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Teach Me About Potty Training for Little Boys

by Joy Berry

Recommended for ages 1-3

Teach Me About Potty Training for Little Boys addresses the questions and fears that your toddler has about potty training. With her usual sensitivity Joy Berry answers those questions and alleviates the fears with straightforward simplicity, just right for your toddler. Colorful illustrations (featuring little boys) will capture your toddlers’ attention as you share this delightful book.

The books in the Teach Me About series for toddlers are:
Potty Training for Little Boys
Potty Training for Little Girls
Getting Dressed
I Love Daycare
I Love Grandmas and Grandpas
I Love Preschool
I Love My Friends
I Love Brothers and Sisters
I Love Mommies and Daddies

Busted! 6 Sure-fire Methods to Uncover the Truth About a Cheating Spouse or Partner

by Jaqueline Fredericks

Has something felt a little “off” about your spouse or partner? Whether it’s loss of intimacy, secretive behavior, or even odd phone calls and texts. Busted! will give you the tools to uncover the truth about whether they are cheating or not.

In Busted! You’ll discover:

– What the top “red alarm” warning signs are for infidelity.
– How to use phones, computers, and other items to gather evidence of cheating.
– The Secret methods that Private Investigators use to catch cheaters in the act.

Before you call an expensive private investigator, buy this book. You’ll have everything you need to start your own investigation discreetly and without breaking the bank.

Child Custody: Doing What Is Best For Your Kids – Find Out Your Rights and Learn Strategies To Communicate With An Uncooperative Ex

by Samantha Evans

“Child Custody: Doing What Is Best For Your Kids” is a quick and informative read. It talks about you and your Ex’s rights, and gives you strategies to communicate and work with an uncooperative Ex. Ultimately, it is about doing what is best for your children.

In this book, you’ll get information on:

– How To Communicate With Your Ex

– Money Issues

– Medical Care

– Education

– Religious Training

– Living Arrangements

– Holidays

– Dealing With Changes In An Existing Agreement

– Working With Professionals

-And Much More

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Grandma Loves You

by Lisa Valentine

Let the world know how much you love being a grandma. Grandma Loves You, is a short picture book that can be read again and again. No matter how old your grandchild is, grandma will always love them.

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