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Performance Upgrade: The Top 50 Herbs for Men’s Health

by Nicholas J. Meyer

Still Taking Dangerous Drugs or Fake Supplements? Try These Herbs Instead!

Herbal medicine is real medicine: the kind that’s been used for thousands of years, by indigenous people who know what it’s like to feel true strength and vitality coursing through every vein.

In this book by AP Award-winning author Nicholas J. Meyer, who’s been featured on Natural News and, you’ll learn about the top 50 herbs for men’s health, including:

-The spice that sparked a 25 percent drop in muscle pain with just 2 grams a day

-The legendary Far Eastern herb that’s been used for centuries for reversing grey hair (and regrowing hair) naturally

-The tree bark that eliminated kidney stones in 94 percent of patients in just 7-14 days according to one German study

-The rainforest herb that one Belgian study showed is 400% more effective at helping your body build youth-sustaining and muscle-building collagen than synthetics

â?¦And much more!

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Learn the Proven Healing Power and the Unlimited Possibilities of Apple Cider Vinegar (Apple Cider Vinegar in Grocery, Apple Cider … Personal Care, Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits)

by James Wells

Learn Now about Apple Cider Vinegar!

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use Apple Cider Vinegar to alleviate health problems, correct beauty troubles, and improve the home.

Here’s an inescapable fact: you will need several bottles of raw and organic Apple Cider Vinegar. If you don’t want to purchase any, you can just make your own. Check the recipes inside!

If you do not develop your love for Apple Cider Vinegar after reading this book, nothing will!

It’s time for you to become healthier, more beautiful, and happy with the help of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • How is Apple Cider Vinegar?
  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Your Health
  • Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Everyday Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cooking of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • And Much, much more!

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Ultimate Guide To Flirting With Women: How To Interest a Woman and Get a Woman’s Attention (Women and Flirting, Finding a Woman Interesting)

by Jeremy Diamond

Learn The Most Effective And Fun ways To communicate Your Interest To The Girl of Your Dreams!

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Do you have your eye on a special girl and you really want to spark her interest and get her to like you? Have you ever thought of flirting with her? This book will help even if you have NEVER flirted a day in your life and would love to learn a fun way to communicate with the women in your life!

What do women want? FUN and adventurous men that don’t mind letting them know they are interested. They want to see just how much you are willing to invest in them emotionally. Flirting takes a bit of emotional connection and women KNOW this! Learn how to become playful and say everything you need to get her to give you a second, maybe even a third look.

Download the book TODAY and start flirting using

  • Eye-contact
  • Posture
  • Dominance
  • Even sexual flirtation

Find out NOW how to get that special lady to WANT to date you effortlessly!

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Turn Up The Heat: Proven tips, tricks and techniques to boost your metabolism and fat burning capacity, and learning which foods and exercises can rev … Health, Metabolism Boosting and Fat Burning)

by Jenni L Boyd RN

Everyone, regardless of their age or fitness level can speed up their metabolism. Including you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

We all have the power within us to increase our fat burning capabilities; from the foods we eat to the exercises we do, or simply making a few easy lifestyle changes, anyone can rev up the fat melting process.

This book will provide numerous clinical and subjective techniques and tips that can raise your metabolic rate every hour of the day, awake or asleep. Start burning!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Metabolism is and How it Works
  • What is the Metabolic Rate
  • What Factors Affect Your Metabolism
  • Nutrition and its Affects on Metabolism
  • What Foods are Good? What Foods are Bad?
  • Exercises to Boost Metabolism
  • Alternative Methods to Speed Up Metabolism
  • …And much, much more!

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Check Out What Others Are Saying…

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book! February 25, 2014

By Fred Clark

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

This book did a great job on describing what your Metabolism is and the main functions of it, what foods are good and bad for improving your metabolism and the types of exercises to boost it. This book will give you all the answers needed to increase your metabolism!

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Best Practices in Chronic Pain Management-Multidimensional Assessment to Multimodal Treatment

by MD Michael J. Brennan

This multimedia eBook examines neurobiologic processes that contribute to chronic pain. Expert faculty also address how new mechanistic insights should shape best practices in pain assessment and treatment. The goal is to help clinicians maximize analgesia, functioning, and patient safety.

Agonizing stretch marks — How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks:Natural Cures and Remedies For Stretch Marks

by Lisa Drake

No one likes getting stretch marks. They are unsightly and they never really go away. Ironically though, everyone can get them. People of all ages, races and genders can get stretch marks although they are more common among women and particularly common among pregnant women, with 9 out of 10 women getting them. So what are they, what causes them and how can we avoid them? Any discussion about stretch marks will have to begin with an explanation of exactly what they are.

There are varying explanations of how and why stretch marks are formed.

1. Stretch marks or Straie, are caused when the middle layer of the skin or the dermis is torn allowing the inner layers to show through. This happens when the skin’s elasticity breaks down. The stretching causes the connective tissue to break down leading to inflammation. There is microscopic bleeding that shows up as red or purple and later scarring. It is the scars that cause the marks. When the under layer stretches the epidermis also stretches and allows the layer underneath to be visible. They take the form of long, narrow streaks or lines that develop on the surface of the skin. Stretch marks usually occur when the skin goes through rapid stretching such as in the case of pregnancy or when there is rapid growth or what is called a growth spurt such as what is experienced by some children and teenagers. The rapid increase in muscle mass that is caused by body building also leads to stretch marks.

Hair Loss Cure and Remedies: The Last Guide about Hair Loss Cure and Remedies for Women and Men. The Best Treatments to Cure Hair Loss Speedily and Effectively! The Top-Quality Tips Exposed!

by Riley Jenkins

Hair Loss Cure and Remedies

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You’re about to discover how to cure your hair loss. The book contains information that can help you better understand your condition and to know the different alternatives available for you to manage and treat the excessive loss of your hair. This is the last guide about hair loss cure and remedies for women and men. You can find the best treatments to cure hair loss speedily and effectively!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Hair Loss?
  • What Causes Hair Loss?
  • How Can Hair Loss Be Treated?
  • Conclusions and Suggestions to Cure Your Hair Loss
  • Much, much more!

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YOGA FOR BEGINNERS: Lose Weight, Calm Your Mind, and Feel Amazing for Yoga Beginners (Yoga for Beginners – Calm Your Mind, Attain Inner Peace, and Improve Your Health)

by Aubrey Azzaro

Yoga for Beginners – The Essential Quick Start Guide

Have you always secretly admired and envied others who were great at Yoga because you had no idea how to do it yourself?

Now is your chance to go from Yoga Beginner to a full confident Yoga practitioner by following the simply steps and pictures outline in this book!

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Dear Reader,

Are you looking for a healthy way to improve your physical and mental ability? Do you dream of having a calm mind, less stress, and lose weight at the same time?

Do you envision a healthy life while attaining inner peace, calm, and tranquility?

THE ANSWER IS: Yoga for Beginners – Lose Weight, Calm Your Mind, and Feel Amazing for Yoga Beginners

TRUTH is Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years to help heal, lose weight, reduce disease, limit stress, and help with almost anything you do in life. Yoga for Beginners is a well-written step-by-step approach that can take you from complete novice to giving you the skills you need to start safely practicing yoga.

FACT: Practicing Yoga is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body! We all know we should be practicing Yoga but without the proper guidance it can be hard. Yoga classes can be intimidating and expensive. Yoga DVD’s can be hard to follow and might collect dust if you lose motivation. This book will equip you with the knowledge you need in order to make educated decisions when choosing your ideal Yoga practice!

Yoga for Beginners – A Preview:

* Defining Yoga – This is all about what Yoga is and what Yoga is not. That way you have a clear definition of how to practice this wonderful lifestyle.

* The Yogic Lifestyle – Embrace the Ayurveda lifestyle and learn how to start calming the mind and attaining mental and physical clarity.

* Guidelines to a Yoga Diet – Learn how to super-charge your results by eating a balanced diet that lends itself to Yoga success!

* Yoga for Weight Loss – Throughout life everyone has pounds to lose from time to time. Learn how to use Yoga to accelerate your weight loss goals.

* Preventing Yoga Injuries – Lets face it – Yoga Beginners can be in a rush to learn all the moves and sometimes can tweak something in their body. Here we explore ways to avoid injuries that way you can practice Yoga without any setbacks.

* Strike a Yoga Pose – Detailed pictures help you Learn beginning, basic, and advanced Yoga poses so that way you know what is possible.

* BONUS #1: The Magic of Sun Salutations

* BONUS #2: What Yoga materials you need to get started.

What are you waiting for? If you are still reading this you are obviously motivated to start getting healthier and start practicing yoga today!

Simply scroll up and click the BUY button to instantly downloadYoga for Beginners – Lose Weight, Calm Your Mind, and Feel Amazing for Yoga Beginners Your SUCCESS story starts here

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Easy Guide to Understanding and Recognizing Eating Disorders

by Gretchen Douglas

Everything you need to know about Eating Disorders

Are you or your loved ones having difficulty with body image and self esteem?

You may be dealing with an eating disorder. When overlooked, eating disorders can be serious, life-threatening issues. The first step to eating disorder recovery is to understand what eating disorders are, and why they exist. One must then be able to identify the presence of an eating disorder, so those affected can begin making progress into more healthy, confident lifestyles.

This ebook is designed to put readers in the know about eating disorders, and help stop them from developing before they become serious. Whether you or someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder, we are here to help.

This ebook will teach you everything you need to know about:

– Types of eating disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, etc.) in both men and women

– Recognizing and treating eating disorders

– Helping people with eating disorders

Don’t wait until it’s too late to help yourself or someone you love ; get informed on eating disorders and help make positive change today.

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Younger This Year: A Concise Guide To Staying Young, Fit When You Retire, & Staying Mentally Sharp

by Brandon Ruse

Are You Concerned About Aging? Do You Want To Feel Young and Stay Alert? Is Memory a Concern For You?

Best Selling Author and Medical Student- $2.99 For a Limited Time. Get a Copy Today!

I wrote this book because I believe it covers most of the important aspects that you will face if you’re growing older. You will learn about heart healt, stroke, brain conditions, and staying alert. You woe it to yourself to purchase this book!

You’ll also learn

  • All About Multiple Sclerosis
  • Ab Exercises Which Will Help You Slim Down!
  • Ways to Improve Memory & Stay Sharp
  • Important Symptoms of Stroke, Brain Diseases, & Bone Conditions
  • How To Detect Early Dementia & Lower Cholesterol

Ë?Ë?Ë? You Owe It To Yourself To Get This Book

Here’s What Is Inside:

Why You Should Read This Book

Statistics on Aging & Memory Loss

Key indicators of Well Being

Part 1: Taking Charge As You Age

Intro 1: Aging is the End of Your Happiness- or is it?

What To Do-When You’re 40

Medical Tests In Your 40’s

What To Do-When You’re 50

Medical Tests In Your 50’s

What To Do-When You’re In Your 60’s and 70’s

Medical Tests In Your 60’s And 70’s

Intro 2: Maintaining a Healthy Family Life

10 Ways to Prevent & Resolve Conflict in Relationships

Intro 3: The Science of Aging

What Are Signs of Aging

Intro 4: What Determines Your Life Expectancy & How To Improve It

Part 2: Working Out & Staying Fit

Exercise Lets your Body Release “Feel Good” Hormones

Body 1: Heart Health & Heart Diseases

Body 2: Key to Your Health: Exercising & Aerobics

Body 3: How Your Body Deals With Pain

Body 4: Taking The Right Vitamins

Part 3: Why Mental Health is So Important

Mind 1: Help- I Lost My Keys!

Reversible Causes of Memory Loss

Mind 2: Quick Memory Techniques

Mind 3: How Your Brain Works

Understanding Brain Plasticity

Strokes and Your Brain

Mind 4: Battling Stress By Changing Your Outlook

Part 4: Understanding Stress & Happiness

Spirit 1: Stress As a Silent Killer

Spirit 2: How Stress Affects Your Daily Routine

Spirit 3: Relaxation Techniques And Meditation

Spirit 4: Common Herbal Remedies To Reduce Stress

Legal Information and Medical Disclaimer

About The Author

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Be Smart Don’t Diet: Get in shape and keep it that way! (Healthy Ways To Lose Weight)

by Sebastian Genf

This book will give you a simple way to change your lifestyle.

Instead of dieting a few months every year, just learn to eat the right food and exercise enough to keep a healthy and slim body all year around.


1. How to pick the right training for you.

2. How to find the time to exercise.

3. Why you shouldn’t diet.

4. 10 simple tips to lower your calorie intake.

5. Timing is the key (What to eat and when).

6. How to keep track of your success and stay motivated.

7. Why alcohol is the enemy of weight loss.

8. Frequently asked questions about weight loss.

So let’s get started!

Dash Diet: A Complete Step By Step Beginners Guide

by Melissa A Johnson

Quick View of the Guide

The best diet, the best diet for diabetes, the healthiest diet and so onâ?¦these are just some of the attributes given to the DASH diet. Makes one wonder what it is about DASH diet that has gotten it so much praise by the medical society

The DASH diet has proven to be effective for a number of ailments including high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, kidney stones, heart diseases and many others. One common misperception about DASH diet is that it is for people having the above mentioned diseases only. Well, this is just a small definition of this vast term.

The health benefits of DASH diet stated in this book are proof enough of the fact that DASH diet is for everyone. This guide tells you how this form of diet is helpful in staying healthy. From the basic nutritional DASH guidelines to a step by step DASH procedure and an easy-to-follow 7 day DASH diet plan, this book tells you all you need to know about DASH diet.
So don’t just stop here. Keep on reading and find the DASH secrets of staying healthy.

Worm Farming: Everything You Need to Know To Setting up a Successful Worm Farm

by Brian Grant

Curious in what worm farming is? What it takes to get started? How you can make it Fun and Profitable?

This is just a few of the questions that are answered within “Worm Farming: Everything You Need to Know To Setting up a Successful Worm Farm”! The ULTIMATE guide to worm farming…

Discover the many benefits of what is also known as, vermicomposting. You can get free fishing bait, use as source of food for wild birds, fish and chickens, create a nutrient rich potting soil that is a fun hobby while teaching you about the environment.

You will see that getting started in worm farming is much easier than you think! Details on space requirements, type of worms to use, what to feed them and much, much, more are revealed in this informative book.

Worm farming can be a fun way to generate some income from the worms or nutrient-rich soil that you sell. Our tips on running a successful worm farm and understanding the business aspects of it, will help as your startup roadmap.

Get started today with this comprehensive guide to worm farming. Scroll up and Buy Now for Instant Access!

MPRE Practice Questions

by AmeriBar Bar Review

Study for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) on your own schedule with the AmeriBar MPRE Practice Questions book. The AmeriBar MPRE Practice Questions book is fully updated to reflect the most recent changes to the MPRE. The book contains 150 simulated MPRE practice questions with answers and explanations.

Muffin Top Survival Guide: 20 Step Ultimate Healthy Weight Loss Strategy

by Jessica Parkhill

Are you sick and tired of complicated diets? Are you overwhelmed with health programs and workouts that all promise the one secret to dropping pounds instantly?

You’re about to discover how to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) your muffin top goodbye with 20 basic steps.

The truth is that there are no miracle supplements, no successful 5 minute ab workouts, no sustainable intense hardcore 60 day programs, and no mindless inexpensive weight loss strategies.

Anyone who has ever been successful at losing weight has used the same basic and proven strategies…and those strategies can be summarized in 20 simple steps.

If you’re looking for a simple and straight-forward plan that will permanently get rid of that pesky muffin top…

The Muffin Top Survival Guide will help you understand:

– How the WAY you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat…including 6 easy steps to control your hunger and immediately start burning more calories without any diets

– Which foods help you lose weight…3 common-sense steps to ensure you shed pounds of excess waste in your intestines (YUCK)

– Which foods STOP you from losing weight…5 no-brainer steps to replace the foods that add fat to your waist, with foods that instantly purge toxins, water weight, and substances that you never knew turned into fat

– How to kick start your metabolism…you don’t need a strenuous, heart-bursting, lung-popping 2 month program to lose that belly, just these 3 steps to ignite your metabolism and keep your body burning calories 24/7

– How to substitute one thing to get incredible results…it might not be what you think

– How to keep the momentum…no more New Year’s Resolutions! 2 steps to maintain the body, and the health, you deserve for the rest of your life

– 20 Step Cheat Sheet at the end of the book…for those of you that just can’t stand reading:)

The Muffin Top Survival guide is simple, easy to understand, and the LEAST EXPENSIVE proven content you’ll find, from someone who has actually spent years struggling and thousands of hours of research testing and refining what really works to bring you only the proven health, fitness, muscle building, and weight loss strategies!

Having The Talk: How To Find Intimacy After An STD (Living With Herpes)

by Dr. Kelly Schuh

How to tell your partner you have herpes…

Dr. Kelly explores the hard questions around telling your partner you have herpes. Using straight forward concepts and speaking from experience, she give you tools and exercises to help you overcome your fears and live a healthy full life.

Dr. Kelly runs, an online community directed at helping women live, love, and thrive after STD diagnosis.

Scroll up, download the book, and begin your path to healing.

Vertical Gardening: What You Need to Know to Grow Organic Vegetables and Fruits for Your Family

by Brian Grant

Vertical gardening has become popular for those living in urban or limited space areas, where growing up is the best solution.

Also known as green walls or living walls, vertical gardens can be placed in or outside of the home, with as little as 4-square-foot of space, you can efficiently grow vegetables, herbs, fruits or flowers.

In “Vertical Gardening: What You Need to Know to Grow Organic Vegetables and Fruits for Your Family” we share tips and strategies to produce enough non-gmo food that you will skip these items from the grocery store, saving you hundreds in food expense that you can now grow on your own.

Learn what plants grow best in a vertical garden, what plants you can pair together to maximize space, how to choose seeds and setting up your garden in your chosen spot.

Start growing your own organic vegetables, herbs and fruits today and begin eating healthier, without chemicals or pesticides.

An excellent way for a family to bond while growing their own food. Get this guide to accelerate your vertical gardening project today.

Long Distance Marriage Without Stress: Simple Tips on How To Make a Long-Distance Marriage Work for You

by Arnold Williams


Everyone understands that any type of marriage is a two-way street. You have to have a lot of give and take in order to make a long distance marriage work.

Spending time together and enjoying your spouse’s company is the best way to keep a marriage fresh and loving. That old “two-way street” adage means that you have to put effort into recognizing and supporting your partner’s interests and he or she should do the same for you. Now imagine that your two-way street is located in a city thousands of miles away from your spouse.


Making a long-distance marriage work is not the easiest task that a married couple will face. You are going to find innovative ways to connect with the person you married, no matter how far apart you are at the time.

This simple book about long distance marriage will show you how to make a long-distance marriage work for You.

THE MIXTAPE : An Urban Love Story (A play with music in two acts)

by Paula M. Stinson

Despite delightful appearances many of us are bat shit crazy. And we find ourselves in this precarious predicament due in part to the fact that we harbor unconscious anger toward our parents (dead or alive) for all the times they betrayed us as children. Perhaps, continue to. For a few unfortunate others, however, that (repressed) anger has surreptitiously morphed into RAGE: an insidiously-destructive force metastasizing just beneath the surface of their lives. Infecting everything from their physical and mental health to their interpersonal relationships.

But what if we could channel an inexhaustible well of inner guidance for help managing the emotions that are spoiling our happiness on every level? Would it be worth the effort? And could we quiet our minds long enough to hear the sound instruction of the “little voice within”? Some refer to this master healer as our Divine Self and believe it to be a deep and ever-present source of renewal; the place within each of us from which the subtle voice of God can be heard. But will we shut the fuck up and listen? THAT is the question.

For Mary-Elizabeth O’Flaherty Wills “Polly” Bond, a troubled woman forced to return to her childhood home, that rage has become her reason to pull a Sylvia Plath. Sane but overwhelmed, she seeks the guidance of a dapper young therapist whose experimental therapeutic technique – which employs music as a means of expressing the ineffable – helps redirect the anger that’s been eating her.

The Weight Secret: Maintain Weight In A Healthy Way

by Karen Wilson

The Weight Secret: Maintain Weight In A Healthy Way

Have you just recently lost a lot of weight, and now you don’t know what to do? Maybe you’ve started putting some of that weight back on again, and now you’re worried that you’re going to end up back where you were in the first place. If this sounds like you, then you definitely need some help with weight maintenance. You need to find a way to keep yourself from gaining weight back again after you’ve put all that work into losing it. This guide is all about how you’re going to do just that.
Throughout this guide, you’ll learn about the ways that you can use exercise and diet not just to reach that goal weight, but also to stay at your goal weight. You can’t just expect your body to stay the way it is. Without the right routines and the right processes, you can’t hope to succeed at keeping the weight off, so get right to finding out what you need to know to keep your weight down.
A preview of the book:

  • Chapter I: What is Weight Maintenance and Why is it Important?
  • Chapter II: How to Know if You are Overweight or Underweight and What Your Ideal Weight Should Be
  • Chapter III: Track Your Weight
  • Chapter IV: Fun Daily Routine for Weight Maintenance
  • Chapter V: Food and Diet for Weight Maintenance
  • Chapter VI: Avoid Unhealthy Diets
  • Chapter VII: Fun and Easy Methods for Keeping Track of Weight Maintenance
  • Chapter VIII: Why is Being Healthy Important for Weight Maintenance

My Bipolar Journey: A Message of Hope

by Andy Holman

I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at age 21 and have been learning to successfully manage it ever since. Bipolar disorder is a heavy diagnosis to individuals and their families. In this book, you will find several strategies for dealing with Bipolar. For over a decade I have lived with Bipolar. My hope is that by sharing some of my experiences with Bipolar disorder, I can help someone just learning about their new diagnosis.

You will learn about medications, emotions, and the thin line between paranoia and bipolar. I will also share some strategies for dealing with Bipolar. These are the strategies that have helped me to successfully cope with my illness for more than 16 years. There are ways to live with Bipolar. There are ways to stabilize your life. Become educated. Know your triggers and cope with them. For most people, this is easy and comes second nature. However, someone with Bipolar might need to direct more attention here.

More and more people are being diagnosed with Bipolar and other illnesses every day. One in four families is affected by mental illness. There are many resources out there on Bipolar, but there is not yet great awareness about it in the general public. If by sharing my experiences I can shed light on a difficult subject, then I am pleased that this message got to the general public.

My life has been filled with many emotions, largely influenced by my Bipolar diagnosis. I have been at rock bottom, and have felt the highest high. This is the standard when you are Bipolar – to go up and down on a daily basis. Sometimes, even minute-to-minute life is like a roller coaster. Having a diagnosis of Bipolar Illness will impact all aspects of your life, including your relationship with family, friends, and coworkers.

My experience has been that the more educated you are on your situation, the better off you and your family will be. It is important to develop a support system in your life, a micro system of people who will keep you safe in difficult times. This system will help you cope and live a peaceful life. It’s not easy, but with some effort, you can overcome your Bipolar so that it is just part of your greater personality and health.

In this book, I will share my experiences with Bipolar, and what I have done to cope. I have found strategies for handling the Bipolar in me. There are two wolves inside of me – one good, and one evil. It is up to me which wolf I feed.

My Journey from Obese to Anorexic and Back: Nothing Tastes So Good As Slim Feels

by A.E Wilson

In one girl’s quest to achieve perfection, she sacrificed her health to fit today’s standards of beauty. This book chronicles one young woman’s journey from being obese, to being anorexic and back.

Her honest disclosure of what’s it like to have an eating disorder will help you understand what goes on in the mind of an anorexic person, and her triumph over the eating disorder will have you cheering her on. If you are suffering from anorexia nervosa or know someone who has it, this book is a must-read for you.

Cancer is Great for Your Health

by Linda Kedy

Linda Kedy’s diagnosis of cancer in 2001 put her on a journey to health, that created health, vitality and energy greater than she had ever experienced in her youth! This book is intended as a support system for individuals who have been diagnosed, or had family & friends diagnosed, with cancer or other chronic diseases. It will show you how recovery is very possible in most cases, especially with an early diagnosis, and how by changing your lifestyle now, even before a diagnosis,­­ is the best way to an extended healthy life. What happens when we get diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness? What are our immediate thoughts, who do we call? How many of our waking hours are consumed with these thoughts? What spectrum of emotions do we experience? Where do we go for guidance and whose opinions can we trust? Do we ask for strength or sympathy? Do we allow people to commiserate with us or encourage us? These are all vital questions to ask and answer before deciding what path to take. It’s time to start looking at things differently and take personal responsibility. It’s time for health education rather than research. It’s time for your re-education by doing your own personal research. Don’t allow the media and false advertising to cloud your perspective. Read this book, answer the questions, do the exercises and decide to live a long, healthy and vital life!

Children Crafts: When my cat died (Creative way to deal with death)

by Sigal Magen

#1 best seller in Children’s Craft & Hobby

Back up your main headline here in this spot

Death is part of live, but still difficult to cope with.

How will we help our young kids, who meet death at the first time?

This book, written in a Bibliotherapy approach, gives us words

and an option to make something together in memorizing.

Grab a copy, and earn a creative hour with your child!

My Favorite Character Defects

by Ken Montrose

My Favorite Character Defects is the second book written by Addiction. Addiction describes character defects he uses to keep addicted people addicted. He challenges the reader to recognize his tricks and stop abusing whatever it is they abuse:

“Hello, it’s me again, Addiction. As I said in my last book, being me has gotten too easy. There’s no challenge anymore to getting and keeping people addicted. That’s why I wrote My Plan to Ruin Your Life, where I showed you exactly how I planned to ruin your life. Some of you weren’t paying attention, so I thought I’d let you see how I work. After all, I’m inside your head 24/7, why shouldn’t you peek inside mine?

Now I’m going to show you how I use your character defects to keep you from Recovery, and hand you over to Death in the worst condition possible.

Good luck. As always:
See you at the bottom,
on your bottom,
where you belong.”

What’s surprising about My Favorite Character Defects is the nonchalant way Addiction describes his methods, and his admiration for Recovery:

“Recovery has a gentle, calming voice. She will warn you, without criticizing you. Recovery stands firm without being rigid or judgmental. She will not shield you from your fears, but she will stand with you as you face them. Recovery is slow to anger, but wants you to be angry when you have reason to be. Recovery will never give up on you, but nor will she accept any hollow excuses. She sees what you could be, today and each day to follow. Recovery knows that you have a tough road to walk, and at times she will need to push you. She loves you when you nobody else can, including you.
Even I think Recovery is beautiful. You would be wise to listen to her, but listen to me instead.”

At times the reader will impressed with Addiction’s ability to rationalize. How he can make the most self-destructive behavior seem like the most natural course of action. At other times dismayed at how thorough he can be, reaching out to the young before they sample whatever will become their addiction.

By the way, there’s sex and poetry:
“Recovery will tell you love is beautiful thing. She means the kind of love that develops over time between people who come to cherish and respect each other. This kind of love can have romance and sex at its core, but often does not. My job is to get you chasing sex and/or unrealistic notions about love. That’s why I love Valentine’s Day. In fact, I wrote a poem to the day, expressing my true love. You can apply the sentiments to just about any day that involves you and a romance likely to kill your recovery.

How do I love Valentine’s Day, let me count the ways.
I love VD for unfulfilled fantasies,
I love it for impulsive sex that leads to STDs.
I love this day’s expectations unmet,
I love it for loneliness and eyes so wet.
I love Valentines who are untrue.
I love betrayals that make you blue.
I love this day when love burns bright,
but dies from a loved one’s dirty needle bite.
I love champagne-soaked brains driving cars.
I love true love celebrated in bars.
I love Valentine’s Day, do you?

Last, but not least, Addiction explains how snakes lost their legs.


by Nikki King

In this book, Nikki challenges the female perception of beauty and image. Nikki asks the questions and shares some thoughts and ideas about why we are still so predisposed to value ourselves based on what we look like.
This book is a conversation with you the reader encouraging, challenging and supporting you to let go of the external perception of beauty and to truly start to harness the beauty within.
This is your chance to tell your story the way you want it to be told.
Unconditional invites you to go on a journey with yourself, to discover the authentic, beautiful person that you are.
Nikki has a way of writing that makes you feel as though she is talking to you directly. Her tone is personal and full of raw emotion. There is nothing in the book that she has not experienced first-hand. This book gives you permission to experience yourself in a new and exciting way.

“Nikki King’s superbly crafted book will encourage you to see beauty from a totally different perspective. An honest, poignant and inspiring read. I loved it!”
Liggy Webb – Author of â??How to be Happy’

Pistachio Head Stories: What Feels Right, Volume One

by P.H. Friendly

A handful of nuts break the species barrier, become curiously human, and proliferate into a Utopian community that believes civility, humility, and gratitude are survival skills.

What Feels Right, takes a playful and philosophical look at social interactions: how to hoop dance to stay in relationship with the ones who haven’t mastered live and let live; how to sweeten-up a Bone Head bully; how to grow where you’re planted; and how love conquers all, except when it’s all too human. The stories also reveal the Pistachio Head penchant for clichés, p words, p word idioms, and for common names that start with p.

Notes to My Daughter :living life and avoiding pitfall (Notes To Young Adults)

by David Dixon

NOTES consists of 15 Lessons, each meant to be a quick but powerful read. It addresses the importance of being responsible for your own actions and taking charge of situations pressed upon you. It helps give the reader an awareness of how everyday actions can transform and shape life.

The book touches on self-love, spirituality, responsibility, relationships with men, anger, forgiveness, the power of networking, and a few other key areas. It is inspirational but written in a conversational style. It is future-focused and shares concrete, realistic methods to avoid having certain negative things happen to you.

Notes will also resonate with adults, especially the parents of teenagers, because it deals with issues that everyone struggles with at one time or another throughout life.

The book briefly, but candidly, addresses issues of sex, the use of drugs and alcohol, and the need to position oneself with other strong individuals to help them get through life. Sex and drugs are taboo discussion for many households, but they both exist and are rampant in the teenage community. David”s book offers direct confrontation with issues that impact each one of us whether we want them to or not. He wants his daughter as well as other young women to see and understand how their own decisions and choices can help or hurt them and assist them with realizing they have the ultimate power over themselves and their destination.



Now-a-days most of us feel so lonely even in the milling, jostling crowds. What is the way out? Here is a super-duper and fabulously easy way out. Come on, try it. It costs $0.00 only.

A Slight Shift in Thinking

by Dennis Holden

In A Slight Shift in Thinking Dennis Holden shares his knowledge of how changing your thinking even slightly can shape the you that you so desire. Without realizing on our own that our past shapes our thought patterns, we often get caught in thinking traps. These traps create discontent in our relationships, jobs, and other aspects of life. This book can point the way to a realization that we each control one thing, the way we think. And how we think can control many factors in our lives.

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Free war Kindle books for 28 Feb 14



Satisfied with their lives, Lester Johnson, “The Bamboo Viper,” and his wife, Mandy, “The Chameleon,” are finally enjoying life with their baby son, Aidan, when Lester’s past catches up to him and slams him back into reality. “You’ve got until sundown,” he warns the government, “to put my life back together.” He is sent on a mission he had always known was coming, but had somehow avoided until now: To kill the President of the United States. With the help of Mandy and the men of his team, “The Second Arrow,” he manages to buy a little more time and, while doing so, recalls another violent time in his past, a mission that takes him back to Vietnam and the secret of Cat Ba Island.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 14


by James F. Walsh

Soldiers in combat dug for their lives. It was ironic that all foreigners on Korea’s hills were modifying nature by digging pits for war, but down over the centuries the Koreans’ had left nature on the hills mostly alone. Men at war built. Men at peace farmed. Men at war destroyed. Men at peace rebuilt.

The gunner’s hands drove the tripod’s jamming handles free, the heavy machine gun and cradle dropping to a low profile. He jammed tight the handles once more, then pulled the gun and tripod to new cover, taking to the earth down in the soil like a mole. He sighted, fired a burst and followed the tracer line. He adjusted by tracer.

The medic worked wounded on an outpost of the dead. A mortal silence had fallen. Bone and sinew were divided in two, bodies bleeding beneath the grim dust of battle that shaded gristly remains from the burning sun. How many crushed and torn enemy were severed forever from their five senses?

Killers From a Distance is a novel written by James F. Walsh, a Korean War veteran.

Beyond Boundaries

by Sherri Williams

This is the untold story of two men, best friends, who found themselves on opposite sides of the Civil War. Not only do they have to fight each other for what they believe in, but they also have to fight for who they love; each other.

Journey with them as they make history, but were never destined to be in the history books. We today, can learn a thing or two from their love story. Take to heart all that this has to offer.

You will also discover the woman who uncovered this secret past and how it has affected her life today. It is not every day you get to know your own skeletons in the closet.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 28 Feb 14

The Siege of Melilla

by Shawn Humphrey

Gifted drummer Mody and his cousins dream of a life in Europe, far from the hardship of Dakar street life. All that stands between them are thieves, crooked guides, the Sahara Desert, and the heavily patrolled enclave walls of Melilla. Word count: 7,994. Reading time: 26-31 minutes.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 28 Feb 14

The Fifth Horse

by Byron Haskins


A Life In Rhyme – Life’s Observations: Rhyming Verse and Story Poems

by Jean Shaw

A Life In Rhyme – Life’s Observations is the fourth book in a collection of rhyming story poems I’ve written over a period of years.

None of them were initially written for book publication, but I have received such encouragement from friends and family about them, I’ve decided to compile the verses into four different titles.

Book 4 introduces you to story poems I’ve written about events in my life and random observations, together with some of the rhyming verse included in the other books I’ve written.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

A Blended Bouquet: An Anthology by Writers Inc

by Mark Rice

A Blended Bouquet contains poetry and prose from thirteen of Scotland’s most innovative writers. From the beat poetry of James Pettigrew to the Scots stylings of Robert Hume, it is clear that the spirit of Robert Burns is alive, well and infusing members of Writers Inc with inspiration. Originally published in paperback form in Homecoming year, a quarter-millennium after the birth of Burns, this anthology carries on the bard’s legacy of writing from the heart. The diverse contents explore the whole spectrum of human experience: loss, love, longing, family, friendship, hope, prophecy, despair, dreams and much more. Some pieces are fierce and fearless, others poignant and profound. All the writing in A Blended Bouquet has one thing in common: it’d make the bard Burns smile, safe in the knowledge that his job is done.


by Jaspreet Mann Kanwar

Jaspreet Mann Kanwar’s second collection of poems, Flashback, first published by Sanbun Publishers, New Delhi, in 2011, offers a distilled essence of life. These poems analyze complex themes of life, love, human nature, personal loneliness, nostalgia, frustration, hope, hopelessness and death. Flashback on the whole comprises of gentle nostalgic verses that are self-reflective meditations on life as the title itself suggests.

My love is stronger

by Varville Scott

An anthology of triolets on the subject of love in all its different aspects not just the sweeter side.

If it’s a question indeed
Of my love that you shyly ask,
Then to where shall the answer lead
If it’s a question! in deed
And words I have shown there’s no need,
For I am equal to any task,
If it’s a question indeed
Of my love that you shyly ask.

Omni-Sanity of Sequence & Ideas.

by Mr Charles Emanuwa Specialist 13 – 20 (PR-CAM / DipRSA)

In certainty, it is imperative to present the Oxford English Dictionary meaning of some parts of speech, literary terminologies and sayings:

This is made by using these.

– Poem: a literary composition in verse, especially one expressing deep feeling or noble thought in an imaginative way.

Spiritual: of the human spirit or soul, not physical or worldly.

Anthology: a collection of passages from literature, especially poems.

Alliteration: the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of several words in succession, e.g. sing a song of six pence or I love to love those who choose to love.

Metaphor: the application of a word or phrase to something that it does not apply to literally, in order to indicate a comparison with the literal usage, e.g. the evening of one’s life, food for thought, Peter the Rock.

Simile: a figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another, e.g. went through it like a hot knife through butter, he is as hard as rock.

Oxymoron: putting together words, which seem to contradict one another, e.g. bittersweet?

Eulogy: a speech or piece of writing in praise of a person or thing.

Dirge: a slow mournful song, a lamentation for the dead.

Euphemism: a mild or roundabout expression substituted for one considered improper or too harsh or blunt, â??pass away’ is a euphemism for â??die’.

Paradox: a statement etc. That seems to contradict itself or to conflict with common sense but which contains a truth, e.g. â??more haste, less speed’.

Pantheism: the belief that God is everything and everything is God.

Parable: a story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual truth.

Split infinitive: an infinite with a word or words placed between to and the verb, e.g. to thoroughly understand. Many people dislike this construction and it can usually be avoided e.g. by putting to understand thoroughly.

Evocation: calling up, produce, or inspire (memories, feelings, a response, etc.)

Hyperbole: an exaggerated statement that is not meant to be taken literally, e.g. a stack of work a mile high.

Fact: something known to have happened or be true or to exist.

– Propaganda: publicity intended to spread ideas or information that will persuade or convince people.

Fiction: a product of the imagination; an invented story.

Onomatopoeia: the formation of words that imitate or suggest what they stand for, e.g. cuckoo, plop, sizzle, chirp, screech, bubble.

Chant: a tune to which the words of psalms or other works with irregular rhythm are fitted by singing several syllables or words to the same note; a monotonous song.

Verse: a metrical form of composition, as distinct from prose.

Prose: written or spoken language not in verse form.

Satire: the use of ridicule, irony, or sarcasm in speech or writing.

Tautology: saying of the same thing over again in different words.

Innuendo: an unpleasant insinuation.

Craze: a great but often short-lived enthusiasm for something.

Dream: a series of pictures or events in a sleeping person’s mind.

Vision: the faculty of seeing, sight. Something seen in the imagination or in a dream etc.

Visionary: existing only in the imagination, fanciful, not practical – visionary schemes.

Testimony: a declaration or statement (especially one made under oath). Evidence in support of something.

Invoke to call upon (a deity) in prayer. To summon up (a spirit) with words.

Soporific: tending to cause sleep.

Sophistry: clever and subtle but perhaps misleading reasoning..

Exult: to be extremely joyful.

Personification: to personify: to conceive of or represent as having human qualities or form. E.g., he was kindness personified.

Psychology: the science or study of mind and behaviour.

Puff: to make proud; swell. Praise or advertise extravagantly…

Soul’s Desire

by Clarice

Life is more than flesh and blood. We are filled with feelings and we have a soul that connects us to the Universe.
This collection reflect the meaning we attach to the soul, and the connection to Love.

Change of Seasons: Selected Poems

by Jeremy Kester

“The falling leaves of autumn’s flow,
As we ‘wait the falling snow.
I dream a dream of cool breeze,
To receive a love if only please.”

-from “Change of Seasons”

Change of Seasons: Selected Poems is a collection of 100 poems written over the past 20 years by Jeremy C Kester. From the slightly humorous to the deeply serious, Jeremy writes his observations of life, love, death, and his greatest fear: roaches.

Wolves of the Sapphire Sun: Sans Erotica

by C. JoyBell C.

Unleashed, sacred, otherworldly, palpable and serene. This one’s for the wild ones. The black sheep, the lost ones, the found ones, the ones who are loved, the unforgotten ones. This one’s for the wild ones.

Designed to be read and pondered upon as a “novel-made-out-of-poems”, these pages will call you into certain depths and ask you to connect the dots wherever there are open spaces. You are impelled to feel and to think. And to chew on this paper until it runs through your veins.

This book does not contain the erotica found in the original version.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 14

Be My Eyes

by Dustin Stevens

Most nineteen year olds believe they are invincible. They wake up each day thinking they have all the time in the world to travel, to get an education, to fall in love. Ruby Sewell isn’t most nineteen year olds. She wakes up every morning unable to see a thing, her only goal to make it to the west coast before her time runs out.

Most twenty-six year olds don’t live life in a self-destructive spiral. They don’t engage in bar fights, scrape by on low-end jobs, or embroil in years-long battles with their parents. Cole Dixon isn’t most twenty-six year olds. Still reeling from an unforeseen blast five years earlier, he is down to his last chance with nowhere to go and no inclination to get there.

Against both their wills, they set off together on a journey that will define them both for the rest of their days.

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Free horror Kindle books for 28 Feb 14

Kate’s Calling (The Last Days)

by Julie Cooper Brown

The second book in The Last Days series by Julie A. Brown. Kate Roland is a Private in the U.S. Army and is paired with her longtime friend to fight the undead during the zombie apocalypse 2013. The task becomes more complex when they find Angel, a sweet little girl who was abandoned in the midst of the undead. Join Kate in her journey to protect the innocent child. Don’t forget to read book one. The Last Day in the Life of Jillian.

Divine Justice

by M Steen

Martin is on the edge of a breakdown and a series of incidents changes his life forever and takes him down a road of no return in this supernatural horror short story.

The Horror of Life

by Clive My

What would you be prepared to do for your art? Maurice Saade had tried searching for fame and when that didn’t work, decided to take the path of infamy to bring his artistic talents before the world. How was he going to achieve that? By eating himself.

Originally long listed for the international Aeon Award back in 2008, this story has been polished and refined for this, its first publication.

It Happened After Dark: A collection of short stories

by Eugene W. Cusie

This is the second collection of short stories written by Eugene W. Cusie, author of Apartment 23A and An Apartment by the Road. These stories are short, sweet, and imaginative. Everything from a man with an obsession of women dressed in doll clothes to an officer working at a prison investigating a horror too close to home.

A Room of Shadows

by Harold Moore

When three high school friends poke around an abandoned lot near their school, they inadvertantly stumble upon a terrifying secret from the school’s past. Unnatural beings begin to show up in their daily lives, and soon begin to threaten their lives, and those around them. As these horrors begin to close in, the friends are forced to dig into mysteries the previous generation thought best forgotten. As a dark fate closes in upon them, they search for a way to undo mistakes long left neglected, before it is too late.

Family Legacy: Keeper of the Dark Spirits

by Charlene Iverson

A hair raising story about a young woman who is torn between two worlds. Adair Bolton’s parents are Christians while her grandmother is a voodoo princess. Her grandmother sends the demons that she serves into Adair’s world to lure her to the dark side to protect the family legacy that is threatened by the evil one, the ghost of an evil preacher from the seventeen hundreds that destroyed many of her ancestors. Good and evil battle for her soul as phantoms from her grandmother’s evil past haunt her day and night as Adair battles to escape her grandmother’s hellish world.

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Free travel Kindle books for 28 Feb 14

How I Became An Urban Camper (How to Make the Most of Your Next Hotel Stay)

by G. J. Chapman

The “original” urban camper explains how the concept of “camping out” in hotels was conceived and how it can become a fun and useful past time for anyone in making a favorite hotel the destination of their trip downtown or across the country. In addition to details about her own discovery of urban camping, the author offers recommendations of her favorite hotels and airline, those chains or hotels she avoids, and entries from her blog on urban camping. There are also photos of some of her favorite sites and some helpful suggestions for “Frequent Flyers.” This short book, hopefully, soon to be found on the back of airplane seats, is a a quick and entertaining read and a helpful and useful guidebook for travelers looking for a new way to enjoy the trip, as well as those who would rather stay close to home that helps them “get away” without going too far.

Unemployment: How I Lived 10 Years in a Foreign Land without a Regular JOB and How Anyone Can Do the Same.

by Rev Jessie Morris

How I Survived 10 Years without a JOB is the story of a young man who went on an exciting adventure that would change his life forever. How he survived the journey and went on to live 10 whole years without a steady Job is a must read. You just have to get a copy.

From this book you will learn one easy but great way you can make money today wherever you are.

What if I told you that it is possible to survive 10 years without a regular JOB? Do you think it’s impossible? Do you think you can do it? Well it can be done! I did it and if I can do it, anyone else can do it.

In this ebook I am going to tell you how I did it. I want you to learn from my experience in survival. You never know when this knowledge can be handy. Besides you can apply this in different situations.

These days with the economic meltdown, no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Many people who were with jobs last year are today out of jobs in many places around the world. Get this book and find out for yourself.

Why You Should Not Retire To Paris

by Peggy McArdle

This is the second in the “Why You Should Not” series.

Written by an Englishwoman of 81, whose knowledge of Paris goes back to her student days in 1948, her love of the city is evident although her perception of the downside of being a Resident of Paris in extreme old age is clearly and categorically stated.

Many Francophiles will enjoy and empathise with Peggy McArdle’s view of the many difficulties experienced daily by most elderly people who live in big cities today.

The humour is never far from the surface in this engaging read.

Now we’ll ask you a question.

Can you afford NOT to read this book?

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Free sports Kindle books for 28 Feb 14

The Rookie’s Guide to the Springfield Armory XD-S: What you need to know to buy, shoot and care for a Springfield Armory XD-S

by Tom McHale

If you own a Springfield Armory XD-S, or are thinking about buying one, then this book is for you!

In insanely practical fashion, we cover everything you need to know about the Springfield Amory XD-S pocket pistol family. Whether 9mm, .45 CP or the new 4.0 model – we show you how to safely use, maintain and accessorize your Springfield Armory XD-S.

Using light-hearted and plain English style, we provide easy to understand tips and advice. This book includes:

– A guided tour of the Springfield Armory XD-S

– How to shoot your XD-S

– Step by step cleaning and lubrication instructions

– Holster options

– Lasers, lights and sights

– Ammunition for your XD-S 9mm or .45 ACP

– Practical tips and tricks

– And more!

Even More Roads to Adventure: Fishing, Rafting, Golfing, Hiking, Sailing, Snowboarding, Kayaking, Parasailing, RVing, Camping and Cruising Stories

by Bruce Leonard

Even More Roads to Adventure continues Bruce Leonard’s exciting excursions across North America. In this collection, he finds himself tangling with border-patrol agents, the Mexican army, a drug-sniffing dog and a wheel nearly falling off of his RV. And he faces these travails in only one of the 22 stories within this collection. As the title indicates, Bruce participates in a host of other activities and brings readers along with him in prose that is often funny and occasionally makes sense. In one story he even gives up meat. He still has no idea why he did that.

Jr’s Whitetail Deer Hunting Story

by Brian Jackson Jr.

Jr’s Whitetail Deer Hunting Story is a Fictional Deer Hunting Short Story. Designed To Teach Good Deer Hunting Lessons. For The Beginner Whitetail Deer Hunter. This Fictional Deer Hunting Story Takes Place in The Northeastern United States.

SKYDIVER (Gary’s Songs/Poems)

by Gary Stokes

I was a stuntman in Hollywood for years and I have ridden motorcycles, performed high falls, and I’ve done a few crazy stunts. I have also been in several dangerous situations in my life. But I’ve never gotten a bigger adrenaline rush better than when skydiving.. I have fallen from 12,500 feet, tracking up to 200 mph. I have 543 jumps from perfectly good airplanes.
There were 2 activities that a few skydivers were involved in, especially in the 1960’s and 1970’s. These 2 activities are hidden in the lyrics of “SKYDIVER.”
Can you spot them?
I am the author of “DINOSAUR DROOL,” a children’s book published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises.

My Maine Buck Poem

by Brian Jackson Jr.

My Maine Buck Poem Is a Hunting Poem For Kids, Adults and Anyone Else Who Enjoys Hunting, Whitetail Deer Hunting and Poems

A Sportsman’s Collection Of Poems

by Brian Jackson Jr.

A Sportsman’s Collection Of Poems is a book full of hunting, fishing and generalized sportsman like poems. A good read for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. We will be adding more poems in the book over a period of time. There is only two poems in the book as of now.

Camping With Kids: A Parent’s Handbook

by Gia Scott

Recipes, activities, equipment, and even campfire song lyrics are all part of this compact handbook for any parent who is considering camping with their kids. After all, parents need all the help they can get!

This handbook delivers information without frills and even the most experienced camper can use the hints for keeping the shorter crowd entertained and interested. For novice campers, the information can make the entire experienced much easier and more fun.

The Training of the Wolf

by Jim Harris

Oneness of mind and body is heart and soul of all martial arts. The purpose of martial arts’ discipline, with its focus on overcoming anger, fear and ego, is to achieve this oneness. The attainment of this state accomplishes much more than freeing us from reaction time – the empty void that lies between thought and action: it liberates the self itself, which is then capable of immense power. In Bushido this state of consciousness is termed mushin – no mind. In other disciplines or religions, it is termed enlightenment, cosmic consciousness or spiritual consciousness. Christ Jesus referred to it as the kingdom of heaven. In the Star Wars movies, George Lucas designated it The Force. Its physiological term is theta consciousness, a state most individuals experience only during the rapid eye movement portion of sleep.

Oneness – by whatever name we call it – is an elusive goal. At first, it is fleeting, ephemeral. It comes upon us in the most unexpected moments and then it’s gone. But, once experienced it cannot be forgotten. It burns in our hearts and awakens within us a hunger to make it our own. The Training of the Wolf is an allegorical account of the author’s quest for oneness.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 28 Feb 14

Watcher’s Web (Return of the Aghyrians)

by Patty Jansen

She’s not your ordinary country girl, even though she might look like one. She casts webs of power, reading the feelings of living beings and telling them what to do. Nobody knows what causes it, least of all her. Her name is Jessica, but most people call her â??freak’.
One fateful day, her â??web’ connects with a stranger, and stray power causes the plane in which she’s travelling to crash in an alien world. An accident? The more she discovers about the world in which she has landed, the more she doubts it. She is a survivor from an ancient race that once travelled the stars. Her ancestors were powerful and dangerous, and it seems at least two people want her: the man who invades her mind, and the man who’s desperate to help her get back home. But Jessica grew up an Earth girl, and isn’t having any of this. She’ll pander to no one, thank you very much, even if her stubbornness enrages the tyrant race who hold the world in their grip.

Take Back Tomorrow

by Richard Levesque

“Raymond Chandler meets Robert Heinlein in this fun and inventive crossover SF novel from Richard Levesque.“–J. Orr, Amazon Reviews

“Apart from stopping to have something to eat I haven’t been able to tear myself away from this until I had finished it. This is good old time story telling that is well written, and definitely well worth reading.“–M. Bowden, Amazon UK Hall of Fame Reviewer

What if all you had to do to make your dreams come true was violate the laws of the universe?

That’s not just a philosophical question Eddie Royce has to answer. It’s a choice he has to make when the most famous science fiction writer of the 1930s goes missing and his unscrupulous publisher becomes convinced that Eddie knows all of the older writer’s secrets–not just the secret of where he’s gone, but the secret of how he’s traveled in time.

Until now, Eddie’s fooled himself into thinking he’s got the system figured out, “borrowing” plots from Shakespeare and rewriting them as space operas to make a name for himself in the pulps. But when he finds out that Chester Blackwood–his idol and inspiration–has been cheating the system in ways Eddie could never have dreamed of, the hack science fiction writer finds himself in the middle of a plot that his pulp readers would never have imagined.

Now he has to do all he can to save himself–and Blackwood’s beautiful daughter–from the powerful figures who all want Blackwood’s secret. And violating the laws of the universe might just be the least of Eddie’s problems.

“The pace of the story is quick, and the time transitions are handled well. Overall, this is a good novel, one that even readers with little interest in sci-fi might enjoy.” — Publishers Weekly.*

“Hardboiled 30â?²s crime thriller meets time-traveling pulp science-fiction for an original fast paced, page turner,” –S. Sager, Amazon Reviews

“It has a distinctly ‘noir’ flavor as well as an old school science fiction feel. It is fast paced and clever.”–C. Pellitteri, Amazon Reviews

Richard Levesque writes novels and short stories by night and is an English professor by day. He mostly writes science fiction and paranormal fantasy blended with noir-style mystery. He is currently working on his next novel.

*This review was of the manuscript version submitted to Amazon’s Breakout Novel Awards competition in 2012.

Angel of Virtue, Angel of Vengeance (The Chronicles of Ariel Shepherd)

by Shannon Edds

The Athaeri of Canaan discover a portal to another world. Lieutenant Commander Ariel Shepherd and her team are recalled from leave in order to join a large taskforce to investigate what’s on the other side. A recon team is sent through and vanishes. Ariel and her team, Reaper Squadron go through next to locate the recon team and report back. Once through they find a world not unlike their own but much more primitive. They discover they might be in an alternate universe and their way home is blocked. They must fight a long lost enemy once thought to be dead and stop him from going back through the portal. If he gets through it will spell the end for their home.

Follow Ariel and her team in a story full of sci-fi action and adventure.

This is a full size book which equates to about 319 pages in paperback form.

Doubt (Among Us Trilogy)

by Anne-Rae Vasquez

paranormal – romance – mystery – thriller – apocalypse

Cristal Hernandez started playing the online game, Truth Seekers when she was fifteen. In her real life outside the game, she didn’t fit in with anything or anybody. Classmates called her “the loner” or “weirdo,” taunting her in the playground because she was always nose deep in a book. Her father went missing on her tenth birthday which haunted her every day since his disappearance.

Things are never really what they appear to be.

Strange things start to happen to her and her friends. She witnesses unexplainable events and is accused of causing them even from people closest to her. Evil is lurking everywhere and disguised as many things.

But that’s not all she has to fear.

Never trust anyone, her father always told her. Especially your closest allies.

Do you love shows like J.J. Abrams’ Fringe and read books like Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones?

“Doubt” is a fast paced story where Harry Doubt online gamer and creator of the
Truth Seekers game takes his game offline to search for who or what is
behind the disappearances of his mother and his friends’ loved ones,
uncovering supernatural forces living among them.

Doubt, book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy. Among Us, delves into the world of the supernatural and how it intersects with the everyday lives of seemingly ordinary young people as catastrophic events on earth lead to the end of times. Among Us weaves the theme of a young man and woman, who while not fully understanding their ‘abilities’, are drawn together in their desire to find out the truth about the world they live in which is similar to themes used in J.J. Abrams’ TV shows Fringe and Lost.

What readers had to say…

  • As a big fan of the show Fringe, this book appealed to me tremendously. The writing was well done, and the way the “supernatural” forces were introduced was great.
  • A good, clean read for any age.
  • It was an excellent story that I’m sure both adult and teen urban fantasy fans will enjoy. You don’t have to be a gamer or know one to identify with the characters. They’re very well developed and definitely feel like people. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and I’m really looking forward to the second book.
  • …the novel is written in such a languid style, it moves on effortlessly and absorbs the reader into the story completely. Although the story itself revolves around the online gaming industry, one does not have to have an in depth knowledge as it is ably explained and discussed within the plot line.
  • OMGosh! I just finished reading “Doubt” INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t put it down.

Ë?Ë?Ë? >>> Depth and Substance mashed up with Fringe Science. Will entertain young and old alike.

This book is intended for mature young adults and new adults. Ages 16 to 45 +

Ë?Ë?Ë? >>Inspired by real Truth Seekers Aaron Swartz and Harry Fear

The main character Harry Doubt was inspired by Aaron Swartz, internet prodigy and activist, co-founder of the Creative Commons and Reddit, and Harry Fear, journalist, documentary filmmaker and activist whose coverage of the conflict in the Middle East was seen on UStream by millions of viewers.

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Alien Courage II (The Role of Earth)

by Keith Chessell

The Confederacy of Planets is under threat. Civil unrest begins to grow within the great houses of power as the Trigealian master race battles a new enemy. An unknown alien race called the Qed has begun insurgencies within Confederate space.

The Empress dominates the Imperial Court but has no choice but to accept her deadly enemy, the head of the black robed Assengi priests as her court Chancellor. They surreptitiously and ruthlessly plot the demise of each other as they both race to develop private armies of hypnotically capable soldiers. They both know the Confederacy will soon be vulnerable.

The rebel crew of the Emperor’s stolen ship Traveller are pursued across the galaxy and their only safe refuge is a Trigealian quarantined planet – Earth. While fighting against the mind control technology of the Qed the crew of Traveller stumbles across forbidden alliances and covert operations.

The impossible search for a single Earth human and an out of body Trigealian robot pilot trapped on Earth becomes an unwelcome reality which tests the resolve of Traveller’s crew. Confrontation with the Volen presence on Earth is inevitable and avoiding detection by the high tech Trigealian surveillance is a deadly parameter for any Confederate desperate enough to break Earth’s quarantine.

The Starewavers

by Christopher Josephs

The first part of the POW! Trilogy, short story The Starewavers takes place in a time when you could walk the streets without worrying about anything bad happening to you. The 1960s was the decade of JFK, counterculture, the British Invasion, war, and the space race. Humans had already been through Roswell in 1947. Yes, people were worried about nuclear war and communist infiltration of America, but they did not know there was a new threat to worry about. A threat that looked like you and me, and that could be in your own neighborhood, your children’s schools, and even your homes. The threat is real. The Starewavers are coming. Beware of the stare.

First Raid (Memoirs of a Zone Raider)

by Tom Noel-Morgan

In the future, nature has recovered from the abuses of mankind and there is no more war. Sounds like heaven, but it really is not, for the price we paid was the end of the world as we knew it.

Between latitudes 55º north and 55º south, there is a region known as the “Red Zone”, where hordes of zombies inhabit ghost cities in the hundreds of thousands. But there are worse things than zombies lurking in the Red Zone. Mutant creatures have evolved that prey and thrive on the flesh of ghouls. To these beasts, a normal human is as appetising a meal as any zombie.

More than 50 years after the Zombie Riots, the surviving nations of the world have all migrated to the Polar Regions, where the mutants can’t survive. Trouble is everyone else has trouble surviving there too. Even after 50 years, foodstuffs and other reserves are in relative short supply in the wintery regions of our planet. For that reason, independent adventurer-capitalists venture into the forbidden regions of the globe to seize resources and salvage equipment invaluable to the survival of mankind. They are the Zone Raiders, and young Rex Raleigh has decided he wants to be one. Yet the question remains: did he do it for the right reasons?

Book 3 of the series explores Rex Raleigh’s very first adventure into the Red Zone, as a trainee surveyor, and explains what made him decide to follow the dangerous career of a Zone Raider.

Gravity 2: The Predator Awaken

by Jeremy Kester

Book 2 of the sci-fi saga: Gravity.

For years she thought him dead, and he had given up on ever seeing her again. After crashing into each other seven years later, a devious plot tore them apart once more. Haden now searches desperately for Adrianna as his former life as an Alliance operative begins to catch up to him in dangerous ways. Surrounding them, their worlds continue to edge ever closer to all out war. Will their love survive being ripped apart? And what plans does the Alliance have with Adrianna?

Bad News from Outer Space: Part One (The Rocketeers)

by Gavin Chappell

Drifting through the void is a spacecraft from Earth. The space pirates realise that this is their chance to escape the Centaurus System. Either they can hijack the ship or they can loot it of its warpdrive system. One way or the other, it could get them back to their home planet.

A scan reveals no human life signs, only vegetable. What dwells aboard the hulk, and what perils must the space pirates face before they learn the horrifying secret concealed by this ship from Earth?

Part Twenty One in THE ROCKETEERS

A Helmet Full of Hair

by Scott Christian Carr

“Scott Christian Carr is one of the most insightful writers I know. He’s also one of the funniest. Reading his work never fails put you under an intellectual pleasure-dome, which is great in and of itself — The unexpected surprise is, you’ll also laugh your ass off!”

-Patricia Anthony, author of Cold Allies, Brother Termite, Conscience of the Beagle, Happy Policeman, Cradle of Splendor, God’s Fires, Flanders, Eating Memories”

Meet Donald “Do Nothing” DeWitt. Alone. In space. Drifting…

To keep from going mad with isolation, he relates to his mother the tale of the early days aboard Starship Wormwood (and how it blew up) into the tiny radio transmitter in his starsuit. A weak signal that could never possibly traverse the lightyears between him and Earth. Never mind, that because he has been traveling faster-than-light for several years, his mother has now been dead for several thousand…

With nothing but the sound of his own voice, Donald recalls alcoholic-rageaholic shipmate Ryerson jettisoning the ship’s garbage (and essentials) out of the dorsal airlock, when not attempting to grow marijuana on top of the ships hyperdrive… He remembers fondly his philosophical dalliances with Captain Hardwick (distractions which ultimately led to the ship’s demise)… O’Brien’s endless counting… And most of all, he remembers home… The only thing he CAN’T remember, are his reasons for joining the accursed mission in the first place.

A HELMET FULL OF HAIR is a short novella which masterfully blends surreal science fiction, dark comedy, and memoir.

Interplanetary Hitman Inc

by Clive Maxwell

When someone gets too stressed in their work, they can behave in very strange ways. If that someone happens to be an interplanetary hitman, then the consequences could be disasterous. The right work/life balance applies to even the strangest of professions, but cleaning up after a job goes wrong is not always so easy.

La Bomba

by Clive Maxwell

In this short story, a very young child steps out of the jungle in Central America and appears to have supernatural powers. Within a few years she becomes an icon for repressed peoples in that part of the world. What is going to happen when she comes to the US? Is she really an emissary of God? Is she about to deliver retribution?

The Rats

by Clive Maxwell

This short horror story recounts the experience of one of the customers at the Nags Head pub in the West End of London. Is it the result of an over-active imagination or are there intelligent rats that should make us all very afraid, since they’re out to have us for supper?

Synning (Synning, Refynning, and Mummifying)

by Scott F Neve

Synning, Refynning and Mummifying is the saga of a modern day scientist turned into a reluctant hero. He is forced on a mission to uncover murderers, lethal litterbugs, and the hidden treasures of the Valley of the Kings. He is accompanied by the love of his life. Yet their future happiness is thwarted at every turn. Even at the beginning of their honeymoon, the hero and his bride are abducted. The problem and the solution to the hero’s life are found in his synthetic cloning invention. Men want to control it or destroy it at any cost. This trilogy of short stories moves quickly to a climax with an ancient treasure, diabolical villains and a demon prince.

That Elusive Cure

by Lisa C Hinsley

Kathy is going to die. All that’s left to do is prepare for the end.

While waiting for her chemotherapy session, a woman called Janie approaches Kathy, offering a revolutionary treatment for cancer. Janie pitches the cure like an expert and what does Kathy have to lose? The doctors now measure her life in months, not years.

Kathy follows Janie to an abandoned church where a futuristic machine is hidden. Made of silvery metal, long, and with rounded edges, the pod is like nothing Kathy’s ever seen before. Janie encourages her to climb in telling her the process is painless and quick. A few sessions are all she’ll need to be cured. Despite serious reservations, what does she have to lose? She gets in. And the results are miraculous.

A few days later, when the wonderful sense of well-being she experienced begins to ebb, all she can think about is having another session. In spite of the apparent improvement, Kathy’s renewed energy is soured by doubt. What exactly is this machine? What if none of this is real and the next MRI shows all the tumors are still there? Time is so shortâ?¦

THAT ELUSIVE CURE is about facing up to illness, both mental and physical, of family struggle and above all, the amazing power of hope.

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