Free war Kindle books for 31 Dec 13

Into The Fire (Vigilante Justice)

by F.J. Gale

In a city ravaged by the criminal activities of the notorious Syndicate, only one entity stands between it and the city people. Led by Commander Adam Reede, the Civilian Security Agency (CSA) fights to push back the enemy.

After the founder of the agency and Adam’s mentor, Jim Benson is murdered, Adam takes his daughter, Abbey Benson under his wing. His attempts to protect her and keep her away from agency life are thwarted by her willfulness and interference from Rick Walker, his best agent.

Rick’s impulsiveness and tendency to allow his animal instincts to run loose both in battle and in his personal life threaten the stability of the agency. His relationship with Abbey drives a wedge between the two former comrades. Quickly, Adam is forced to take drastic action to prevent the CSA from being compromised by Rick’s increasingly rogue behavior.

With the burden of government interference and dissension among Circle members, Adam fights to maintain total control. But despite his strong leadership, he cannot prevent Rick from turning to the dark side. When this happens there is only one person who is strong enough to stop him: Abbey. Both his lover and his natural enemy, she is forced to deal with her own demons to summon the will to beat him.

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