Free reference Kindle books for 31 Dec 13

Teaching Toddlers at Home: The Favorite Book

by J.E. Gasewicz

Teaching Toddlers at Home is an Educational Series created and written by Janiece Gasewicz. Part one, of this series, is designed to show parents and caretakers of toddlers how to use just about any children’s book to teach number recognition, counting, quantity, colors, letter recognition, letter sounds and much more. The aim of the strategies and activities provided by the author is to promote literacy, number sense, and early academic awareness in young children.

Creerle a Dios

by Beth Moore

Join best-selling author Beth Moore as she explores what it means to know and truly believe God, not just to believe IN Him. Acompañe a Beth Moore, célebre escritora, mientras explora lo que significa conocer a Dios y realmente creerle Â?a Ã?l”, no solamente creer Â?en Ã?l”.

Children’s book: Tommy and Daniel Discover Real Magic – Part Two – Real Magic! (Mnemonics For Kids)

by Joshua Smith

Children’s book: Part Two – Real Magic! – The Mnemonics For Kids books are funny bedtime stories to introduce your children to the wonderful world of mnemonics.

In Part One, Daniel’s brand new tablet breaks, and Tommy and Daniel learn what real magic isn’t.

In Part Two, Tommy and Daniel get busted by their friends at school when they show them a coin trick.

Now more than ever, Tommy and Daniel are ready to learn the real magic their dad has promised to teach them.

Is there really any such thing as real magic? Can real magic fix a kid’s broken tablet?

Discover this Real Magic Now!

Master of TESOL – A Collection of Course Essays

by Robert Chalmers

Linguistics is the scientific study of language, its general structure and universal principles, of how language changes over time, how it is acquired and is processed during speech. It is fundamental to the study of a second language wherever taken. Most importantly, the study of language raises our esteem for the only species which masters this most complex cognitive system, the one which binds us all together, for we master it, unconsciously, before we can ride a bike.

The study of language in the Masters Program as a Master of Teaching English as a Second Language addresses a broad range of fundamental issues pertaining to what it is to be human while providing a foundation for understanding English and learning other languages. As a major cognitive function designed to express all other functions, it is the fulcrum of the human mind. Its universal properties unite us as a single species while the differences among dialects and specific languages distinguish us as nations and cultures. Language is the basis of literature, and accompaniment of our music, while serving as the primary means of everyday self-expression.

Teaching English as a Second Language, TESOL, is undertaken by teachers around the world at various levels and in various settings. If a graduate wishes to take their experience and knowledge to new levels of understanding of how the processes of language acquisition work, then moving to Post Graduate studies becomes imperative.

This collection of essays have been put together as examples of the material studied on a Masters degree, undertaken by Distance Education through the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

The essays come in no particular order, other than perhaps the order that they were taken to achieve the final granting of the Masters Degree when completed.

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