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A Home for Christmas

by Ann Vaughn

Single mom, Jenna Blackwell wasn’t having a very good start to the Christmas season; her purse got stolen on Black Friday. She’s cursing her luck and herself for even being out in the Black Friday madness when the store manager brings in Riley Stanton, a former Navy SEAL who chased down the thieves and recovered her purse. Jenna is blown away by Riley: his looks, his smile, the fact that he ran down the purse snatchers, everything.

Riley Stanton had no idea when he chased down the kids who stole a few purses that he would walk into a room and have his life changed forever. He looked into Jenna’s eyes and saw a strength in her that he found intriguing.

Riley soon learns that Jenna is everything he ever wanted in a woman. He falls for her and for her son harder than he expected to. Jenna is cautious but welcoming and hopes that she and her son can give Riley the one thing he hasn’t had in years, A Home for Christmas.

Letting Go (Anchored Hearts Vol. 1)

by J.M. Witt

Volume 1 in the Anchored Hearts collection.

***Adult content, language, strong sexual content. 18+ please***

“I think what shocked me the most was how incredibly steamy the book was. Scene after scorching scene, the bar gets raised.” ~ Lisa at A Risque Affair Book Blog

When your past threatens to destroy your future; how long will you hang on before Letting Go?

Cassidy Charles is picking up the pieces of her life after another terrible tragedy. The last thing she’s looking for is love. James bursting back into her life is the last thing she expected, but possibly everything she needs. She can’t deny the attraction, but can she get past the fact that he may be the reason she’s lost so much? He opens up a whole new world to her that she’s only dreamed about that she easily falls into. The result of her relationship with him reveals secrets from her past she thought were long forgotten.

James Benedict III, local playboy and successful real estate investor hasn’t stopped thinking about her since that fateful night all those months ago. He has her back in his life, but for how long? As more and more secrets from her past are revealed his own demons and tragedies loom overhead threatening to destroy everything he’s built and done for her. He wants her in his life, but because of him her world comes tumbling down, again.

Will they discover that the love they have is strong enough to survive everything and everyone trying to tear them apart before it’s too late?

A Sprinkling of Lesbian Short Stories

by Q. Kelly

Three of Q. Kelly’s previously published short stories come together in this collection. A fourth story is “Welcome to Paradise,” which has never officially been published and which serves as the basis of Q. Kelly’s novel “Third.”

THE OLD WOMAN: Jessica is a pretty good best friend, but she goes too far when she dares Rachel to ask an old woman on a date. Rachel has no choice; otherwise Jessica will do the asking, and Rachel has no intention of humiliating the old woman. Turns out maybe Jessica’s idea was not so bad after all. There is a lot more to Ada than her age.

CUPID PULLS A PRANK: Cupid pulls a prank to end all pranks. For the first time in American history, both the Republicans and the Democrats have female candidates running for president. The Republican is Alice Cowell, and the Democrat is Gillian Marshall. Cupid strikes them during a live, nationwide televised debate, and Alice’s and Gillian’s reactions shock even Cupid.

THE NIGHT THEY DRANK WINE: Mallory and Vanessa are sisters-in-law and good friends. One night, they get together to gossip and drink wine. One thing leads to another, and the next morning finds them naked and in bed together. Will they ignore what happened or try to make some sense of it?

WELCOME TO PARADISE: Helen Franklin is horrified when her dying father leaves her a most unusual inheritance: a woman. The woman, Anne, is a time traveler with a tragic past. Helen tells herself that Anne is not her problem, but the hopeful gaze in Anne’s eyes haunts Helen. Do they have a future together? (This story serves as the basis of Q. Kelly’s novel “Third.” “Welcome to Paradise” stands completely on its own, though.)

Kismet (Beyond the Bedroom Series)

by Raynesha Pittman

Kis·met noun, often capitalized ?kiz-?met, -m?t : A predetermined or unavoidable destiny. It is not identical to Karma, with Karma you get back what you dish out. Fate is not that friendly. Savannah James, a successful, revenge seeking entrepreneur who hasn’t forgotten the feeling of growing into adulthood poor or all the drama and hurt that came along with it plans the perfect plot to avenge her past that is fueled on the “What goes around, comes around” theory also known as Karma . What happens when you take Karma into your own hands and seek revenge by methods of SEX, LIES, DECEPTION and SEDUCTION? Fate steps in, Knocks you off your high horse while your feet rest comfortably in the stirrups of satisfaction and drags you back to the reality that you are not in control! “Kismet” the first book of the Beyond the Bedroom series, a collection of Dramrotica (Drama/Erotica) will leave it’s readers fantasizing about sexual possibilities, exploring and rediscovering personal pleasures,reconsidering seeking revenge and leaving it in the hands of fate. New Authoress Raynesha Pittman has penned a clear and sexy definition between Karma and Kismet and will leave you wanting more.

Hard Candy for Christmas

by Ella Dominguez

Warning: This is a 17K word short story that contains detailed sexual encounters, including oral and anal sex, and ménage.

Lia was in magical limbo. That’s what you get when you piss off a witch! How was she to know that the man she threw Pixie dust on was the witch’s lover? He had seemed interested and she had been in the mood to play. Now she’s stuck in the human realm with no magical powers. She had to break the curse, but she was running out of time. If the curse wasn’t broken by midnight on Christmas Eve, she would be stuck human forever.

Nick and Dale had been friends forever. They had grown up together and had been there through each trial the other had endured. Nothing could separate them. Until they met Lia. The stunning petite woman was everything each of them had ever wanted.

Would their friendship survive if only one of them won her heart?

Lia didn’t know what to do. She had finally met someone she believed she could love. But that wasn’t the problem. She had met TWO men that tugged at her heart strings. Would one or both of them love her back by Christmas Eve? And if so, what happens when her powers return?

Excuse Me, Miss (EMM Series #1)

by Phillip Thomas Duck

Most would describe Victoria Frost as a sexy decoy, but in her own mind she’s a “Fidelity Anthropologist”, out to discover the truth for suspecting wivesâ?¦

The night it all begins to change for Victoria Frost is no different than usual. She spends it seducing another woman’s husband, easing up beside him and lingering there like too much perfume. And that quickly for the no-good cheater, his wife is forgotten. Victoria’s conversation with him is an erotically-charged game of cat and mouse. Afterward, she moves away feeling all the more sorry for mistreated wives and all the more angry at women who aid and abet these cheaters.

Then she meets Tyson Foster. And everything changes.

Victoria’s surprising lust for this married man will move her in a direction she’s never before traveled. A direction that ultimately puts her life in jeopardy.

In EXCUSE ME, MISS hurtling events and richly drawn characters collide in a sexy story of betrayal, the desire for loyalty, and the consequences of unfaithfulness. One woman’s determination to uncover the truth for badly broken wives instead unleashes a host of personal dilemmas, and in the end the truths she discovers are mostly about herself.

Praise for EXCUSE ME MISS:

The unusual premise, great characters, and intriguing plot made this a fun, highly enjoyable read. I really can’t wait to find out what happens next.
—The Romance Reviews—

This is a sexy suspense short fiction novella that has an interesting premise. Mr. Duck has created a strong, but vulnerable, woman who needs to face her past and get on with her future.
—Eclectic Reviews—

Phillip Thomas Duck straddles the line between two worlds. For paranormal fans, no he isn’t a vampire or werewolf, but instead an accomplished author that has published works with traditional publishers (Harlequin and Simon & Schuster) as well as independently. The author lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

Zenith Falling (Zenith Trilogy, #1)

by Leanne Davis

Joelle Williams’s life is falling apart as wife to the lead singer of the struggling rock band, Zenith. Unable to stop her husband’s downward spiral into alcoholism, she attends an Al-Anon meeting for answers. That’s where she runs into an old childhood acquaintance, Nick Lassiter. Nick has become a powerful business magnate in Seattle, Washington and seems to be the only person who notices that Zenith’s lifestyle is drowning Joelle. It’s not long before she begins to turn to Nick instead of her husband for everything practical, including her job. When her life finally implodes into violence, Nick is the only person she can run to. Eventually, Joelle begins to realize that it’s not only her marriage she needs to change, but her entire life. When Zenith disbands and Joelle’s husband tries to get sober, she suddenly begins to discover her own identity outside of Zenith. And the person she sees is nothing like the young, fragile girl who needed rescuing when Nick first met her.

**Due to mature content and language recommended for readers 17+**

Surrender to Fate (Fate’s Path Part One: A New Adult Romance Series)

by Jacelyn Rye


Reviewers are falling for Jacelyn Rye’s twist on young love and fate in her new release!

“A deliciously romantic love story filled with unexpected depth, beautiful emotion, and exquisitely written sensual scenes.”

~Marion of Making Manuscripts

“Surrender to Fate is a romantic novel that made me smile and made me ache. The story of young love and the intimate moments were fresh and full of hope.”

~Literati Literature Lovers

“Surrender To Fate made me speechless. How is it possible for someone to write a love story and make a reader actually feel the love the characters shared? I loved this story. My emotions were hanging by a thin thread!”

~Chasing Pages Book Blog

How do you fight against fate? You don’t. You can’t. You can only surrender to fate in Jacelyn Rye’s new release!


Some say fate holds the cards. But what if love deals the hand? No love goes untested. Ever. Indeed, true love is left to prove itself. And that is exactly where fate steps in to play the game.


For William and Sarah, that game begins with growing up, in the unspoiled mountains of Colorado. In a time and space as clear as the Rocky Mountain skies above, these young souls together learn about life, what matters most, what endures, what doesn’t, and about love. Innocent young love moves ever so surely toward lives they both can picture, lives spent loving each other in a place they know so well and cherish.


Will and Sarah are ecstatically swept away in the swells of new love. And it is in their rarefied bliss that they make the fragile promise of first love, a promise that fate will soon rock and pound into doubt, guilt, and epiphany.


Unexpected and unprepared, these young lovers are suddenly torn apart, first by distance, and then by the far greater pressures of temptation that test the very fidelity of their heart-held promise. No longer able to console each other, hold each other, touch each other, they face the inevitable decision: move on to other loves, or cling to the faith that they will someday be together, again.


Will and Sarah stare down an unknown path, sensing destiny will not wait long before it comes to take them. Wracked with doubt, they wonder if their love was real. Caged by guilt, they both feel tempted by others intent on stealing their hearts.

Fate plays hardest when love is tested. And Will and Sarah are no exception, letting go of their happy past to embrace hope for an uncharted future. Love plays hardest when fate tests. And so it is, even through their trials of the heart, Will and Sarah never really stop loving each other. Theirs is a love so real and pure that each just wants the other to find happiness, even if it’s with another.


But fate does not surrender so easily. Dealing blow upon blow, both Will and Sarah are each struck by jolting events that take them to the very edge of life, itself.

Sarah and Will hold tightly to their past, but steadfast promises begin to wane. Life continues, filled with romance, drama, and two souls yearning to understand the challenges brought with coming of age, and learning that fate is ultimately in control. What happens to love when life is on the line? Can they both relinquish control when love is on the line? Will fate even allow them to find out?

This is book one of the New Adult Romance Series: Fate’s Path.

The books are not stand alone. For your reading enjoyment, please read the books in order.

1–Surrender to Fate

2–Shattered by Fate (Releasing November 2013)

3–Chosen by Fate (Releasing Early 2014)


Recommended for 18+ for new adult content and explicit scenes. If you love steamy coming of age and unique historical romance novels that spin an emotional story all around you, scroll up and add this love story to your kindle now.

Mr. Personality

by Carol Rose

Famous and highly-successful author, Maxwell Tucker is screwed. For the first time in his life, he’s blocked and his next book is overdue. He’s always written in long hand and he’s never seen the need to learn to type. Now there’s nothing to type because Max is stuck. Then Nicole Miller sneaks into his penthouse, trying to get Max off her father’s back and Max has a devious ideaâ?¦.

Nicole’s lovable, doofus father always means well, but he doesn’t really think things through. With the goal of improving the once-prosperous family’s finances, Alton has written a book on how to succeed in business. But in writing his self-published manual, Alton has plagiarized large sections from major author, Max Tucker’s highly-acclaimed fictional novel about business practices in the United States. And now Tucker is suing.

Not knowing Tucker’s dilemma, Nicole–who has always looked after her dad–takes on the job of averting this disaster, but she’s shocked when Max insists she become his typist for the summerâ?¦or he’ll ruin her dad.

Can a snarling, unhappy genius finish his book and still win the girl?

Take Off (Hidden Talents)

by Claire Cray

Relocating for caution’s sake after the minor disaster in France, Jin and the Paris Talents try to get affairs in order. But are they ready for worlds to collide?

Jin’s teammates are on the way, and it might not be easy for everyone to get along…especially once it becomes clear that they have a special interest in Ken.

Mark decides to take Sky under his wing, escorting him to ARSI to try and put his weird energy to a positive use. Can these two angsty bad boys find common ground?

With his brother out of the picture, it looks like Ken will finally get some room to stretch out and act for himself. But he lands himself in a fight that tests his untrained Talent, and ends with an introduction to Jackson Gadamer.

Ken doesn’t trust the KGA Talents. And yet there’s Jin, in his bed again…

The Good Luck Potion (The Good Luck Series)

by Leanne Tyler

Sue Charles is having second thoughts after accepting a good luck charm from Lucinda, a mysterious Cajun acquaintance who insists the amulet will reveal Sue’s true love. Every indication is that the charm has singled out Alex Jones as Sue’s soul mate, but how’s a girl to know for sure? Can the gris-gris really work its magic for her or is she simply fooling herself?

After spending three years in Alaska, Alex Jones returns to Tennessee eager to settle back into his old ways. But when he meets Sue Charles, his previous bachelor days no longer seem all that appealing. He’d love to build a new life around a relationship with Sue, but he’s worried about the consequences when things move too fast too soon. After all, his godmother did give him a good luck potion to carry around. What if his feelings are just a result of the Cajun woman’s mumbo jumbo?

The Daughters of Persephone, A Space Opera Special Edition

by Julia Barrett

Princess-in-exile, Aja Bokinan, is the Thousand Year Empress. While her family has remained in forced isolation for nearly thirty years, women throughout the empire have been banned from public life. Females have no legal standing and they have become little better than property. The restoration of the monarchy is their only hope. Revolution threatens the male dominated Coalition. Resistance forces expect the Princess to be the salvation of the empire. The ruling generals fear she will be its destruction.
Kyr Aram, is a smuggler and secret Resistance sympathizer. He must find a way to protect the Princess from both the general who plans her assassination and a traitor on his own ship who wishes to see her dead. Kyr believes she is no more than valuable cargo. With the Thousand Year Empress, he gets more than he bargained for.
The Lady Ennat, has been sent by her mother to Resistance Commander, Karna Aram for protection. She is a Blood decoy. Her role is to protect her sister Aja, the Thousand Year Empress. She must draw the bulk of the Coalition forces away from the Resistance fighters. From the beginning she’s known she may not live to see tomorrow, yet despite her misgivings she finds herself drawn to Commander Aram.
Karna Aram wanted the woman from the moment she set foot on his supply depot, but nobody touches a Princess of the Blood. He resists his bone deep desire until Ennat challenges him to pick up a sword and spar with her. All bets are off. Karna has a different kind of sword play in mind.
When the Ennat and her sister, Aja, are reunited, they know the Coalition is coming after them. They must risk all to save their devoted fighters and the men they love.
A thousand years have passed since the Empress Aja Bokinan and her consort Kyr Aram settled on Calen. As the legend foretold, a great evil has arisen. Black Frocks scour the planets, searching out women, children and even men with a trace of the Royal Blood, sacrificing them to their dark god.
When they see her mahogany hair and gray eyes, Issa Bokinan’s family flees the village for the safety of the mountains, but even that is not far enough. It is up to The Red Demon, Tem, to hide the young Empress away in the past, teaching her to use her powers, grooming her for the day when she will face the Black Frocks and her own death.
But the Red Demon has a plan within a plan. She’s meddled in the gene pool, producing a man with powers Women of the Blood only dream of. She wants Kane Tirol for her own, but Kane, a Calen man, wants nothing to do with the Red Demon. He is bonded to Issa Bokinan, and not even time can keep them apart.
There is a reason Tem is called the Red Demon. She does what she wants when she wants. No one controls her. Time and space do not hinder her. Worshipped on ancient Earth as a goddess among many people in many different lands, nobody opposes her, except her creations, Issa Bokinan and Kane Tirol.
Having left her own daughters behind on Earth as seed stock for future generations, Tem had hoped to make a life with Kane. That is not to be. Rejected, alone and broken, she seeks comfort in the past with the Empress Ya, on Persephone, promising to behave and keep her identity a secret. Tem is hard pressed to control her worst impulses when she’s caught riding the Empress’ prize stallion.
Horse Master, Aytan Kirrae, cannot believe his eyes. A small Red Woman has just ridden off on the stallion named for him, a horse bred for the Empress Ya. He waits for her return, flipping her over his knee, meting out what he thinks will be a kinder punishment than she would receive from the Magistrate. He has no idea the small Red Woman can kill him with a single drop of her blood.
Pulled along to the future against his will, Aytan thinks he’s dreaming, until he must share the Blood Bond with Tem to save her life. Once he does, his own life will never be the same.

New Year Heart Song (Elmheart Hotel Series)

by Mindy Hardwick

Successful concert pianist, Angie is happy to return home for the holiday where she can forget her career troubles and enjoy the opening season of the Elmheart Hotel. The only thing she didn’t plan is running into Caleb who is working as the hotel handyman and doing his best to raise his seven-year old son, Jesse. When a snowstorm throws Angie and Caleb together as hosts of the hotel’s New Year Eve party, will an old song ignite a New Year love?

NEW YEAR HEART SONG is the third story in the Elmheart Hotel sweet, contemporary novella series.

Bed and Breakfast

by Colin Sheffield

This winter, warm up with something hot.

In the tradition of Eric Jerome Dickey and Terry McMillan, and just in time for the holidays, comes a tale about two would-be lovers shattered by the inevitable tragedies of life.

Veronika is a woman running from a betrayal so terrible she is unable to even admit to herself that it happened. Emotionally broken, her only desires during this dawn of a New Year are to leave behind everything and to be left alone.

Michael suffered the greatest of losses, and in the process had to deal with his own complicity in the loss. Now, mostly healed, he wants to start anew. And based on the advice of the most unlikely person, his heart is set on Veronika.

Will this star-crossed pair overcome their issues for a chance at love?

BED AND BREAKFAST is an intriguing mix of eroticism, love, and raw emotion told from the perspective of one of the more complex female leads ever written.

Colin Sheffield spent ten years directing undercover operatives on a mission through the jungles of Rawalpindi. After that experience Sheffield worked as a patent lawyer for a world-renowned technology company in Silicon Valley. He likes to think of himself as a very grounded individual, as his formative years were spent in Japan, where he mastered the art of “centered-thinking” and Kenjutsu. Sheffield’s bestselling novels have won numerous awards and are mainstays on most year-end “Best Of” lists. They have been translated into over thirty languages. BED AND BREAKFAST has drawn Hollywood attention, with everyone from Denzel Washington to Tom Cruise vying for roles. Martin Scorsese was turned down for the coveted Director role. Either everything written above is true, or Colin Sheffield is simply the pseudonym for a traditionally published author who doesn’t want his real name attached to this particular work of fiction.

Trip & Fall

by Kendal Waller

Georgia Lee Marshall has spent the last decade watching her best and closest friends move away and begin their fabulous lives, while she has remained close to home and buried herself beneath her self imposed responsibilities, her work, and a mountain of “what if’s”. The truth is, Georgia has never believed she could do more. This was her life and she was determined to do the best she could with what she had without spending too much of her time worrying about the ways things could have been different if she’d made other decisions along the way.

When she loses her job, sells her house to the first person who looks at it, and is faced with a summer full of possibilities, she takes off on what she calls an adventure – hoping to find the answers to why her friends lives turned out so much better and more exciting than hers. She jumps into her jeep and out of her comfort zone, searching out the “what ifs”, and looking for a new direction for herself.

This is the story of Georgia’s journey and the discovery that things are not always as they seem. Finding in the end that if she is brave enough to believe in herself, she may find the adventure of her life will lead her to a life she never could have dreamed possible.

*** Due to mature content and sexual situations this book is recommended for adult audiences and readers 18 years and older. ***

The Things You Do On Purpose

by Colin Sheffield

One of the things I will miss most, after I kill myself, is poetry…

So begins the harrowing tale of Nia Iverson. Emotionally devastated by personal loss, her only desire is to tell her story and then drift away to a place where no one can return from. She’s not sure if she’s headed for heaven, or hell, but she is sure that life no longer holds any joy.

In the tradition of Eric Jerome Dickey and Terry McMillan, THE THINGS YOU DO ON PURPOSE is an intriguing mix of eroticism, love, and raw emotion told from the perspective of another one of Colin Sheffield’s complex female leads.

***This short is approximately 7,000 words***

Shake Well (Natural Beauty)

by Holley Trent

Book 1 of Natural Beauty – Holley Trent’s sassy, sensual Southern romance series.


Chemist Nikki Stacy has ambitions beyond playing mad scientist in her parents’ garage. The former prima ballerina is on the shortlist for a huge cash award that could finance the start-up of her natural cosmetics company, and her products are already generating buzz in eastern North Carolina. She’s got no time for distractions, which of course means she’ll probably have them in spades.

Charlie Mitchell wants to be one of those distractions. He’s had his eye on the quick-tempered sparkplug since they both went through puberty. The farmer thinks he’s the perfect yin to Nikki’s high-class yang, but she’s barely looked his way in her whole twenty-eight years.

Just when he finally catches the slippery woman’s attention, an old flame tries to shakes things up in a way that’ll not only embarrass his preteen daughter, but disenchant Nikki as well. Charlie’s got one last chance to snag the girl next door, and this time it’s not his libido talking, but his daughter. She needs a mother, and she wants Nikki to fill the job.

***Book contains scenes of explicit sensuality and adult language.***

Ducks in a Row

by Michelle Garren Flye

Cady Summers thinks she has all her ducks in a row: great house, beautiful family. Then her estranged twin sister Cam shows upâ?¦pregnant. Envious of her sister’s condition and lonely with a teenage daughter and a workaholic husband, Cady’s life no longer seems to have the perfect order she has always cherished.

A recovering drug addict and absentee mother of two, Cam Taylor has never had any order in her life. Afraid of his reaction to her pregnancy, Cam flees the man she loves, seeking refuge in the only home she still knows.

Can the love between the two sisters provide a healing balm for the wounds of her scarred marriage or will Cady seek solace in the arms of another man? Can the reunion with her sister give Cam the courage she needs to face the man she loves or will she let her past mistakes come between them?

Her Liberation (A Sweet Spot Novel Mini Series (Episode 1))

by E. L. Lea

**Mature Content Warning** Not recommended for readers under the age of 18 due to mature language & sexual content.

The dark skinned, gray-eyed stranger I’d met in Paris was supposed to be a means to an end. A sexy, one night stand to banish what was left of the old me from existence. I never thought I would meet someone who, in one short night, could bring all my carefully constructed walls crashing down around me so effortlessly. I never thought I’d begin wondering what it would be like to be the real me once again. Of course, I never thought I’d meet someone like Nicholas Reed.

Nicholas was sexy, charismatic, and thrived on taking chances. He was everything I used to be, everything I could have been â?¦ and everything I stayed away from.

Until now.

Her Liberation is the first book in the Sweet Spot Novel series. Each Sweet Spot Novel will follow one of four friends and will be standalone books once all the episodes are published. Each book will be released in a series of short episodes of 12,000- 15,000 words each (approx. 50 pages each) every two – four weeks. The episodes themselves are NOT standalone works, but each book will be. Once all of the episodes have been released, the book will be a full length novel and will be released in a combined paperback edition.

* Her Liberation: Helena’s story

* Her Domination: Tori’s story

* Her Provocation: Macy’s story

* Her Temptation: Talia’s story

Chasing Anya (Island Adventure Series)

by Jayda McTyson

Been there. Done that.

Feisty and independent, Anya Davies lives by her own rules. The one thing she’s hell-bent on avoiding is a conventional relationship, thanks to her abusive ex who refuses to stay in the past. As far as she’s concerned, romance is a no-no.

The second complication in her life is a secret that condemns her to constant guilt and a solitary life. A series of near misses and escalating threats are a third and worrying factor. Only a special man would understand or live with Anya’s challenges and demands.

Casual sex…so not having that.

Enter Christophe Mondesir. Two years ago, Anya dumped him without explanation. An accidental meeting shoots Anya back on Christophe’s radar. He refuses to be denied and plans to breach the fortress Anya has built around her heart–if she’ll commit to more than a casual liaison. He’s also determined to find out what she’s hiding. That’s if the stalker who’s after Anya doesn’t end her life first.

Love and Camping, A California Road Trip Adventure (Romantic BDSM Fantasy)

by Katriana Stilette

Love and Camping, a California Road Trip Adventure is a BDSM Romantic Short (approx 5600 words). Tess and David take a weekend road trip along California’s Route 66, and spend the night camping at an old ghost town. David knows exactly where he wants to take Tess, the love of his life: on a sexual adventure that will open a whole new world for her. Passions take them over as they make love in their borrowed VW Bus, and under the desert stars. Be prepared for explicit sexual scenes, including light bondage, light BDSM, and oral sex. 5,000 words.

Mrs. Faggit’s Seaside Lodgings

by Dawn D. Jones

“Mrs. Faggit’s Seaside Lodgings: Part 1 Strange Prosperity.” Peel back the yellow-budded wallpaper. On these panels someone wrote of sullen lives, sealed secrets, gossip, false charm, jealousy and rivalling ancestors… all behind the fantasy facade of a recluse’s delight that retains its 19th century quirkiness. Mrs. Damask Faggit, spinster and inheritor of the family’s walls, entranced the leathery house into a sprightly boarding house for a few, rare eccentrics who pass no eye of scrutiny upon her ambrosial life. This nippy introduction is your calling card to tarnished romance.

The Seductress of the Skies (Erotica & sex Stories)

by Mike Connors

***** Mature Content, Sexual Situations, Adult Situations, Strong Language *****

Miranda always had a fascination with strange, interesting men. She wanted to see what the world had to offer in that department. If she could just save up enough money to move to Chicago, and then get a job on an airline, she would meet more than enough men from around the world who would show her everything about the world and what it could be.

She was going to keep a journal of every man she slept with. She was going to write about every great experience she had.

Miranda land a dream job with Big Flights. Its time for Miranda to take on the biggest celebrities, the biggest paychecks, and the biggest you-know-what.

Read the preview to get hooked… you will not keep it down till the last page.

This is the first part of the high paced, steamy, raunchy mile high series. This will take erotica and sex stories genre to a new high.

A Sunset in Le Havre (Sunsets in Europe – Young Adult Love Stories)

by Liz Langdon

The coastal town of Le Havre is simply beautiful, but Zoe has no plans to travel there. How then, does she end up there, far from Paris and her family? The answer lies with someone who resents her happinessâ?¦


“A Sunset in Le Havre” is the second part of the story of 16 year old Zoe, and the follow up to the first part “A Sunset in Paris”, where she falls in love for the first time with Etienne, who lovingly cares about her. And the two have nice plans for the rest of Zoe’s holiday in Paris: Ballet and a lovely meal in good company form part of what should be an entire day spent with her new amour. But fate intervenes and Zoe finds herself thrown on her own resources, struggling to find her way back to everything she knows and loves.

Evil is a Man: Blood in, Blood out

by Grayson Elliot

Jake, a 19 year old from Texas, is going to the University of California, Berkeley. When Christmas break comes, he cannot afford to fly back home, so he must stay with his good family friend Syd in Lake Tahoe. However, there is a lot Jake does not know about him, which will change his life forever. Blood In, Blood out is a thrilling tale based on seduction and self control.

This book is free for today only, and all I ask in return is to please leave a review 🙂 Thanks!

Glass Half Full

by Katie L Thompson

Natalie hasn’t been on holiday for years, and there’s good reason for it. She hates holidays, but when her boyfriend, Sven, suggests a romantic get-away in the countryside to welcome in the New Year, she can hardly turn him down.

When Sven dumps her, Natalie decides to go away by herself. What happens in that one week away is enough to change her view on holiday’s forever.

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