Free fiction Kindle books for 31 Jan 14

The End of Free Will

by Mike Owens

“You’re turning them into robots.” That’s what the principal said, and perhaps she was right. But what choice did Karin have? The way they looked at her, she knew, sooner or later they would come after her, these kids who had grown up on a steady diet of drugs and violence. Assaults by the teenage thugs that roamed the halls at Franklin High were now so common they had become second page news. But Karin had no intention of becoming just another grisly anecdote in the campus annals, not if she could help it. Besides, she had to get to them before they got to her, so she fought back with the only weapon she had…memes.

Red Shoes and Other Short Stories

by Janet Pywell

RED SHOES AND OTHER SHORT STORIES is an eclectic mix of entertaining and interesting tales, some based on fact and others entirely on imagination.

Red Shoes – Do we really know our neighbours?

T’aint a Bird – Surprise in rural Ireland WW2

The Path of Darkness – A faddista’s dream

That’s Not Funny – A gym experience

Well-Trained – A shaggy dog’s story

The Chicken-Man’s Grandson – A boy’s mixed emotions

The Unfinished Currach – Fear of the unspoken

Conchita Cintron – A torera’s final corrida

The Windfall – Seeing is believing

Plas Newydd – A New Place

A Hot Day – After school temptation

Jasmine – Finding destiny

Stari Most – The aftermath of the Croat-Bosniak War

Dublin 1832 – Prelude to Author Janet Pywell’s novel – The Golden Icon

White Shadow – Half way to the truth

Three Days Dead – The decision maker

Red Shoes – Part Two


by Karmel Divine

â??Inhaling and then exhaling I place both of my hands on the hanger as Suki removes hers. I can’t believe how far it’s pushed into Suki as I stare down at the blood pooling below her ass. The end of the hanger hangs out of her with only enough room leftfor both my hands.

â??Suki has her shirt stuffed into her mouth as she looks down into my sad eyes. She nods her head giving me permission to pull it out.

â??With my hands soaked in my sister’s blood from the hanger, I pull the hanger out. Suki screams louder causing me to let go of the hanger and jump back, scared shitless.

â??Suki mumbles through her shirt and I place my hands back onto the hanger. Breathing deeply I push the hanger into my sister’s vagina slowly. Suki yells are muffled through the shirt, then her screams stop and she closes her eyes.

Derailed (Clayton Falls)

by Alyssa Rose Ivy

*Voted Best New Adult Romance – Indie Romance Convention Readers Choice Awards 2013*

When you’re lost, sometimes the only place you can go is home.

Broken over the death of her fiancé, Molly leaves law school to return to her childhood home in North Carolina. Expecting to lay low until she can figure out what else to do with her life, she finds herself in the arms of her high school sweetheart, the boy who represents everything from the past she tried to leave behind.

Looking for an escape, she instead finds a way back to the girl she almost forgot existed and a future she never dreamed possible.

*New Adult Contemporary Romance – contains sexual situations*

Wind River

by L.J. Washburn

First book in the Wind River series. After buffalo hunter and former army scout Cole Tyler arrives in Wind River, a primitive outpost in the wild Wyoming Territory, he is unwittingly drawn into taking the unwelcome and dangerous job of town marshal. Marshal Cole Tyler finds himself facing a ruthless killer as Wind River becomes a town with its own brand of justice.

Hope Road (John Ray #1) (John Ray / LS9 crime thrillers)

by John Barlow

A gripping read… A fascinating study in dark and evil… The stuff of Great British grit and dark, dark humour â?¦ Barlow provides plenty of twists and turns before the truth is revealed. But what is most enjoyable about Barlow’s writing isn’t his story archs or plotting, but his characters, dialogue and sense of place… Beautifully cinematicâ?¦ far more cinematic than a McDermid or a Rankin.

Barlow throws in plenty of twists before everything is untangled, since of course nothing in the case is exactly what it seems to be, and he spins the yarn in fast-paced, very readable prose. He also does a good job with the setting, the English city of Leeds, and made me feel like I’d been there. HOPE ROAD is a fine novel, the first in a series, and I look forward to reading the others.
Rough Edges

HOPE ROAD: a crime thriller – You can’t change your past. But what about your future?

John Ray, son of crime boss Antonio ‘Tony’ Ray, is the straight one of the family. With a successful business and a lifestyle to match, he wants nothing to do with his father’s criminal world. But what does that world want with him?

A young prostitute is found dead in John’s car, and Freddy Metcalfe, his best friend and employee, is framed for her death. Freddy denies everything but it’s an open and shut case: he’s going down for murder. John sets out to find the real killer.

But things get complicated. A stash of counterfeit money was also found in John’s car, and the police seem more interested in that than in the dead girl. Then Lanny Bride turns up; one of the north’s most ruthless criminals (and an old friend of the Ray family), Lanny is desperate to know who killed the girl. But why? Meanwhile, Freddy is too scared to talk to anyone, even his lawyer.

John’s police detective girlfriend, Denise Danson, has been warned off the case by her boss. But she doesn’t believe Freddy is guilty, and secretly helps John look for the murderer. The problem, though, is that uncovering the shocking truth about the girl’s death will force John to confront his own criminal past and risk destroying his future, as well as losing the only woman he’s ever loved.

A novel set in Leeds, this is the first crime-mystery in the LS9 series.

Smolder (Dragon Souls)

by Penelope Fletcher

Wounded, a dragon drops from the sky to crash in front of Marina in an explosion of fire. She does the only reasonable thing a woman can do – she saves his life. Marina knows any moment may be her last, yet she cannot deny the connection between her and the alluring creature.

When fierce dragon lords appear, leading a dangerous assassin to their hiding place, the truth about her dragon is unveiled. The consequences of falling for a beast gifts Marina wonders never before seen … in this world.

My Christmas Angels

by Jason W. Chan

Revised and Updated! 2nd Edition!

My Christmas Angels is a tragic yet heartwarming Christmas story about Greg, a single father in his twenties, and Angie, his lively six-year old daughter, living in poverty in Vancouver. When they are evicted from their home, they move in with Greg’s ex-girlfriend, Jessica, for whom he still has feelings. Just as their romance blossoms, Angie suffers a concussion and slips into a coma.

Riddled with grief and guilt, Greg stays at his daughter’s side night and day. As the Christmas season approaches, he comes to terms with the possibility that his daughter may never wake up. He is advised to keep busy so he buries his grief in doing good deeds. Uplifted, Greg takes solace in the realization that great tragedy can give birth to great blessings.

My Christmas Angels is a touching and uplifting story of hope and love that captures the spirit of the holiday season.

Word Count: 20,000 words


by Mr. 323


19 year old Mission Richards is desperate to become a Hollywood starlet. Shortly after catching the attention of casting director Etienne Jaffe, Mission secretly accompanies him on a quick get away to Mexico. After her good girlfriend Ra’chel finds out, she makes Mission promise her that she won’t leave the country again without letting her friends and family know of whereabouts. When Mission disregards her warnings she finds herself in a sticky situation.

The Portent #1

by Peter Bergting

Milo arrives in a remote valley only to find it ridden with the spirits of the undead. The demon Guishen is on the rise, and soon Milo finds himself entangled in a web of deceit. When it falls to Milo to become the savior of the world, he accepts the burden for all the wrong reasons… to be a hero, to get the girl.

Best Short Stories 2013

by Justin Blaney

The four short stories included in this book were selected as finalists for the Best Short Story Award of 2013 on Fans, well-wishers, and reading enthusiasts selected this year’s top short story from among these distinguished finalists.

Including stories from:

Dreamer by Janae Schiele

Bliss by Vanessa Rasanen

Out of the Shadows by Katrina Umland

Facing Memories by Deanna Wiseburn

And a bonus fifth short story from Justin Blaney, Cinderella Goes to the Potty

Praise for Best Short Stories 2013

“Heart renching” – April Reynolds

“Jaw dropping” – Mary Beth King

“Amazing” – Burma Turner

“Beautiful” – Jessica Bejot

“Awesome” – Deborah Bean

“Intense” – Katherine Russell

“Fantastic” – Kathleen Feuerstein

“Loved it” – Elaine Evans

“Pulled at my heartstrings” – Jan Hall

“Very entertaining” – Daniele Feigert

“Very well written” – Cathy Smith

“I was on the edge of my seat” – Madeleine Hartman Hoch

A Night Without Stars

by Jillian Eaton

Sixteen-year-old Lola is a daredevil. She likes playing hooky, making out with bad boy Everett James, and stealing cars. The reason behind all of her rebellious antics? Because she can. But what can one girl do against a horde of murderous vampires?

Aided by her sometimes sober father, her best friend Travis, and Maximus, the mysterious stranger who appeared out of no where to save her life, Lola must accomplish what the rest of the human race has failed to do in the aftermath of the world wide massacre: survive.

But how do you survive when everything you know has been destroyed… and the one person you thought you could trust ends up being the most dangerous person of all?

Love on a Wing and a Prayer

by T.A. Webb

Dear Author,

Even with the repeal of DADT, it is not commonly known that I am gay. Living on an aircraft carrier, surrounded by so many men in such close quarters, I worry that if my sexuality is known, most of them will subscribe to the narrow thinking that I am attracted to all of them. But there is one who has caught my eye and driven my senses into overload. The problem is that he is a fellow pilot. I don’t want to cause any issues in our working environment, and I don’t even know if he is gay, but I am drawn to him and cannot stop thinking about him. What I wouldn’t give for a stolen night together, but I long for even more than that because I am attracted to his personality, sense of humor, and strength of character as much as I am attracted to his physicality.

And then one day, his co-pilot gets sick, and I am told to fly with him. Will this time together possibly lead to something? I can’t help but hope that it does.

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group’s “Love Has No Boundaries” event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

The Fairy and her Giant: A Fantasy Romance

by Kristen James

A Fantasy Romance Novella from the author of A Cowboy For Christmas, More Than Memories and Embers of Hope.

Sometimes size does matterâ?¦

Stephen couldn’t walk by the old pirate, outnumbered and losing a fight. Of course he had to help. He didn’t expect a â??thank you’ for saving the Captain’s life, and he sure didn’t expect a gift, especially a gift like this! How could it be fairies are real, and yet he had no idea?

She is so beautifulâ?¦ and so tiny. There’s no reason to stick together, except that Trisha might need his help, at least for the time being to stay safe. Besides, she can help him find his brother. But when they track him down, they must rescue him, and a secret comes out. The pirates want their fairy back and his brother is mixed up in the mess of it.

Everyone wants to find that special one, but “Phen” and Trisha both know they’re dreaming. How can they make a love like this work? And that’s a question for when their lives aren’t in danger.

Kristen James is the author of many romance novels and other novellas, including A Spy for Christmas and Special Ops Christmas, coming December 2012.

The Beautiful & the Damned (The Ballad of Nick & Mina)

by Jonathon Wolfer

Halley’s Comet has come and gone, school’s out for the summer, and Nick still isn’t comfortable with the arrangement of The Pen & the Sword.

Mina on the other hand, is becoming even more confident – maybe even reckless. But with everything Nick can do, everything he can see, he still can’t figure out the mind of a teenage girl – let alone the mind of a super powered teenage girl.

At odds over how to deal with the events of the past spring and what the future will bring, Nick and Mina find their relationship and their destiny on rocky ground. Nick turns to his friends for distraction and advice and the hope of just living as a normal teenager a little bit longer. Mina turns to the sword wanting to know just how different she is.

An Alien’s Guide to the Human Species (Aliens)

by Deb McEwan

What if this planet is a reality TV show for another planet?

Earth 1950s. All over the UK people were listening to the BBC Radio Sitcom ‘I Say Old Chap!’ But it wasn’t only humans who’d tuned in to the broadcast.

Fast forward 25 years and Terries are ready to send spies to film activity on Earth..

Caroline and Phil Gibson are going about their daily lives, trying to raise healthy, fulfilled children and have a few laughs along the way. What they don’t know is that their every move is being analysed and recorded for the enlightenment of the Terries on the planet Largo.

So what will happen when the Terries find out about human mating rituals, leprechauns, various customs and habits, and the vagaries of our waste disposal system?

What will the Terry Prime Minister Rodney Riverbank decide to do?

After reading â??An Alien’s Guide to the Human Species’ you’ll never look at spiders in the same way again!


by Gabriel Fitzpatrick

Mores is a story of struggle through the ages and an all consuming need to find the self in the wilderness which pursues all mankind.

Two stories are entwined with millennia separating them. In the ancient Irish forests, a young woman finds herself on the outskirts of her mesolithic tribe. Growing up with no mother left, a strong young woman without the understanding, skills, or knowledge of her place in the complex world. Follow her as she fights with all that she has to prove her worth to her father, herself, and her people while looking for her own sense of peace. Will she finally learn to stop fighting and accept the embrace of her tribe?

An attorney in modern day New York City tells the second story, irrevocably entwined with that of her forebear. She is a lost soul of an entirely different form. The concrete jungle forms a constant weight on her shoulders as she strives to achieve the approval of her successful father. One fateful day, a decision was made which forced all things to change. Catherine finds herself exploring a new world and side of herself she never knew existed. Will she finally achieve her true ambition and resolve her issues?

Dark Whiskey (Short Story)

by Emma Meade

Jesse senses something off about the nightclub. She wants to leave, but her best friend, Tasha, is determined to have a night to remember. There’s no way Tasha’s turning down an invite to the VIP section.

Against Jesse’s better judgement, she follows Tasha up the ivory staircase to the mysterious room above. The whiskey and champagne are flowing, and pretty soon the blood will be too.

(A Short Horror Story, approx 7,100 words)

Vaporize the Fading

by Doni Gleaton

One day Charlie she sees herself as she looks to others while being a witness to one of her husband’s reasons for not being at home. It’s a wake-up call for Charlie and she snaps into action.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 Jan 14

How to Make Moonshine: A Proven Step by Step Method to Making Moonshine Today (Moonshine, Moonshine Recipe, Moonshiners, Moonshine Still, Moonshine 101, … Series, Moonshine Making, Moonshine Down)

by Brian Hartman

Learn How to Make Moonshine Now!

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become a successful moonshiner. Making moonshine is a very simple process, but it can produce a deadly drink if not done properly. A few crucial strategies need to be followed in order to create a premium-grade and safe batch. With this book, learn the 1-2-3’s that are as easy as A-B-C. You can create moonshine right in your kitchen. You can even create your own flavor.

Here’s an inescapable fact: you will need the right knowledge to create a safe and superior quality moonshine. With this book, you are assured that you will learn how to create high-quality moonshine the first try. The step-by-step guides and tips in this book are sure-fire and time-tested techniques, designed to make you the king of moonshiners. Read about what are the essential equipment and ingredients, as well the best-kept secrets of making moonshine.

If you do not develop your skill with the right knowledge, not only will you be wasting time, effort and money, you will also be risking your health. Poor techniques and inadequate knowledge can be very dangerous. Moonshine can be poisonous. There had been reports of people suddenly going blind or even dying on the spot right after drinking poorly made moonshine. All that trouble, money and time spent to create moonshine, for a jar of poor quality, toxic and (might be) deadly shot of homemade whiskey. You sure wouldn’t want that.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Moonshine & Its History
  • Issue with Moonshine
  • Preparing the Equipment
  • Moonshine Making 101
  • Moonshine Varieties
  • A Few Reminders…
  • And Much, much more!

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Start Making Moonshine Now!

Probiotics: A Practical Guide To The Benefits Of Probiotics And Your Health

by Bowe Packer

                    “Unfamiliar With Probiotics?”

“Looking To Understand What Probiotics Are?”

                   “Want To Understand The Benefits Of Probiotics?”


This Practical Guide Is Designed For Those That Might Not Really Know What Probiotics Are And How They Can Contribute To Your Good Health.

Believe it or not, there is good bacteria that your body needs and that will play a key role in your overall health. I give you a complete breakdown of this good bacteria and how you can benefit from it in this guide. You will finally learn how:

Probiotics is a safe and healthy addition to your everyday diet and why.

Let’s face it, if we don’t have an understand of what probiotics are then how can we begin to comprehend the benefits they can provide. Discover what probiotics are and how you can benefit from them. The secret to your success will be how

well you understand and apply what you discover in this guide.

Learn what probiotics are and how they can contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. Once you do you will be well on your way to better health.

Here is just a bit of what You’ll Learn about Probiotics.

  • What is Probiotics Anyway?
  • Uses and benefits of probiotics.
  • The good vs. bad bacteria.
  • Probiotics, disease and general wellness.
  • Completing the probiotics puzzle.
  • Foods rich in probiotics.
  • The vital facts about probiotics.
  • Common probiotic doses.
  • Buying guide for probiotic supplements
  • And much more….

Grasping a thorough understand of probiotics and how they can serve you well in your life will be extremely beneficial to you. Discover Probiotics today and be well on your way to better health!.

So, Scroll Up, click the buy button & get started today!

Adolescent Mental Health: Prevention and intervention (Adolescence and Society)

by Terje Ogden

Adolescence is a period of rapid growth, maturing individuality, vulnerabilities and fortitude. Fortunately, most youths go through this period of life in a healthy way, but some do not. Adolescent Mental Health: Prevention and Intervention is a concise and accessible overview of our current knowledge on effective treatment and prevention programs for youths who have developed, or are at risk of developing, mental health problems.

Ogden and Hagen’s introduction to “what works” in the promotion of adolescent mental health addresses some of the most common mental health problems among young people, and how these problems might be prevented or ameliorated through professional and systematic efforts. The volume illustrates contemporary and empirically supported interventions and prevention efforts through a series of case studies, and covers some of the most prevalent mental health conditions affecting today’s youth; externalizing, internalizing and drug use problems. Within an ecological and transactional framework, the book discusses how psychopathologies may develop and the risks and protective factors associated with these. The problem-oriented perspective on risk and mental health problems is combined with a focus on social competence and other protective factors.

Adolescent Mental Health: Prevention and Intervention will be essential reading for students and practitioners in the fields of child welfare and mental health services, and any professionals working with adolescents at risk of developing mental health problems.

Garden Guide – A No Nonsense, No PhD, No Fuss Guide to Great Gardens with Hand-Holding How To’s for Beginners and Straightforward Instruction for Advanced Gardeners

by Sarah Olver

We’ve all admired our neighbor’s gorgeous gardens filled with flowering perennials and longed to recreate their beauty in our own back yard. But if we’re being honest, when it comes to gardening, most of us have no idea where to begin. Additionally, in these economic times, who can afford to hire an expert to come in and do the job for us? That said, regular folks all across North America and Europe are returning to the soil, shovels in hand. With the help of this book, there is absolutely no need to fly blind into the world of green thumbs, perennials, and herbs.The nameâ??Garden Guide: A No Nonsense, No PhD Guide to Great Gardens with Hand-Holding How To’s for Beginners and Straightforward Instruction for Advanced Gardenersâ??truly says it all. Indeed, this book is the hand-holding garden guide that will walk even the most timid novice right through the gardening process from beginning to end.

In addition to straight forward, practical advice in everyday language, you will love the stories and anecdotes Olver shares from her fifteen years of backyard, organic gardening adventures. Easy and entertaining, youâ??ll probably read this book in one sitting, but you’ll reference it for years to come. The beauty of Garden Guide is that Olver divides her advice into two sections: Beginning Gardeners and Advanced Gardeners. No matter what your skill level, there are simple explanations, tips, and tricks that will walk you through every aspect of the garden process. Garden Guide features details such as:

– Everything you need to know about location, from sunlight to drainage to selecting just the right spot

– How to understand soil types, how to amend and condition them

– pH levels and soil testing broken down in simple terms

– Step by Step guide for planning your PERFECT garden no matter where the location

– Fertilizing made manageable with explanations for all those numbers and organic alternatives

– Composting broken down so you can start immediately

– Pests obliterated with loads of organic suggestions

– The basics of garden maintenance from deadheading to dividing perennials

– Loads of helpful website suggestions for purchasing plants online, getting ideas, locating county extension offices, perennial databases and so much more.

– Gardening terms are defined in language you will both understand and remember

If you have time to read only one book on gardening, this is the book to choose. Short enough not to feel like an encyclopedia and just long enough to wet your gardening appetite, Olver has woven basic garden science and practical ideas for everyday people into each page. With her warm, inviting, no-nonsense instruction, you will be amazed how simple and doable gardening really is. Not only will it thoroughly educate you in basic gardening, Garden Guide will send you well on your way toward beautiful perennials gardens and leave you inspired and hungry to begin planting in your own patch of earth.

Self Discipline : Build Self Control, Increase Willpower and Achieve Anything (A Stress Free Book of Self Discipline)

by Mike C. Adams

In this collection of 40 tips, you will learn about the things you can do to achieve self-control and self motivation. Each of the tips is presented in a manner that is easy to understand and incredibly useful. It will be important that when you are looking to introduce these tips in your life that you do setup a course of action that will ensure long term success for you.

From the collection of tips, you will also find that they will pertain to all the critical areas of your life. You can use them for the time you are in the office working on a major business project to do it yourself projects at home. The essentials to motivation are listed there. You will even find information that you can use to help you with motivation so you can avoid outlandish purchases and better maintain your diet and exercise program. This collection will prove to be an invaluable tool to many people and that will be important to keep in mind when you are picking it up for your own personal use.

Take the time to add the tips that are contained in this collection into your life. There will be no denying that it will be full of benefits for you and before you know it, you will noticing a positive change in who you are, as will others in your office and at your home. You’ll find them marveling at how much more effectively you are handling your time, your budget and that you are even getting things accomplished by a deadline.

This is a must have for any professional that wants to find success in the office. Take the first steps and pick up a copy of this book and then follow the tips so you can achieve self-control and better motivation.

Kauai Brief: Quickly Master What You Need to See and Do on the Island of Kauai (Vacation Briefs)

by Trip Stevens

Your Epic Kauai Vacation

Travel Guides come in many forms but when one stands out for sharing much more than conventional wisdom it becomes invaluable. Author Trip Steven’s unmitigated love and aloha for Kauai, Hawaii’s Garden Isle, permeates his travel guide, Kauai Brief.

This is much more than a â??what to see – what to do’ guide. Stevens touches on a few suggestions for lodging but more beneficially he provides links to multiple resources from finding the best airline fares to lodging options and condo rentals to where to buy what are included throughout the book. Rather than list 3 dozen restaurants he supplies the reader with a link to an island- wide comprehensive website that lists all the eateries with menu, location, price and hours. That translates into benefits for the visitor – every detail is current and accessible from your iPhone throughout your stay.

Kauai Brief gives the reader solid information along with straight shooting dos, don’ts and considers for various excursions. The author doesn’t sugar coat what is required to trek into or kayak the Na Pali Coast or to hike the Kalaua Trail. Nor does he write fluff about how easy traveling with toddlers can be. Yes, the Hawaiians love and dote on kids – but his readers are amply warned Kauai is an island; a hefty portion of activities revolve around the water. As a visitor you will spend a great deal of time at more than a few of the 65 stunning beaches that dot the island. Keeping hold of a toddler can try parental patience at the best of times; let alone an inquisitive little one at the beach when you want to relax.

Author Trip Stevens is honest. As a potential visitor to Kauai, be it your first or fifteenth visit, his candor alone make Kauai Brief well worth reading.

Stevens takes the reader through the three completely different areas on Kauai. He shares what he feels are â??must experience’ locations in an easy to read and entertaining style. The reader will get tips and takes on the Garden Isle that no other guide book offers along with needed information on everything from golf courses to lomi lomi massages to planning a destination wedding. As stated earlier, Kauai Brief does not overwhelm the reader; it offers pithy and factual comments and directs you to the best resources to pursue whatever you need for detailed information.

Throughout the book the reader will find any number of budgeting and cost saving tips and alternatives. He gently prods the reader to approach their Kauai vacation in a more open fashion than any travel guide I’ve seen. If you can save hundreds in air fares, car rental fees, accommodations and in the full range of activities on the Island why not make use of them? Included are things like easy-to-follow directions to the Costco and Wal-Mart near the airport so you can stock up on necessities upon arrival. Kauai Brief is jammed packed with these tips.

Throughout the pages are sprinkled wonderful tidbits of modern day legend – things like why there are so many brilliantly colored chickens on Kauai. And that Kauai is the only island on which there are no mongooses – a fact that this long time resident didn’t know. Stevens shares the tale of one of Kauai’s most enduring success stories – that of the Red Dirt T-Shirt. Stevens has the authentic story behind the phenomenon.

Kauai Brief is written with love, with Aloha and with a keen sense of Ohana for Kauai and her people. This shows in Trip Steven’s words and in his stunning photographs. Kauai Brief is a book to be read not only by the traveler but also by those that know Kauai and want to relive treasured memories.

Natural Herbal Remedies Guide: Old World Cures, Health Remedies, and Treatments For Health and Wellness. Includes Recipes for Colds, Allergies, Pain, Sore Throats and Much More!

by Patricia Gardner

Week long Price Drop, Only $1.99 until February 1st. Buy Before The Price Goes Back Up!

Amazon #1 Bestselling Guide with over 5000 downloads. Join The Natural Health Revolution!

Updated With 7 New Cold and Flu Recipes To Fight Off Those Winter Bugs.

Tired of Prescriptions and Ineffective Treatments? Old World Natural Herbal Remedies Are a Reliable, Cost Effective and Non-Toxic Treatment Proven To Boost Your Whole Body and Well Being.

Blessings and Welcome For Joining The Natural Health Movement!

This natural health remedies book was created and published to be your quick and handy go-to guide for when you need it. No fluff here, and you don’t need to be an expert herbalist to make and use these body recipes, just a little common sense is all that is required. Covering a wide range of essential and trusted herb, root and flower remedies that heal and soothe the body. It is not uncommon for many common health ailments to be quite well treated or even cured with daily/weekly persistence and effort.

Among some of the herbs discussed will include common:

  • basil
  • cayenne peppers
  • chamomile
  • ginkgo
  • garlic
  • ginseng and more

    You will learn how to easily treat bruises, cuts, scrapes and heal yourself using safe and natural methods. Whether your at home, the supermarket, or on your family camping trips, your herbal medicine bag will be there too. This easy reference herbalists guide will be a trusted resource for the healing of your body, while enjoying low cost treatments and proven health solutions to improve your life.

    Includes natural remedies for common conditions such as:

  • allergies
  • headaches
  • pain
  • earaches
  • fever
  • anxiety
  • colds
  • sore throats, just to name a few

    Natural herbal remedies have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years! Buy it, Read it, Study it, Use it! These Organic and Natural Methods DO work, and They Will Work For You Too!

    To Your Health and Wellness,


  • The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. A Summary of Gary Chapman’s Book.

    by Best Book Summaries

    The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. A Summary of Gary Chapman’s Book.

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    The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts description:Marriage should be based on love, right? But does it seem as though you and your spouse are speaking two different languages? New York Times bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse’s primary love languageâ??quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

    By learning the five love languages, you and your spouse will discover your unique love languages and learn practical steps in truly loving each other. Chapters are categorized by love language for easy reference, and each one ends with specific, simple steps to express a specific language to your spouse and guide your marriage in the right direction. A newly designed love languages assessment will help you understand and strengthen your relationship. You can build a lasting, loving marriage together.

    Gary Chapman hosts a nationally syndicated daily radio program called A Love Language Minute that can be heard on more than 150 radio stations as well as the weekly syndicated program Building Relationships with Gary Chapman, which can both be heard on

    The Five Love Languages is a consistent new York Times bestseller – with over 5 million copies sold and translated into 38 languages. This book is a sales phenomenon, with each year outselling the prior for 16 years running!

    Beginners Guide To Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

    by Karri Bowen

    This book is a comprehensive guide for beginners into the world of essential oils and aromatherapy. Inside this book you will find:

    — Descriptions, along with their most common uses, for 30 essential oils

    — Explanations and benefits of 16 of the most widely used carrier oils

    — Learn about keeping your family and pets safe while preparing and using your blends

    — How to store your oils so they last for years to come

    — How to avoid getting ripped off and receiving fragrance oils instead of the high quality oils you paid for

    — We’ve included a resource section where you can find reputable sites to purchase great oils and accessories

    — You will learn everything you need to know about mixing and administering your oils in the most effective way

    And because we know you will be â??raring to go’ we have included a special bonus of over 35 of our most favorite recipes. We cover everything from cleaning your house to cures for common aliments to grooming products for both him and her.

    So get this book now and start making your life better through the healing art of aromatherapy and essential oils.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Karri & Julietta

    7 Chakras with the Diet Nutrition Healing Foods and Exercises to Activate or Unlock the Chakras

    by Akila M. Ramses

    Nutrition is a fundamental aspect of the human being. As the culture and consciousness continues to evolve, our physical condition will also change and, consequently, should change our eating habits. However, we believe it is possible to attain enlightenment for the dietary route face a long and arduous road.

    Usually, a vegetarian diet is often recommended in order to develop sensitivity and awareness raising to states ‘higher’, but not a regime recommended for everyone, and may even be harmful, if there is no balance due nutrients.

    The food is basic vibrational properties above and beyond its value as food. So that a dish lovingly prepared by a person of the family is much more beneficial than drawing in a restaurant made fast by a person who hates this job. Furthermore, different types of foods have different vibrational qualities to define fuzzy matches with different levels chakras:

    Law of Attraction : Get to know the importance of positive vibrations with Law of Attraction (Positive Thinking Series)

    by KP Straz

    This e-book on “Law of Attraction” offers powerful insight as to how you can connect to the universe via the vibes that you emit! Whether it is negative or positive vibration that you evoke and let your thought process to be filled with, the universe gets the message and respond back in the same manner. This e-book throws light on the concept of law of Attraction, elaborating the simple methods via which you can conjure this magic in your life, relationships; have been elucidated in detail. Law of Attraction can make you find the right partner, tie the knot with a person and make marriage work. The tips offered can really prove helpful for changing the course of things in life. You get to know how to look at life with positivity, live to the fullest, feel and laugh, making you to love your life and live in a worthwhile way.

    It is not only love and marriage that you get the tips on for using Law of Attraction, you get important insights on how to make things work for improving yourself and observe personal growth. Topics stressing on the importance of goal setting, application of Law of Attraction at the workplace and for making your business to flourish have been dealt within this e-book. To wrap up, you get to peep into the common mistakes that we often make while using LoA (Law of Attraction).

    Why Do People Fall Under The Power?

    by Kenneth E Hagin

    This minibook explores why people fall under the power of God, citing as evidence Church history records from Bible days to today.

    Reflexology How to Make a Good Massage

    by Aaron R. Wilfred

    The Reflexology:
    How to Make a Good Massage?
    A foot massage can be very pleasant, but it is also a good therapy. The feet are very sensitive and delicate, in the soles of the feet are many nerve endings and thanks to a good massage can feel a sense of comfort and relaxation throughout the body.
    If you feel tired, we suggest how to do a massage on the feet, where they will gain immediate improvements in physical and mental status. There are various combinations of Eastern and Western treatments; they are based on pressure stimulation of different areas of the body, such as acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology.
    Reflexology massage lies to make the feet to ease various ailments and stress. Specific areas on the foot representing all body organs and animating these areas can reduce pain, allows the elimination of toxins, prevent disease and other health problems.

    Fat: The Weight Loss Secret: Simple Advice To Lose Weight And Change Your Life

    by K.D. Joseph

    Amazon Bestseller – Over 10,000 Copies Downloaded

    Discover The Special Dietary Role Of Fat To Experience Effortless Weight Loss
    Is it possible that people go about losing weight in completely the wrong manner? What if fat, normally the most feared food group, was actually the best catalyst to rapidly lose weight and become healthier? What if you gave yourself 30 days to find out? 

    Fat: The Weight Loss Secret explains how humans were made to consume large amounts of fat in order to be healthy, and that eating food high in fat actually helps you become leaner and more muscular. Debunking common dietary psychology, K.D. Joseph clarifies how an increased fat consumption can lead to improved health and dramatic weight loss, even without exercise. Are you ready to take the 30 day high fat trial that will change your dietary life? 

    This Kindle edition includes: 

    • A comprehensive explanation of the most important foods to eat 
    • A thorough list of meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert 
    • A simple summary of the most vital steps needed to rapidly lose weight
    • A deliciously varied specific meal plan for a week of eating well while losing an incredible amount of weight at the same time 

    You get all of this for less than you’d pay for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Scroll up and grab your copy now.

    Building A Body Women Crave!

    by Robert Markum

    “Building A Body Women Crave”

    Today only, get this #1 bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Most guys focus on the standard bodybuilding approach to training,

    believing that it will catch a woman’s eye. It won’t. That’s because

    women have a different viewpoint. If a guy wants to catch a lady’s

    eye, he has to build a body that is defined by what she wants. And

    most guys don’t have a clue on what to do. This book tells them what

    to do, and how to do it.

    Fast Track Your Recovery From A Total Knee Replacement: How to Eliminate Pain and Pain Medicine The Quickest Way Possible

    by Michelle Stiles

    Help yourself to a speedy and minimally painful knee replacement recovery. This easy-to-follow book is the result of clinical physical therapy practice in 5 states with hundreds of knee replacement patients over the course of 20 years. Despite most patients getting very similar information instruction and exercises, there is a high amount of variability in speed of recovery and perceived difficulty of the recovery process.

    This book helps you understand and avoid the 5 major pitfalls that ensnare most knee replacement patients and provides you with an easy to use system that leads you through an accelerated path of recovery safely with the least amount of pain and pain medicine possible.

    Potential patients in the 40-64 year old category should especially seek the strategies encompassed in this book. The current rehabilitation system was created 20 years ago to cater to retires.

    Now, many patients have only a narrow time frame to complete their recovery before having to get back to work. Find out how to avoid burning valuable PTO time and wasting money on extra high co-pays for therapy services ($30-$40 per visit). Recovery from a total knee replacement need not be a daunting project filled with doubt, worry and stress.

    Do yourself a favor, take control of the recovery process before you get on the surgical table by educating yourself. You can easily get fast and relatively pain free results by learning simple principles and following the Fast Track program.

    Go ahead, get on the Fast Track now.

    Feel Happy and Stress Free – 25 ways to release stress in everyday life

    by Samir Kunvaria

    Apart from reducing stress you will also learn from this book what is really important in life and how can we make it more meaningful. We have infused lots of stress in our mind due to which we are not able to enjoy the life. After following the steps mentioned in this book you will find new you, who is more calm, who is enjoying each moment and who is alive.

    With simple changes in our day to day life we can reduce the stress level to a great extent. We don’t need to go to mountain or jungles to make such changes. They are so simple and easy to follow that some of you might not understand its impact unless you put in to practice. Author has explained the ways which are practical and beneficial to any person.

    The Mind Shaman

    by Luca Bosurgi

    The mind Shaman follows the compelling journey of Liam, a wealthy young man battling and resolving anxiety, fears and depression, and through his eyes explores the Bosurgi Syndrome, a state of unresolved codependence after puberty. Luca Bosurgi defines for the first time codependency as a natural and healthy instinct until the age of puberty when it is supposed to release itself. If it stays dominant, it keeps a portion of our mind responding to life’s events like it would in a ten year old child.

    The Mind Shaman reveals a new way of releasing codependency as told through the story of a young man’s exploration, discovery and redemption. The novel describes the Bosurgi Syndrome’s magnitude and impact in our society and personal lives. The Mind Shaman opens the readers’ eyes and offers precious tools to permanently clear fears, anxiety, stress, lack of self-confidence, depression, emotional dependency and struggles, and many more symptoms predominant in today’s world.

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    Free war Kindle books for 31 Jan 14

    On Three!

    by Clifton Voshen

    When the hoodlums that killed their son and brother come calling, what do the descendents of a famous Western gunfighter do?

    Before vampires and werewolves captured the public’s attention, and before crime scene investigations, and lawyers and cops, there were Westerns. The nighttime landscape of TV was filled with them – almost every night. A good fist fight or a fast draw resolved most conflicts. This is a modern setting for such a tale.

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    Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Jan 14

    Son of Erin, Daughter of Ruth

    by Mary Blonigen

    In 1872, twelve-year-old John Walsh is sent by his widowed mother to live with his aunt and uncle on their farm in Bath Township, Ohio. The Walshes are Irish immigrants in a community where family ties go back many generations, and their Catholic faith sets them apart from their Protestant neighbors. John is befriended by Ann Miller, the daughter of a well-to-do farmer, but their friendship is threatened by a scandal which has divided the Walsh and Miller families. As they leave their childhood behind, each tries to find a way to overcome the barriers that separate them, and in the process they learn the meaning of family, faith, and love.

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    Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Jan 14

    Poems A Journey of Ages

    by Robert Hicks

    Poems that come straight from the heart, and will touch those that read them.

    SILENCE: and Other Poems

    by Robert F. Needles Jr.

    This poem…scratch that, it is more of a story that I have devised from a video game and semi-popular or popular movie, using some of the characters, but in a way painting a very vivid tapestry of psychological horror, more nightmarish than realistic.

    Written within are a few more poems that I believe stay within such topic, so continue on avid reader.

    So enjoy the ride that is inside, but make sure to grab your pink bunny before falling asleep.


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    Free horror Kindle books for 31 Jan 14

    Anno Zombus: Year 1; July

    by Dave Rowlands

    The seventh epic instalment of a journal of survival after the end of everything…

    Japan of the Dead

    by Thurman Gallows

    ¥100 Digi-Trash!

    Thurman Gallows and Grind Pulp Press deliver a tale from the undead mutant apocalypse. Follow Junichi Saito as he makes his way across a mutated landscape in this Betamax novelization.

    Japan of the Dead, aka Mutant Blood Zone, contains scenes of graphic violence and adult situations. This is a 6,660+ word, one-shot story you won’t soon forget. Get it now for the low price of Â¥100.

    SLICE: seven tales of horror

    by Ty Johnston

    Seven short stories of horror, from the truly gruesome to dark, historical fantasy.

    Struggling with eruptions in his personal life, a college professor suffers from blackouts. What he finds when he wakes is numbing to his soul.

    Killing Just for Fun
    There are worse things than serial killers, as mass murderer Jimmy Bob Haskins discovers. But who is more damned, the killer or the killer of killers?

    Zombie Tears
    A brother’s last recorded words leave behind a message of anguish and hunger, as well as of warning.

    Walking Between the Rain
    She stalks the night in search of prey. She considers herself a vampire. But vampires don’t really exist. Or do they?

    Everyone is Zombies
    Zombies are everywhere. And everyone. But if zombies are everyone, where does that leave you?

    Interlude in Lombardy
    The year is 1892 and in Italy the dark opera Pagliacci has received an encore from its first audience. But is there any truth to the harrowing tale behind the opera? An occultist with mysteries of his own is called upon to find an answer.

    Hot Off the Press
    What happens when everything you write becomes reality? One newspaper reporter finds out. The hard way. And it is the world which will suffer.

    Dumbass Vampire

    by Adam Moon

    This is a 20 page short story:

    Paul is an eight hundred year old vampire who feels only two things: Hunger and despair.

    When he happens upon another like him, he begins to feel something foreign to him: Hope.


    by Michael Bradley

    Paul Donnelly was a middle-aged man living in Wilmington, Delaware. Ryan MacDonald was a police constable in the small Scottish village of Kilborn. They were two men who lived completely different lives thousands of miles apart. But, when Paul’s dying father gives his son an ancient amulet on his deathbed, the two men’s lives become irrevocably intertwined.

    When a series of animal mutilations in and around Kilborn escalates into three brutal murders, Ryan MacDonald discards the local folklore about a curse, and struggles to find a rational explanation for the horrible deaths. Meanwhile, Paul Donnelly, who has been plagued with hellish nightmares since his father’s death, must set aside his doubts and fears to delve deep into his family’s past to discover the secret behind an ancient curse that has haunted his ancestors for centuries.

    As each man searches for answers, a horror from the past has risen from Kilborn Loch seeking revenge on the terrified villagers of Kilborn. And, neither Paul nor Ryan has the power to stop it alone.

    Welcome to Plainfield

    by Shawn Weaver

    Every twenty-five years women go missing in Plainfield, Wisconsin. A city haunted by the legend of the deranged murderer Ed Gein. On the fiftieth anniversary of the destruction of homestead where Gein did his despicable deeds, paranormal investigators Kay Stanley and Anita Harper set out on a day time investigation just to see what evidence they could collect. That is, if any souls still haunted the graveyards and places that Ed Gein did his dirty work.
    Little do they know that the shocking photographic evidence that they accumulated would lead them on a trail of fear and a realization that the torture and torment of those poor souls who had disappeared and suffered horrendous death were bound to repeat it time and time again.
    Horrified at their findings Kay soon realizes that her dreams up to, and following the investigation, are becoming come all too real. Using the last surviving relic of that terrifying house, the Gein family bible, Kay and Anita attempt an EVP session that brings forth more evidence and specter of Ed Gein.
    Trapped in a cycle of reincarnation, Kay is pulled back to the last hours of Ed Gein’s first victim. Leaving Anita to try and find a way to bring Kay back and save her before it is too late, and she suffers the save horrifying death of a young girl fifty years before.
    Can Anita find a way to pull Kay from the darkness of the haunted Gein homestead? Can she rescue the poor souls enveloped in a cycle of reincarnation only to be violated, then killed again and again by the hands of Ed Gein, and the one who drove him to do it. Time is running out for Anita Harper as she must find the truth before the cycle starts again.


    by J.S. Wilsoncroft

    When a psychic moved in the apartment below Shawna, she got excited. She thought it would be cool having her fortune told, but her roommates Kate and Kelly weren’t too thrilled about it, especially when they saw what the old lady looked like, something only Stephen King would dream of. When they, not so willingly, decided to help the old lady move some furniture, she rewarded the girls by telling them their fortune. That’s when all hell broke loose. Dreams became nightmares and nightmares became dreams and in the end it all became a reality!!

    Cursed Bounty

    by Rebecca Besser

    When a zombie bounty hunter is sent to a small western town after bank robbers, things get complicatedâ?¦and deadly for the local sheriff and his men.

    They must fight the battle for moral good against a powerful, corrupt politician and the zombies he controls.

    The Case No One Wanted: Enter Freddies nightmare…

    by by ryan foster

    This first book written by the young British author Ryan Foster tells the story of a humanoid called Freddie who gets given ‘The Case No One Wanted’. Warped and wrapped in mystery, this is a great short story set to catapult into the minds of many, leaving them with answers and disturbance of the memory. Based in the future, this horror mixed with humor book will have you laughing one minute while getting a cold shiver the next. Compelling, interesting and a fantastic read; you really can not wait for the next part of this!

    Man of Blood

    by Robert Sacks

    Raised in a reclusive religious community, Gregor is about to undergo the right of passage into manhood. Unfortunately for Gregor, everything is not as it seems.

    Three Celtic Ghost Stories

    by Tony Walker

    Three Celtic Ghost Stories

    – The Woman at the Door: An American tries to escape his past by buying a remote Scottish Tower House. Soon he has visitors.

    – My Niece Alison: Alison’s uncle receives a request to help her move into an old house built by an ancient standing stone.

    – Dark Water: a man and his friend visit his father who is a clergyman in a remote Welsh village. But in the dark woods there is something older than time waiting for them.

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    Free sports Kindle books for 31 Jan 14

    Legal Performance Boosters: Get Faster, Get Stronger, Get Bigger.

    by Neil Constantine

    Legal performance boosters is packed with up to date tutorials on how to get faster, fitter, bigger and stronger naturally. In summary here are some of the things you’ll learn in this book:

    1. Caffeine – The Only Legal Performance enhancing drug

    2. How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

    3. Do Altitude training to Boost Red Blood Cells/EPO

    4. Boosting Human Growth Hormone naturally

    5. Whey Protein for Maximum Size & Strength

    6. Creatine for Muscle Building

    7. Energy Drinks for Maximum Athletic Performance

    8. Muscle Building for Hard gainers – GALLON of milk a Day

    9. Super Foods for endurance

    Upward and forwards!

    7 Tips For Choosing A Running Shoe

    by Deidre Bevers

    Whether you are new to running and have no idea where to start when it comes to selecting a new shoe or are an experienced runner who knows that the right shoe makes all the difference this book will help your next shoe-shopping experience go smoothly and quickly. It is short and concise with need to know information provided by a local running store specialist. It is informative for those who are new to the field yet provides good nuggets for those who know the drill but lack the specific knowledge or lingo.

    For the Love of the Horse, Volume III – A Selection of True Horse Stories

    by Ann Jamieson

    These amazing horse stories explore the beautiful and timeless bond between horses and humans. The true horse stories illustrate the many facets of the horse:human connection. They include horse rescue stories, a variety of horse breeds, and a variety of riding disciplines. Each horse story will amaze you with its wisdom, love and sincerity. The horse is seen as a teacher, as a therapist, as a friend and a family member. He is a partner in athletic pursuit, a friend who is there when no one else seems to care. The short horse stories for children and adults are not just for dyed in the wool horse lovers, but for any animal lover. Pet lovers of all kinds will love these amazing animal stories.

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    Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Jan 14

    LANCEJACK (The Union Series)

    by Phillip Richards

    Andy Moralee is no longer the young and terrified recruit who had last set foot upon New Earth two years ago. Decorated for his bravery during the final hours of the invasion and promoted to lance corporal, he is still troubled by his memories and haunted by nightmares. He finds himself unable to cope with life back on Earth, and so he returns to the red planet, the only place where he feels he belongs.

    But New Earth has changed as well. A growing insurgency threatens to turn the planet into a battleground once again, but this time the enemy has the ability to melt away into the population, and even turn the Union’s weapons against them. Nobody can be trusted, even old friends.

    Quickly swept up in the gathering storm Andy finds himself in the command of a section that resents his early promotion, and during the battle that follows his leadership, his loyalty, and even his faith in his comrades are put to the ultimate test in the face of an enemy that will stop at nothing.

    Published by The Electronic Book Company.

    Save Me (Life After the Outbreak)

    by LJ Baker

    Andi was doing just fine on her own. Sure the world had been hit with an outbreak that turned anyone infected into flesh eating zombies. Not to mention that everyone she ever loved was now dead. She was alive though, taking care of herself. She had little desire to indulge in building relationships with anyone. People just couldn’t be trusted. Whether they screwed you over intentionally, or just managed to get themselves killed, no one stuck around for very long. She didn’t need anyone else either. That was until Will showed up to save her.

    Will, with his sparkling green eyes, lips you just wanted to taste, and insanely adorable crooked smile, wasn’t letting Andi get rid of him so easily. Yet still, Andi did everything she could to push her feelings, and Will, away. The more time they spent together though, the more difficult that became. In a world where another day was not something you could count on, wasting even a single moment, could mean missing out on your only chance for happiness.

    Humanastra II: Whispers & War Machines

    by RJ Grey

    Tajna has become a broken and dangerous place since the arrival of outsiders from beyond the sky. The Order reacts with deadly intent, punishing those disloyal within the Cities. Dija’s champion and the human invaders postpone their quest of leaving the planet, instead recruiting new allies and building an army of their own. The forces of the Order and the free voices of the rebels collide in an action-packed epic that reveals more of Tajna’s deep mystique and the goddess’s capacity for cruelty. Everyone will fight, many will die, and nobody will be the same.

    “Humanastra II: Whispers & War Machines” is the second installment of the Humanastra series and further explores the many personalities and oddities of Tajna. Experience rare, introspective glimpses into the Order’s most notorious characters, as well as the deepening connections between the human and nyri protagonists. Uncover the mysteries surrounding Tajna’s past while joining in the fight for the planet’s future, and celebrate the storied impulses of romance and pain that make us all human.

    For those seeking a deeper experience into the Humanastra universe, please visit

    To learn more about the series or the author, visit RJ Grey on Facebook or Twitter (@rjgr3y).


    by Bart Gnarly

    Zombie Books is the incredible post apocalyptic story of Kyle Moore. Kyle is a 20 year old high school dropout living in Cheney Washington. He is considered a no good loser by the other residents until after the zombie apocalypse where he is one of the few remaining survivors. Contrary to popular belief he is very smart and has mad survival skills which help him thrive in a very dangerous new world. Kyle Moore becomes a zombie hunter who is determined to rid his town of all the undead and becomes the protector and local hero of the last people left alive there.

    Outpost Pilot Episode (Outpost Season One)

    by Finnean Nilsen Projects





    Brennick Maximum Security Prison, one of the most dangerous places on earth. Populated with fifteen hundred of the most vicious offenders in the western hemisphere.

    The guards watch their every move, weapons ready. The Warden rules with an iron fist.

    But they’re about to find that the real threat is coming.

    It’s here.

    And it’s from outside the walls…

    Outpost Episode 2 Out of the Darkness (Outpost Season One)

    by Finnean Nilsen Projects





    Night has fallen on Brennick Maximum Security Prison, and with it a hoard of the undead have descended upon the prison. They’re out for blood, for living flesh, and the only supply left is inside the thick walls.

    The guards. The cooks. The administrators. But most of all, the prisoners. Fifteen hundred of the worst violent offenders the world has to offer. Locked up in their cells.




    But for how much longer, none of them know…

    New Sion

    by Diana Green

    Pretending to be a man isn’t easy. Finn Colville has pulled it off for years, but things get complicated when she falls for her new bounty hunting partner, Eamon Sullivan. On the planet New Sion, it’s against the law for a woman to wear pants and carry a gun, much less shoot people for a living. What will happen if Eamon discovers her secret?

    On a backwater planet, at the edge of a galactic war, one man, one woman, and one desperate alien cross paths. Together they embark on the road trip of a lifetime, bound for revelation and redemption.

    Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

    New Sion by Diana Green is a well-crafted story with believable characters of many different alien races. It is easy to feel Finn’s emotions as she loses her home and family, then as she attempts to hide her true identity and finally as she falls in love. Green creates a world with humor and depth that explores the notions of what it means to be free and how much people depend on themselves, others, and their place in the world. Enjoy a variety of emotions and outlooks as Finn follows her dreams and her heart in New Sion.

    Flying Saucer Stories

    by David B. Riley

    This is a collection of the author’s stories and a few poems which tend to take on the theme of some aspect of extraterrestrial visit. Keep in mind, these aren’t your pappy’s flying saucer tales. If you’re looking for alien abduction crap, this ain’t the place. In these stories, when aliens get a load of life on earth, they’re more than likely to want to head back home.

    Black Hole Blues

    by Patrick Wensink

    J. Claude Caruthers is country music’s biggest star and Kenny Rogers’ worst nightmare.

    Now, J. Claude hasn’t slept for weeks. His insomnia comes courtesy of his quest to complete Nashville’s most ambitious project: Caruthers is writing a love song for every woman’s name on Earth. But since getting stuck on the last name in the book, Zygmut, Caruthers’ life has been miserable.

    Life gets much worse when his estranged brother, Lloyd, inadvertently creates a black hole in a top-secret physics lab. Lovesick and lonely, Lloyd sets out to reconnect with his brother and find love before the world ends. As the black hole swallows the planet, the brothers discover that only one person who can stop the apocalypse and help J. Claude finish his songwriting odyssey is their missing sister, Zygmut.

    Told through a kaleidoscope of perspectives that include the Caruthers brothers, J. Claude’s guitar, a club sandwich, and even the angry, foul-mouthed particle that birthed the black hole, Patrick Wensink’s Black Hole Blues is a hilarious double helix of country music and physics.

    Inherit the Sea: Danglers: Book One

    by Studio Dongo

    New Holland is coming. This submerged city of organized lawlessness built to cruise the international waters of the world will soon be making its way to a port near you, but before it can even be constructed, the wealthy Kuglers will have to be talked into sponsoring the project by young Mick, who has just married into the family.

    In Book One of the Danglers Series, we meet a global cast of characters: the maritime architect who designed drilling platforms before being hired to build a tsunami-proof apartment complex in Tokyo Bay; two computer hackers from Juarez who commit the wrong crime at the right moment; a medical researcher in New York who refuses to share her latest breakthrough with her corporate sponsor; and a bodybuilder in Amsterdam who unwittingly applies for a job that will change his life when he agrees to help clean up someone else’s mess in the Red Light District. All the while, we learn more and more about the enigmatic Ruth Kugler, heiress to a family fortune that can be traced back to twelfth-century Vienna.

    Credicombe Up (Credicombe Trilogy)

    by James Watt

    The undeclared war between the management and the scientists at the National Advanced Research Facility at Credicombe Down had inhibited progress in scientific research for years. Some of the researchers had managed to progress despite financial restraints and bureaucratic obstruction. The fledgling British space programme perceived by management as a satellite building project had pressed ahead with a far more ambitious endeavour. The true nature of their work would be more adventurous than the conservative management were prepared to support and so the progress was achieved by stealth and deception. They are forced to accept assistance from some unlikely sources and receive support from unexpected agencies.

    Intrusive regulations and aggressive management control conspire to distract the scientists from their main tasks. Undaunted the team find ways to circumvent the problems of their situation.

    In the face of obstruction by the internal agencies of safety, security and career development the progressive team battle to meet a deadline set by external events. To make matter worse the security clamp down threatens to expose their secret project to the enemy, their own management, before they are ready ‘to go public’. Their own security is challenged and threatened by a professional ‘spook’ with no interest in the science involved. There is, however, a way to engage the interest of even the most committed Luddite.

    Ball Busters Chapter Two (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Tyre, Lebanon

    The adventure to change his life began with a bang! Tex Arcana was locked inside the pilot’s pod of his latest invention, a MOTHER symbiotic machine. The incredible earthmover was currently beneath thirty feet of azure water at the ancient causeway that connected the abandoned island to the city of Tyre. All morning long, he with two native lady scientists and a crew of a half-dozen local men had been working diligently on the sea floor.

    And then the miracle came like a bolt out of the blue. He moved the next huge stone block from the wall before him and then he caught a glimpse of a large trail of gold coins on the sea floor. They shined in the sunlight coming through the silt-clouded water like a street leading to heaven. He moved in for a closer look. The disturbing image on the glittering discs was of a malevolent man. His wavy hair was spiked up like twin horns on a human devil.

    Suddenly, something went wrong. A huge block from the top of the causeway fell on him. The three ton stone broke the airtight seal of the submersible. The lights went out along with the video link. His eyes were blinded by the spray. He was trapped and sea water was rushing into the compartment.

    Beyond the Terminator (The Rocketeers)

    by Gavin Chappell

    On the light side of Scartaris, the sun never sets. An entire continent is taken up by the prison planet Administration. Few people know how terrible life is on the dark side.

    Some Administration workers have heard rumours. When Gerald and his friends speak of the horrors they have faced, they learn that they have a sympathetic ear amongst social reformers.

    But is all as it seems? Will the youths be able to bring down the corrupt Planetary Controller Boron? Or do they have another agenda to follow?

    Part 17 in THE ROCKETEERS

    Boiling Point Chapter Three (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Damascus, Syria

    Will Holyfield the foreman for the famous millionaire said, “You know Tex. It wouldn’t kill you to get a hair cut. Pony tails belong on horses and little girls, not on a real man.” The barbershop was three blocks away from the high rise hotel. Tex was about to cross the road when a street beggar accosted him. As usual, he reached into his pocket while he paused to talk to the stranger. She was a teenager.

    Suddenly the spirit of Honey appeared behind the Arab teenager. The glory of his comatose wife surrounded the young woman with a heavenly aura. He faced the girl and began to cry with compassion. Tex spoke to his wife, “I love you. What do you want from me?” The girl began to weep too as she said, “I need help, please.”

    Then there was an explosion and a deafening roar. The renovated building collapsed into an excavation pit next to it. Three barbers and every patron were killed. The concussion smacked Tex like a rogue cyclone.

    Bullets & Paint Brushes

    by Kit Volker

    Five weird western adventures. Join African American marshal Johnnie Watts as he tries to protect a Confederate prisoner from angry ghosts. Venture to 1880s San Francisco to see artist Molly Kincaid give art lessons to ghosts and Martians.

    Crazy Christians Chapter Fifteen (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Petra, Jordan

    Queen Lenore encouraged him, “Never give up. You are so close.” “I never quit,” said Tex with a grin on his handsome face. He could hear the sound of the rope lowering the target back into place. Then he focused his spirit on the task at hand. He swung with all of his might. Tex hit the piñata and then it exploded with candy and fireworks. A tiny rocket grazed his ear leaving a scorch mark. The shockwave knocked him on his butt. The three women screamed in shock and dismay. The kids cheered as they scrambled to pick up all of the candy raining down in the old throne room. The men stood their ground like carefree gods. On queue, the orchestra launched into a victory tune. During the split second flash, Tex heard a verbal vision from heaven. The living words painted a saga in the spirit. He was instantly in the past with King Solomon of Israel and King Hiram of Tyre on their last voyage to Ophir.

    The verbal picture was narrated by Honey Arcana, but the person that Tex was focused on was the eldest daughter of Solomon. He somehow knew that her mother was Shulamith the princess bride from the Song of Songs. The young woman’s name was Sulmina. Her inner and outer beauty was beyond compare. In the wink of an eye the royal fleet was docked in the legendary land of gold. The new faithless ruler of Ophir hated Solomon and Israel, so he promised that there would be no more shipments. Ebony slaves loaded the golden cargo that was in the shape of six foot long rods and teardrop cannon balls. One small ship almost sank on the return voyage. After docking at the city of Ezion-Geber, the tiny ship was hoisted into dry dock for repair. The Israeli soldiers loaded the gold onto a well-guarded royal caravan. There were hundreds of pack animals, camels and wagons. King Hiram told Solomon honestly that he was also tired of giving to Israel. Then the caravan was attacked on the shoreline by Edomites. The empty ships were burned and then they sank beneath the waves. Hundreds of soldiers were killed by the sword. The kings and the royal guards escaped on horseback to the north. The treasure laden wagons were spirited away by the thieves.

    Inside of the vision, Tex fell in the path of the fleeing royals. The daughter of Solomon alone saw him. She tried to comfort him in her arms like a young mother. Sulmina whispered to Tex, “Praise God the Father of mercies. Now I can be free from the doomed destiny of my greedy father, the Preacher. He calls himself Ecclesiastes, but he is too late for me.” As the young woman ran away Tex asked the spirit of his wife, “Did she survive? What happened to Sulmina?” Reality slowly overcame him as Honey answered, “She escaped to her mother’s relatives in the vineyards of Baalhamon. She abandoned living in a palace for a real life overflowing with love, security and blessings.”

    Customer Service Scientist

    by Aaron Frale

    Len discovers Time Travel.

    This is another part in a collection of stories. Suggested reading order:

    Sperm Donor for a Cosmic Paradox

    Customer Service Scientist

    Cute Boots Chapter Thirteen (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Beersheba, Israel

    Tex strongly suggested that he and little Miss Payne use his new Hover MOTHER machine to elevate to their desired altitude. It was an antigravity diving platform that was designed for emergency air and sea rescues. She agreed and then she set the rules down for the game, “We will dive from 10,000 feet. The goal is for speed and accuracy. The first one to land on the target is the winner.” He asked, “What is the target?” She pointed at the glimmering hot tub in the back of Count Sago’s white limousine, “There.”

    After a few minutes of preparation, the two of them ascended on the Hover MOTHER to the height of ten thousand feet. They found it easier to kneel facing each other than to stand. The star-shaped ten foot around disc seemed to be lighter than air. The few tiny white clouds fell beneath them as they rose higher than the eagles. Just before the meter read 10,000 feet, she leapt off. Tex shrugged his shoulders and then he jumped as if he were doing a cannon ball into a big pool. He dropped within a few yards of her and he waved. He was bigger and his streamlined outfit gave him greater aerodynamics than the curvaceous girl. He got to within arm’s reach of her, and then she pulled the handle of his parachute. It deployed and he was jerked up as if he were a puppet on strings. She laughed at him to scorn. He shook his head as he watched the girl point her body like an arrow at the fast approaching ground. Then he activated the remote for the Hover MOTHER machine. It obeyed his every command like a magic bullet.

    He stepped gracefully onto the platform and then he lay face down and flat against the surface. He pressed a set of buttons and then the impossible happened. The thing began to fall like a broken elevator. It plummeted through the air with a loud whistling noise that scared the crowd to bits. The women screamed in horror. The rich men took cover behind their expensive butlers. The common people fell to their knees and sucked dirt as they prayed for deliverance. Amanda felt the down draft as Tex passed her within a few feet. She spun wildly out of control for a few seconds. But she did not know what caused the curious turbulence. By the time she recovered, she saw the target in sight. She pulled her chute and aimed for the white rectangular limo.

    Then she heard the crowd shout and a cloud of dust erupted from the target itself. She could not stop her descent to ascertain the reason for the disturbance, so she remained on her guard as she chose a direct approach for landing. One glance behind her told her that Tex was nowhere in sight. She had won. Then she gasped in horror and her eyes gaped open. The landing platform was now the new hood ornament on Count Sago’s limo. Tex was lounging in the hot tub with his chute billowing out behind him. In his hand was a bottle of champagne. She dropped into the warm water beside him and he caught her in his strong arms. He offered her the bottle. She took a big swig. And then she spit the warm sweet liquid all over his face. He said, “You almost killed me. Thankfully the emergency thrusters on the platform kicked in at the last second. I guess I’ll have to buy the count a new car, though.” Count Sago came over then shouting and applauding, before he said to his surprise guests, “That was the most outrageous performance of aerial tricks I have ever seen. You are without a doubt a devil, Mr. Arcana. You do not need to buy me a new limo. With the money that I won betting on you, I will buy a fleet of stretch limousines. Ha ha.”

    Dogged and Flogged Chapter Nineteen (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Nineveh, Iraq

    Tex Arcana had become a nightmare creature. He remembered becoming drowsy while reading the book of Revelation. And then everything went silent as the grave and black as death. His soul died for an instant of time. Now he saw the world of the past from a sea monster’s eye view. He was a blue dragon with a serpentine body ten leagues long. His deep hunger could only be satisfied with vengeance. He stared down his prey and opened his mile-wide maw. He choked down the city of gold and its wicked inhabitants. Death and destruction came to all as if frozen in time. Then the serpent slowly evaporated. It returned to the earth as it became mud and clay. The gods of ancient Assyria watched from the nearby mountains. They feared the wrath of the one true God more than anything. The male and the female sphinx and the gryphon took their revenge. The terrible trio tore asunder the olive tree that grew beside the river of life-giving water. But they could not kill it or destroy it.

    Ages flashed by in the wink of an eye. The tree always grew back bigger and better. The Babylonian gods with dual shapes hid in the deep recesses of the earth. The gryphon had an eagle’s head, body and wings; plus he had a lion’s claws and tail. The gynosphinx was a giant eagle’s body, a lion’s claws and tail with a woman’s head and bust. Likewise, the androsphinx had a lion’s body, an eagle’s wings with a man’s head and chest. Their worshippers dwindled until they were almost extinct. Their temples fell into ruin never to be built again. The ageless gods waited knowing that their seeds of discord must produce a harvest. Honey Arcana drew her husband’s spirit back to the reality of today as she said, “The interpretation of the vision is this. The blue dragon is the Tigris River. The city was Nineveh in Iraq. Its treasures are in the river’s floor.”

    Doomed Dancer Chapter Sixteen (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Babylon, Iraq

    “We haven’t heard from Mr. Arcana in three days,” explained Margo Magdalene the High Councilor of Rare and Precious Artifacts in Iraq. “Break that door down now!” her legal secretary Jeri Boam ordered the hotel manager. “He could have been kidnapped, murdered or worse,” implored Tex’s newest sidekick Wendy. It was the third young woman’s heartfelt plea that finally moved the manager to action. After unlocking the dead bolt of room 626 with his pass key, he kicked in the door which broke the chain. Tex was unconscious on the floor. The great American philanthropist and inventor was sprawled face down wearing just his boxer shorts and cowboy boots. He was murmuring unintelligible words as if he were talking to his comatose wife. It was not a language of this earth. The phone and TV were unplugged. The bed had not been slept in. The shades were closed tight. He was acting delirious as Wendy felt him for vital signs. Then she flipped him over. She said, “I think that Tex has been drugged.” “Or he’s really drunk,” said Jeri as she shook her head. Margo touched his brow as she said, “Either way he’s as high as a kite.” The manager summed up their thoughts as he said, “I wonder what Mr. Arcana is thinking right now.”

    The spirit that was the real Tex was floating on a cloud. His senses were supernaturally infused and he was suffering from Double Vision. God gave Tex a mental map. His spiritual eyes were looking over ancient Babylon. The city was at the height of its splendor during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar. The modern buildings did not exist yet. Honey Arcana was hugging her husband on that cloud that hovered above the tallest spire of the royal palace and pleasure dome. She was dressed like a dancer in the doomed king’s royal harem. She was whispering instructions to him. In return, he whispered words of love as he drank in the glory that emanated from her pure spirit.

    Extra Mile Chapter Nine (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Salem, Israel

    Tex and Dahl ran screaming from the giant sewer crocodile. The scaly thing was over thirty feet long from its snout to the tip of its scarred tail. It could easily swallow a man whole. Tex emptied his revolver into the thick skull of it, but to no avail. She tugged on his sleeve for more speed as he tried to reload. He stooped down to retrieve the MOTHER spider that had been sent to scout ahead of them earlier that morning. The putrid sewer tunnels led down to a dead end. The couple skidded to a halt at the end of the line. Then they heard the offal tinged water draining into an opening in the floor at their feet. It was an ancient city well that had obviously gone bad. The croc followed on their heels until it fell into a cleverly hidden pit in the floor.

    It was skewered to death on the points of a hundred wooden stakes. Its death throws and gargled screams filled the air. Then all was silent. Suddenly the laughter of a madman came from behind them. A living skeleton approached without any sense of care for the couple. He was carrying a long pole with a noose on one end and a sharpened spike on the other end. Judging from the greenish ichor stained on the pole, he had been hunting many wild sewer crocs for some time now.

    Flaming Fagots Chapter Eleven (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Vale of Siddim, Israel

    On the first morning they explored the northern part of the Dead Sea for the lost city of Admah. Almost at once Tex and Dahl gasped in disbelief at the incredible sight that met their eyes. Jagged spires of salt-encrusted buildings reached up from the floor of the Salt Sea. The white obelisks seemed to reach out for them like a dead giant’s grasping hands.

    Instead of a scream coming after the great intake of air, the couple hugged each other and laughed. Fear was nothing new to them. In fact it had become a way of survival in this strange land with its tapestry past. So many events had led up to the present and yet they all seemed intertwined with each other. It was definitely a divine connection from a supernatural plan.

    Tex gazed around them as he said, “It’s like flying through a milky tornado, but you can’t tell when a cow might jump up and hit you.”

    Gigantic Gonads Chapter Twelve (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Gaza, Palestine

    Tex Arcana gazed through tear-stained eyes as he said, “God help me. I don’t know what is real or not anymore.” The night vision began with Tex as an invisible spirit traveling through time. He saw blind Samson with short dark hair being led by a lad into the Gaza arena. The three thousand wicked people were making sport of him. The five evil kings of Philistia ordered that the wild animals be released. Lions and tigers attacked him, but he defeated them barehanded.

    A rich Hebrew woman in a dark cloak watched from the shadows of the lowest colonnade. She lurked where the two middle pillars held up the four story-tall building that was like the Roman coliseum. She cried at the sight of the once-mighty man of valor being brought so low by his captors. The Philistine lords didn’t want him dead. The five demon-possessed kings wanted to torment the great judge of the Israelites for the rest of his natural life. At the sight of a secret signal, the woman sullenly followed the pagan kings. They left the arena floor for the lower levels. They were going to present her with a huge payment. It was meant to be the final pay off for her special talents and services. Her betrayal of the mighty man weighed heavily upon her grieving heart. She had loved him once upon a time, but money was the god of her future.

    Suddenly, Samson was moved to the place that she had abdicated. He bowed his head to pray before he toppled the two main pillars. The arena fell down like a stone house of cards. As the invisible spirit, Tex was invincible too. He followed the mysterious woman’s path down the ornate stairs. He penetrated through the tons of rubble to the next lower level. He watched the five kings give the reward to the mystery woman. She lowered her hood and she was revealed as Delilah, the only woman that Samson had truly loved. The earth quaked from the arena falling. The Philistine kings realized that they were trapped.

    Lilly Livered Chapter Eighteen (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Susa, Iran

    “A storm is coming!” said Tex as he glanced out the enormous picture window. The swiftly approaching mile-high clouds easily cleared the natural mountain range. A wailing siren sounded from a distant mountaintop. It was as if an air raid was about to strike the Middle East city of Susa, Iran. In the restored palace, Governor Hannibal and Hannah Ashram tried not to act afraid. Yet they knew that a sand storm siren in this part of the world was not a warning; it was a death knell. The happy politician tried to remain calm, but Tex knew that they were happiest being themselves as a wicked king and his disobedient queen. Their friend and consort Sheik Lyle said, “Do not worry, American. It may be hours before we need to seek refuge in the wine cellar. Let us finish this game of billiards. Don’t spoil the evening with dread.”

    For the umpteenth time Tex wanted to punch the smug sheik right in the mouth. The man was an idiot in the natural, but he was a savant for evil and torture. The long haired sheik was strong, handsome and very charismatic. The governor wanted to be like the rogue young man. His simple demeanor was disarming especially to females like the queen of Susa and his new sidekick. But Lyle was evil to the core. Tex’s pretty new sidekick Ty said, “The devil is only trying to steal your heart.” Tex smiled the girl in the eyes and said, “No one can steal or break my heart. It already belongs to God and my wife.”

    New Dawn Fades

    by Richard Gregson

    Manny discovers the body of a pretty young lady on a snow swept street. She is covered in blood but the bag on her back remains in place. In her hand is a large pistol. manny is intrigued, takes the bag and all the information he can find. He himself is an unkempt maverick city dweller.Manny never uses cash unless he absolutely has, being aginst the corporations since he was a child. on discovering the body of a lady he reads the files. This is the story of Audrey Calhoon and her team, of the people who aided her and the people who killed her and the impossible dream.

    Other Man’s Shoes Chapter Ten (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Bethlehem, Israel

    “We’re going to die!” Cole Ashton Duskman shouted at Tex.

    The rich American ignored the panicked man’s words of fear. He was only acting as his temporary pilot in the two-seat aircraft. A piercing cry filled the cabin of the tiny air craft. The Christian mystic instinctively knew that sound. There was an evil spirit in the plane. A slight smell of burning tobacco and dung filled the air. The pungent odors made Tex’s stomach want to turn over and erupt. He said a quick prayer in the name above all names and then he focused his eyes on the controls. The bad smell abated as his passenger squirmed against his seat restraints. The gauges were dead. The control stick was like a slippery python in his grip. He fought against it by trying to pull it closer to his gut. His feet were firmly planted on the aileron’s pedals in hopes to bring the craft into the wind and gain speed. But nothing seemed to be helping. They were falling like a proverbial rock.

    Then Tex spotted the base camp in a field at the foot of a slope. His handsome face broke into a grim grin. He aimed the nose of the plane for it. Duskman almost swallowed his tongue. Then he spat out, “Are you nuts? You’ll kill us and them.” Tex said, “I’m almost sorry that I insisted on filling the tanks. Now we’re stuck in a bomb with wings.” The little plane made a spectacular crash landing in the grassy field. The landing gear was torn off when they impacted the banks of the brook. The plane flipped over onto its top. The tail section dug a furrow in the ground that looked like a grave big enough for two men. Then the wings broke off and the fuel began to spill in torrents. The overheated engine started to smoke. The two men barely escaped with the help of the lady ambassador before the thing exploded.

    R.I.P. It Up Chapter Four (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Mount Carmel, Israel

    It was dusk on the seventh day of drilling in the vineyard on top of Mount Carmel near the ancient Immaculate Heart Convent. The roar of the sea crashing against the cliffs resounded for miles. Low lying cumulous clouds passed by slowly casting their shadows in the heavens. A gibbous moon beckoned the night creatures to come play and prey.

    Suddenly the drill made a loud noise as it encountered something new in the heart of the mountain. An unnatural gust of wind came blowing out from the hole. The sonar revealed a spider web of tunnels and caves. Tex triggered the switch to bring up the drill quickly. The steel rod was eradicated from the depths. Out of the six-inch round hole flew large flakes of gold and hundreds of shards of precious jewels.

    A light appeared behind the men in the truck. The spirit of Honey Arcana shoved both men out of the open windows. They dove out of truck’s cab and got temporarily tangled up in suspended grape vines. Then incredibly, a titanic blast of wind erupted from the opening in the mountain. The steel drill connected to the twenty-ton truck was tossed one thousand feet into the air like a toothpick thrown by an invisible giant. It eventually crashed to the earth a half mile away on the lower slope.

    Riot Squad (Single Shorts Series)

    by Tom Noel-Morgan

    In the not-too-distant future, the world is united under the ruthless Tudor Regime. All nations are ruled by the publically acclaimed saviour of mankind, and they are ruled with an iron fist. Dissidence and sedition are not to be tolerated, and it is up to the Peacekeeper Corps to guarantee that democratic freedoms are not abused by the general gender. But what happens when the captain of a peacekeepers squad, a man as loyal to the regime as could be had, suddenly finds himself questioning his convictions during a seditious protest?

    Single Shorts are a series of standalone short-stories delving into facets of science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal to provoke the imagination and to entertain. Reality meets fantasy as you probe into the human mind and face the challenges of our times with a pinch of surrealism and folklore.

    This episode is a Commonwealth of Planets tale.

    Rites of Passage (Single Shorts Series)

    by Tom Noel-Morgan

    Among the tribes of the genetically engineered Bioroid Nation on distant Terra Nova, the Long Hunt is the ritual trial that distinguishes a boy from a man. Before they can be honoured as true huntsmen by the tribal communities, young bioroids must prove their worth by slaying their first monster-class creature. Only then are they accepted as competent game-wardens worthy of guiding galactic hunters into the unforgiving alien wilderness of Deathworld. This is a perilous and solitary undertaking, wherein a young bioroid takes on the task of tracking and slaying the vicious beast all on his own, proving that he has both stamina and wisdom to withstand the rigours of that alien ecosystem. This is Bapoto’s challenge. This is the task that the young bioroid took upon himself. If he survives, Bapoto will have learned the lesson of the Long Hunt, and will have earned the respect of his people. If he survives…

    Single Shorts are a series of standalone short-stories delving into facets of science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal to provoke the mind and to entertain. Reality meets fantasy as you probe into the human mind and face the challenges of our times, always with a pinch of surrealism and folklore.

    Rivers Of Blood Chapter Five (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Megiddo, Israel

    It was evening and the ruins of Megiddo were lit by a large crackling camp fire. The sounds of nocturnal animals hunting echoed in the air, but ignored by the circle of men and women adventurers. A raven-shaped cloud in the sky passed before the full moon that the starry night. The sweet aroma of s’mores and hot chocolate could not keep out the bitter cold that exuded from the tale told by a stranger.

    His olive skin was deeply tanned. His handsome face was crowned by a mass of wavy red hair and framed by a well-trimmed scarlet beard. His apparel was the robes of a tribal chieftain, yet his demeanor was that of a royal seer. His penetrating eyes saw all of the fears in the group. He could tell that they hung on his every word.

    Tex’s spirit snapped out of the spiritual lethargy when he smelled flowers. It was the scent of Jasmine. And then the angelic face of Honey appeared to him in the campfire flames. She was shaking her head. She was warning him about something or someone, but he could not understand, yet. Then the desert prince leaned toward the American and said, “Listen to my words Tex Arcana. I know the truth, because I was there. I saw the streams of blood flow.” Then the man vanished slowly before their eyes. The women screamed in fright.

    Sand Blasted Chapter Six (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Shechem, Israel

    The earthquake rocked the world just before dawn. The ancient city nestled in the valley was taken off guard. The supernatural attack came as a thief in the night. Tex jumped from the bed in the hotel penthouse. He was a reluctant hero with a tendency to leap before looking. He was only five foot nine inches tall, but he was strong as a bull and tough as nails. His persona was a power packed combination in that he was handsome and true.

    The screams of men, women and children echoed around him within the trembling building. He ran out of his room for the emergency staircase. No one was in there yet. Suddenly the roof collapsed and the stairs were filled with debris and twisted metal. He retraced his steps to his balcony on the sixth floor. He leaned far over the railing to see the tree-line parking lot. His flatbed truck was parked and his equipment was safe. Another tremor rippled through the valley. The balcony began to separate from the building. Windows began to shatter.

    He judged his only option before he stepped up onto the edge. The balcony railing tore loose and plummeted down. He gauged his angle of descent just as he leapt at the nearest palm tree thirty feet below him. The wind whistled over his ears. His body did a freefall to the top of the palm where he crashed through the jagged leaves. He desperately wrapped his arms and legs around the trunk of the palm in order to slow down. The ground came up to meet him with a terrific whoop, and most of the air left his lungs. He cast off the pain and the tiny trails of blood as he lurched to his truck. He pulled off the big black tarp and then climbed aboard one of his newest inventions.

    Scarlet Sand Castles Chapter Seven (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Jericho, Israel

    A haunted fog came over the City of Palms as Tex began the search for the hidden treasure of Jericho. The tendrils of the earth-bound cloud crawled from the banks of the Jordan River towards the ancient ruins of the old city. Dawn was just over the eastern horizon, but it seemed like an eternity away.

    Tex and Dahl were in a new two-seater submersible MOTHER machine diving in the Jordan River. A recent rain and the busy river traffic caused the waters to be filled with silt. It was like swimming in liquid mud. They could not see their hands or metal robotic arms before their faces. They had to rely totally on the MOTHER’s radar and sonar scopes to navigate. Dahl was afraid that she would touch one wrong button and get them killed.

    “The scope shows a small outcropping up ahead,” said Tex as he maneuvered them closer. Her heart raced as she scanned the display and said, “It’s just a bunch of rocks on the river floor.” He smiled broadly as they hovered above the objects and then he recited from memory, “In the book of Joshua chapter four and verse nine it says, And Joshua set up twelve stones in the midst of the Jordan in the place where the feet of the priests bearing the Ark of the Covenant had stood. And they are there to this day.” She hugged him quickly and gasped before she said, “Great Jehovah. A few of the stones have fallen. It looks like an arrow pointing towards the old city.” He moved the controls for them to surface as he said, “It is a marker that Joshua set up to show where the Children of Israel crossed on dry land. It points towards the original location of the old city and Rahab’s house in the wall.”

    Smoking Guns Chapter Eight (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Bethel, Israel

    The young nun locked the door of the sanctuary behind them before they descended a set of stairs. The light of her lantern shined in a circle ten feet around them. They strolled by the bodies of saints from the past. It was spooky and cultural, but not as exciting as Dahl had hoped it would be.

    The trio moved deeper into the catacombs under the Byzantine church. They were in an area of the tombs with many ancient caskets of stone and bronze. The golden light reflected from the engravings like liquid fire. Their attention was drawn to one of the most magnificent tombstones in the place.

    “The silver name plate has not tarnished after all these years,” said Dahl as she held onto Tex’s other hand. Carrie said, “An oil lamp and an open scroll are the seal of Samuel.” “Which Samuel?” asked Tex as he pressed first the lamp and then the two sides of the scroll.

    Suddenly the front of the casket popped open as the seal was broken. Inside of the ancient stone coffer were over a dozen scrolls in protective gold cylinders. The fabric of the scarlet interior had rotted away to spider webs. The trio moved in close to inspect the hidden trove. Dahl hugged Tex as she gave him a smack on the cheek. She said, “Tex you big dunder head. You just accidentally discovered a treasure left behind by Samuel in one his ancestors’ graves.”

    Yellow Bellied Chapter Seventeen (Dr. Tex Arcana)

    by Scott F Neve

    Ur, Iraq

    “How dare you insult me and my family like this?” roared Charlotte the matriarch of Ur, Iraq. Suddenly the leading women of Ur society began beating the living tar out of Tex. He dared not defend himself or attack the three generations of irrational women. Deep down, he knew that he must have caused the whole mess. But for the life of him, he could not fathom the reason why.

    “How in hell did this happen?” Tex asked his soul in desperation. Meat and hummus, tea and wine, spoons and knives were flying from everywhere at him. A raw egg thrown by the cook hit him in the head. The gooey white and yolk dripped down his handsome face. He began to wipe it off with his red bandana. And then he remembered vividly the truth of how it all began.

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    Transparent Universe

    by S.F. van der Meulen


    Transparent Universe creates a three dimensional model of the Universe which explains all natural phenomena. Cosmology from particle to black hole using natural particles. Unlike today’s scientific models of particles which are intelligently designed and do not actually exist in nature. Transparent Universe has a revolutionary way to perceive the Universe in an all natural method.

    The human brain is by far more powerful than chalkboard mathematical equations. In the last 90 years the scientific model for the Universe has made little to no progress and today’s mathematical physicists have misconstrued fiction into facts. There are no special particles, the Higgs Boson doesn’t actually exist. Mainstream science makes use of intelligently designed particles which nature simply doesn’t build. There are no special dimensions. Time is just a mathematical tool. Time does not exist in the reality of nature. They have calculated themselves into a never ending building block that becomes ever smaller without an end. Today’s models are merely mock up models of particles and atoms and do not actually behave as such. Everything in the Universe is a shape. And not just any shape but that of a sphere. The book Transparent Universe creates a three dimensional model of particles, atoms and the Universe. Which a human mind can fully understand without the need of mathematical equations. This is the power of the human mind. A theory they can not code using chalkboard equations. However you can fully understand as the nature of the human mind is flexible. See light for what it is as you visualize your way into understanding the Universe. From a non intelligently designed, natural particle point of view.

    One very well known mathematician once build a theory that is still in use today. His words, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Such as it is, we won’t beat nature at its own game. Mathematics is merely shortcuts in the reality of nature. We can only hope to mimic the power of nature.

    As Transparent Universe is a book, there is another theory written inside. The second theory explains human nature from an instinctual point of view. The theory explains why not all humans are happy in today’s world. Why respect is key to happiness. A demonstration of respect versus a darker way of life and ultimately how humans can achieve real respect.

    Zebras – Sandie Lee Books

    by Sandie Lee Books

    Sandie Lee Books presents another amazing children’s picture book.

    In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts!

    Also: make sure you pay attention when you’re reading because you will be tested with 5 tricky questions at the end of the book!

    This book is perfect for a “read-along” learning experience with your child.

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    Biology: Explaining Digestion and the Digestive System

    by Jonathan Clark

    The facts about the digestive system are nothing short of surprising, if not astounding. For example about ten litres of fluid are secreted into the digestive tract every day, this includes saliva (from the mouth); stomach juices (such as hydrochloric acid); bile (from the gall bladder in the liver) and pancreatic juice (from the pancreas).

    Also, the stomach produces juices which are very acidic (they are about pH2), and actually contain hydrochloric acid (remember that one from school science lessons?).

    Not only that, but the length of the human digestive tract is about nine metres – so it is about five times longer than the average human height; imagine all of that tubing coiled up inside you!

    In this age of obesity and poor quality food and drink bombarding us from all sides; I think it would be a good idea for Biologists and non-Biologists alike, to get an overview of what the digestive system is and how it functions. I really believe that knowing and understanding these kinds of things can better your well-being and health, through allowing you to make smarter choices when you eat; or when you feed your loved ones.

    I would also like you to wonder at the facts I laid out at the start; and to consider that our digestive system usually manages to cope fairly well with whatever we throw at it; whether it is a curry and rice; a chocolate bar; a Thanksgiving supper; and few pints of beer; and so on. That is really something to marvel at: I will next present to you: the human digestive system!

    Bulls – Sandie Lee Books

    by Sandie Lee Books

    Sandie Lee Books presents another amazing children’s picture book.

    In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts!

    Also: make sure you pay attention when you’re reading because you will be tested with 5 tricky questions at the end of the book!

    This book is perfect for a “read-along” learning experience with your child.

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    Teleportation, from science fiction to science fact

    by Zoe Greener

    Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to be teleported just like in Star Trek? Amazingly, not only is it possible, but scientists at this very moment are doing such experiments!

    Ever since the TV series Star Trek introduced the idea of teleportation from one place to another via a matter transporter, many of us have been fascinated with the prospect that one day this may become reality. It’s true to say that Star Trek wasn’t the first time the concept of a transporter was used in a sci-fi series, film or book, but it is without doubt the catalyst which sparked the public imagination for this type of travel in real life. This book looks at the scientific processes and progress that has taken place which will take the Star Trek transporter from sci-fi into reality.

    Staggeringly enough scientists have now started teleporting particles exactly in the same way the Enterprise transporter does, opening up the possibilities for human teleportation within a comparatively short number of years.

    This book takes you through the history of the discoveries which have lead scientists to build that teleportation device, and explains in layman’s terms exactly how it works. It delves into some of the most complex theoretical principles of science but in a way easily understood by anyone who has even a basic knowledge of science.

    This book also looks at the most controversial and serious aspect of teleportation, and why it may stop anyone wanting to travel in such a way. By the time you have finished reading this book, you may well decide that the monetary costs are cheap in comparison to the human cost.

    Additional information;

    The author is now in the process of writing the next book in the series ‘science fiction to science fact’ (The Star Wars lightsaber, from science fiction to science fact), which will be published on Amazon.

    Tropical Fish Breeding: The Beginners fishery guide…

    The book enlightens you on the preparation and breeding of popular tropical fishes, either as pets or otherwise. it breaks down the process so that just about anyone can do it…

    Ostriches – Sandie Lee Books

    by Sandie Lee Books

    Sandie Lee Books presents another amazing children’s picture book.

    In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts!

    Also: make sure you pay attention when you’re reading because you will be tested with 5 tricky questions at the end of the book!

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    Piglets – Sandie Lee Books

    by Sandie Lee Books

    Sandie Lee Books presents another amazing children’s picture book.

    In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts!

    Also: make sure you pay attention when you’re reading because you will be tested with 5 tricky questions at the end of the book!

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    Sea Otters – Sandie Lee Books

    by Sandie Lee Books

    Sandie Lee Books presents another amazing children’s picture book.

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    Raccoon – Sandie Lee Books

    by Sandie Lee Books

    Sandie Lee Books presents another amazing children’s picture book.

    In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts!

    Also: make sure you pay attention when you’re reading because you will be tested with 5 tricky questions at the end of the book!

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    Free romance Kindle books for 31 Jan 14

    The Token (New Adult Dark Romance, #1)

    by Marata Eros

    From the NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author, Marata Erosan Amazon TOP 100 New Adult bestsellerTHE TOKEN 2 Download: THE TOKEN 3 available now! Download:                             Twenty-two year old Faren Mitchell hears the two words that change her abbreviated life forever. They’re so final Faren decides she has nothing to lose by seizing every remaining moment of what life has to offer.
    Until Faren collides with a motorcycle ridden by billionaire Jared McKenna.

    Even the dark secret of her past and catharsis as a physical therapist can’t save Faren from the sexual spiral that waits for her in the arms of a man who commits to no one. When circumstances force her to get a second job as an exotic dancer, Faren never imagines how close that choice will bring her to the brink of a new reality she is unequipped to handle.*This is volume one in a novella serial. Each volume is app. 20-25,000 words.
    Disclaimer: This story contains sexual themes, situations, profanity and violence. Ages 17+.Volumes 1&2 on sale now!

    After Wimbledon

    by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

    A British chick lit / romantic comedy novel about tennis, romance, family and having the guts to move on to a new phase of your life.

    After 12 years on the pro. tennis tour and four years with her sort-of boyfriend, Lucy Bennett has had enough. She wants real life… and real love.

    Her life, her decision. Right? Well, no one else seems to think so. With opinions on all sides, Lucy’s head is spinning. And she’s stumbling right into the arms of long-term crush and fellow player Sam. Shame her boyfriend – his arch-rival – would sooner smash a racquet over their heads than agree to a simple change of partners.

    As the Wimbledon Championships play out, Lucy fights for her life on and off the courts. The question is: what will she be left with after Wimbledon?


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    Praise for Jennifer Gilby Roberts:

    ‘The writing was excellent, the plot was very engaging and the characters became friends you hated to leave behind.’

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    ‘It takes heart and soul to write, but it also takes a laundry basket of other talents to write a truly readable and enjoyable book. Ms Roberts appears to have the basketful at her disposal. I am anxiously awaiting the next offering from her.’

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    After Wimbledon is a sports romance / chicklit kindle book, set around the Wimbledon tennis Championships.

    Novel (approx. 70,000 words, 250 Kindle pages), suitable for age 16+ (sexual references, some sexy scenes – no graphic sex – and some mild profanity). Written in UK English. Paperback version to follow.

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    Vampire Assassin League Bundle 4 – Eternity

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    Set Four: Eternity contains the following novellas:

    LET THEM SPEAK: New Orleans’ vampire, Devereaux Castillion, likes his afterlife. He’s gorgeous. Muscled. Silver-tongued. He loves flirting with the ladies, and they seem to enjoy his company just fine. Except this studio location scout, Sydney. She’s a difficult woman to sweet talk. And he wants so much more…

    NOW OR FOREVER: Leonard Griggins knows vampires. As VAL’s Covert Op Specialist, he’s used to their idiosyncrasies. Anything they need a human for, Len is their man. Anything to do with a vampire, he’s not touching. The last thing he wants is a vampire mate, regardless of how his entire body craves her…

    HOLD THEIR PEACE: Thanos of Macedon is pure warrior. Victory is the only option. Mortal life in Alexander the Great’s army molded Thanos into a war machine. Centuries of afterlife haven’t done a thing to alter it. And yet, his Amazonian-tall mate thinks he’s simply her personal fantasy come to life…

    DO YOU TAKE: Lucien survived the Inquisition and their medieval tortures. Not without scars. Some show. Some don’t. He likes his solitude as VAL’s resident chemist. The last thing he needs is a 21st century mate who wants to use his space and needs his help. But this partnership needs a warning label…

    Deliciously Erotic Romance Collection (The Blue Room, Frosted Midnight, Haunted Halloween, Frosted Midnight)

    by Breena Wilde

    Genre: Erotic Romance

    These stories are intended for mature audiences. They contains graphic sex, violence, and language that may be unsuitable for those under 18.


    Christmas Pleasures: A Heartwarming Erotic Short (Blurred Lines)

    Lincoln is John Zane’s bodyguard. He’s known for his ability to follow orders to the extreme. But he’s more than that. He’s a hot-blooded man with insatiable needs and the ability to please a woman in every way.

    Mindy is a makeup artist in Hollywood. She is used to being in the background… until she meets Lincoln.

    He makes her feel like she’s the star. And in Hollywood, that’s everything.

    Frosted Midnight: An Erotic Love Story

    Willow needs a sexy Christmas miracle…

    Twenty-year-old Willow is a librarian in the tourist town of Bandon, Oregon. During the summer the town is bursting with interesting people from all over the world.

    Two summers ago she met Austin. He was everything she ever wanted in a man: smart, funny, and gorgeous. But after eight perfect weeks he left, and she hasn’t heard from him since.

    Until Christmas Eve. She receives an email from Austin asking her to meet him at midnight so he can explain.

    It might be a booty call, but Willow has to see him one last time, even if it’s just to say good-bye.â??

    Haunted Halloween: A Paranormal Erotic Short

    Amanda attends her company’s annual Halloween masquerade party and is treated to a sexy night she’ll never forget.

    The Blue Room (Blurred Lines)

    We know what Cadence thought the moment she first met John Zane, but what did Zane think of Cadence. You’re about to find out. And be prepared. Zane has a deliciously dirty mind.


    Erotic Romance

    Blurred Lines

    Distorted Lines

    Crossed Lines

    Dirty Lines

    Blurred Lines Volumes 1-4 Boxed Set

    Irresistible Lines

    Twisted Lines

    False Lines

    Gratifying Lines

    Blurred Lines Volumes 5-8 Boxed Set

    Giving Chase (A Racing Romance) (Aspen Valley Series #2)

    by Hannah Hooton


    The highly anticipated follow-up to amazon sports fiction BESTSELLER, Keeping the Peace.

    ***WARNING***: To keep it real, some characters in this novel use colourful language and engage in sexual activities. Although they are all over the age of consent, some readers might want to skip that chapter.

    There has only ever been one man in Frankie’s life: her father, Doug Cooper. That is, until she takes the job of amateur jockey at Aspen Valley Racing Stables. Here, in the rolling countryside of southwest England, she crosses paths with star rider, Rhys Bradford. Her crush on him would be made so much simpler if they didn’t both have their hearts set on the same prize: the coveted ride on Grand National favourite, Peace Offering.

    In the turbulent run-up to National Hunt’s biggest event, questions are raised. What exactly does Doug have against the Bradfords? Is Rhys playing games with her heart? Will Ta’ Qali show his true potential in time to warrant his place at Aspen Valley? Why do there have to be so many blasted calories in strawberry cheesecake? And lastly, who exactly is Francesca Cooper?

    Frankie’s curiosity unearths some long-buried secrets which their keepers would rather remain buried, and on a journey of self-discovery that takes in Britain’s fiercest steeplechase courses, love will prove her costliest stumbling point.



    “[Hannah Hooton] is blessed with a ready wit and astute comedy timing… reminiscent of a Tom Sharpe novel but funnier. An engaging romance and a joy to read.” Racing Post

    “A pleasure to turn the pages of this relaxing yet intriguing novel. This book’s a winner!” Equine Trade News

    “For all you girls who love your racing this book should be on your list of things to read. A female leading lady, horse racing, intrigue, and even a bit of romance! What more could a girl ask for?” Racing4Girls

    “A well-crafted and engaging story that will take you on a roller coaster of emotions.” A Drop of Romeo

    “Every time I go to read your next book on I keep thinking, what am I doing? It won’t be the same? It couldn’t possibly be as good as the first story, or the second. Yet, I couldn’t stop reading this story until I finished it…Completely enthralling.” Reviewer

    Pretty Fly For a White Guy (BWWM Interracial Romance)

    by Lena Skye

    Pretty Fly For A White Guy, A BWWM Interracial Romance!

    He is cute. He is sexy. He is confident. He is charming.

    He is Kenneth, a white man and the love of Nicole’s life.

    However, it has been over a year since they were together officially and all signs are suggesting it is over for good between them. The fact he is now dating her ex-best friend is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Can she ever get over him and find happiness with someone else? Or should she fight for the man she believes she is meant to be with?

    Warning: This story does contain scenes of a sexual nature and is the type of book your mama will have warned you about. This black woman & white man interracial romance is a 35,000 word novella.

    Monty’s Trick or Treat (Marshalls Park)

    by Lisa Worrall

    Everyone has been the victim of Chris’ pranks in the run-up to Halloween, and he doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to stop. Despite almost getting one of the park’s employees fired.

    Finn decides Chris needs to be taught a lesson and what better way than to give him a taste of his own medicine? With a little help from his friends, he sets about organizing the prank to end all pranks – on an epic scale – using Chris’ biggest fear against him!

    Her Cyborg Awakes (Diaspora Worlds)

    by Melisse Aires

    Books in the Diaspora Worlds Series:

    Book 1: Her Cyborg Awakes

    Book 2: Alien Blood

    (Book 1&2 in Diaspora Worlds Duet)

    Book 3: Starwoman’s Sanctuary

    Book 4: Neon Orchid, Coming March 2014

    Book 5: Cirque Du Cyborg, Coming Summer 2014

    Sabralia lives a lonely but luxurious life in Emperor Sirn’s Harem, her only companion is her obedient servant, Qy, a cyborg. Her life has largely been controlled by others, but when Sirn demands his Harem pleasure his Commanding Officers at a victory celebration, Sabralia makes a daring plan to hide to avoid rape by Sirn’s men.

    The Palace is ambushed and her cyborg gets her off world. The impossible has happenedâ??Qy the gentle cyborg becomes the man he once was, the warrior Kaistril. Pursued for valuable information, Sabralia is thrust into dangerous, unfamiliar situations where she must stand up to the challenges, or lose the man she loves. Sensual Sci-fi Romance. Novella

    Formerly titled Cybot Awakens

    Deadly Dreams

    by Jennifer Smith

    Leah Reynolds finds herself fighting off dream demons that feel more real than like a nightmare. Now she’s dreaming of a young girl with a butterfly tattoo on her back, running from a monster. She wakes up screaming, sweaty, and afraid that the monster is going to catch the girl eventual-ly. And then one day, she turns on the news, and there’s the picture of the girl. And she’s been murdered. Now Leah doesn’t know what to do. Should she tell the cop she’s seen on TV? And if she does, will the monster find out and be chasing her next?

    Chase Montgomery is a seasoned homicide cop and what’s going on in his city isn’t sitting well with him. But now he’s got the mayor on his back to solve the murders, and now he’s got some nut who thinks she’s a psychic telling him she knows who the murderer is going to kill next. May-be he should use her information as bait. Maybe it’ll draw the murderer out if he thinks the cops have a psychic working the case. But it would be a lot easier to handle if the psychic didn’t cause him to have dreams at night that have nothing to do with the case!

    Be Sure to Check Out Other Great Books By This Author!

    crime fiction, crime romance, mystery romance, romance suspense, romance paranormal, romance thriller, psychic romance

    Darkness Comes This Way (Guardians of the Night)

    by Pixie Lynn Whitfield

    Zarah Duncan is a Guardian. It’s an elite job that protects humans and the untainted vampires from the real monsters: those lost to the bloodlust. Rogues infest the city. Missing humans, unsolved casesâ?¦Zarah knows what the real cause is and she’s been trained since childhood to destroy them.

    But she has a haunting past that catches up one day. Zarah was Rogue once, and until her, no one else has ever cured from the poisoned state of mind before. She’s been labeled a miracle, and the mystery only builds. She gets the awful feeling there’s more to it than just a lucky magical come-back. There are deep, dark secrets being kept. Maybe her boss Nathanial knows something? When she gets paired with a partner, Draven Kinsley, it only adds more difficulty. He hates her and swears that with a single look, she’ll poison him. To make matters worse, her Rogue brother has to show up, and he brings with him a shocking announcement. What Zarah learns from him rocks her entire world upside down. She not only begins to question who and what she is anymore, but it can possibly change the Vampire race forever.

    The scary part: someone else knows tooâ?¦and they’ll do anything to get her special blood, spelling disaster for the humans that Guardians have secretly been protecting for decades.

    Vampires, fallen angels, war, betrayal, and romance fill this Paranormal/Urban Fantasy debut, the first book to a high-action trilogy.

    Lady Em’s Indiscretion

    by Elena Greene

    Two years ago, Lady Emmeline cried off from her engagement to Viscount Denby, fearing he was a fortune hunter and would never be faithful. On her way to meet the family of the staid man she plans to marry, Denby waylays her. He takes Emmeline off to a secluded garden folly, hoping that a night of passion will rekindle the love between them and convince her that they belong together.

    LADY EM’S INDISCRETION is an original, sexy Regency novella (short story) by award-winning author Elena Greene. Length: about 13,000 words (7 chapters). Sensuality: Erotic. Lovemaking scenes are central to the story.

    If Not for Love (A Highland Romance)

    by Jewel Adams

    Escaping the immoral advances of her publisher, Adia Stone takes her career into her own hands and starts over. Scotland seems like the perfect place to get her creative juices flowing again, and being there also fuels her fascination with her family’s Scottish history. The last thing she expects to find is love.

    After watching Tavish MacLachlan walk by her apartment every day for two months, Adia officially meets him and the budding friendship quickly turns to love.

    But there are forces at work around them that they are unaware of, and people willing to do whatever it takes to keep them apart. Adia is not so sure their love will be able to survive the secrets that come to light.

    Caramel Sunshine

    by Alessandra Melchionda

    Smart and beautiful Anna Forti has little time for Milan’s bachelors as she juggles a promising career with being a single mum.

    One day, nine years after they abruptly parted, her child’s father is unexpectedly back into Anna’s life. The exotic and handsome man she once loved is now a powerful businessman.

    On the stage of vibrant, glossy Milan, and surrounded by the wild beauty of Sardinia on the Mediterranean Sea, Anna and Diego’s lives tangle in an inextricable blend of past, present and future. But they have all made mistakes: Diego, Anna’s family and, maybe, Anna herselfâ?¦

    For Nick

    by Taylor Dean

    Contemporary Romance

    What would you do for love?

    Zachary Drake had love in his lifeâ??and tragically lost it. He knows it won’t come his way again. Andie Parker would do anything for the love of her life.

    Even marry a total stranger.

    In spite of the unorthodox manner in which Zach and Andie come together, there is no denying that things are unexpectedly good between them, taking them both by surprise.

    However, when secrets come between themâ??and trust does notâ??Andie soon finds herself vowing to never make the same mistake again. But, she’d do it again in a heartbeat and she knows it. She’d marry a hundred strangers if it helped Nick. She’d do anything for Nick . . . anything.

    Learning to Trust (Learning Series)

    by Cynthia P. O’Neill

    ***Due to strong sexual content and language, this book is suitable for mature audiences only. Ages 18+***

    When Garrett Andrews finds something that catches his eye, he goes after it, letting nothing stand in the way of what he wants to possess. The first woman to arouse his heart could be the one person who helps him to finally open up and feel again.

    Laurel Hart was a swimming champion until a frightful event and unknown health issues derailed her career. With a recent degree from MIT in Bio-Medical Engineering and an offer to join one of the leading innovators of medical equipment in the world, she plans on making a new life for herself; letting nightmares from her past stay in the past, or so she thinks.

    Neither of them wants to date, but she finds herself drawn to him and Garrett uses every excuse to be near her. Laurel’s afraid to let anyone get close, but finds solace in his arms. Garrett is finally able to be himself around someone. Together, they discover a connection that manages to soothe both their souls and starts opening them up to new possibilities.

    Once Garrett finds out about Laurel’s past, all rules in regards to “relationships” are changed, because one false move could drive her away. He attempts to calm her nightmares and gain her trust so he can show her who he really is and the relationship he desires from her.

    Will they be able to overcome the damage their hearts have encountered? Can they find happiness? Can they trust their minds or will life throw each of them another curveball? Only time will tell if they can learn to trust.

    Cave of Captive Hearts

    by Maggie Raine

    They were trapped undersea in an uncharted cave. Their need to escape was becoming more urgent by the moment, but would they find something that they needed more? In Cave of Captive Hearts, author Maggie Raine weaves a wonderful romantic suspense thriller set in a Caribbean island paradise.

    Professor Eugene Thornsby…
    The recognized leader in his chosen field of oceanographic archaeology. His reputation for having an unusual mix of demanding, demeaning, and charisma earned him the nickname “Thorny” from both those that liked him and those that didn’t. His one love was the sea now, but it hadn’t been his only love. As he and his crew prepared for their first dive of the season to study the effects of offshore wave action near a small island in the Caribbean, the new researcher he had just hired was demanding everyone’s attention in more ways than one.

    …and Dr. Marielle Farnan…
    A passion for everything coral started with a childhood visit to the aquarium in her hometown of Chicago, and her new position on this crew would give her an excellent opportunity to gain the valuable experience she needed. Everything she had achieved was the result of the blue-collar Midwest up-bringing she received from her parents. She was tough and she knew what she wanted, but romantic relationships had always seemed to take a backseat to her hard work ethic.

    and a Dangerous Lapse in Judgment
    For Professor Eugene Thornsby and Dr. Marielle Farnan, the depths of the ocean below held a fate that neither of them could have imagined. Their knowledge, training and instincts would be tested and stretched beyond their limits as they battled each other and their surroundings. In their struggle they found that their need to escape was not the only need they both shared, it was something else they never expected. Ultimately one of them would make a decision that could mean the difference between life and death. Could they escape in time before something terrible happened, something that neither of them wanted to happen, especially nowâ?¦?

    “The Professor shined the flashlight around but the settling debris cut off the beam the same way fog does to headlights on land. Treading water slowly he hoped to feel Marielle moving nearby. Thankfully, he thought, she was not a graceful swimmer and he could feel her wild kicking ahead of him. Sure enough, he reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her into the tiny beam of light. He tried to calm her, squeezing her arm to get her to look at him but she just wouldn’t remain still.

    She wanted to get back to the entrance and see if there was even a tiny speck of light coming through that she might be able to push herself out of. She pointed frantically in the direction of where the cave opening used to be. But, calmly the Professor patted her shoulder. Keeping the beam of light close in between them he pointed it in the direction opposite what was the cave entrance. The light bounced off the tunnel walls around them and they could see what they thought was the floor, but the light was completely swallowed when he aimed it at the opening. For just a second they hovered there, looking into this daunting abyss.”

    –excerpt from “Cave of Captive Hearts”

    Be sure to purchase your copy of Cave of Captive Hearts today!

    Four Days – Book 2 of The Dandelions Series

    by McCartney Green

    Book 2 of the epic romantic adventure…”Gritty, sexy, inspirational…”

    Twelve-year-old Caroline has a secret which she usually hides fairly well. But when she meets fourteen year old Toby during the most amazing four days of her life, he guesses immediately that she is a victim of abuse. Caroline swears him to secrecy and for a brief moment in time he becomes her confidant, her hero, her knight in shining armor. That is, until they are torn apart by circumstances beyond their control.

    Fifteen years later, a southern girl struggling to survive in the New York jungle of wannabe dancers, Caroline Jones steadfastly and cheerfully makes her way through each day. She deals with her financial struggles and her lowlife landlord the same way she deals with everything, without complaint, straightforward, one foot in front of the other.

    Country music’s most eligible bachelor, Toby Nash, has stopped believing in love, at least not the kind written about by poets. That is until he runs into his childhood friend in the most unlikely of places. Stunned to find the girl who’s haunted him for fifteen years, he realizes why he’s never found love.

    Vanquishing both old and new demons together, they learn about life, about sacrifice, about survival and eventually learn to believe in love again.

    The Darkness Falls

    by Jynell Hull

    After retreating to her hometown to heal from a devastating breakup, Jamie Lewis does the one thing she promised herself she wouldn’t do – Fall in love.
    Michael is dark, mysterious and his eyes hold secrets that she can’t even begin to imagine but despite his warnings she cannot stay away.
    Drawn to him like a magnet, she finds herself in his world. A world of pain and darkness and death and she forces him to make a decision that he doesn’t want to make. Can Michael save her by doing the one thing he vowed he would never do or will he be condemned to exist without her?

    My Little Runaway (Destiny Bay Romances)

    by Helen Conrad

    The books in this series are loosely connected.  Each can stand alone.  
    “Need a vacation?  Get ready for a real treat and sail away to Destiny Bay, courtesy of one of the very best authors I know.  I’ll meet you there!”
    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Marie Ferrarella

    She ran. He wants answers. But some secrets are just too painful to share.

    Jenny jumps out of airplanes in order to block out the painful memories of what made her run away from her family. Reid wants to fix the damage. The only problem is, he doesn’t know how deep it is, and how impossible it will be to cover over. Will his intoxicating love tempt her to risk it all again? Or will it end up making everything worse after all?

    Includes love scenes.
    Original published in print by Dell Candlelight Ecstasy and recently revamped and revised as part of the Destiny Bay Series.

    Destiny Bay-Forever Yours Series
    Book 1-My Little Runaway
    Book 2-Wife For a Night
    Book 3-Too Scared to Breathe
    Book 4-Make Believe Wife
    Book 5-Promoted to Wife
    Book 6-Not the Marrying Kind

    In Good Hands (A contemporary romance)

    by EC Sheedy

    Love comes as a stranger, and too often it’s lust, seductive, enthralling and emotionally treacherous, that makes the introduction.

    And so it is for Esme Shane, a strong, self-assured woman, once a sex therapist now a book illustrator, and Dane McCoy, a magnetic, secretive man, once a billionaire businessman now…

    Esme and Dane, both of them smart, sophisticated and cautious, have good reason to distrust one another. They should never have met. But fate, as is its way, decided otherwise and created an irresistible scenario.

    A sun-drenched island in the Gulf of Mexico. A secluded estate. A reluctant promise. Ten short days.

    An instant and incendiary attraction.

    An attraction easy to satisfy–impossible to contain.

    This is a short romance.

    Note: While this story is not burn your hair-tips erotica, it does contain fully-described love scenes. Enter the bedroom–or walk the beach–forewarned.

    Seven Deadly Sins

    by Ros Baxter

    She’s on a seven step program straight to hell.


    Anne’s always been a good girl.

    But her best friend Nico is about to put a stop to all that nonsense.

    When Faithless Fergus ran away with the seventeen year old bridesmaid at his sister’s wedding, Anne just wanted to keep busy and move on.

    But her best friend Nico had other ideas, devising a recovery program just for her. He called it Seven Steps to Fuck You Fergus.

    Problem is, Anne’s not sure she has even one little sin in her, let alone seven deadly ones.

    Until she meets a boy who makes all kinds of sinning seem like a very good idea indeed.

    Will Anne make it through Nico’s seven step program, or will Envy be her undoing before she gets anywhere near Lust?

    The Viking’s Surrender: Gathering Storms

    by Clara Frost

    The Viking north isn’t an easy place for an unmarried woman, but Ingrid has built her reputation as the finest midwife and healer in the north and she’s unwilling to sacrifice it, even for the king.

    Nikolas Drengr is the king’s finest captain, able to cross the roughest seas and the toughest raiders. Until he encounters Ingrid. Torn by duty on one side and the yearning of his heart on the other, Nikolas faces his greatest battle yet.

    Swords clash and emotions swirl in the first installment of The Viking’s Surrender.


    by Holly Hood

    Elle Saunders is a train wreck. Everyone makes mistakes but she made one of the worst. She doesn’t want her life back on track she wants to forget. But those plans come to an end when she meets someone else failing at life.

    Hart Allen, he’s handsome and smooth and knows just the right things to say to keep people at a distance. He wants to save everyone but himself. He spends most his time locked in rehab, and the other half finding ways to go right back when he’s not. But when he meets Elle things change, he is determined to help her.

    He has no way of knowing that for once he might not be able to talk himself out of his latest mistakes. He has to face them.

    Discovering Arugula (Who Got Liz Gardner)

    by Elizabeth Allen

    Liz Gardner is ripe for Mr. Right. Having lived an admittedly reckless and debauched life, all the while wondering, “why does everything happen to me,” enlightenment finally kicks in and Liz’s forward path leads directly to her soul mate. Unfortunately, she soon learns that real life doesn’t mimic fairytales or chick flicks. Even though she feels healthy and balanced, her destructive patterns have their teeth deeply embedded into her ankles like a persistent rabid Chihuahua she can’t shake off. Fears of old habits, pining ex-lovers, the discovery of an ill-fated dark family secret and even murder threaten to sabotage the happily ever after she’s worked so hard for. As if she needs any help screwing it up all on her own. How do you handle all the crap after Happily Ever?

    In this sequel to her critically acclaimed first novel “Who Got Liz Gardner”, author Elizabeth Allen cleverly takes us back to the moment when Eric Alexander gets Liz. Then she proceeds to send the reader on a courtship ride with more spins, twists and corkscrew turns than the Coney Island Cyclone. By story’s end, you will be breathless, white-knuckled and lining up to go again!

    GLORY DOGS Forged Through Glory

    by DeZré Storm

    One woman’s hunt becomes the galaxy’s only salvation.

    Yoland “Kitten” Sleek is used to living in a world of secrets. Born a mixed breed of humanoid, one engineered to kill and another made for pleasure, she explores the galaxy searching for the one source that can protect the privacy of her family: her father. The pleasure breed’s illegal bloodline endangers her existence and brands her with a death sentence. Blackmailed into an agreement with the superiors of her employer, she lands in dangerous hands.

    Will this twist of fate condemn her to be a slave to her sexuality, or usher her into her rightful place among the stars?

    Special Operations Sergeant Brinks “Watch” Dog leads his squadron into the most challenging of planetary environments in service to the Compound Operations Research Exploration (CORE) Unit of the United Human Alliance. Bound to his Squad Leader, Jeremy “Sanction” Weaver, they scour the galaxies hunting to fulfill the missions of the CORE and save a planet’s people. After the rare addition of female Enlist Yoland Sleek to the team, the secrecy surrounding her threatens the squadron’s existence.

    Can they keep their minds focused on the mission, or should their attentions deviate to the temptation of Yoland Sleek?

    Dream Lover (Ghosts, Inc. Ghostly Shorts)

    by Bethany Sefchick

    Ghosts, Inc. – where the paranormal is normalâ?¦

    Reeling from the kidnapping and murder of her sister Archie, Callie Hughes is in fear for her life and doesn’t know where to go or who to trust, even those who have been her friends for years. She’s also harboring her own deep, dark secret one that could get her killed – or worse. Callie is a Mimic – a paranormally gifted person who can temporarily absorb the abilities of another.

    Now, she must flee her hometown of Golden Bay, California, and travel all the way across the country in search of a man she’s never even seen, let alone met. Except in her dreams.

    Deep in the mountains of Pennsylvania, Reed Talbott, a Seer with questionable psychic talents, has been searching his dreams for his “soul mate” – Callie. When she suddenly appears, he can’t help but explore the instantaneous attraction between them, leading to a night of steamy passion. The only problem is, will either of them remember it when they wake up?

    This stand-alone 7,500-word short story, is part of the “Ghosts, Inc.” series but can be read and enjoyed independently of the primary series of novels. It is written in the modern, adult romance style for a hotter read and is paranormal in nature. It may not be appropriate for younger audiences. It does not contain vampires, werewolves or other such creatures and instead focuses on more traditional paranormal phenomenon.

    No Light

    by Devi Mara

    “Name?” he demanded.

    “Sarah Mackenzie.” She swallowed hard. She would be like the ones who had fallen, her remains something to be cleaned from the floor.


    She tried not to tense when he brought his face to her neck and inhaled deeply.

    “Twenty-two.” The lie tried to stick in her throat.

    He pulled back and gave her a dark look. “Try again.”

    “Eighteen,” she whispered, tensing when his lips pulled back from his teeth in a shark smile.

    “A lie, Sarah? How nice that you are not as innocent as you look.”

    In The Corridor, there are the immortal Dems and the human handlers who guard them. When the leader of the Dems gets a handler straight out of training, she is not expected to live beyond her first day. She is everything he hates and he is everything she fears, but an accident permanently binds them together. With corruption growing among the humans and the threat of war, they must escape The Corridor and find common ground in a place with No Light.

    Carmen’s Roses: A story of mystery, romance and the paranormal

    by Jennifer Barraclough

    Leaving the English winter for a holiday in the New Zealand sunshine, Iris is hoping to complete her recovery from a serious illness and also to make amends for a shameful incident in her past. But the shock of a mysterious death, the shadows of an old love affair, and the onset of some ominous new symptoms threaten to block her path to healing and forgiveness.

    Man in the Moon

    by Elizabeth Ellis

    The writer weaves a tender story outlining the journey of two lovers who finally find one another again after a period of living apart for more than thirty years, never having had any contact with one another at all. Following a bitter parting decades ago, they each went on to pursue entirely separate lives. We are invited to share in the rekindling of their love through the eyes of one of the lovers, as she confides in the reader her innermost thoughts. Poetry is woven throughout this writing as the writer creates a sense of the main character’s thoughts drifting and scattering throughout the rekindling of this relationship, as occurs in real life. Their love is daring and poignant, conflicting and true. We observe them struggle against all odds, hoping that the passage of time has not dealt a fatal blow to the possibility of new beginnings.

    The List: The Construction Worker

    by Sidney Stark

    From the moment I first laid eyes on him I was desperate to make him mine. Ruggedly sexy, Robert was young, but much too old for me. Our age difference would be difficult to overcome, eventually though, Robert would surrender to his primitive urges and the relationship that was kindled would be stronger than even I could have imagined.

    The List takes a fresh look at modern day romance as it breaks the boy meets girl boundaries and follows Randi as she navigates the “real world”, while harnessing her infatuation for one night stands, friends with benefits, and the salacious world she has longed for. Pushing the envelope one lusty tryst at a time, Randi checks off her conquests one by one, as each interlude becomes racier, sexier and more forbidden than the last.

    As Randi ticks down her checklist, Greg, her one and only is never far from her thoughts. But he is volatile and burdened by demons so sinister that their time together is tumultuous and explosive. Leading Randi astray into the arms of other men, she knows she is too young, and too naïve for what Greg has to offer, at least for now.

    The nine book series offers a dynamic insight to relationships, each unique and seductively sinful, as Randi pursues the unbridled chase and the one who captured her heart from the very beginning.

    Expendable – Book 6 of The Dandelions Series

    by McCartney Green

    Book 6 of the romantic adventure known as The Dandelions Series.

    Ameritech Security Agent, Jefferson Davis, takes a short vacation and heads up to the lake house he’s been remodeling, hoping to deal with the stress of his most recent botched relationship. Barely in the relaxation groove, he has to switch gears right back to security agent when he finds Mackenzie Daley, Senator Daley’s much publicized missing step-daughter. He learns quickly this will not be a simple rescue.

    Having survived the horrors of her ordeal, Mickey must now come to grips with the truths she has learned, while handling the overwhelming feelings of attachment to her rescuer. So grateful to be alive after her brush with death, she throws herself into living with gusto, but finds she must first come to grips with her kidnapper and his influence in her life.

    June Flower: Book 8 – Final Book of The Dandelions Series

    by McCartney Green

    Final installment of the epic romantic adventure.

    Nobel prize winner, Dr. June Flower Kino, is on the verge of changing the course of humanity when she discovers a consistent baseline for curing every disease. To others, it seems the psychic high genius daughter of the renowned Kino family has everything going for her, but she knows differently, for she never recovered from having had her heart broken five years earlier. On a higher note, it seems having thrown herself into her work has brought big rewards, not just for her but for all humanity. However, her results may be a little too successful.

    The powers that be such as governments and pharmaceutical companies don’t want the miraculous changes June Flower is prescribing, believing that curing all diseases would certainly topple the world’s economy… theirs in particular. They like things just the way they are and if they can’t put a stop to Dr. Kino’s work, well then they will simply put an end to her life.

    At a medical camp in Uganda, in her darkest hour, June Flower is stunned when the man in a camo t-shirt steps out to block her path and drags her into the jungle. When she discovers he’s been sent to protect her, her world is turned upside down. She realizes this callous man is hardened and dangerous, but maybe that is exactly what her bruised heart needs in order to finally begin to heal.

    The entire cast of characters from all 8 novels come together t make the finale of The Dandelions Series well worth the wait!

    To Protect the Innocent – Book 7 of The Dandelions Series

    by McCartney Green

    Mainstream women’s fiction / Romance
    Book 7 in The Dandelions Series
    Mark and Joey Adams have grown up and are taking the world by storm. Mark, a fledgling attorney and part-time martial arts instructor for the Kino schools, and Joey, Ameritech Security’s top agent, usually end up doing everything together, so it’s no surprise when they become interested in sisters. It’s also no surprise that their relationships throw them into a world of intrigue and violence. Their training under the Kino umbrella comes in handy as they come face to face with the dark secrets that threaten to destroy those they love.

    An Uncivil War

    by Nell Dixon

    Overworked, over budget and just so not over him! Kate wanted an engagement ring from Steve but instead he lumbered them with an unlucky thirteenth renovation project. Doing up Myrtle Cottage disturbs a ghost from the English Civil War with romance troubles of her own. Now Kate must battle her own broken heart and solve the puzzles from the past.

    Previously published as renovation, Renovation, Renovation by Myrmidon Press in 2011

    A fun romantic comedy with a unique twist that kept me hooked from beginning to end — Gemma Halliday, bestselling author of the High Heel mysteries

    Can You Turn A Werewolf Gay? (Wayward Moon)

    by Skye Eagleday

    Blake is a hot and horny werewolf who is great at keeping his Supernatural identity a secret. But he’s not nearly as good at hiding the fact he’s slept with his girlfriend’s best friend. Now Liz is after revenge via local legend: Stan the Man. It’s said Stan can turn a straight man gay. Liz doesn’t believe that but blackmailing Blake into the public humiliation of man on man action is good enough for her. What neither one knows is that Stan the Man has a special secret of his own that will change Blake’s life forever.

    (This is an adults only story that features extensive and graphic sexual behavior between a bed-hopping horndog werewolf and a character with one of fiction’s largest packages. There’s a jealous girlfriend behind the scene manipulating dude-on-dude action, but she’s not prepared for the consequences.)


    I hated my life. I hated agreeing to Liz’s terms. But I have to admit I deserved this. I just couldn’t keep my Little Blake in my pants when it came to the ladies. But Liz was the very best I’ve ever had and I just didn’t want to let her go. When she came up with the idea of punishing me so we could move forward I agreed right away. I’m not a potential alpha. What can I say? I’m from a Pack where I respond to discipline and someone dominant. It’s like my job description. Which is why I’m in a gay club wearing Liz’s silk pink panties under my jeans. They actually felt good. Of course as a werewolf I almost always went commando. Silk panties were a really new experience on several levels.

    I sniffed around once more, hoping there would be no Supes in the club to witness what Liz was putting me through. All I smelled were humans. I looked at Liz bringing over another round. She was wearing a tight outfit that showed off her smoking hot body. Her hair was shiny from the reflection of the dance lights. A purple scarf fluttered around her beautiful neck. It was as if she was covered in sticky tape that caught every eye and dragged them along wherever she went. She was gorgeous. I had seen the framed cover of Liz on the front of a chick magazine. I was pounding a professional model.

    I’m a werewolf. I’m possessive. It’s a werewolf thing. It felt amazing to know everyone wanted Liz but she’d be going home with me. I might never be an alpha but I could sure as hell be more bad ass than any human male in the club. I smiled at her as she set another drink in front of me. She took a sip of hers. “Drink up, Blake. I’m about to enjoy some dancing.”

    I started to get up but she put her little hand on my chest and pushed me back into my seat. “I said I was going to enjoy dancing. I didn’t say It would be with you. You’re here as punishment, remember?” Her eyes looked harsh and unforgiving. I responded as if she were my alpha and automatically lowered my own eyes.

    Haunted Home Renovation 1 (Paranormal Erotic Romance)

    by W.H. Cross

    Jan’s life had become so empty since her husband Rick died. Her psychologist said that it was because there hadn’t been any closer for the relationship. Rick’s heart had given out suddenly, his hard drinking and chain smoking lifestyle catching up with him in a sudden a fatal heart attack. Jan remembered him most for being a talented poet with a good heart. But there had been a darker side to Rick. The depression he suffered from was the kind that came on suddenly with little to no warning, the kind that made people lock themselves for rooms for days at a time. Jan had tried to be there for him, but now she wondered if she had tried hard enough.

    She went through her day to day life with a fake smile on her face trying to think about all the positives things that were going on in her life. Her career was taking off, as an architect she was renowned commercially and revered among her peers. The sweeping landscapes she helped design for the Vatican’s mega-rich congregation were lucrative beyond her wildest dreams; she wanted for nothing, but her needs had become somewhat eccentric. After talking with her family for a while about it Jan decided to take a few years away from the architecture field to find herself. Jan worried that maybe it was too much like pseudo new age mysticism for her own liking, the whole idea that someone can become closer to themselves by dropping out of the rigors of whatever life they’d built for themselves. The idea was one that she yearned to explore, though, even with the anxiety that seemed to come from the idea.

    ***Content warning: For adults only!***

    The Heart’s War

    by Lucy Lambert

    The world at war can’t keep them apartâ?¦

    1917, a war the likes of which the world has never before seen rages across the Atlantic. Eleanor Winters wants it to stay over there, far away from the modest city she calls home, and far away from the young man she loves, Jeffrey Beech.

    But Jeff doesn’t fight the draft letter when it comes, ordering him into combat an ocean away.

    And so begins the greatest journey of their young lives, Eleanor boarding the majestic RMS Olympic intent on chasing the man she loves to the battlegrounds of Europe, even as Jeff determines to prove himself on them.

    Author’s note: this historical romance novel contains explicit material and is intended for readers 18+ only.

    The Iceberg

    A short story.

    During one very particularly glorious summer, an idealistic young man visits his favourite park Рalone Рevery morning, until, one unforgettable day, a message from his fianc̩e turns his world upside down.

    Just After Midnight: Historical Romance

    by Lori Handeland

    When her father is killed in an avalanche, Megan Daily finds herself the owner of The Celebration, a glittering jewel of a dance hall in the Klondike Gold Rush town of Dawson City. When unexpected danger forces her to seek the help of the authorities, she finds herself undeniably attracted to Alex Carson of the Northwest Mounted Police, despite his clear disapproval of her line of work.

    The determined Mountie has a job to do even though all he can think about is taking Megan to bed. Alex lost his sister to the hard life of the Yukon, and he is determined to save Megan from the same fate.

    Megan is equally determined to keep her father’s legacy, which proves to be more than just The Celebration. When she discovers she has inherited a gold mine, as well as a mysterious partner, her life is put in jeopardy.

    Megan and Alex must work together to uncover all the secrets that surround them. But in the Yukon, nearly everything occurs just after midnight–even love.

    My Forever Valentine (Finding Love In Milton #1.5)

    by Abigail Lee

    Lexy Wright met her soulmate when she was only fifteen years old. Four years later, Lexy and her longtime love, Colton Hicks, leave their hometown to begin the college experience. Faced with parties, sorority and fraternity obligations, and the everyday challenge of college life, Lexy is faced with a choice. Does she stand up and fight for the one who holds her heart? Or will college life force them to go in opposite directions?

    Find out in My Forever Valentine.

    *inter-connected standalone*

    After Midnight

    by Alisa Allan

    Ella Harrington and Drake Hudson have absolutely nothing in common. Two people so broad in differences it makes them the perfect pair for a new television reality show based on the premise of â??opposites attract’. The strangers marry sight unseen and each give up their lives for a few months with the end goal of divorce in mind. A few short months that soon begins to feel like eternity with an immediate clash of souls.

    From the beginnings of a honeymoon cruise to the Mexican Riviera, to an ending of their ordeal aboard another cruise highlighting the Canada/New England coast, America watches and becomes enthralled with two people who collide in a blaze of differences.

    In the beginning, the payoff of money drives them both. In the end, when choices have to be made, it’s the unpredicted payoff of love they find. But for the first time in his life, Drake Hudson learns the lesson of true sacrifice when he must let go of a woman that is bound by other loyalties. A loyalty that doesn’t give her the freedom of choice.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.