck’s thrillers:

“…flows smoothly, with Duck revealing information with near perfect timing.”
–Romantic Times magazine

“A didn’t-see-it-coming twist ends Duck’s lively tale with a flourish.”
–Library Journal

Phillip Thomas Duck straddles the line between two worlds. For paranormal fans, no he isn’t a vampire or werewolf, but instead an accomplished author that has published works with traditional publishers (Harlequin and Simon & Schuster) as well as independently. The author lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

Mourning Moon (A Guinan Jones Paranormal Mystery #2)

by Callista Foley

Sixteen-year-old Guinan Jones can hear the final thoughts of the dead and sense the deeper emotions of the living. She thought she left murder, madness, and the media glare behind when she moved away from her grandfather’s home in South Carolina for a new start with her parents in the nation’s capital.

But she can’t run from death, and she certainly can’t hide.

When darkness strikes again, Guinan wonders if she’s truly cursed.

Triage: A Thriller (Shell Series)

by Phillip Thomas Duck

Not quite Jack Reacherâ?¦

But certainly tougher than Tom Cruiseâ?¦

There is serious trouble brewing on the cracked streets of Newark, New Jersey, and Shell, a former killer-for-hire, finds himself at the deep center of it all. His complicated feelings for his ex, Nevada, are put to the test when she goes missing from a seedy motel. Dismissed as a drug deal gone bad, or a prostitution foul-up, the case is quickly set aside. Shell realizes he is Nevada’s only champion and possible savior.

In the blink of an eye, he is traveling a path littered with shocking betrayals, brutal ambushes, and senseless murders. One moment he is ensnared in a Mob beef, and the next he is confronting an assortment of men linked to Nevada: a community activist with the comportment of a street thug, a possibly bent politician, an understated college professor, and a slick fire-and-brimstone preacher. At best, they are all very dangerous; at worse, at least one of them might be a murderer.

PRAISE for Phillip Thomas Duck’s thrillers:

“…flows smoothly, with Duck revealing information with near perfect timing.”
–Romantic Times magazine

“A didn’t-see-it-coming twist ends Duck’s lively tale with a flourish.”
–Library Journal

Phillip Thomas Duck straddles the line between two worlds. For paranormal fans, no he isn’t a vampire or werewolf, but instead an accomplished author that has published works with traditional publishers (Harlequin and Simon & Schuster) as well as independently. The author lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

Modesty (EMM Series #2)

by Phillip Thomas Duck

A picture is worth a thousand wordsâ?¦.

Especially for wives (and husbands) out to discover the truth about their mates. Terri Welker, “infidelity photographer extraordinaire”, supplies that truth on a daily basis. But her own comfort is severely tested when she receives eight calls from an unfamiliar number. The man who raped and tormented her years ago has tracked her down.

What should Terri do now that she has been found? Run again? Or stay and fight for the new life she has created working for James Boston Investigations?

Praise for EXCUSE ME MISS:

The unusual premise, great characters, and intriguing plot made this a fun, highly enjoyable read. I really can’t wait to find out what happens next.
—The Romance Reviews—

This is a sexy suspense short fiction novella that has an interesting premise. Mr. Duck has created a strong, but vulnerable, woman who needs to face her past and get on with her future.
—Eclectic Reviews—

Phillip Thomas Duck straddles the line between two worlds. For paranormal fans, no he isn’t a vampire or werewolf, but instead an accomplished author that has published works with traditional publishers (Harlequin and Simon & Schuster) as well as independently. The author lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

Enemy In The Room

by Parker Hudson

Enemy In The Room is a fast paced geo-political thriller, intersected by the fateful choices of a modern prodigal daughter. An American CEO is secretly committed to killing the President and destroying the nation. His employees are unwittingly carrying out his plans. The threads are woven together with explosive actions and crisscrossed relationships. The characters confront high tech theft, internet spying, lies, jihad, betrayal, and redemption.

A Thug’s Redemption 3: The Wrath of Andre

by Yani

With the Russian Mob on his heels and the crooked Philly Police putting him in an impossible situation, Jamal has no choice but to revert back to his street mentality ways if he wishes to keep breathing. Unable to trust his fellow officers or determine who is a friend or foe, Jamal forms a deadly alliance with a man more ruthless and deadly than he. Presumed dead for more than twenty years, Andre is back bringing a hail of bullets and leaving a trail of bodies in the EXPLOSIVE finale to this series.

Fuzzy Business 2: Fuzz Harder

by Amelia Ritner

Feline humanimal, Miara, has recovered from her ordeal with the Mammal Mafia in San Francisco. She is trying to get her life back on track by becoming a private detective, but it is a slow road. In the mean time she has taken a job as a security guard in a popular San Francisco mall while taking in fellow humanimal John, the Coyote man. Her relationship with her human boyfriend, and personal superhero, Connor, is blossoming. Life is looking up for her as a new militant Human Purity group starts making the news, attacking people like her. Will people ever be able to accept them for who they are?

The Dark Inside (A Human Element)

by Donna Galanti

The Dark Inside is now Awesome Indies Approved!

Heartbreak, danger, lust, and betrayal blaze to life in this collection of stories that reveal the dark places hidden within us. When what you most desire is on the line how far will you go to get it, and what will you give up?

A young man desperate to leave a world that doesn’t accept him-and a father who hates him. A tormented man imprisoned as a science experiment experiences love for the first time. A secret agent gives in to his carnal desires and risks exposing the one secret he wants to keep. A college freshman betrayed by her lover takes matters into her own hands. A young girl is determined not to suffer at the hands of her molester anymore. A sadistic leader who thrives on mind control leads his people into a new life. A teen seeks escape from his abusive foster father and faces a life-or-death situation to survive.

They must either fight the dark inside or embrace it. Which will they choose?

This short story collection features characters and settings from the paranormal suspense novel, A Human Element (Echelon Press 2012), and its sequel, A Hidden Element (forthcoming 2013).

The Tweet Files {DC Bookdiva Publications}

by Mike O

Nestled in the suburbs of Clemmons, North Carolina, Daniel Jones is one of the most famous, unknown ghostwriters in the game. Writing was a hobby that he picked up after returning from active duty in the US Military. He becomes the mastermind behind his best friend, author Alayah Moon’s writing brand and the success of their first release shot them straight to the top of Amazon and the Kindle.

Jones pens hit after hit. He never fathomed that his true life experiences would land them on the Bestsellers list, causing Alayah to become a celebrity on Twitter and Facebook.

That’s when it all started, the visual arguments from the competition of who reigned supreme amongst urban fiction’s top authors. These events set off a fire storm of emotions awakening Daniel in a way that no one had imagined.

Social media takes on a whole new meaning, when fictional drama becomes more than just the next story line.


by Bill WENHAM

A young man discovers the massive corporation he believed he and his partnter have built is merely a money laundering front for the Mob. A series of murders follow, including that of his own wife. He is the prime suspect.

Guillotine! Hot Blood, Cold Heart

by Oliver Clarke

Single women are vanishing and Guillotine is going to find out why!

Jill Teague was a surgeon until a gang of vicious criminals murdered her husband and she was forced to take the law into her own hands. Now Jill has

turned her back on medicine and uses the skills she learned in medical school to bring justice to those who prey on the weak. When she learns that

women who have signed up for a new online dating site are going missing Jill swears to find out who is responsible and deliver her own brand of bloody


‘Hot Blood, Cold Heart’ is the first in a new series of all action stories of violent retribution that pay homage to the pulp paperbacks of the past.

The belt the Beretta was holstered on also carried Jill’s weapons of choice, the razor sharp scalpels that had been her tool when she was a surgeon. Six

of them were held in leather sheaths, three on each side just behind her hips. Whilst she loved the precision of the scalpels their short blades meant she

also had to carry some larger knives. Those were on the belt at the small of her back, three finely balanced knives with six inch blades which were as

effective at range as they were in close combat. Jill’s final weapon was on her left hip, the fiendish combination of pulleys and razor sharp steel wire that

had given her the nickname that was used by the criminals she hunted. Jill had come to love that name because she knew it struck fear into the hearts of

the men she sought to bring to justice. The name was Guillotine.

‘Hot Blood, Cold Heart’ is a new short story from the author of the noir/sci fi/horror mash up Sunliner and a number of terrifying short stories including

‘Dear Suzanna’, ‘The Doorbell’ and the ‘Camera/Phone’ series.

Chains of the Past

by Sandra Barret

An unpopular cop who is forced into old case files, gets inadvertent help from a 30-year old ghost to solve a murder.


I hate the new renters. The short, dumpy one never smiles and has a voice like an outboard motor. And the tall, Hispanic one wears the worst perfume. I may be dead going on thirty years now, but I can still see, hear, smell, and occasionally touch.

And I can hate the new renters.

It’s my husband’s fault. Jefferson never sold this house after I died. Now I’m stuck with a revolving door of college drunks, vegetarians whose farts smell all the way to the Nether World and now this – Grumpy the Dwarf and her friend. The hell with this. I’m going to Mrs. Folito’s for a while. I’d rather hang out with a senile 140 year old ghost than watch yet another set of renters mess up my home.

Star Gazer A Mackenzie Griffin Mystery

by Jeanne McCafferty

Someone is stalking Peter Rossellini, America’s newest pop music sensation. But this is no ordinary celebrity stalker – because this someone is killing Rossellini lookalikes, and leaving each crime scene in an eerie recreation of one of Rossellini’s music videos.

Lt. Mario Buratti hates the weird cases, but at least he has the help of Dr. Mackenzie Griffin, criminal psychologist and consultant to the NYPD. It becomes Mac’s job to sift through a dizzying universe of possible suspects, from Rossellini’s most fanatical fans, to music industry insiders, resentful wannabes, a bitter ex-partner, and a grieving ex-lover.

The body count keeps climbing as Mac and Buratti narrow the lists of suspects. But they both know time is running out, and this time Mac suspects that Rossellini himself is the intended victim. Someone is setting the stage for a hit that’s to die for.

The Guano Heiress (Case Notes in Anti-Psychiatry)

by D.B. Cooper

An unusual psychiatrist specialising in the treatment of affluent city professionals takes on at first what appears to be a simple case.A socially ambitious stockbrocker is deep in debt with a guilty secret.He is married to an heiress.The only way he can see out of his predicament is to get his hands on her trust fund.As the psychiatrist begins to delve deeper into the mind of the banker,things take a dark uncomfortable twist.

Killer Career

by Morgan Mandel

Julie McGuire wants out as a lawyer. She’s attracted to Tyler, a sexy, NY Times bestselling author, who’s as much a mystery as his books. Standing in her way is Dade, Julie’s best friend and law partner, who refuses to watch her tear apart what they’ve worked so hard to attain. He can’t understand why she’d rather write than practice law. To make matters worse, the people around Julie start dying, making her wonder if her passion for writing might be the death of her.Gray Bridges at  the, says, “Killer Career is a delightful combination of love and murder. The protagonist, Julie McGuire, longs to change her job and her life. Julie soon finds herself struggling with more than the plot of her debut novel, she finds herself struggling for her very life.”Robert Walker, author of Dead On, says, “Killer Career hits all the right keys and notes! Author Mandel has hit her stride! A great read!” –  For more, see Rob Walker’s review at Amazon’s print version of Killer Career, along with other reviews.Austin S. Camacho, author of Russian Roulette, says, “The roller coaster of joy and horror, love and terror made me dizzy until the final surprise.”Cheryl C. Malandrinos of, says, “Once in a while you find a book that forces you to steal moments away from work, the kids and all your other responsibilities just so you can sit down and read it. Killer Career is that book.”Unwriter Ron Berry at, says, “Morgan Mandel writes an intriguing tale that will keep you turning pages until the last shoe drops.”Hagelrat at Un:Bound,, says, “I have been working long hours this week with special olympics and was failing at reading everything I picked up, putting it back on the shelf a few pages in, but this hit exactly right spot. It’s a cute cover…”


by Daniel Wright

The wicked beauty elicited, what was hoped to be, a misplaced shiver. Nonetheless, being near family vaulted to number one priority; the sooner the better, or so I was inclined to believe. Intuition tingled then hollowed my stomach; importance of home was becoming paramount; no stopping for beer and a fresh pack of smokes, not today. Something was different about that stormâ??darker, more ominous than usual.



A Novel of Romance, Adventure, Crime, and Suspense

OWEN J. HUNTER has recently lost his commercial building in a foreclosure sale, and soon begins to believe there was an underhanded conspiracy by a mortgage broker and his cronies to acquire the property. Convinced this is the case, Owen designs a scheme to get his property back and to put a halt to the illegal activities of those involved.
As part of his plan, he randomly contacts an escort service to covertly gain help in obtaining critical information from the broker’s files. That’s when he and JUDY CARMELLE come together and immediately fall in love. Working (and playing) in concert, using fake identities and crafty disguises, Owen and Judy plot their own conspiracy. Traversing an extremely dangerous path, while putting their own lives in peril, they soon uncover a low-level syndicate committing high level crimes and murder. Yet, they move forward, vowing to stop the crime spree.

3 Suspense Novels in 1

by Tim Kizer

A collection of 3 suspense novels by Tim Kizer. It includes Mania, The Mindbender, and Days of Vengeance.
298,000 words, about 1200 pages.

Mania, a suspense novel

Richard Brower has killed a dozen people. Now someone is trying to frame him for the murders committed by another serial killer.

Serial killer Richard Brower buried his cheating wife, Mary, in the woods on Saturday.
On Monday, Mary calls her brother’s girlfriend.
A few days later, she calls her mom.
Then Mary bumps into her friend at a mall.

Are all these people lying or has Mary actually come back from the dead?
Richard has no idea, but he will get to the bottom of this. Or at least he’ll try.


The Mindbender, a suspense novel

After an unknown entity gives a Navy SEAL mind control powers, the government scrambles to figure out if he’s a threat to national security.

FBI Agent Peter Anderson arrives at a secret military installation to help break Max Pollack, a Navy SEAL believed to have mind control powers. He soon realizes that the new assignment promises to be his most challenging ever. Peter is shocked when Pollack’s wife is murdered to punish her husband for refusing to cooperate with the Department of Defense. His objections are ignored by the base commander, Colonel Steven Walsh, who has been granted unlimited authority to imprison and execute.

It’s a tough job to keep a man capable of mind control locked up. The question is: Why isn’t Pollack trying to escape? Consumed by paranoia, having no one to trust, Peter has trouble telling which thoughts are his own and which have been planted by the mindbender.

All bets are off when the Secretary of Defense is suspected to have been influenced by Pollack. Peter fears that Max Pollack has found his way into the mind of every top government official.

With the world’s fate in the balance, Peter and his colleagues discover that they may be on the wrong side.

Tensions are high as they struggle to figure out whether or not they are being manipulated by the mindbender.

Who are Max Pollack’s masters and what are their plans?

Will civilization be torn down before it’s rebuilt?

The frightening thing is, even the mindbender might not know the answers.


Days of Vengeance, a suspense novel

First, his wife went missing.
Then he lost his memory.
Now he has to remember where he buried the body.

With the last six years of his life wiped out of his memory, Frank suspects he murdered his wife Kelly, who vanished three days before the car crash that caused his amnesia. The bad news is his wife’s family has the same suspicions.

Things take a darker turn when Frank realizes that his vindictive in-laws will stop at nothing to make him remember what he has done to their beloved sister and where he buried her body. The situation gets even more complicated as an anonymous blackmailer accuses Frank of the murder and demands money to keep silent.

As memories trickle back to him, Frank is still unable to figure out why he slaughtered Kelly and what happened to his accomplice. He is not even sure he has nothing to do with the disappearance of his young daughter, who went missing a few months earlier.

Frank’s search for answers becomes a fight for survival after he rediscovers that his wife’s relatives are a clique of ruthless serial kidnappers serving a mysterious one-legged man. His chances are slim: one of the in-laws is a cop and another is a multimillionaire.

However, the question still remains: Why are these people so hell-bent on getting hold of Kelly’s dead body? And why do they blindly follow every whim of their master?

His options are limited: he either finds his wife–dead or alive–or dies. In his race against time Frank has all the clues to the puzzle, he just needs to remember them before it’s too late.

The Heist: A Prime Mystery Thriller Novel

by Pete Hanniford

Vic Montgomery has had a rough life, which culminated with the death of his wife and children in a tragic car accident caused by drunk driving on his part. He was charged with manslaughter and sentenced to thirty years in prison, however, his sentence was cut short due to a successful plea of insanity. Vic acquired an old pub named The Refuge by cashing in on a gambling debt owed to him by the grandson of the pub’s previous owner. The pub was not making a profit and he owed money to some very dangerous men who were very keen on collecting. He devised a plan to raise enough money to pay off his debts and to bring the pub back to how it was when it was operated by the previous owner. He decided to rob some whisky distilleries in Scotland, but he soon figured out that robbing the whisky distilleries would not solve his problems and murder and mayhem followed.

Hood Bound, Money and Power (HOOD BOUND, KERN COUNTY)

by Free Style

Kern County, Bakersfield is where it all began. Phil, Cyrus, Man-man, and I sitting on the stoop of Kern County projects, sippin’ on Kool-Aid slushies’, bustin’ licks from the corner store, and crackin’ hella jokes on the dope fiend, dancing in the courtyard. Where I became a man, at a young age. With all the drama of the hood. I dreamed of greener pastures. Had to be more to life than the first and the fifteenth…


All could be lost in the blink of an eye. Bad decisions, lies, deceit, and betrayal only begets death. After graduating high school, I was determined to get the hell out of the cesspool they called Kern County. There my future was already set in stone. I was the school mascot. The most valuable player. I often wondered how long that would last if I happened to fall and break my ankle or tear a ligament. I knew one thing. I wasn’t going to stand around and wait for that to happen. My cousin Phil was too hard headed to listen to a damn thing I had to say. I guess I was the young and naive one. Some of this turned out to be true. Leaving the hood in search for a better life, wasn’t all fun and games. Matter of fact it was treacherous. They say the good often die young. Well I did, in the confines of a jail cell, trying to uphold the laws of loyalty and respect. My soul was crushed.

I often reverted back to graduation day. My cousin Phil threw me a party. I got drunk as fuck. Nearly missed my bus the following day headed to boot camp. I was an official “Jar Head,” a true Marine. I wore that uniform with such pride. I never would have thought I would be seated on a bus headed straight to prison. “Murder?” Taking the fall for my Sargent was the worst mistake ever. Then again snitching was social suicide, and there was no way my days in the service would last much longer, had I stood up for myself. The murder of a gay marine, spread through the media like a virus. Protestors from all over were outside the gates of the base and court house. The freedom to fight for your country gay or straight was the highlight of the year. I was deemed the bastard that defiled the honor and glory of armed services across branches. I might as well have stood outside the White House and burned the American Flag. I was guilty anyhow. I saw how badly, that man was being treated. It wasn’t my business. Another rule of the hood I carried with me. Number one, no snitching. Number two, mind your own damn business. They go hand in hand really.

Even the schools labeled us as underachievers. Kern County Project kids had their own class, as if we weren’t good enough to circulate with the general public. Our test scores weren’t recorded with standardized testing. We were segregated. I was determined to make a better life for myself. In the end, Phil wanted the same.

Change came due to circumstances that caused the both of us to reevaluate our take on life. Friends weren’t friends at all. Women were nothing but gold digging tramps, and laws were just made to be broken. Living on the right side of the fence didn’t mean law abiding citizen. It meant clout. Who had it vs. who had the most.

Online Innocence

by Jamie Kaplan

Genre: Mystery/Suspense-Thriller, Horror, Coming-of-Age.

This book contains strong language, adult themes such as rape, violence, and torture.

This book is not suitable for kids under age 18.


by Alexis Kypridemos

When the Chief of police is abducted by the Colombian drug cartel, Detectives Dick Tuggs and Davie Croquet go beyond the law to rescue him.

Sanchez and His Phone: A Tale from the Inside

by Owen Carlysle

What happens when a man in prison finds himself facing a potential riot? In this understated story from Owen Carlysle, the day to day realities of prison life and the constant threat of violence takes center stage.

Warning: This ebook contains mature content. Parents should read carefully before allowing a child in their care to read this story.

Here is a preview:

I could smell smoke, and it wasn’t all that surprising. A new influx of inmates had arrived, and the new influx meant new packets of tobacco smuggled in new rectums. Of course, tobacco was by no means the only thing new inmates smuggled that way. Hell, H once showed me a deck of cards, a real deck and not only the pinochle decks allowed in reception. They were smuggled along with an entire colored pencil set up some Pisa’s ass. Still, it was off-putting to smell the smoke. We were in an enclosed place, for fuck’s sake, and that mean that the deputies would smell the smoke and we’d have to deal with consequences. For me, the consequences really represented nothing more than a break in the routine, but a break in the routine was enough. The worst part about it was that I was pretty sure it was the Whites who had the tobacco. It was Dirty Eddie who made me think that with his, “Hey we have smoke now” that he’d said in a kind of off-hand way in the line for breakfast that made me consider it.

I could certainly have joined the men at the far corner of the building to have a few drags from the makeshift cigarette. I didn’t. There wasn’t a problem for me with it. Hell, I smoked almost three packs a day on the outside, and even after five months without a single draw, I desperately wanted a cigarette. That was the issue. There were a lot of inmates who used their time inside to quit whatever addictions plagued them. Not me. I had absolute intentions to get out and get back to the nicotine and the alcohol. The problem was that access to tobacco in a reception facility was limited and there was no way in hell I’d give myself the desire for it without the guarantee that a quick trip to the liquor store would replenish whatever I’d consumed.

Face Off

by Rusty Henrichsen

A short story based on Ray Thornton’s grisly encounter with flesh eating larvae.


by Tim Learn

Adrianna is a fourteen year old girl with a problem: anything she reads becomes real. Diagnosed with this brain disorder at the age of eight, her mother has her put on medication to control it. However, one day, six years later, Adrianna decides to stop taking them without her mother’s knowledge. Soon after, she meets Crime and Punishment–the world of Doestovesky infests her head–and her whole world spins out of control as she begins to steal books, impersonate other people, and start fires. The only thing she hopes now is that she can figure out how to control it, before it controls her.

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