Free reference Kindle books for 22 Feb 14

Bodhi Goes to China! (China for Children)

by Tommy Tong

“Bodhi goes to China” is a story about a great man who crossed the Himalayas in his sandals to bring Buddhism to China. He also happened to be the famous headmaster of the Shaolin monastery who gave us the basis of most martial arts today. “I have meditated in the cave where he waited for nine years before being allowed in to the monastery. Whoa, what a trip! This is my favorite book!” – tommy

How To Study Effectively; Increase Learning Power With These Proven Techniques For Studying Success

by Kayla J. Bevan

Do you want to learn proven strategies to help you study more effectively? Are you interested in learning how technology can help you stay organized, manage your time, and avoid procrastination? Would you like to know how to create the best environment for studying and concentration? How To Study Effectively is a practical guide to study skills that will teach you the answers to these questions and more. It will help you identify what type of learner you are, so you use your learning style to maximize study time. Also, this book gives you tips on how to take good notes; the foundation of later review and studying. Next, you’ll learn how to ust study tools such as flashcards, mind maps,and mnemonic devices to remember important information. Have you ever tried studying in groups?
This book will teach you how to use study groups to your advantage, so you don’t just spend time having fun together. Lastly, you’ll learn how to succeed in online courses and how to use technology to your advantage by keeping you organized. If you want to make your study time more effective and improve your grades, then try out this book.

Look and see what is included inside! Here is a list of the chapter titles:
Chapter 1: Creating The Best Study Environment
Chapter 2: Understanding Audio, Visual, and Kinesthetic Learning Styles
Chapter 3: Tips For Diet and Nutrition To Keep Your Brain Alert
Chapter 4: Strategies for Taking Good Notes and Participating in Class as a Method of Learning
Chapter 5: Pros and Cons of Studying In Groups- How To Make Group Studying Productive
Chapter 6: Using Flashcards, Mind Maps, and Mnemonic Devices to Remember Information
Chapter 7: Time Management Study Skills
Chapter 8: How to Learn Effectively From An Online Course
Chapter 9: Proven Concentration Techniques
Chapter 10: Using Technology to Stay Organized and Avoid Procrastination
Discover proven strategies to help you focus and study effectively! Learn how by downloading this book to your Kindle today.

Fish Picture Book

by Sandy Lee

This book makes me sleepy. This is a great book to look at if you can’t fall asleep.

Kindle Direct Publishing Mastery (With Promotion Tips and Strategies for the Absolute Beginner) (Electronic Business Mastery)

by Tom Love

Kindle Direct Publishing Mastery (With Promotion Tips and Strategies for the Absolute Beginner)



Get the PROMOTION secrets of AMANDA HOCKINGS, she earns $600,000 royalty every month from electronic books!

Get the SALES secrets of J.A KONRATH, he earn $25,000 royalty every month from Kindle ebook sales

Get the Marketing Secrets of SILVA DAY, she sells 550,000 books every month!

This book contains:

How to Get around KDP-Select for Better Book Sales

Get the essential tips on how to maximise your KDP select days

We include information of how and where to run your paid and free promotions.


Kinematics (Stick Figure Physics Tutorials)

by Sarah Allen

This tutorial shows you how to solve problems involving projectiles, or objects under constant acceleration. It’s very simple, introductory. It will show you the basics, and it breaks down each problem step-by-step.

The Transcendentalism of Kvothe

by David Hijón Romero

Did you enjoy the Name of the Wind? Do you want to know some of the meaning behind the words of this novel?

This is an essay about Patrick Rothfuss´ novel, The Name of the Wind.

In this essay you will find an exhaustive analysis of this best-seller and the relations of this novel with Transcendentalism, the literary movement created by authors as famous as David Henry Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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