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It’s an all new family, all new drama, and all new skeletons in the closet.

Tina is a former high school cheerleader, trapped in a loveless marriage, physically and emotionally abused by an alcoholic husband. This drives her into the arms of a local minister and dangerous relationship on the side.

Ike is a former high school football star that beats his wife and blames her for his position at the bottom. This drives him into the arms of another woman with low self – esteem and diminished dreams.

As each relationship reaches its tipping point, we meet emotionally unstable characters, which lead us to ask certain questions.

What happens when your husband says he will kill himself if you ever leave him? What happens when he says he will kill whatever man you fall in love with? What happens when your teenage daughter has a sexual relationship with her high school teacher? What happens when your teenage son gets involved with the horniest girl in school and brings home more than a good story? What happens when all this behavior lands one of you in jail?

Skeletons in the Closet 2 is not only an emotional thrill ride, but filled with deeper skeletons in each person’s closet. It is full of secrets and surprises as well as hope and change. Skeletons in the Closet 2 is only available on KINDLE, and well worth the investment.

The Best Fiction Sampler Ever 2014 – Howard Books: A Free Sampling of Spring Fiction Titles

by Rebecca Kanner

Complete with new beginnings and the promise of happy endings, the Howard Books Spring 2013 Fiction eSampler has an array of debut authors and perennial favorites for you to try out and enjoy. Step back in time with our historical fiction, fall in love with our inspirational romance, and enjoy our contemporary stories. If you would like to learn more about any of our authors or the titles featured, please visit us at, follow @Howard_Books, or like us at and sign up to receive our free monthly e-newsletter to stay informed of all of Howard’s fiction releases.

With chapter excerpts from the following Spring 2014 new releases:

Sinners and the Sea by Rebecca Kanner

Friend Me by John Faubion

The Traitor’s Wife by Allison Pataki

The Thief by Stephanie Landsem

Healer of Carthage by Lynne Gentry

Vow Unbroken by Caryl McAdoo

The Shepherd’s Song by Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers

Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury

Fearless Hope by Serena Miller

Sing for Me by Karen Halvorsen Schreck

Fair Play by Deaanne Gist

Chateau of Secrets by Melanie Dobson

Somebody Like You by Beth K. Vogt

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by F. Z KHAN

Michael Jackson is alive? Is it fiction or a reality for us. Coming days will clear so much. Read how the biggest show on earth was pulled off. Read what human will can achieve. The nittygritty of the fake death. Is he dead? Alive? Have a nice day.

Inevitable Act l

by Johnie Jay

Angel McCloud is done with love after experiencing a broken heart by her deadbeat boyfriend. Vowing to take a break from relationships, now its all about her. Angel wants to have a little fun and cater to her sexual beast without commitment and drama and with the handsome, star wide receiver from the Detroit Lions, her delectable-bodied personal trainer from the past visiting town, and a coworker that’s been sniffing up behind her for a while now, it seems like she will get that chance. That is, if the sexy mystery man that keeps invading her life, thoughts and dreams, stops making her feel a craving that she never has before. Future Crowne used to be Mr. Nice guy and the hopeless romantic but it only seemed to get him overlooked and misused. What a difference 5 years can make. Future is now the epitome of a player and a ladies man and to protect his heart he has no problem giving women a dose of their own medicine. Now they get only sex and great sex at that. Unfortunately he may have met his match with the sultry sexy Kandi. The one thing that he didn’t plan for was what felt like fate in the form of an unknown woman, rearing its head into his plans. Follow these two seemingly different people through exciting and tantalizing paths, drama filled nights and sexual triangles as they find out their inevitable truth.

Immaculate Conceptions: A Novel

by S. E. Sward

Teddy Robicheaux is Hopeful1, a 29-year-old teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas. Liv Jensen is Mommy1moretime, a 38-year-old stay-at-home mom living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Kelly Dawson is Texasmom, a 41-year-old wise-cracking hairstylist from Dallas, Texas. Maggie Nash is Want2BaMom, the 34-year-old wife of a college professor, and living in Nashville, Tennessee. What do these four women have in common? The heartache of infertility and the saving grace of friendship after they meet on Fruitful Musings, a website dedicated to infertility issues. Join Teddy, Liv, Kelly and Maggie as they help each other cope with the ups and downs of the infertility roller coaster.


by Jahquel J

Tiffany Mitchell leaves New York and moves to Miami to be with her best friend Tyrisha in hopes of starting over and forgetting her pass with her baby father. when she gets to Miami her best friend has a lot of skeletons that starts coming out her closet and quickly pulls Tiffany in to her drama. can these two friends weather the storm ? or will Tiffany regret moving to Miami?

Forever My Lady

by Malcolm U. Simmons

Inspired by a true story. Gavin Steele has traveled the world and has riches that most could only dream of. What matters the most to Gavin is the love for the music that has been a part of his life since he was a child. Gavin thought he had it all until he meets the love of his life, Gabrielle. Together they share a lavish life of luxury. But will Gavin’s past be the end of the two of them and the love they share.

Dawning (Black Earth Trilogy, Book 1)

by M.S. Verish

He has no name but is known by many. He is a Demon, surrounded by the chaos inherent in his own shadowy nature, and it is the magic of Shadow that is killing him. Unwilling to accept his imminent demise, the nameless Demon embarks on a mission to find the witches who may hold his cure. He discovers the alternative to his death may be a greater price than he is willing to accept, and what is acceptance in a world full of Humans?

In the company of the immortal prisoner he has liberated, the Demon struggles to survive, understand who he is, and shape a future that once seemed impossible. It is, for better or worse, a new beginning, a Dawning in this foreign world.

**Black Earth is a Trilogy**


by Gord Rollo

Randy Baxter is an aspiring chef who dreams of better days ahead. He’s come to work as part of the kitchen staff at Ashbury Creek Asylum, a federally funded institution for the criminally insane. Randy’s not crazy but he does harbor a past filled with psychological issues including the need to cut himself to make the memories of his abusive childhood go away. When he learns about the man they call Peeler, a long term resident at Ashbury who has a severe problem with self-mutilation, all of Randy’s anxieties start to rise to the surface again.

Determined to overcome his inner demons once and for all, he manipulates a face to face meeting with Peeler but as with all things, there’s a price to pay. To see one of the most violent, disturbed men ever to be imprisoned in the maximum security asylum Randy must bring Peeler a small gift. Something no one in their right mind would even think of giving him.

A shiny new razor bladeâ?¦

Peeler is a novelette at 11K words.

MILF: Episode One

by Lexi Maxxwell

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Pleasures

Would you go all the way for your family?

Natalie is a desperate mother in hard times. Her family life is barely clinging to livable, and the big bucks her husband isn’t bringing home aren’t helping. Despite every corner cut, every penny pinched, she clings to a ledge of normalcy but constantly dangles above the pit of poverty.

Until a friend approaches her with an offer too naughty to refuse. An opportunity to use her best assets to help her family increase theirs. Natalie is hesitant. Because once you slip into that hole, there’s no coming back out …

Ë?Ë?Ë? Lexi Readers LOVE MILF! Here’s What They’re Saying:

“Lexi Maxxwell understands that porn and parody belong together. The personalities and interactions of the characters in Milf are spot-on, and the sex scenes are inspired and unrestrained. If you are looking for another guilty pleasure, here’s one that will tickle you in all the right places.”

“MILF not only made me chuckle on occasion but also made me think about what I would do if put in the same scenario. From the angst of dealing with a teenage daughter who reminds you the mother of yourself at that age, to the routine marriage and sex, piling bills/debt, and a best friend who is your “frienemy”- all of which are things people deal with on a day to day basis in some capacity, MILF is a great, easy, and fun read for sure. I can’t wait to read more and to see what Natalie/Alexa are up to.”

“How does a MILF Wife & Mother become a Courtesan? You ask Lexi Maxxwell to write a book. Loved the way you set up Alexa right from the beginning. I love the way that you solve the financial problems in every day families with money making sex… you are amazing… I loved it and want more… BTW if you are new to Lexi’s writing you have only just begun. TY Lex… You did it again.”

Live Life Through Natalie Now!

Family Interrupted

by Linda Barrett

Guilt and Blame.

Shaken by tragedy, the Barnes family has fractured. Mother. Father. Son. Each dealing with the pain separately and alone. Holding fast to guilt and blame. Read or imagined.

Claire, an artist who finally follows her dream and encounters a nightmare. Jack, a home builder who thinks he can fix anything–except what matters most. And Ian, a teenage son to be proud of. Until he moves out. fifty miles away from the darkness at home.

On the verge of divorce when their son’s new life goes terribly awry, Claire and Jack are forced to re-examine their lives in order to save their marriage and heal a family that, according to Ian, “has gone to hell.”

But can they find the road back?


Expanded description:

Two years after their 12 year old daughter’s accidental death by a motorist, Claire and Jack Barnes go through the motions of celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. When artist Claire produces her gift–a full-scale oil painting of their daughter–Jack has had enough. With his daughter gone, his wife ofcuse dont he past and his 20 yearold son living on his own, Jack feels like a stranger in his own home and moves out the day after the party.

Claire understands they’re heading for divorce. Two days later, when she’s alone int he house, a young woman comes to the door and hands over her infant. This is their son’s baby. The girl says, “I told Ian she’d be too much work, and I’ve got other plans.” She disappears. Ian is readyt o put the baby up for adoption because his daughter deserves a good, solid family, better than what the Barneses have become. Jack and Claire must figure out what to do next.

Intersecting the main stores of the Barnes family is the subplot involving the driver of the car. No alcohol, no speeding involved. But guilt seeps into the driver’s soul and changes her life. Who will forgive this woman?

Bonus short story included MAN OF THE HOUSE:

Bobby’s been the man of the house since his father died, but now his mom is spending time with Steve. Steve makes his mom smile, but Bobby’s not happy. No one can take his dad’s place. So what’s a guy to do? Can Bobby have a change of heart and accept a new man of the house?

Bonus short story included MAN OF THE HOUSE:

Bobby’s been the man of the house since his father died, but now his mom is spending time with Steve. Steve makes his mom smile, but Bobby’s not happy. No one can take his dad’s place. So what’s a guy to do? Can Bobby have a change of heart and accept a new man of the house?

Eleven O’Clock Fright: A Novel

by Joshua Scribner

Shortly after the death of his wife, Dr. Kurt Snaber packs up and moves to a new state to start over. Unfortunately, he brings with him the disembodied voices of his overbearing mother and dead wife. On the advice of a friend, he turns to meditation to silence the unwelcome voices. Little does he know that while meditating he’ll witness something that will change his life forever or that it will return every night at 11:00 o’clock.

The Clay Head Benediction

by Marty Rafter

Luke Kolbe is a lonely Pittsburgh apartment rental agent with big ideas inspired by his love of literature and art. Guided by his desire to create, he hides his tiny handmade sculptures in public places in hopes of inspiring other dreamers in this unpretentious lighthearted novel about humble idealism and sincere intentions in the face of ingrained suspicion.

No Fury

by A. Lynn Powers

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most anticipated reality dating show of the season. Patrick Bradford is an eligible, wealthy bachelor looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with. For the next twelve weeks, he will live in our studio mansion with these twelve beautiful ladies as they compete for the chance to become his future bride.
Of course, there is a twist.
Patrick isn’t the star of the show. Nor are any of the twelve beautiful ladies. The star of the show is Amber – Patrick’s ex-wife. And she’s the one calling all the shots. She decides who stays and who leaves the show each week. She’s the one who controls which girls Patrick can and can’t date. And she’s the one who’s slowly revealing all of Patrick’s dirty little secrets to the entire country.
It’s a reality show for revenge.
Stay tuned all season for the drama that is sure to unfold.

HEARTS OVER BELLHAM: Two Bellham Romance Short Stories (Bellham Romances)

by Danita Cahill

You never know what might happen in Bellham, Oregon. But one thing’s for certain – love is always in the air.

HEARTS OVER BELLHAM is a collection of two Bellham Romance SHORT STORIES, prequels to the first full-lenght novel in the series – LOVE AT FIRST CLICK.


Hillary Johnson secretly admired handsome fellow firefighter, Tim Jacobs, for years.

When the fire chief asks for volunteers to hang Valentine’s decorations over Main Street, Hillary’s hand shoots up immediately after Tim’s.

Why pass up a golden opportunity to spend time with the guy she’s crushing on, just because she’s afraid of heights?

Hillary battles her fear to prove to Tim, and to herself, that she can conquer it.

After observing Hillary’s courage, Tim notices her – really notices her – for the first time.


After a dozen years of marriage, financial woes, and the possibility of losing their alpaca ranch, the honeymoon is over for Carol and Christopher Ridge.

But the couple reconnects on Valentine’s Day, rediscovering their love for one another under the magical glow of the lighted hearts strung over Bellham’s Main Street.

Could this be the launch of a new honeymoon phase for Carol and Christopher?

Old Weird Harold and the Grandkids!: A Collection of Short Stories

by Mary Ann Pride

It is a book of short stories about kids, parents, grandparents, and funny, difficult, and perhaps dramatic situations. The kids are rambunctious, hilarious, inspirational, and above all honest. They say whatever comes to mind. Old Weird Harold is an awesome silent partner with grandma. The two of them attempt to guide the children to better choices and making the most of bad situations. Each story evokes a different reaction. There is also a funny section about things that happen at school.

At First Light

by Spike Pedersen

In the heart of the Amazon Jungle a child disappears. Thousands of miles away this tragedy changes two lives forever as they are thrust together to save the young girl.

Piper Brown finds herself witnessing the child being auctioned on the wrong side of the knife-edge that separates luxury and poverty. And in in that moment Piper knows one thing. She must return the child to her jungle home. Piper’s daring act, and love for this girl will change her forever, and it may save her from her own destructive path.

Jesse Nickols is searching for meaning and happiness in his adrenalin fuelled world of hang gliding. When trouble finds him, he is forced to run once more. His search for contentment is rewarded and doomed when he finds himself caught up with Piper and her struggle to save the child’s family from a tribal warlord’s savagery deep in the Amazon Jungle.

Together they discover that inner strength and selfless acts are essential to being human; and discovering happiness.

Surprising, lyrical, and riveting; At First Light is that rare novel one is reluctant to put down; with characters so engaging, you will want to send them a Christmas Card. A world built of wonder, a world so real, it’s pure escapism.

Early Daze

by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

A women’s fiction novella about parents of premature babies, set around a hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). New release 29 Mar 14

10% of the author’s royalties from Early Daze are donated to Bliss, a charity for premature and sick babies.


Life has always gone smoothly for Jess, but then she got pregnant and it wasn’t just her breakfast that started going down the pan. And now her baby has “fallen out” before she’s even started anti-natal classes.

Suddenly, she’s sucked into the bubble of the Neonatal Unit, where tensions run high and the real world feels very far away. She has a new home, new routines, new friends and even a new crush – and sleep deprivation, stress and separation are threatening to tear her neat little world apart.

When it’s time for Jess to leave, what will she be going home to? And who will she be going home with?


Early Daze is an honest but humourous British drama about the ups, downs and roundabouts that come when your baby is born too soon.

â??This is a great book. Very easy read and the story was very thorough. It really helps you understand what it’s like to be a mother of a premature child. The emotions were real and you could feel the heartache the mother was going through.’

— Kiarah, proofreader

‘I loved the characters in the book and was extremely happy with how it ended!’

— Angie, proofreader

‘Early Daze helps you find a little humor in a not so funny situation.’

— Kim, proofreader


Long novella/short novel (approx. 40,000 words, 150 Kindle pages), suitable for age 16+ (adult themes, occasional sexual references and occasional mild profanity). Written in UK English.

Click on the orange button to buy or on the cover to read the beginning FREE!


Praise for Jennifer Gilby Roberts:

‘The writing was excellent, the plot was very engaging and the characters became friends you hated to leave behind.’

— Elisabeth Bennett, Amazon

‘This author has a fantastic way with words and knows how to engage the reader.’

— Nicola Smith, What Nikki Read

‘Jennifer Gilby Roberts has a wicked sense of humour that helps to convey a brilliant story.’

— Farmerchave, Amazon

‘It takes heart and soul to write, but it also takes a laundry basket of other talents to write a truly readable and enjoyable book. Ms Roberts appears to have the basketful at her disposal. I am anxiously awaiting the next offering from her.’

— Bobbye Hudspeth, Amazon

‘You may well suffer a longterm adoration of author Jennifer Gilby Roberts.’

— Best Chick Lit


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Jack’s Last Promise: They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength . . .

by Richard Neumann

Nick Adams lives a charmed life, happily married to the woman of his dreams and flying jets as a Marine fighter pilot. “Always do your best and always keep your promises,” is the motto he learned from his Uncle Jack and it has served him well. But now he’s at a crossroads in his life with a coming child and he realizes he has some unresolved issues and an unfulfilled promise from his uncle. He journeys back to his Michigan hometown to attend the twenty-year reunion of his state championship baseball team hoping to find answers. Can his teammates inspire him once more? Can he connect with his detached father? Will his uncle keep his last promise? Will he be able to provide a good life for his wife and coming child? The promise of the future depends on the answers. This is a nostalgic and inspirational tale.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 Mar 14

How To Identify A King: Revealing The Secret Profile & Top 20 Characteristics Of A True And Authentic KING Type Man!!

by Khenis Osarian

Know That Aza Woman, Your Choice Of A Man Will Likely Be The Most Important Choice You Will Ever Make! One False Move In This Area Can Mean Years Of Unnecessary Pain & Heartache! Not To Mention The Fates Of All Who Depend Upon You Being The Best You Can Be & Living The Best Life Possible! Be Sure He Is A True Hearted, Soul-Centered Man, Who Iz Cut From The Cloth Of Osiris! Otherwise U May Find Yourself Sleeping With The Enemy! Check?? Hotep

Everything You See In This World Has Been Brought Into Existance By 2 Primary Things, CHOICES & DECISIONS. The Choices Of WOMEN & The Decisions Of MEN! (Otherwise Known As GOD’s Active Or Permissive Will!)

So I’ve Put Together This Special Report For My Sisters & Osarian Report Members To Help Them To Make Better Quality Choices In Regards To Choosing A MAN To Build A Life With!!

Fate Is Controlled By What A Woman Chooses To Accept & What A Man Decides To Pursue! For We Are Both Two Sides Of The Same Shimmering Coin! This Ebook “How To Identify A King Is Designed To Help My Sisters To Make Higher Quality Choices In Regards To The Type Of Men They Choose.

The good news is that this is not nearly as complicated as the vast majority of so-called relationship experts would lead you to believe. In fact the template for the ideal relationship between black man & woman has been burned into stone many ages ago. In the story of Asar & Auset (Isis & Osiris).

HOW TO BURN FAT QUICKLY WITH RASPBERRY KETONES!: Discover The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Wieght Quickly And Dropping Inches Weekly With Raspberry Ketones! (The Effective Weight Loss Series)

by Tyler Jackson


The Effective Weight Loss Series: 2

LOSING WEIGHT QUICKLY WITH GARCINIA CAMBOGIA!: Discover The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight Quickly And Dropping Inches Weekly With Garcinia Cambogia! (The Effective Weight Loss Series)

by Tyler Jackson


The Effective Weight Loss Series: 1

The Internet Addiction Cure – The Ultimate Guide To Help You Walk Away From The Computer (addictions, addiction recovery, internet addiction, Internet disorder, Mental Health)

by Marcus Felix

The Internet Addiction Cure – The Ultimate Guide To Help You Walk Away From The Computer

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How Internet Addiction Harm Your Health
  • Understanding Internet Addiction
  • Reducing Internet Use
  • Easy Way To Cure Internet Addiction
  • Much, much more!

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Tags: internet addiction, internet addiction disorder, addictions, internet addiction cure, Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, youtube, social networking, linkedin, Mental Health, Whatapp, Line, Surfing The Internet

Raising Backyard Chickens For Beginners: Simple Guide To Keeping Happy & Healthy Backyard Chickens (Complete Guide)

by Brad Callan

Ever wondered about owning your own flock of chickens? Have you considered raising backyard chickens, but don’t know where to start?

If so, then this is your go-to-guide. Having your own flock of chickens can be a rewarding experience both for you, and your family. Chickens are easy to care for and bring tons of enjoyment to your backyard.

In this simple guide, you will find all the information you need to get started with your flock including:

– Choosing Which Breeds To Get

– How To Raising Your Own Chicks

– Caring For Your Chickens

– How To Keep A Happy And Healthy Flock

– What To Feed Them

– What NOT To Feed Them

– And Much More..

This comprehensive ebook will help answer the most common questions regarding raising chickens and is designed to provide you with everything you need to know to get started.

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bullying: I’m crying

by noel fairbrother

This book deals with the tough subject of bullying, no parent likes to think of their child been bullied or for them been a bully. we take a look from all sides on how we can help all who are effected by bullying, here is the Introduction of the book and contents page.Is your child being bullied? Could your child be bullying another student?

These are things that every single parent with a school-aged child must

worry about in today’s world. While long ago bullying was seen as a

problem, these days the consequences of bullying are known all too well

and more actions are being taken to protect students. Although the

ramifications of bullying are far wore to the victims, studies have also

concluded the bullies are far more likely to involve themselves with

criminal behaviour later in life.

But are the actions being taken enough to stop bullying? Who is stepping up

to the plate and helping these children? And, what is bullying really? What

can you, as a parent or a victim, do to put an end to bullying? This book is

here to help you uncover all of those answers so you can help your child (or

yourself) deal with this issue before it becomes a problem. Knowledge is

certainly power, and once youâ??re done reading this book you will have a full

understanding of bullying and all of the issues surrounding it. TABLE OF CONTENTS















Where Did I Put My Problem?

by John Rawson

In this book, John Rawson uses his techniques of imaginetics and embedded learning via storytelling to help the young adolescent reader reach his or her potential. “Imaginetics” is John’s term for a technique that harnesses people’s creative imaginations to change their feelings, beliefs and attitudes – their inner experience. These changes then have positive effects in the outside world.

These somewhat zany and always relevant stories open up a world of challenging topics that the young reader may be grappling with on his or her own. With its lively, funny and compelling style, Where Did I Put My Problem? is a page-turner with great stories, where such issues as anorexia, insecurity and anger are easy to identify with and begin to overcome.

While the book is aimed for pre-teen and teenage readers, it is ideal for teachers, parents, counselors and all who work with children, as well as adults who want to let their inner children out to playâ?¦and maybe give their inner children a double shot of chocolate for the mind!

John Rawson has 25 years of experience in the New Zealand Social Services and associated institutions. He holds degrees in psychology, education and child psychotherapy. He counsels both children and adults. He is married, with two sons and a large cat.

Grief and Loss: How to Deal with grief and Loss (Grief and Loss Recovery)

by Lisa McGinley

How to Move On In Life with the Understanding of Grief and Lose That Strikes Everybody

Have you lost one of your loved ones, house, job, working place, business or break up with your partner and do not know how to deal with your emotions? If you need a quick recovery, you must turn to the right source of consultancy. Don’t panic anymore; the book â??grief and loss’ is all about facing the truth of what you’ve lost and embracing it without ruining your life. Throughout this book it has been well explained how to recover rapidly with the help of a step-by-step process of quick healing methods.

Most of the time people think they can cope with any kind of loss without any help or support, but the harsh truth is that we even do not know whether we have recovered from the grief or loss that burdens our heart. You can turn a new page in life if you let go the grief and embrace the new life. You will be able to return to your normal levels of psychological, social, and physical functioning in all realms of your life. It is not that you do not hurt, but the pain will be reduced, manageable. And most importantly you will lead the pain, it will not lead you. But it takes time and determination to overcome the negative impacts that a loss can cast upon you. This book is certainly is trustworthy source that could help you relive from whatever pain you experience.

Useful topics covered in this realistic book include:

  • Causes and stages of grief
  • Do’s and don’ts in the process of embracing pain
  • Symptoms of grief and how to stay healthy when grief strikes you
  • Accepting and living with grief and loss
  • Time heals all wounds. But without proper assistance, time could take a while to heal your wounds. Make use of this complete guide written on issues related to different sorts of pain caused by losses and experience wonders time does in your life.

    Table of Contents

  • Understanding Grief and Loss
  • A Brief Guide to Isolation
  • Learning to Embrace the Pain
  • Staying Healthy
  • Living with Grief and Loss
  • Tags: Grief and Loss, Grief and Loss Recovery, Grief and Loss Understanding, Grief, Loss, Recover

    Vegan Diet – The Ultimate Vegan Diet Plan for Health, Energy, and Weight Loss! (Vegan Diet Meal Plan, Vegan Diet Weight Loss)

    by Laura Sanders

    Discover How To Dramatically Improve Your Health and Energy while Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet!

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    You’re about to discover the power of the vegan diet, and how to implement the vegan diet to transform your body, health and skyrocket your levels. This book explains everything you need to know, and more.

    Here Is A Sample Of What You’ll Learn…

    • The History of the Vegan Diet
    • Healthy Vegan Ingredients
    • Healthy Vegan Recipes
    • Vegan Diet & Weight Loss
    • Much, much more!

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    Saving Rover: A True Dog Rescue Story

    by David D Lambert

    Dogs have been known to be man’s best friends for hundreds of years now. These canines are probably the companions that every human needs as they provide love without any conditions. They will be there for you no matter what and the only thing that they need in return is care and love.

    This is the story of Rover, a dog, a companion, and most importantly, a best friend. Though keeping pets has long been a hobby of mine, Rover became more than just a random dog that changed my life for good.

    Through this story, I want to share my experience with this wonderful canine and explain how sometimes, a dog only comes into our lives to remind us what being rescued really means.

    Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & The No Kill Revolution in America

    by Nathan Winograd

    Redemption is the story of animal sheltering in the United States, a movement that was born of compassion and then lost its way. It is the story of the ‘No Kill’ movement, which says we can and must stop the killing. But most of all, it is a story about believing in the community and trusting in the power of compassion.

    Satanic Ritual Abuse Exposed (Excerpt): Recovery of a Christian Survivor

    by Katie

    Caution: Contains violence – not suitable for children.

    Slowly and painstakingly, I began piecing my life together. Some pieces were easy to identify and slip into place, while others appeared incongruent and unwelcome as they floated up from the amnesia in my subconscious mind. In my search for answers I journeyed through a living nightmare and found my way into the river of life. I am a ritual abuse survivor and this is my story. It is a chronicle of hope and deliverance, literal deliverance from evil.

    Satanic Ritual Abuse Exposed shines the spotlight on the hidden works of darkness silently permeating the very fabric of our society, from Masonic Lodges to the Vatican. This compelling true story will provoke you to ask the questions you were afraid to ask and to venture beyond your denial. Like a hand reaching into the pit of hell and drawing you out of the rabbit hole, this story proves there is a way out of the darkness that leads into light. It is a voice for the voiceless, and a ray of hope for those who have suffered. Katie is living proof that miracles still happen and it is possible to find purpose beyond the pain.

    About the Author

    Katie has a passion to see the broken hearted healed, and set free. She is an ordained minister with a Masters of Christian Counseling degree from Christian Leadership University. She is the founder and pastor of a church and ministry providing Biblical counseling, inner healing, and deliverance ministry to severe trauma survivors.

    Prediabetes: An Opportunity to Prevent Diabetes

    by CME Resource/NetCE

    Studies have shown that diabetes can be delayed or prevented in people with prediabetes, but risk reduction relies heavily on lifestyle changes on the part of the patients, making education and counseling of vital importance. The purpose of this course is to provide healthcare professionals with the information and skills necessary to effectively deal with this common condition and learn ways to help patients make healthy lifestyle choices. In addition, members of the public may use this course to enhance their personal knowledge of the subject matter presented.

    Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
    1. Identify the incidence and prevalence of prediabetes in the United States.
    2. Define the diagnostic criteria for prediabetes and diabetes.
    3. Discuss major health risks associated with prediabetes.
    4. Identify risk factors for diabetes and prediabetes.
    5. Review the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes.
    6. Describe the results of the Diabetes Prevention Program and the associated recommendations.
    7. Identify appropriate nutritional interventions to prevent diabetes.
    8. Describe types of exercise and recommendations related to each for patients with prediabetes.
    9. Discuss strategies and resources for helping patients select an exercise program.
    10. Discuss medications used in prediabetes.
    11. Evaluate the role of bariatric surgery in preventing diabetes.
    12. Describe strategies to prevent diabetes in children.
    13. Identify food preferences of different cultures.
    14. Assist a patient in making an action plan for behavior change.
    15. Outline key points included in health education for diabetes prevention.

    This 15-hour continuing education course is available for download for professional development; if continuing education credit is desired, please see instructions included in eBook.

    Between Drinks: Escape The Routine, Take Control, and Join The Clear Thinkers

    by David Downie

    “A whole new perspective on drinking. Highly recommended” – Dr Rafal Zakrzewski, Cambridge University


    Drinking is awesome, but if the grog monster has you by the tail then it is easy to get into a rut and waste your life away, especially if you are in a soul destroying job. Whether you are curious about improving your health, relationships or simply creating a better version of you, this book will show you how giving up alcohol for a period can let you do this.


    – How David went from one of Australia’s leading beer experts and writers to going off the drink for a year and giving up his job as a partner in a major law firm to become a children’s book writer

    – How to justify taking a break from drinking to yourself and to your peers

    – How to cope with risk of boredom

    – How to gain zen like clarity after breaking the drinking cycle

    – How to redesign your life to become a better, more joyous version of you

    – How to make a decision about your future after your time off the drink.

    SMS Marketing For Small Businesses: How your small business can thrive with easy, affordable text message marketing!

    by Joshua Malin

    SMS Marketing – It’s the fastest growing marketing channel in America today. Every day, tens of thousands of businesses market to their customers with text messages.

    Why? Over 96 percent of text messages are read because they’re short, direct, timely and every phone receives them. As long as you respect the personal nature of the message, and get your customer’s permission to text them, SMS is the most cost effective way to connect with your customers.

    Learn how your small business can easily, affordably reach your customers with text messages. Build customer loyalty, increase your revenues, and engage with new customers.

    Text SMSBook to 313131 right now to see how your business can use SMS Marketing (US Only). Msg&data rates may apply. To opt out, text STOP to 313131.

    Amina’s Third Eye: A Children’s Story on Manifestation through Meditation

    by Dynast Amir

    In Amina’s Third Eye, Amina utilizes meditation to contact her ancestors. These ancestral connections will assist her in transforming her community which is filled with grief and sorrow, into a manifestation of joy, wealth, health, and togetherness.

    Kinky Hair is Kingly Hair

    by Dynast Amir

    In “Kinky Hair is Kingly Hair,” Mansa is at it again. This time he’s out to set the record straight, proclaiming that whether you refer to it as “kinky” or “nappy”, this type of textured hair is synonymous with royalty.

    Building a House: The Perspective from the Foundation

    by Maceo NeSmith III

    Building a house is exactly the same as building a relationship. A house and a relationship both require a strong foundation. Before one can contribute to building a foundation with someone else, he or she must build their own individual foundation. Two individual foundations equal a strong foundation. Our learning lessons from our experiences are a part of our individual foundations. In this book you will learn how to address your emotions, shift your perspective on all (Positive & Negative) of your experiences and learn the lessons within your experiences. By shifting your perspective and learning the lessons, you will be able to create “Foundational-Questions” to determine compatibility with another individual. You will also learn the difference between “Foundational & Surface Questions”. “Society” utilizes “Surface Questions” to develop compatibility; which leads you to Day 30 asking yourself, “Who are you? What happened to the person I met on Day 1?” My “Foundational Questions” will have you saying, “Who are you?” on Day 1 and on Day 30 you will say, “I sure am glad you’re the same person I met on Day 1.” The overall objective for this book is for people to realize all their answers are within and to seperate themselves from “Bass-ackwards Society”. Additionally, you will learn the difference between a “Foundation” relationship (Deep) & a “Surface” relationship (Shallow) This book focuses on individuals (Internal) and not genders (External); this is an equal opportunity book.

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    Free war Kindle books for 31 Mar 14

    Edge of Civilization

    by Jennifer Ott

    Earl Hollsopple lived on the edge of civilization in a deserted shack for nearly forty years. His life was one beautiful night of stargazing after another, until a helicopter flies overhead, and exposes his meager world. It is a sign; it is time for him to return to civilization.

    Unknowingly, Earl’s journey parallels another he had deeply repressed, and that is his return from the Vietnam War. The lone survivor of a plane crash, Earl waits for rescue that never comes. He is left to find his way home alone.

    On both his quests, old Earl and young Earl learn lessons of survival, overcoming isolation and handling conflicts; his travels teach him not just about himself, but humankind. Reaching pivotal points in both journeys, Earl meets fateful loves, leading to destinies that are ultimately intertwined.

    Everything in life circles until we are able to answer the riddles that plaque man and humanity. Only until we take the journey, solve the problems of our own existence, do we find our way home.

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    Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Mar 14

    Big Love

    by Richard Hardy

    Get on your spacesuit and strap yourself in! This is going to be the ride of your life! Big Love will transport you throughout the galaxies showing you the secrets of the cosmos while you sit in your easy chair sippin’ Scvotch or Sherry. We believe this book goes better with a Highland Single Malt Scotch or Brute Sherry.
    Plunge into the deep pool that is big love. Explore the depths of human feeling. Claim the triumphs of spirit over evil and love over selfishness. Swim in the wit and wisdom of the Big Love for a while. Look at it as an instant vacation from drudgery and the mundane.

    Fireside Chats Vol. I: A Surrealist’s View of the World

    by Frank O’Neal

    Through his poetry, Frank S. O’Neal brings together his experiences, friends and foes, different cultures and different times. As you read the words he has painted, you will peer into a view of the world that most people never see. He brings meaning to his observations and feelings, and demonstrates his keen sense of people, the environment, society, progress, success and failure, and a man’s place in the world.

    Higher Powers and Moments of Weakness

    by Christopher P. P. White

    Higher Powers and Moments of Weakness is a second collection of poems from Christopher P. P. White. It features 50 poems drowning in the cynicism and hope of a disenchanted fool rolling with the present, gazing upon the future and haunted by the past.

    Selected Poems of Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

    by Anna Evans

    Marceline Desbordes-Valmore was a French poet who pre-dates the Symbolist Movement, and is largely unknown today outside her native country. This book brings together rare English verse translations of 18 of her poems, along with a translation of an essay on her work by Paul Verlaine.

    In Remembrance

    by Richard K. P. Morrison

    This book, started out as a way for the Young Author to immortalize four friends he had lost to suicide and quickly turned into a personal mission for him to not only remember his friends but to raise awareness of the dangers of suicide. The best description for this book would come from the poem; of which the title received its name.

    In Remembrance

    I lost my friends at shadow’s end,
    So I went searching around the bends.
    Finally I found a picket fence,
    Nice and old and white and bold, all since hence.
    I followed the fence to a little pond,
    A day I spent dreaming of them and memories I’m Fond.
    I sat by the pond, a while there I toiled,
    Loitering there, I lay by the water until it boiled.

    They are Lost, where are they?
    I search and search to putting mind at bay.
    I see them only one place safe,
    Memories and dreams where no truth can chafe.
    I see my friends there, hence
    The title and name; in remembrance.

    I lost my friends to life’s trauma.
    So I went searching through a song; La, La, La.
    Finally I found an old dirt path,
    Nice and worn less the wraith.
    I followed along to a cheery old meadow,
    Like their faces the flowers, they glowed.
    So there in joy, where I could toy; I sat.
    All day I sat, still no knowing where my friends were at.

    They are Lost, where are they?
    I search and search to putting mind at bay.
    I see them only one place safe,
    Memories and dreams where no truth can chafe.
    I see my friends there, hence
    The title and name; in remembrance.
    I lost my friends to nothing I knew,
    So I went searching to find where they flew.
    Finally I found nothing, no trace.
    Ice and cold, no heat, no warmth; no physical face.
    I followed nothing to grief’s lonely hallow.
    There alone, I found myself hone to wallow.

    I sat in my hallow, waiting for friends.
    I wait for nothing, they have met the end.
    They are Lost, where are they?
    I search and search to putting mind at bay.
    I see them only one place safe,
    Memories and dreams where no truth can chafe.
    I see my friends there, hence
    The title and name; in remembrance.

    They are lost and not coming home,
    I searched but now they’re not here; it’s known.
    Seen to me, only in a dream.
    Truth of past, the only place their seen.
    My friends seen nowhere hence,
    I call them now; in remembrance.

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    Free horror Kindle books for 31 Mar 14


    by Gregory West

    In Brooklyn, a brownstone building like any other hides a dark secret that can only be seen in satellite images… In Pennsylvania, a whole town vanishes. In the mountains, campers tell scary stories around the fire…but these stories are true. In South America, a forgotten evil stirs beneath the ruins of Henry Ford’s forgotten city. And in the mirror…what’s in the mirror might be the most terrifying of all.

    In these fourteen original tales, written in the ‘creepypasta’ style of the internet’s urban legends, you’ll find horrors beyond horrors and enough nightmare fuel to fill your tank for many, many nights to come. When it comes to keeping you up at night, West and Wicker have you covered with CREEPYPASTA!


    by D.A. Watson

    It’s a relatively simple job for former black ops operative turned private contractor Victor Rose. Collect a package and deliver it to Gatwick airport, then fly home. Easy and clean, unlike some of the other â??wet work’ assignments he’s carried out in the past. Ater all, he once escaped from a Kazakhstan prison, killing seven men in the process and was a thousand miles away before the sun set.

    With the Gatwick job complete, it’s only when Victor boards his flight home that he suspects the contract may not have been as easy or clean as he thought, and he is faced with an inexplicable and terrifying situation, far beyond anything he has experienced before.

    Praise for D.A. Watson’s debut novel “In the Devil’s Name”

    Watson is the Christopher Brookmyre of horror. He brilliantly evokes the world of ordinary, drug taking young men on the cusp of adulthood and then rips it all apart. In the Devil’s Name is a funny, keenly-observed and fast-paced horror novel that will appeal to anyone who has ever been young. Watson knows his genre and he’s not afraid to subvert it. Readers, on the other hand, will be very, very afraid.

    – Louise Welsh, author of The Cutting Room

    The characters are perfectly painted, the rhythm of the story is skilfully built. Like a skilled musician, Watson doesn’t just go full-tilt as soon as things start getting creepy. He lulls the reader into believing that everything is fine, and then stabs you in the back with another twist, scarier than the previous one in a constant escalation. That’s where Watson proves his ability.

    – Sugarpulp Magazine

    “This is an exceptional and accomplished debut novel. Wholly original and utterly terrifying. Blood is spilt, friendships tested beyond their limits and body parts fly whilst the story performs corkscrew twists without letting up the pace for a millisecond. I will warn you now, this won’t be a safe trip, but it will blow your mind.”

    – Snakebite Horror

    The action never lets up. This is a fast paced romp, with a huge side salad of blood, guts and dismemberment.

    – Ginger Nuts of Horror

    6 Ways Dead

    by TL Decay

    6 travelers pay to cross for a chance to find what they want most from life, in the land of the dead. Across the river the dead reside in an Earthly underworld. Each step of the journey is fraught with danger. Will any of the hero’s find what they are looking for, or will they be found 6 Ways Dead.

    The Shadowing Coven (Vampire Hunter Trilogy)

    by C J Wright

    Since walking away from his life as a Vampire Hunter, Victor Drake hoped for a quiet time with his new wife, Jessica. However, when a family tragedy draws them from London to Cornwall, a reunion with his older brother brings back sad memories and recriminations. As the Vampire Hunters Union takes control of the vampire population, a vampire named Vermillion winds up his dealings in the few remaining barrels of blood from the Feast of Dran Val Karlic, and draws the attention of not only the Vampire Hunter Brice Hawk, but also the beautiful and dangerous vampire witch, Lucinda Beaufort. It is then that secrets are revealed and they are all drawn together to face an ancient evil sisterhood known as The Shadowing Coven.

    Inside A Twisted Mind II – A Collection of Scary Tales (Inside A Twisted Mind – A Collection of Scary Tales)

    by C.J. Kelley

    This second book of adult oriented collection of short tales are thought provoking, imaginative and have a psychological inclination. Contains extreme graphic violence, so this is not for the faint of heart. I invite you to take a tour of a truly twisted mind. Hang on to your sanity, it’s going to be one helluva ride!

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    Free travel Kindle books for 31 Mar 14

    Its All Fetaing Greek To Me: More Brit’s Abroad.

    by Steve Hopkins

    One Small Greek Island, Two couples, One Week.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Have you ever considered what you really know about your friends?

    People you meet socially, invite for dinner parties, have the odd day out with.

    People and couples who appear so nice, courteous and friendly in short, sharp doses?

    What are these people really like when you are with them for seven whole days, one hundred and sixty eight long hours?

    How do they react to travel, foreign lands and food?

    These are just some of the questions you need to ask, before you even contemplate agreeing to holiday with them.

    Take my advice,

    Never, Ever Take A Holiday With Friends, If You Want To Keep Them.

    It’s All Feta-ing Greek To Me, a humorous novel that follows two couples as they holiday on a small Greek island.

    Harold works hard and travels virtually every week of the year. He and Sam, his wife, just love to take the odd week away, on a small Greek island, Spetsis.

    Spetsis is a little scruffy and worn around the edges, an island that offers NO Michelin star restaurants, NO trendy discos. NO designer shopping and it’s just perfect.

    This is Harold and Sam’s perfect bolt hole, that hidden little oasis, far from the modern world, that they keep a personal secret.

    Until, Harold makes the mistake of the year

    The Dinner Party

    As the words slipped out I knew I’d made a massive mistake. What was I thinking of?

    “We are going on a week’s holiday to Spetsis. I booked the flights this morning and they were a real bargain.”

    What was I thinking? What was I saying? The evening then turned from bad to worse…………………………..

    John and Sandra, Harold and Sam’s hosts pounced.

    “Wouldn’t it be nice to go as a foursome?

    “It’s All Feta-ing Greek To Me” is born………….

    A humorous tale full of mayhem, surprises, lessons for life and truth.

    Required reading for anyone contemplating sharing a holiday, with family, friends, neighbours, work mates and for everyone who enjoys a rib tickling chuckle about Brit’s abroad.

    The Oil City and Titusville Railroad: Riding the Rails through the Valley that Changed the World

    by Ellie Cullen

    All Aboard! Your Tickets, Please. Take a Ride on the Rails through the Valley that Changed the World on the Oil City and Titusville Railroad.

    Narrated firsthand by the author, experience this trip from beginning to end. Filled with interesting and humorous historical facts and characters, you won’t be disappointed!

    Experience what it was like to live during the oil boom, share the successes and failure of wildcatters, and learn about the women and men and who lived during that time, like Coal Oil Johnny and Andrew Carnegie.

    Your journey will take you down the winding rails, alongside scenic Oil Creek. Your stops will include Drake Well Park (home of the Drake Well Museum) and Petroleum Centre Station in beautiful Oil Creek State Park. Your trip ends at Rynd Farm Station, north of Oil City, where the rail line connects to the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad.

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    Free sports Kindle books for 31 Mar 14

    Vegetarian Bodybuilding: Vegetarian and Vegan tips for Health & Fitness

    by Ben Gfrorer

    The Vegetarian diet is one of the most beneficial diets to health, fitness and your bodybuilding goals (If done right.)

    A diet rich in nutrients and free from toxins is essential to health, fitness and your obtaining your bodybuilding goals. If you gave up meat today, you may find yourself slimmer, having more energy and even attaining a radiant glow (as actress Alicia Silverstone commented on the benefit she received by going vegan). But, many people simply eat salads and think this will give them the nutrition they seek, this is simply not the case.

    I outline a complete nutrition program and give details on diet, exercise routines & supplements to attain your bodybuilding goals and have the physique YOU dream of. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or old, fat or fit; you can receive tremendous benefit from a vegetarian (or vegan) diet. . .If you know the secrets.

  • Intense workouts for the vegetarian bodybuilder on the go.
  • Superfoods to provide complete nutrition for the hard training Vegan or Vegetarian bodybuilder.
  • Supplements that specifically benefit vegetarians and vegans (you don’t want to miss this!)
  • When you know all the bodybuilding tips and tricks to achieving a lean and muscular physique (even for women, not “bulging muscles”; but a tone physique that will look and feel great no matter what you’re wearing) on a vegetarian diet you will be amazed at the progress you can achieve if you work at it and keep an eye on your nutrition.

    P.S.- Men, get this book for the women in your life who have an interest in the vegetarian diet. Without proper nutrition, people have a tendency to develop imbalances; and women appear to be more susceptible to nutrition deficiency and the side effects related to it if they don’t eat right.

    P.P.S.- The bodybuilding tips in this book is valid for both men and women, if you want a healthy tone physique or to have big muscles and have all the women notice you; the details are all there (no matter what your fitness goal is.)

    tags- vegan, fitness, bodybuilder, superfoods, dr.oz, vegan diet, health, vegan diet guide, bodybuilding, vegan recipes, exercise, bodybuilding workouts, vegan cookbook, juicing, juice, detox, bodybuilding supplements, detoxify, detoxing, cleanse, cleansing, raw food, vegetables, fruit, fruits, bodybuilding benefits, health, vitality, energy, weight loss, lose weight, fat loss, fitness and diet, dieting, healthy, ph, alkaline, alkalize, Kind Diet, Plant Based Diet, Why Vegan, How to Become a Vegan, How to Be Vegan, How to Be a Vegan, How to Become Vegan, Vegan for Beginners, Vegan Beginner, Vegan Diet Beginner, Begin a Vegan Diet, Vegan Plant-based diet, Begin a Vegan Diet, Go Vegan, How to go vegan, vegan bodybuilding, Going vegan, How to go vegan, vegetarian bodybuilding

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    Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Mar 14

    The Hunt for Pierre Jnr

    by David M Henley

    Pierre Jnr has a mind more powerful than any the world has encountered before. He can make you forget, he can control you and he is only eight years old. Three months after his birth he escaped. An hour later he was lost to surveillance. No one knows where he has been for the last eight years … Now Pierre Jnr is about to return.

    THE HUNT FOR PIERRE JNR follows the activities of an elite group dedicated to tracking down the eight-year-old boy who is currently the greatest threat humanity has ever known. It’s a pacy and gripping chase, and an impressive vision of our future.

    The Initiate’s Crucible (The Freeworlds Chronicles)

    by Brett Baker

    Abby Ashford was a student at the Psion Academy, a school dedicated to training the young and talented to become psions – telepathic and telekinetic warriors who dedicate their lives in service to the United Freeworlds. However, Abby proved to be a bit of a handful at the academy, and her life took a dramatic turn when she was shipped out to learn from Master Jax Idor as his apprentice.

    But Abby’s time in training may prove to be short-lived. There is a crisis brewing on the planet of Mentallos – an influential member of the Freeworlds. Can Master Idor and Abby contain the situation? Or will they find themselves overhwelmed?

    The Resolute Report

    by Paul Mannering

    When an ancient body is discovered in the Arctic ice, a team of researchers come to investigate. At the Inuit settlement of Resolute, they will discover a nightmare that they may not survive.

    Inspired by Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”

    A story of 10,000 words.

    Warning: Something Else Is Happening

    by Lindsay Edmunds

    WARNING is a dystopian fairy tale set in the waning years of the 22nd century.

    In Earthworld, people cope with an overstretched, unraveling government and Networld access that is becoming increasingly weird and unreliable.

    In Networld many and various e-beasts are being born. They are creatures out of the dark night of fairy tales.

    Cel, an intelligent and idealistic e-beast, sets out on a quest to restore good order to Networld.

    Something else happens instead.

    The Children of Dis

    by David Oköno

    On a sulphurous planet orbiting a small, dim star, two ancient and extraordinary races struggle to survive a geological catastrophe. Swimming in seas of molten sulphur the magisterial karramoondt seek ways to keep their planet alive, while the industrious hoonch sing of the bitterness that shapes the fate of them all. Above them, in the distant reaches of the system, three branches of humanity teeter on the brink of a many-sided war that will sunder them forever. Fumbling with the forgotten arts of war, ancestral humans, their numberliner children and the self-evolved sfan bring their struggle to aliens who find the concept of war both new and profoundly disturbing.

    Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

    by Larry Allen

    A reclusive high-school student befriends a cantankerous retired astronaut with unsettling results. [Short story – 6000 words]

    Time Secrets Of Resistance

    by Charlene Sines

    AN descriptive world of an alternate reality. One version of an alternate version of our World as we knew it. This is a fictional account and part of a series of Science Fiction.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

    Free science Kindle books for 31 Mar 14

    THE BIG CAT BOOK: What Kids Want to Know About Lions, Tigers and Other Big Cats! Fun Facts and Photos

    by Sherry Frewerd

    Big Cats! – When you think of big cats, do you think of a big fat house cat sitting around all day? Of course there are big house cats, but the ‘big cats’ we’re talking about here are the larger species of cats that belong to the genus ‘Panthera’ and include tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards. Children ages 6-9 will enjoy this book full of interesting facts and beautiful photos about each amazing animal.

    How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You

    by Vernon Coleman

    The person most likely to kill you is not a burglar, a mugger, a deranged relative or a drunken driver. The person most likely to kill you is your doctor. This book, by a registered and licensed GP with 40 years experience, explains how to protect yourself from this serious threat to your life and good health. This is the original, international bestseller. There are sections on tests and investigations, drugs, repeat prescriptions, mental health care, alternative medicine, cancer (including Dr Coleman’s famous chapter `What I Would Do If I Had Cancer’), healthy eating, self-healing, Ritalin, ADHD, the danger of root filled teeth, breast cancer scandals, the danger of too many X rays, benzodiazepine tranquillisers, blood cholesterol (and drugs used for lowering it) and the danger of side effects. There are chapters on how to survive in hospital, questions to ask before taking a prescribed drug, how to get the best out of your doctor, ten good reasons why you shouldn’t trust your doctor, how to manipulate your doctor, how to read your prescription, how to get the best out of your doctor and how to manipulate your doctor. There is advice on second opinions and how to make sure your doctor doesn’t bull you.

    Bipolar Disorder: A Proven Clear Cut Way to Stop Suffering and Start Living (Bipolar 2, Bipolar Disorder Free, Living Happy, Bipolar Books, Stop the Suffering, Bipolar for Dummies, Bipolar Cures)

    by Debra Collin

    How to Live An Amazing Fulling Life With Bipolar Disorder

    Today only, get this book for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet and Kindle device.

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become a truly effective person even when you are suffering from bipolar disorder. I hope that this book will help you realize that your life should not completely stop because you have the disorder. I wish that through the techniques and strategies that you will read in this book, you will realize that it is possible for you to live a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

    Here’s an inescapable fact: you will need to believe that you are much greater than your bipolar disorder. No matter how difficult it may seem to overcome your problems and challenges, you have got to believe that a happy and productive life is possible for you.

    If you do not develop your willingness to help yourself, you will forever be trapped in your wrong belief that you are helpless against your bipolar disorder.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Know Your Treatment Options
    • Learn How to Implement Self-Monitoring
    • Learn How to Cope with Psycho-Social Stressors
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only

    $2.99! Start Living A Happy more fulfilling Life Today!

    How to Hypnotise: Stage Street and Therapy

    by Steve Leap

    How To Hypnotise

    Stage Street & Therapy

    A step by step guide with explanations in plain English for the beginner and beyond.

    An excellent easy read and ideal resource for the aspiring hypnotist. If you have ever wanted to know what it feels like to put someone in a hypnotic trance and have them do the silliest things or if you have dreamed of helping others with issues like stopping smoking or controlling weight with hypnotherapy then this is your chance

    A must have addition to any library of hypnosis books.

    Written for all types of hypnotic circumstances Stage, street and hypnotherapy. A complete and concise instruction manual written in plain English. Every part of the process has been down into logical steps with examples of actual routines. Includes descriptions of how and why each step works keeping you in complete control.

    There is even a section of uninterrupted hypnosis sessions from beginning to end for all occasions. You could be doing trance inductions in just a couple of hours and if you follow the training guide included you could even be helping to solve others problems in just a few weeks.

    Laid out in the following logical sequence:

    • How hypnosis and the mind works.
    • What pre talks are and how to construct them correctly.
    • Selecting subjects testing and conditioning them with tried and tested convincers.
    • Sample inductions to use in the therapy room as well as on stage and even on the street.
    • Deeper and deeper how to take it to the next level.
    • Formal and informal depth tests to ensure the deepest of trances
    • Descriptions of what scripts and sketches are and how to build them for success.
    • Foolproof trance termination routines.
    • Also how to deal with potential problems.
    • Guaranteed irresistible trance inducers for even the most difficult customers.
    • Achieve complete compliance with ease.
    • Putting it all together so you can be hypnotising in hours instead of weeks.
    • Advise on training certification and all things legal including what the law really says about stage hypnosis.
    • Last but not least the easy to follow self improvement training program will help you to hone your new skills into razor sharp tools. You could be earning money helping or entertaining others in no time at all.
    • So read this book today and start hypnotising NOW!

      Imagine using instant hypnosis on your friends today. A genuinely awesome party trick. Once you have suck some ones hand to a lam-post have them forget their name in fact just about anything you want YOU WILL BE the centre of attention all over town.


    Type 2 Diabetes From Diagnosis to a New Way of Life

    by Matthew Lashley

    From the author

    This book tells the story of how my diabetic condition was discovered, my denial of the condition, then the work done to get my glucose level to levels that are close to normal. There is no magic solution to treating type 2 diabetes, but I hope the information that I gathered and applied to my own life may be helpful to everyone struggling with type 2 diabetes. There is no cure, and I will have this condition the rest of my life. However, type 2 diabetes can be treated and controlled with the proper approach and lifestyle changes. You can have a better quality of life with a diet that is compatible with this disease.

    Word Count of book 7300

    Topics include:

    From denial to self-blame

    How I found out what type 2 diabetes was

    Acceptance and getting down to work


    Type 2 diabetes is a serious illness

    How many carbohydrates per day should the limit be?

    My target glucose levels

    Foods to eat and foods to avoid

    The importance of fiber in the diet

    Eating out at restaurants

    Is the damage from type 2 diabetes reversible?

    Can type 2 diabetes be prevented?

    Handbook for new marijuana growers: Easy tips and tricks!

    by Josh beaudoin

    This book is for any individual who wishes to learn how to grow some of the best marijuana.

    you will learn the following things…

    – Sativa vs Indica.

    – Why feminized seeds are your best choice

    – Selecting your strain

    – Selecting your grow spot

    – Preparing your grow spot

    – Confidentiality

    – Soil PH and fertilizer

    – Watering

    – Germinating/planting the seed and preparing it for the outdoors.

    – Taking your plant(s) to the spot

    – 5 recommended strains

    I guarantee that once you read this book your knowledge in the cultivation will have drastically increased.

    How To Control Garden Pests Organically

    by Peter Davies

    Synthetic pesticides harm the environment, kill both insect pests and beneficials in the garden, destroy the important microorganisms in the soil, and they can be harmful to your health. Organic control methods are the only safe means of minimizing the population of pests in the garden and the damage they cause. Organic controls are simpler than many gardeners may think and they are very easy to implement and are also highly effective.

    ACLS Provider Manual: Study Guide For Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

    by Jane John-Nwankwo

    What you will learn from this book:

    – Team Resuscitation Concepts

    – What Actually Happens in Mega Codes

    – BLS & ACLS Surveys

    – Acute Coronary Syndrome Management

    – Stroke Management

    – Recognition of Basic Dysrhythmias

    – Cardiovascular Medications

    – Plus 160 Review Questions

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

    Free romance Kindle books for 31 Mar 14

    Getting Dirty

    by Cheryl McIntyre

    Three. This is my number. It’s the exact sum of reasons I continue to go on.

    One: To strengthen my body. Make it strong. Make it a machine. Make it so that what happened before can never, ever, happen again.

    Two: To help others find their own strength so that what happened to me, what happened to my Olivia, doesn’t happen to them.

    And three: My favoriteâ??to find the bastards that took my life away and make them pay for what they did.

    This is what my life is now. A dead man, inside a scarred body, living only for revenge.

    *This is part one in a five-part novella series.

    **Due to sexual situations and violence, this series is recommended for 18+.

    Six Months in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance Series)

    by Pamela M. Kelley

    Molly Bishop loves living in Manhattan and managing a boutique luxury hotel. She’s about to be promoted to her dream job of General Manager, the role she’s been striving for her entire career.

    There’s only one thing standing in her way.

    The will of her childhood friend, Christian Ford’s grandfather. She hasn’t even seen Christian in over ten years, but a recent run-in with his grandfather during a rare visit home, resulted in a new condition to the will. Christian will only inherit the ranch he’s been running and the real estate development business that he has expanded, if he marries Molly and stays married for at least six months.

    This is what I would call a cozy romance, it’s romantic and sweet and is set in a small fictional town about 30 miles from Bozeman, MT. Warning, if you prefer your stories with the bedroom doors wide open and the windows steamed up, you may be disappointed. 🙂

    I love to cook and try new recipes and if you do too, you may want to check out the recipe I included at the end of the book, for Lazy Lobster Casserole, the dish that Molly serves her guests at the Rose Cottage Inn’s first wine dinner. It’s a recipe I know by heart and have made a million times and is great for special occasions. It’s a holiday tradition in our family to have it every Christmas Eve. 🙂


    Q & A with the Author

    Q-This is a sweet western romance set in Montana with a marriage of convenience plot. Why Montana? Why a marriage of convenience? Hasn’t that been done to death?

    A-The setting of Montana is actually what came to me first. I was inspired by a close friend who moved to Bozeman in her late 30’s because she’d visited the area once and it felt like home. She bought a kayak and joined a local kayak club to make friends and ended up meeting the love of her life. A year later married and now have a five month old baby boy. So now, to me, Bozeman means romance. 🙂

    I grew up reading Harlequin category romances, and have always loved the marriage of convenience stories. I knew they were popular with western romances, with all the mail-order brides, and I wanted to put a modern spin on it. I loved the idea of a meddling grandfather who plays match-maker from the grave. Having the stipulation that Molly and Christian have to stay married for six months made the premise even more fun. I also have a soft spot for the idea of best friends (in this case former childhood best friends) who end up together.

    There’s only one thing standing in her way.

    The will of her childhood friend, Christian Ford’s grandfather. She hasn’t even seen Christian in over ten years, but a recent run-in with his grandfather during a rare visit home, resulted in a new condition to the will. Christian will only inherit the ranch he’s been running and the real estate development business that he

    Q-What writers have influenced you?

    A-Where do I start? There are so many! There’s a few main ones that come to mind who I really admire. Debbie Macomber is one. I love the sweet romances that she writes and the family focused women’s fiction and continuing series. I first discovered her when she was writing for Silhouette and fell in love with her voice. I bought every Debbie Macomber book as soon as they were released. Maeve Binchy is another favorite. I love the warm cast of characters that populate her stories. Danielle Steel is another writer I really admire. My sister and I read all of her books as soon as they are released. We always know exactly what we are getting with her books, a sweet escape with likable people and a story you can’t put down.

    Q-What’s next?

    A-I just released a cozy mystery, TRUST, which was really fun to write and is the first in a new series set in a seaside town in Massachusetts. I’m also working on MISTLETOE IN MONTANA, which is the next book in this sweet western romance series. This is Dan and Traci’s story and we first meet them here, in SIX MONTHS IN MONTANA. It will be out in early Februa


    by Summer Jordan

    Tanya is locked in an abusive relationship with the violent Vladimir. She needs a way to break the cycle of drugs and prostitution. Serge, a close criminal associate of Vladimir, has secretly loved Tanya from afar for years. When Vladimir’s drug fuelled rage becomes too much for Tanya, she escapes into Detective Bentham’s protection, and plans to bring down Vladimir’s criminal empire with his help.

    Serge knows Vladimir won’t let the police get in the way of his revenge. So Serge takes it upon himself to protect Tanya. They flee to the Scottish Highlands and attempt to cut themselves off from society.

    Life becomes a three way battle for Tanya. Will Tanya be safe under Serge protective wing? Will Detective Bentham find his missing witness? Or will Vladimir get his bloody revenge?

    Confessions of a Call Girl: The Hot John

    by Elizabeth Jones

    As soon as she laid eyes on him, she knew this call would be fun. Standing before her was a sexy man who was the complete package – including the nice package she couldn’t take her eyes off of.

    It won’t take long for our main character, a smokin’ hot lady of the night, to get hot and bothered, turn on her client, and excite you, the reader.

    Our main character is the ultimate fantasy. She’s ready and willing to please. Live vicariously through her as you read her oh-so naughty confessions.

    The power of sex is undeniable. “Confessions of a Call Girl: The Hot John” will heat up your nights and days. Each time you read it, you’ll trip your trigger.

    “Confessions of a Call Girl: The Hot John” is a fictional short story of around 3,000 words. It’s a brief look at an intimate scene between two people. This book introduces the “Confessions of a Call Girl” series. Each story in this series is a complete story and standalone book.

    This book contains mature themes and is designed for adults over the age of 18. Sexuality between a man and a woman is explored in this book.

    The Pink Pearl (Book 1)

    by Ramz Artso

    Cindy is a seventeen-year-old teenager living in Manhattan, New York. Being the sole child and having no real friends, she spends most of her time at the beach. In fact, it is during one of her many beach outings that her life takes an unexpected turn. She finds the Pink Pearl, and with it, come many other newfound discoveries. One of them being Eric Nicholson, an unusual boy who also happens to be her gateway to a whole new world.

    Love, Emily – A Love Story from the Files of Jessica Summer (The Jessica Summer Series)

    by Kelly Killian


    Love, Emily


    Honestly. What guy decides he’s not ready for a commitment after being in a relationship for three years? Isn’t that one of the struggles the typical man goes through in the first six months of a relationship?

    Not Emily Bryant’s boyfriend Matt, who also happens to be her landlord and the guy who lives on the other half of the duplex she’s renting from him. Talk about a complicated break-up. It’s bad enough that she has to see all the other woman he parades past her doorstep every night. It’s worse when he starts trying to get her to go see him and his band play a large local venue they just landed. For Matt, it was never about ending it with Emily. He just wanted more options with more women, and he hoped that after she got over the initial sting, she could be one of those women.

    That was never going to happen. Emily is a one-man girl but the fact that she made that clear to him hasn’t dissuaded him from trying. Her heart is in a state of chaos and nowhere close to being ready for another relationship when she meets Adam, a man who could be everything she’s ever dreamed of in her life.

    Then again, maybe not. It’s not long before Jillian, a woman from Adam’s past surfaces, and she’s hell-bent on creating havoc in their lives. Emily really wants to believe that Adam could be the love of her life, but is he everything he seems to be or is there more to the story of him and Jillian than he wants her to know?

    The Jessica Summer Series

    From the files of Jessica Summer, an advice columnist who helps people in matters of the heart, comes the story of a woman who has a lot to learn about love, life, relationships and her own happiness.

    Contemporary romance and young adult readers alike are sure to enjoy this first installment of the Jessica Summer Series. Filled with love, romance and memorable characters, it is easy to engage in and hard to put down.

    Corporate Blues

    by Christina Paul

    From award winning romance author Christina Paul comes a novel of suspense, intrigue, and, of course, romance, which begins with a harrowing commute and erupts in potentially deadly consequences.

    Madison Renault is a financial client services manager from a small town in New Jersey, and a single mom. Raleigh St. James is the new CEO of the most prestigious engineering firm in Connecticut, and one of Madison’s biggest clients.

    Their budding long distance relationship is put to the test, when Madison begins receiving threats from a disgruntled former employee, and Raleigh uncovers a web of corporate fraud targeting businesses up and down the East coast, including his own. Now their already complicated lives are being invaded by body guards, local police and the FBI.

    The Greek Island Stud and the American Tourist: Swarthy Olive Twink With Beach Lust in His Eyes (Handsome Hunks Abroad)

    by J.T. Washington

    When an American tourist comes to Greece, he never expected to meet someone like Leonidas. A handsome young lad with a struggling beard and a lithe frame, he is eager to please in all the right ways. Leonidas knows what it takes to make an American tourist happy, and he’s willing to do anything to make the trip perfect. Greek men are known for their sensual masculinity, sexual prowess and lustful passion, and Leonidas is ready to prove that he is an exemplar of his nation. This is the sweet and erotic tale of their time together, and it is sure to tug your mug!

    Ravishing Rosaline: The Naughty Shakespeare Series: Book 2

    by Esmae Browder

    Ravishing Rosaline…Romeo’s first love or so the story of Romeo and Juliet tells us. But who was she really? In this sizzling erotic tale, we are invited in to Rosaline’s world–a place where women are expected to be chaste and submissive. But Rosaline isn’t like that. Her pleasures know no bounds, her need for revenge against a former lover consumes her. She will do whatever it takes to get her desires met–even if it means taking Romeo away from Juliet.

    Once again, Esmae Browder delivers a modern day prequel to one of Shakespeare’s most timeless romances. Ravishing Rosaline is Book 2 in her literotica Naughty Shakespeare series.

    Behind Those Eyes: A Novella (An Amanda Green Novella)

    by Amanda Green

    Two homeless men, a successful brother and sister, a woman falling in love, a man with family problems and a whole lot of twists in this ‘sliding doors’ style novella. It’s a story about people and adversity, love, friendship and stigma. Will you work out what they have in common?

    KEEPER OF THE SACRED TABLET: The Cybeerian Chronicles

    by Frank Walter

    Follow this band of roaming travelers through an ancient world of wonder. Join them as they meet people of various lands with a variety of strange ways, morals and traditions, explore new territory and survive extreme weather changes. An historical romance filled with action, adventure, love, death and drama as you have never read before.

    Cybeerians were hunters of the mountains and plains, fishers of the streams and lakes, harvesting the earth’s rich bounty.

    For countless generations we lived in harmony with the spirits of the earth and sky and all living things.

    Life was hard, but rich and full, even though hunger and death often stalked the land when life is ruled by the old blood code.

    The cycle of life was tour guide through the sacred seasons. We lived in scattered bands dependent on the movements of the meat animals, gathering together in the summer to fish the River Ra and celebrate each other’s company.

    As Keeper of the Chronicles, I was schooled since earliest childhood to read and remember word for word the sacred writings of our fathers as they recorded the history of our people. I now undertake this task with the aid of the Guiding Spirit who directs my mind and hand to be one with my fathers, to write as they wrote and to think as they thought. And, so, it all began in this wise:

    It was during the time of the summer encampment that â??he’ came. Walking from the east, from the land of the rising sun. Spotted from afar, our camp sentinels watched as he approached. He carried naught but his weapons and his sleeping skins. He was a tall man, strangely attired, who stopped outside our camp and waited to be permitted entry.

    The Widow’s Mail Order Husband (Mail Order Brides)

    by Susan Leigh Carlton

    Mary Cartwright lost her husband, Joshua on the third day of the battle of Gettysburg, days before her twentieth birthday. For the next twelve years, she was a teacher in the public schools of Hagerstown, MD.

    Her friend, Minerva shocked the ladies of the Zion Church Ladies Sewing Circle by advertising for a husband, and then going off to Texas to marry a responder to her ad. Mary’s loneliness, and the lack of any prospects of ending the solitude caused her to talk to Minerva about her journey. After explaining, Minerva gave Mary a copy of the Matrimonial News. Mary placed an ad of her own.

    Mary’s ad was answered by a widower with a five year old girl, After correspondence, they agreed to meet and marry.

    Read about the early problems of the marriage, her childbirth and the Kiowa Indian raids .

    The book is set in Hagerstown, MD and Grapevine, Texas in 1875. Grapevine is a small town twenty miles from Fort Worth. Both the Kiowa and Comanche tribes were active during this time frame.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.