Free politics and current events Kindle books for 31 Dec 13

The Great White Lies; Dr. Walter Plecker, Eugenics, Melungeons, and Virginia Genealogy

by Marsha Rice

Short but fact-filled treatise on Walter Plecker, eugenics, Melungeons, and how these can affect Virginia genealogy research.

The Power of Tao: Tao Te Ching – The Way of The Tao – A Modern Interpretation

by Philos Sopher

There are various translations of the Tao Te Ching – The Way of the Tao, also know as The Way of the Dao, Daodejing, or Dao De Jing, one of the most profound spiritual books ever to be written thousands of years ago by a sage known as Lao Tzu or as some call him Laozi.

The beauty of the book is that it is left open to interpretation, in your own way, as you read. The problem with this however, is that most are unable to comprehend the deep hidden meanings of the paragraphs and form any sense from them. Whilst the book is highly enlightening to some, it is equally confusing to others.

This book contains the translation of the ancient Chinese text, and then goes on to give a unique explanation, which offers clarification on the meanings of every paragraph. Each interpretation aims to make the Tao Te Ching a lot more understandable and enjoyable for all.

The unique interpretations should allow those who are unable to grasp the wisdom from this ancient book, the opportunity to see clearly the deeply hidden meanings behind the Way of The Tao. Prepare yourself for an internal shift, as the words in this book change your perceptions on reality.

All the mystical paradoxes will be explained. Each of the 81 paragraphs dissected for your awakening. Enjoy the following pages and let the words sooth your soul.

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