Free fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 14

Bedding The Wrong Brother (Bedding the Bachelors Book 1)

by Virna DePaul

Determined to find her inner sex diva, Melina Parker enlists her childhood friend, Max Dalton, to tutor her after hours. Instead, she ends up in the wrong bed and gets a lesson in passion from Max’s twin brother, Rhys Dalton, a man Melina’s always secretly wanted but never thought she could have.

Her Man with Iceberg Eyes (Heartlands Book 1)

by Kris Pearson

Sink deep into this passionate romance. Kate Pleasance is on her best behavior. Matthew McLeod is certainly not. She really needs the job he’s interviewing her for. He totally wants the unexpected candidate in his bed.

But is Kate spying for her famous father? Should Matthew trust her in the least? Join them in the beautiful New Zealand alpine resort of Queenstown, famous for its daredevil extreme sports.

Will Kate dare? And is Matthew the devil he seems to be?

WARNING: Contains one tall tortured man who’s super-talented in bedrooms and boardrooms.

To Catch a Wolf (Alpha Werewolf Shifter Romance) (The Jamesburg Shifters Book 1)

by Lynn Red

Sometimes a wolf’s gotta fight and growl and bite. But Erik? He just needs a mate.

Erik Danniken is the alpha of Jamesburg, a small town hidden from the world and full of shifters of all stripes. But underneath it all, he’s just a muscled-up, rough-shod bad boy of a werewolf with a tattoo that goes all the way up his chest and sticks out the collar of his shirt. He’s down to his last nerve, but he’s willing to fight one last time… for the woman he loves.

Sometimes a girl needs romance and wine and sweet kisses. But Izzy? She just needs a job.

Isabel Taylor was more than a little frustrated when she answered a very vague job ad to be the personal assistant of a mayor in a town she didn’t know existed. That was two years ago. Curvy, tough and with more than a little bit of a naughty streak, Izzy has long since gotten used to the weirdness of everyday life in Jamesburg… but she’s fallen hard for Erik’s rough charm.

Erik wants to claim her forever, marking Izzy as his honest-to-goodness mate. Izzy wants him to quit being such a coward and just come out and do it, but will a good old-fashioned small town scandal make them keep their love a secret, and in the process, kill it before it can grow?

Note: The Jamesburg Shifters is a series of standalone books. Each installment has its own hero and heroine, and the stories never cross over. Each novel or novella is a complete story, complete with happy-ever-after ending. Enjoy!


Erik’s shoulders visibly relaxed when he checked the clock. This was his favorite part of court days. The ending part.

“Fantastic,” he said with a sigh. “I thought that’s what I heard. Now, if there’s no other complaints to hear today, Iâ??”

From the left, someone shouted, “I’ve been waiting all day!” From the right hand side of the room came a “Me too! This is ridiculous!” and then from the back of the room, someone complained that they’d been coming for two weeks and hadn’t yet been heard.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “There’s a lot of really irritated people. Is this really the time to go hide out in your office?”

Erik flashed a dimpled half-smile. “Do you remember what Walt wanted me to hear two weeks ago? He has a complaint about his neighbor watering his lawn three times a week instead of two. Oh, and the other one, Greg? Who’s been waiting all day, you saw the report. He is complaining that Leon of all people stole a bunch of DVDs out of his car. I just… I can’t even imagine. Leon can hardly keep himself awake most times.”

The noise from the audience started to grow, and before I knew it, Erik had my hand in his, and I grabbed the typewriter off the table. “Got everything?” he said.

“Uh… yes, I think,” I said, stammering as he pulled me to my feet. “Wait!” As he pulled me to the door to his office, which was conveniently six feet from where we were standing, I stuck out a hand and barely grabbed my notes. “Okay, now I do!”

“Good,” he said. “Court is adjourned! I’ll be in my office until four, but don’t bother knocking unless you have an appointment.”

“Sir,” I said, “there’s no appointments, you told me not to make any.”

“I know,” he grinned. My sex muscles clenched. I hated when he did that. Okay, hate is a little strong of a word. More like â??wish he’d only do it behind closed doors.’

I started going a little weak in the knees, but before that mattered he shoved me through the office door, sighed and collapsed backward, resting against it. His huge arms strained the sleeves of his dress shirt as he ripped off his jacket and reached for his tie.

This, That, and the 3rd Bitch 2

by Te’Jadan Jackson

Toshi Renyolds is back and on a mission to find the woman that was mistaken for her, and taken to jail. She is also trying to rekindle her love with her fiancé Bryant Stall’s. Being a fugitive makes it difficult for her to get from Washington DC to Phoenix Az. Her journey leads her down a road of lies, deception, discovery, trials, temptation and murder. There are so many forces against her that she struggles to keep her sanity. She is tested constantly, but the real confusion bombards her once she makes it to Phoenix Arizona. The woman that she is searching for has disappeared, and her fiancé is caught up in his brothers street life.


by Terry Wroten

In Ratchetville three women Gucci, Barbie, and Brandy learn that chasing satisfaction is not what its hyped up to be. With insatiable sexual appetites these women battle it out to get theirs. Meanwhile the players around Los Angeles, better known as Ratchetville, is enjoying the sex scandals these women are playing on each other. How far will a woman go to get a man that doesn’t belong to her?

The Outcast Brigade (The Outcasts)

by Douglas Hirt

They are not wanted where they come from. They are not welcome anywhere. They are outcasts, rootless and friendless, until luck or destiny throw them together. A former Apache scout shunned by his tribe, an ex-Union Army major, a former Confederate captain, and two army deserters, all forced to band together to stay alive Can they bury their anger and work together long enough to do what they have to do? Can they make it to Mexico to rescue a band of friendly Apaches who have been captured and sold into slavery? It is no easy task, because even if they manage not to kill each other, there are plenty of others eager to do it for them.

Finding Julian

by Shane Morgan


For years, Julian has kept her emotional struggle a secret from her mother. Now at twenty-one, she’s still unsure whether she should once and for all learn about the family that didn’t accept her, or continue living her life with the emptiness in her heart.

Jules finally makes the decision to return to Narragansett, Rhode Island after 10 years, upon hearing the news of her father’s death. It’s supposed to be an â??in and out’ tripâ??make peace with her heart, then return to Manhattan immediately. Only, she has no idea just what her deceased father has in store for her.

Several obstacles continue to prolong her stay, and over time, Jules finds herself starting to trust the family that had denied her in the past.

But just as she starts to discover the other side that was missing, Julian gets entangled in a web of lies and unexpectedly finds romance amidst it all.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 14

Organic Square Foot Gardening:: A Practical Beginners Guide Growing More in Less Space Today

by Jessica Davis

An environmentalist’s dream. A journey to the perfect organic garden!

In densely populated urban areas, square-foot gardening has become a method adopted by gardeners with very little space. But even if you have a larger space, utilizing this planting technique will help increase your garden’s yield. It’s a pretty straightforward method and one that works well. It also makes for an attractive, organized vegetable garden.

If you’ve never used square foot gardening now is a great time to learn! Anyone can do it and this book makes learning square foot gardening a breeze. I’ve been using square foot gardening now for over 20 years. I thought I’d write this book to share some of my knowledge with the world. I have always had a passion for gardening and I hope you will learn to love it as much as I do after reading this book.

What you will learn:

-The benefit of square-foot gardening

-Designing your square foot garden

-Building your own raised beds

-The kind of soil to use

-Lay outing

-Choosing the right plants

-Basic plant care

Not everyone with a green thumb has the luxury of a farm. So let us have a better understanding in maximizing the amount of crops that can be grown in lesser space.

What are you waiting for? Get a copy now and start building your very own organic garden!

Walking for Weight Loss: Lose Weight, Stay Fit, and Be Healthy by Walking and Hiking (walking, walking exercise, walking book, walking exercise book, walking … for weight loss, lose weight with walking)

by T.J. Wayne

Walking for weight loss

One of the biggest health problems of a modern man who works in an office and leads a sedentary lifestyle is excessive weight gain or obesity. This is why it is important to incorporate physical activities such as walking and hiking to your daily routine as much as possible. The good thing about walking and hiking is that anyone can do them. It also does not require a lot of equipments and you do not need to pay for expensive fees.

In this book, you will find everything you need to know about walking and hiking for weight loss.

You will learn about its benefits and the different techniques and tips that will help you lose weight more effectively by walking and hiking. With this book as your guide, you will surely shed those excess pounds in no time without spending too much money on an expensive diet plan and exercise program.

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(3 Book Bundle) Beginners Guide to Knitting & How to Knit Hats: The Easy Way & How to Knit Fingerless Gloves and Mittens (Learn How to Knit 7)

by Lilly Jones

3 Knitting Books Bundle!

Book 1: “The Beginners Guide to Knitting”

This book will teach you:

  1. Proper Knitting Needle Sizes
  2. How to Choose Yarn
  3. How to Cast on Knitting
  4. The Most Popular Knitting Stitches
  5. How to Start a New Ball of Yarn
  6. Binding Off
  7. Basic Color Knitting
  8. How to Read a Knitting Pattern
  9. Seaming and Finishing
  10. Increases and Decreases
  11. Knitting in the Round
  12. How to Purl
  13. How to Use Circular Knitting Needles
  14. Knitting Wool

Book 2: “How to Knit Hats: The Easy Way”

This book will teach you:

  1. Hat knitting basics such as sizing and how to determine your gauge
  2. How to choose the correct yarns and needles for knitting your socks
  3. Hat Cast-on techniques
  4. How to complete the Knit Stitch
  5. How to complete the Purl Stitch
  6. How to complete the Stockinette Stitch
  7. How to complete the Ribbed Stitch
  8. Binding off your hat
  9. This book also includes 4 hat patterns for you to work on (Rolled Brim Hat, Spiral Rib Hat, Seeded Slouch Beanie, Seeded Slouch Beanie).

Book 3: “How To Knit Fingerless Gloves And Mittens”

This book will teach you:

  1. Fingerless Gloves And Mittens knitting basics, such as how to knit test swatches
  2. How to choose the correct yarns and needles for knitting your gloves and mittens
  3. Cast-on techniques
  4. How to size your gloves and mittens
  5. 2 fingerless glove patterns 
  6. 1 basic mitten pattern
  7. 1 mini-mitten pattern

Get Started Knitting a Fun Project Today!

Alpha Confidence for Men and Women: Become an Alpha Male or Alpha Female in 30 Days or Less (Developed Man Books)

by Cyrus Thomson

Alpha Confidence For Men and Women: How to Become an Alpha Male or Alpha Female in 30 Days or Less

Available now on your web browser! A Kindle is NOT needed! Enjoy the temporary low price of three dollars.

You may have heard the terms “alpha male” or (more rarely) “alpha female” flipped around before. But what does it mean to embody such an idea?

This book, presented by, explores what it means to be an “alpha” leader in society. This includes adopting a powerful, commanding presence that is also very successful in realms of sociality, business, and love / romance.

This is your chance to really take your life to the next level, so don’t miss out.

Explore the Scientific and Philosophical Ways to Become an Alpha

Here are some of the results you can experience through this program:

  • The power to quickly rise up among peers and experience success on multiple levels.
  • Learn about the two secrets to obtaining confidence.
  • An understanding of the skills used by alphas to maintain influence.
  • An understanding of how the alpha relates to evolutionary psychology, and what that means for the modern world.
  • A chance to master the highly successful habits of alpha men and women.
  • A course on sex and attraction, and how attractive qualities relate to alpha behavior.
  • Guidelines to greatly enhance your confidence within a month and experience fast results.
  • And a Lot More
  • If You’re Wondering What’s Inside, Here’s a Preview of Some of What You’ll Discover

    • What Confidence Means
    • How to Increase Knowledge to Increase Confidence
    • How the Ego is Holding You Back
    • Methods to Eliminate the Dreaded Construct-Ego
    • The Relationship Between Confidence and Desirability
    • What Attracts Women and What Attracts Men
    • Obtaining Alpha Female Attractive Qualities
    • Obtaining Alpha Male Attractive Qualities
    • The Habits of an Alpha
    • And A Lot More!
    • Download a Copy Today

      Just click “Buy” and a copy of the Amazon short read “Alpha Confidence For Men and Women” will be yours forever. Don’t worry, you don’t need a Kindle to read itâ??just download it right to your Amazon cloud library and you can access it right away.

Homesteading Basics: A Proven Guide to Ensuring Sustainable Living and Self-Reliance

by Sarah German

Homesteading Made Easy!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to learn the basics of homesteading, as well giving you simple, effective tools to plan & start your own homestead (whether rural or urban), opening you up to a world so completely satisfying, you cannot imagine the possibilities. By the end of this book, you will be well on your way to creating, using & living true, tested, daily ways towards your personal homesteading bliss.

Here’s an inescapable fact: Homesteading, as a hobby, a passion, & a way of life, is on the rise for many reasons. Connecting with our food sources, & controlling what goes into our bodies from the beginning of planting time to the finished product, being one of the largest reasons by far. In this modern age of chemical-laden, genetically altered, highly & unnaturally processed, “food-like products”, it is all the more important to preserve & bring back the ways & knowledge of how traditional FOOD is grown, harvested, prepared & minimally processed. Imagine your very own delicious, in-season food on the table for your family~ with a taste unparalleled by any other……! Fresh fruits, berries & vegetables, delicious eggs from your own backyard chickens, raw honey from your own bees, soft creamy herbed cheese with milk from your own goats, mixed with herbs from the herb garden…. the list can go on & on as everyone oohs & ahhs in delight!

It also offers us a way to slow down, to breathe in the primal, ancient scent of the earth, reconnect with generations of our forefathers & wisemothers before us, whose wisdom & millennia of experience by trial, error & perfection of all homesteading arts remains, as a vast reserve for all to tap into & learn for ourselves, our families, & each other, to share & trade in a depth & richness you cannot buy from the industrialized world. This wisdom exists beyond what money can buy. It is woven into the very fabric of our being, as our original hunter-gatherer selves, as Natural Man.

As well as personal happiness & fulfillment in nurturing these home & garden projects start to finish, is that most practical application of it all… It is a most useful hobby for certain, the experience & satisfaction of growing & preparing your own foods, fermenting your own drinks, making healing remedies for your family, connecting with the natural world & the rhythm of the earth’s seasons so deeply ~ while simultaneously, the end result & larger picture is improved health, longevity, & quality of life for yourself and your loved ones.

Here is a Preview of what you will learn…

-Simple living


-Self Sufficiency


-Growing different kinds of gardens

-Preserving food

-Making bread, butter and cheese

-Keeping livestock like chickens, goats, and rabbits

-Keeping bees

-Water conservation

-Alternative energy sources that can lead to energy independence

So Why Wait download your copy today!

Body Odor Natural Cures – Never Pay For Deodorant Again!

by Susie Melon

Are you tired of paying for commercial underarm deodorants that do not work?

Is your store-bought deodorant constantly causing you to itch or break out in rashes?

Are you constantly worried whether your deodorant will “hold out” throughout a long day?

Is body odor affecting your social life and career?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, Susie Melon’s new book can help! Once a heavy user of commercial underarm deodorants, Susie gave them up in disgust after realizing how much she was spending on them per month, and the funky chemicals that went into making them. Worse of all, some of the products produced a nauseating fragrance that only “masked” the odor, but did not eliminate the root cause of it.

In Body Odor Natural Cures, Susie outlines the steps she took from a commercial deodorant addict to a natural cures advocate… as she experimented with turning simple herbs and plant-based ingredients (all of which can be found in your garden or pantry right now) into powerful bacteria-eliminating, odor busting concoctions!

Instead of simply “masking” the odor, these natural cures eliminate the root cause of the problemâ?¦ which is odor-causing bacterial growth on the skin.

As Susie writes in the Foreword: “Body odor is a natural problem, and for every natural problemâ?¦ nature has a natural solution!”

Not only are these natural techniques surprisingly affordable (almost free), you’ll also read about:

– The Science behind body odor, and when to consult a doctor for your body odor (If you identify any of these “red flags”, your persistent body odor may point to a more serious medical condition)

– Are the foods you eat causing you to smell? I’m not just talking about bad breath, but many foods can create chemical reactions within the body to produce unpleasant body odor. Learn how to identify and eliminate them from your diet.

– Simple lifestyle tweaks to make body odor a thing of the past

– Body odor natural cures using home-made, cheap and 100% safe ingredients that you can easily prepare in the comfort of your own home

– And moreâ?¦

How to Improve Memory: Improve your Memory with 365 Interesting sentences, Remember Confusing English Words Easily

by Babara Lopez

Can you improve your memory or can you not remember what I just said? We all can’t have photographic memory, but it’s true that everyone can take steps to increase their ability of memory, and with practice, practice is very useful to increase memory, most people will gain the skills to memorize what others would believe to be the possible.

The benefits of improved memory should motivate the cycle and improve your ability to succeed. Some of the methods to improve memory are just practical tips that will benefit your thought process and can even increase creativity. Learning complex new skills, like a new language and photos will stimulate your brain to spur the development of nerve connections which can improve your memory.

You can find a way to organize the information you want to remember use both words and pictures. This ebook collected 365 interesting sentences which contains confusing English words, you can remember one of them a day. Try to do it every day, you will find this remember practice is very usefully to improve your memory. Hope you enjoy this ebook!

The Book of Sleep: A Superconscious Path to Deep Natural Sleep Anytime, Anywhere

by Adam Drescher

The Book of Sleep is part mantra, part guided meditation, and part mystery. It is a spiritual sleeping pill designed to deliver deep, natural, and restorative sleep night after night. The content derives from what the author refers to as the cloud of superconsciousness; a very real place in the Universe that contains pure cosmic energy. The text automatically connects the reader to the sleep vibration present in the superconscious field. Simply pick up the book, relax, start reading, and experience the most satisfying sleep of your life.

Inspire yourself in 90 days

by Babatunde Kolawole

Inspire Yourself in 90 days is a book that guides you through a daily inspiration for 90 days.

Written in simple and easy-to-understand language, this book will help you improve your general well-being while allowing you to grow spiritually in your own unique way.

Babatunde Kolawole is the #1 Amazon best-selling author of Awakening to Inner Creativity: Following Your Inner Guide. His calling is to influence and inspire people to be their best selves through the power of spoken and written words. His heart-felt messages cut across people of all ages, races, creeds and nationalities.

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Free war Kindle books for 30 Jun 14

Burning Sky

by Daniel Hewes

A short story about a steam punk type dystopian future

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 14

Coquina Hard

by Lorain O’Neil

We were all taught that thirteen colonies united against the British in the American Revolution– nothing is ever mentioned of the fourteenth colony, the one that went loyalist, fought against the Revolution, and paid a devastating price: Florida.

The novel opens amidst the true story of the British military crushing the rebellion of thousands of Catholics who’d been tricked into slavery by a British aristocrat, sailed away to Florida, and forced to build a new town (New Smyrna, which exists to this day).

The novel follows the story of one of these enslaved people, orphan Toria Brighton, who escapes, has the chance of returning home, but instead chooses to return to lead survivors to freedom in St. Augustine (the daring escape is true and well documented) while the American Revolution explodes around her. Action/adventure/romance, based on a true story.

Yefon: The Red Necklace

by Sahndra Dufe

About YEFON: The Red Necklace:

A powerful, emotional tale of ambition and courage by Cameroonian-born Sahndra FON DUFE, the Common Wealth of Nations recognized author of the poem â??Dear momma’. (2004). Yefon:The RedNecklace (YRN) is the first book of the YEFON trilogy series. It will have you wrapped up with emotions you didn’t know you had. For more information visit website at


Young tribal girl, Yefon Labam, knows she’s different.

During the 1950’s, in her Central African village, women are uneducated and are expected to either work on a farm or be one of many wives, but Yefon dares for moreâ??she wants to learn how to read, even if looking at a book could mean her death. Although everyone thinks she’s an abomination, including her mother and sisters, her father knows she’s destined for greater things.

When he is murdered, Yefon clings to the gift he gave her for inspirationâ??a red necklace. She soon comes to realize that the necklace is no ordinary ornament, but a talisman crafted by the spirits. Yefon walks a dangerous path that could lead to her freedomâ?¦or her death.


Children of Tantalus: Niobe and Pelops (Tapestry of Bronze)

by Victoria Grossack

*Book 1 of the Niobe Trilogy* Princess Niobe of Lydia is intelligent, unconventional, and determined to chart her own course in life – despite her parents’ wishes. Niobe’s brother Pelops, who narrowly survives death at the hands of their father Tantalus, is charismatic, ambitious, and utterly ruthless.  Together they will change the history of Hellas – and the world.

Bastard Sons of Ireland

by M.G. McClintock

They were scorned neglected and abused. They were forced to live their lives in accordance with the laws and beliefs forced upon them by a corrupt and greedy aristocracy. In Ireland they tilled the land and struggled against the odds to survive. Enslaved and imprisoned in their own homeland, they grew weary and despondent as thousands died of disease and starvation. The disdainful nobility turned its head on their suffering and fashioned strategies aimed at ridding the land of its impoverished as well as increasing its own wealth in the process. They became known as the filthy, forgotten, poor; “the bastards”, who were manipulated and forced into slavery. They traveled to colonial America uncertain and afraid. Bastard Sons of Ireland is a story of family loyalty, dedication, love and perseveranceâ?¦

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Free world literature Kindle books for 30 Jun 14

The Knowledge Seekers & The Land Of Cudhabeen

by Lazarian Wordsmith

I believe that the Megalithic Monument at Newgrange in Meath, Ireland – Brú na Bóinne – although referred to as a burial mound, was originally built so that the Sun could fertilise the Earth, for a fruitful growing season.

The story of the Imbol and Cuilleain – The Keepers of Knowledge – uses this theme. Additionally the two tales deal with the Oral Stories given by the Stone of Destiny – The Lia Fáil – to the Imbols for safekeeping and as instructions for the formation of a society among the early Irish Farmers and Hunter Gatherers.

The Land of Cudhabeen- What-Could-Have-Been – Over The Bridge & Other Reflections, are poem/dreams of loss and in the end redemption.

The poems which are in Twitter Tweet format or have stanzas in that restrictive word count are Finger Flexing Exercises, that are at times whimsical or thoughtful.

No Irish writer could assemble a collection of thoughts and omit a Religious Reflection…Declining Powers…wanting to know what comes after death is that story.

Buteo Buteo and The Bog Orchid are tales of the past trying to link with a more modern Ireland.

A Word in your shell-like. Like. Is just some silliness I indulge in now and then to deflate some comments that pompous writers have made.

And I end with A Fairy Tale that links to the Epilogue and bring the tales of the Imbols into our time, in preparation for the coming of the new Imbol.

Ð?олÑ?ниÑ?а СкоÑ?ой помоÑ?и (books In Russian)

by Dmitrii Suslin

Роман Ñ?жасов “Ð?олÑ?ниÑ?а СкоÑ?ой помоÑ?и”, Ñ?ассказÑ?ваеÑ? о Ñ?ом, как кÑ?Ñ?пнÑ?й болÑ?ниÑ?нÑ?й комплекс подвеÑ?гся аÑ?аке оживÑ?иÑ? меÑ?Ñ?веÑ?ов. Ð?ля Ñ?еÑ?, кÑ?о в эÑ?оÑ? моменÑ? оказался в сÑ?енаÑ? болÑ?ниÑ?нÑ?Ñ? помеÑ?ений, коÑ?пÑ?са пÑ?евÑ?аÑ?илисÑ? в смеÑ?Ñ?елÑ?нÑ?Ñ? ловÑ?Ñ?кÑ?. Ð?Ñ?живÑ?Ñ? в эÑ?ой заваÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ке лиÑ?Ñ? немногие.

This book is written in Russian language.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 30 Jun 14

In Exile From Maxwell Park: poems

by Emily Sturgill

Random poetry and just a dashing of art &photography. But mostly, this is primarily a Poetry chapbook. It is roughly around 40-45 pages. It consists of poetry from my journals and some off my two blogs. It is a small and modest collection.

From Riverbank To Attic

by Fergus Martin

A short collection of poems and prose looking at the world around us, as seen through they eyes of one man.

Clarabelle Presents Nature’s Gifts

by Claire Murray

Enjoy the wonderful poems of Clarabelle. This book contains inspiring prose that captivate Nature’s Gifts. Adapted from Clarabelle’s Musings.

Loss and Other Topics

by Hayley Shaver

This is a book of poetry about various things. it includes loss, animals, and emotions.

Picturesque Book Three

by John Doyle

This is a fashionably authored fusion poetry book written over a fifteen year period. It is one of three artistic documents of the full version of Picturesque with color pages of symmetrically centered quill font text displayed in a simple picturesque manner. The book is in a form of contemporary creative writing with a consistent set of writing rules. It is simply a wonderful walk through a gallery of life. An interesting text for a few minutes of available timeâ?¦

Thoughts That Go Bump

by Linda Jenkinson

Linda Jenkinson’s second collectiion of poetry, Thoughts That Go Bump, is a book of 32 poems. From the breakdown of a marriage to the recreation of a new life and the birth of a new love, Linda takes you to the precipice of love and leaves you teetering on the edge.

The Infinite: Selected Poetry

by Claire Henley

The Infinite is a short book of poetry that pictures the changing seasons in a year and the poet’s resulting measureless growth. The scenes primarily revolve around nature. The tone is one of heartache, inquiry, and perseverance. The major theme strives to reveal the human’s infinite soul in our finite world.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 14

The Other Daughter

by Miralee Ferrell

Susanne Carson’s well-ordered family life is thrown into devastating chaos when Brianna, a young teen, appears on her doorstep, claiming to be the daughter of Susanne’s husband, David. The revelation of David’s apparent betrayal adds strain to an already fragile marriage. Will this shocking discovery drive the family apart, or will it draw them closer to God?

This is Christian contemporary women’s fiction with a distinct Christian worldview. You can find more of Miralee’s books on Amazon, including the spin-off novel, Finding Jeena, that comes after The Other Daughter.

HearthLand: It Takes One (Episode 3)

by Chautona Havig

HearthLand is a serial novel released in episodes.

Taking a step back in time-deliberately.

After a trip to Walden Farm and an afternoon talking to Chad and Willow Tesdall, Ralph Myner caught a vision for what life could be like. Against the advice of his nephew, Ralph sinks his entire retirement account into an incredibly risky venture.

Harlan Myner thinks his uncle has gone crazy. With the project in motion, all he can do is try to find people to invest their time, money, and even their lives into Ralph’s project before the man ends up broke and without means to survive.

People come from all walks of life as they embrace a new world-the world of HearthLand.

Episode 3: Between an accident on the job and a serious misunderstanding with his girlfriend, Ramiro Vega isn’t having a good month. Ralph’s month isn’t much better. His California family is in a minor panic after a phone call, and Harlan is determined to put a stop to this “crazy idea” of his uncle’s–even if it means going to Rockland and dragging the stubborn but beloved man home to Los Angeles. The days are winding down to the big event at Walden Farm, but it seems as if every obstacle short of a tornado is blocking the path.

Sweet Freedom A La Mode (Give God Glory Book 2)

by Jennifer Slattery

For some, the fourth of July is a celebration of freedom; for others it is a reminder of bondage. Of pain. Of fear. Of hopelessness. But there is a hope that is deeper, a love that is truer, and a freedom that no one can ever snatch away.

How can one take a step toward that freedom when the road appears shrouded with insecurities and doubts? These pages contain numerous stories: a woman longing to start again but bound by the failures of her past; a young man who, upon reaching adulthood, must face his fears of death; a woman offered a chance of true love but held back by crippling insecurities.

Is God even there? Does He careâ?¦enough to reach down and pull these men and women from the messes they’ve landed in, some of them by their own hand?

Freedom. Peace-saturated, joy-infusing freedom.

We pray our stories demonstrate what it looks like in the day-to-dayâ?¦and provide a little insight into how one grabs hold of that treasured state of heart and mind.

Finding Jeena

by Miralee Ferrell

Jeena Gregory’s new job promised big things–new clothes, new townhouse, new car, new furniture. . . in short, a new life. But when rumors around town cast her boss in a shady light, Jeena starts questioning her employer’s integrity. As her new life begins to crumble around her, she has nowhere to turn, except to the God she had long forgotten.

This is Christian contemporary women’s fiction with a distinct Christian worldview. You can find more of Miralee’s books on Amazon, including the prequel to this novel, The Other Daughter. Both books stand alone, but you meet Jeena inThe Other Daughter, then follow her story in her own book.

Forever Home (Lake Shores Series Book 1)

by Aimee Martin

“Christian author, Aimee Martin, with her polished and down to earth style draws you in to a beautiful, emotional tale so true to life you get the sense you are hearing the story over coffee with the girl next door.” Leah Lawrence, contributing writer for the Messianic Times

Sometimes childhood dreams come true. They did for Brinley Lambert. Hard work and study saw her climbing to the heights as a young actress until a horrible accident took the life of someone she loved and her dream became a nightmare.

Faith shouldn’t be fragile, but Brinley’s died in that accident and she buried it along with her best friend’s coffin. When she said goodbye to Annie Cross, she closed the door on God and any desire for a future filled with love and happiness. But a handsome stranger in a Stetson strolled into her life and showed her that things are not always as they seem…

One Day in September: The Complete Series (PREQUEL NOVELLA)

by Matthew Turner



Today may seem normal, but four early twenty-somethings will soon learn it isn’t. Set the day before TICK to the TOCK (Discover more at:, this prequel novella changes everything.

Split over six parts, One Day in September: The Complete Series follows the lives of Dante, Danii, Ethan, and Wilbur unravel during a seemingly normal day. Shops, pubs, bars, and beds set the scene, but what makes this day special as all four lives interlink with one another.

As Dante tries to get over Danii, and Danii forgets about Dante, Wilbur and Ethan get caught in a chaos of New Adulthood. Relationships, friendships, careers, and confusion, One Day in September: The Complete Series sets the scene as TICK to the TOCK takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.

The journey begins now, but tomorrow holds the secrets.

Hi, my name is Matthew, and I’m an author of Contemporary New Adult Fiction. Above is all about One Day in September, the prequel novella to TICK to the TOCK (Discover more at: A collection of six short stories, it follows Dante, Danii, Ethan & Wilbur during a twenty-four hour period, living normal lives, but on the brink of a life changing shift.

Some have asked me why I wrote a prequel novella rather than include it in the novel itself. The answer is simple: I wished to enter the minds of each character and introduce you to them as soon as possible. Plus, I believe you need more British fiction on Kindle, so here’s your chance.

It also expands the journey, and allows me to form a deeper connection with YOU, the reader. I love writing British contemporary fiction, but I want to provide something more than books. I wish to invite you into my world, share the music I love, the places I write, and the people who inspire the Contemporary New Adult I craft.

That’s what One Day in September is all about, so if you enjoy British contemporary fiction, contemporary new adult romance, and the idea of a prequel novella wetting your appetite, I hope you’ll add some British fiction on Kindle today.

And with that, I shall bid you farewell… For now. I do hope you’ll join this journey though, and get in touch soon. I’d love to hear from you

To summarise:

  1. One Day in September is a Prequel Novella to TICK to the TOCK (
  2. It’s a six part contemporary new adult series
  3. And this is the COMPLETE SERIES in all its glory
  4. I live in Yorkshire and write British contemporary fiction
  5. And I hope you’ll add some British Fiction on Kindle today

Look Inside and read the first 10% for FREE, and when you’ve finished reading, get in touch and share your thoughts

Matthew Turner is a Contemporary New Adult author who lives in Yorkshire with his son. One Day in September is a Prequel Novella, and set the day before his latest novel, TICK to the TOCK.



Saturday Nights at the God Cafe

by Karen Buscemi

Saturday Nights at the God Café follows the eighteenth year of Julia Davis, a troubled girl in search of something real after the death of her alcoholic mother. Julia turns to all the wrong sources to find this reality including promiscuity and friends who don’t have her best interests at heart. Her father offers no help as grief and a guilty secret push him farther away from his daughter. Then, one day, Julia makes a quick stop at a beachfront cyber café and notices a Web site on one of the computersâ??The God Café. With just enough openness in her heart for God, she posts a question on the Web site’s message board. When she returns to the café, Julia is surprised to find her question answered but she is not at all pleased with the response. Thus begins Julia’s journey to find God while discovering herself along the way.

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Synaptic Overload

by R.W. Van Sant

A distraught man with a flat tire on a coastal road discovers his old saxophone in the trunk, plays to the storm, and finds himself accompanied by a voice from the ocean.

A group of strangers, called together by a young parapsychologist, quickly learn the only thing they have in common is that they have all been haunted since birth by the same specter.

An unscrupulous doctor creates a fat eating virus that burns away the pounds while you sleep. The trendy new Sleep Diet clinics offer the ultimate weight loss experience, until the virus mutates.

The crew of a military radio communications truck lose contact with the satellite network after a tactical nuke is used on the field. As they struggle to re-establish communication, they lock on to something in orbit that quickly disappears and leaves only questions.

These previously published stories and several never before published stories short stories are part of “Synaptic Overload”, an anthology of horror, science fiction and fantasy stories.

Contains an exclusive sneak peak of “Teller’s Cove”, a novel of horror by R.W, Van Sant., to be published summer 2014.

The Walking Dead: Descent–Exclusive Digital Booklet

by Jay Bonansinga

A free promotional sampler containing the first chapter of the latest installment in the Walking Dead novel series!


by Randy Thornhorn

Who goes there, bleeding in the snow?

In this otherworldly and horrific post-Civil War tale, a Buffalo Soldier leads a rough band of black men (and one dissipated German) in snowy pursuit of a child killer. But, will a mouthless, mythic joker thwart the posse before their darkest prey is captured for blood money? A disturbing one-of-a-kind fable as deep as the hills where their torment and folly unfold.

The Short Story of A Tale Untold by a Riddle Top Magpie.

From the author of The Kestrel Waters and Wicked Temper.

“Thornhorn, where the hell have you been?” ~ William Peter Blatty (author of The Exorcist)

“One of the South’s wildest new voices…” ~ The Oxford American Magazine

“Randy Thornhorn is clearly the love child of Sam Shepard and Flannery O’Connor, raised since childhood by Willie Nelson and Karen Black. He isn’t just a good writer, he’s a GREAT writer. Southern Gothic magic at its best.” ~ Kat Manaan


The Unforeseen Writings of Randy Thornhorn:

Where ravenous love and murderous intent festers beneath the Southern skin, searching for release and revelation.

Randy Thornhorn unleashes the hellhound electric: grotesque fables, relentless howlings, and touching remnants torn from the heartâ??gunning up and down the bedeviled backroads run by great Southern Gothic scouts like Edgar Allen Poe, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, Truman Capote, Eudora Welty, and even Harper Lee. (And recent Southern Gothic travelers like Barry Hannah, Donna Tartt, Mary Ward Brown, Lee Smith, Poppy Z. Brite, John Kennedy Toole, and Cormac McCarthy).

Thornhorn braves a spectral, displaced land where bad daddies, careless lovers, and other vampires collide in horror and comic disarray, amidst the ironic human echoes of Mark Twain and Charles Portis. Prepare yourself for demons and gods you never knew existed, where Randy Thornhorn plays the fool and the fool killer, the high lonesome magpie and the boom-chicka-boom.

Rest assured. You have never read the like.





Siren’s Song (The Siren Series Book 1)

by Constance Blackwood

All she wanted to do was protect the beauty in the oceans, but this was a creature she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams…

Alexis is back in her home town on the beautiful Greek Island of Alonnisos, looking for purpose and finding nothing but contention; the university has no work for a talented Marine Biologist and her family seem determined to marry her off to some arrogant property tycoon without knowing or caring that she prefers her lovers with an XX chromosome.

The night she hits rock bottom she stumbles across the most unbelievable woman she has ever seen. A woman with a tail and a keen interest in showing Alexis exactly how beneficial not coming up for air can be.

But will Alexis take this magical opportunity to heart…or will she take it in a much more sinister and career furthering manner?

An erotic story about science, lesbians, and mermaids. Featuring sex scenes this is a short story (5300 words) for adults only.

Autistic Revolution

by Joseph D. Smith

Autistic Revolution was written by a high-functioning autistic individual, to showcase his talent as a short-story writer, dedicated to those who have been touched by the lives of autistic individuals!

Death Rattle: A Classic American Short Story

by Larry Dean Jackson

Cruz and Natalie had prepared for the apocalypse. When it came many suffered. They were safe until the unexpected happened. Something they had not prepared for.

The Shadow Weaver: Book One (Johnny Weirdo)

by P D Young

Johnny Weirdo is an innovative e-book serial, released in monthly instalments, chronicling the adventures of a dimension-hopping, sword-wielding wanderer who is well used to tackling creatures from the limits, but whose greatest battle is to try to remember who he is and unearth the fragments of his long buried past. Splicing contemporary fantasy with a generous sprinkling of horror and a liberal dash of humour, each story will comprise 4-5 instalments – with every thrilling adventure building toward an epic finale of revelation, sacrifice and redemption…

The Shadow Weaver: Book One

It’s Halloween in Upper Haven, and exuberant little zombies and witches drag their beleaguered parents door to door in a twilight pursuit of sweets and treats. However, not all the horrors on this All Hallows’ Eve are imagined and safe. Something dark and deadly has found its way to the sedate English village – and it has established itself firmly at the top of the food chain. Johnny Weirdo, a charismatic nomad with experience in dealing with such unsavoury abominations, offers the villagers their only real hope of salvation. But can an amnesiac who claims to have a demon imprisoned in his false eye, and whose travelling companion is a sarcastic raven called Cheddar Knowles D’Eath, really be trusted..?

Suggested for mature readers (16+).

Unfortunate Friends

by Josh A. Murphy

Unfortunate friends is a collection of fifteen horror themed short stories. Each story differs in style and genre, meaning there’s something in here to clench the thirst of any horror fan. With everything from Vampires, to murderous madmen, Unfortunate friends covers it all.

The Sleepy Little Village Called Foggybottom (The David Morgan series Book 2)

by Frank Roberts

The sleepy little village called Foggybottom – David Morgan and his wife Kate moved their family to the charming little New Jersey village with the quaint name, Foggybottom. With David’s love of local history, and being rather handy, it was quite natural for him to begin historical renovations to his wonderful old property. He soon joined and helped to expand the membership of the village’s historical society. Along with other equally passionate members of the Historical society, the friendly group of neighbors soon began to restore many of their notable properties in the village. Restoration fever had quickly caught on and the entire village was soon involved in planning an “Old Fashion 4th of July Celebration”.

What wasn’t planned, were the events that some former residents had in mind.

Come and join with the Foggybottom Historical Society where old buildings, small town life, long forgotten events, friends and neighbors, both past and present merge with the paranormal to write the history of today. Enjoy the sleepy little village called Foggybottom where you may find it hard to separate the fiction from the truth, especially if you believe in spirits and love old buildings.

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How to Travel the World on a Budget: These Tips Will Save You Thousands of Dollars!

by Agota Bialobzeskyte

“I wish I could travel more, but I simply can’t afford it!” – how many times have you said this to yourself?

Good news – traveling doesn’t have to be expensive! “How to Travel the World on a Budget” will teach you you how you can save money on flights, accommodation, transport, food and entertainment, and travel for less than you ever thought possible. Interested?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to Greece for two weeks, travel in SE Asia for six months, or wander around the globe for years – you can do it, and this book will show you how!

An Insider’s Guide to Bridport, West Bay and beyond: Discovering Broadchurch country

by Anon

Bridport is simply stunning; ITV’s Broadchurch showed off the wonderful coastline, rolling hills and beautiful West Bay harbour to great effect and it’s a great holiday location for couples, families and singles alike.

However, once you’re here how will you know where’s good to get a gooey chocolate fudge cake and cup of tea, who sells the best fish and chips and where to take the family on a rainy day?

Written by a local, the guide’s straightforward insider knowledge allows you to easily make the most of your time in the area. Helpfully laid out in day by day format its tips cover the best places for eating out, local walks, local beaches, family things to do as well as which pubs do a cracking Sunday roast, celebrity haunts, street markets and local festivals and events.

Extending from Bridport out to Lyme Regis, Beer and Sidmouth, Burton Bradstock, Abbotsbury and Dorchester, this book gives you the lowdown on the best bits of Broadchurch country the local’s take for granted.

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Switzerland at it’s best – 33 beautiful places to visit! (Switzerland to discover)

by Jim Gold

Great Switzerland,

The landscape and the natural scenery of Switzerland are among the most fascinating in Europe. Their beautiful clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, gushing waterfalls, dark forests and charming villages have a fairy tale quality. Towards the south, mountains become higher and shiny-white glacier-topped peaks reach far up into the blue sky, below them smart alpine resorts such as Zermatt, St. Moritz, Grindelwald and Davos. Having been here once, one wants to return again and again, visiting all the other beautiful places. I made a list with the best spots – boat rides, panorama trains, track trains, peaks with 3’000 meter altidude, the best villages and landscapes. Discover it, one by one, if you have time. Albert Schaffner, your travel author

High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT is for Dummies – Weight Loss Motivation – Fitness Motivation – Fitness Training – Cardio: High Intensity Interval … – metabolism – nutrition – motivation)

by Dexter Poin

The eBook version of this book will be just $2.99 for a little while longer, so download it before it goes up to its regular price.

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is for Dummies

This is real weight loss motivation here folks. If you are someone who is looking to find your fitness and get on the road to better overall health, then this is an absolute must read before you decide to dive into any type of workout plan or program.

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short sure does sound cool and exciting am I right?

But is HIIT the optimal choice for everyone when it comes to finding their solution for burning off fat?

This is why I wanted to write this book. I know that out in the real world where I choose to live, not everyone is healthy enough to even be contemplating adding in HIIT to their arsenal of workout tools when it comes to fat loss.

There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to a persons body’s ability to burn fat, that to just think that adding in a fresh new acronym to your workout routine will be like magic and make the body fat disappear, is ridiculous and only setting a person up for ultimate failure.

High Intensity Interval Training the FAD is just another marketing ploy that is hyped up to once again dupe the average everyday bandwagon jumper into believing that this acronym is somehow a cut above all of the rest of the other acronyms.

So many people have been utilizing HIIT way before they even invented the hyped up fad, and have benefited from it tremendously. This is because these people fully understand how to utilize High Intensity into their training, and are also fit and healthy enough to reap its rewards.

This is very serious business here.

High Intensity anything is not something to just be taking lightly. A lot of people tend to get goo goo eyed over a cool phrase or acronym like High Intensity Interval Training and HIIT and forget what the actual meaning of it really is?

Seriously, are you fit enough, to even be doing high intensity anything?

Do you understand that it takes fuel in order to burn fuel, and a high intensity style of training will require you to more than likely take in more fuel than you are currently taking in.

Not only that, but you must know what fuel your own body needs to thrive on, and what fuel your body will need to recover from HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUTS.

So many people get fixated on a fad that they tend to overlook all of the things that it actually takes in order to make a workout routine or plan do what it is supposed to do. And that is help YOU get healthier, not break your body down.

I am a real live person here.

When you read something that I have written you are getting a true honest opinion based on my own experiences and views. You arent getting a 10th grade science class book report ok.

I utilize HIIT or whatever you want to call it myself personally and have for decades actually. I get a tremendous benefit from it as do so many others.

I said I utilize it myself. I dont make a profit pushing the fad onto others who are in no way shape or form ready to be utilizing HIIT themselves. There is a big difference here, and I hope that you fully understand what I just said.

I invite you to join me on yet another conversation. If you have never joined in on a conversation with me then just prepare to not be spoon fed anything, and dont expect to read a Wikipedia copy and paste job.

Everyone is welcome to download this eBook version of this book as you dont even need a Kindle to read this. There are FREE apps you can get for your PC, phone, and tablets. I read on my cell phone app personally.

Carpe diem


A Tale of Two Seasons. Lessons in Leadership from Liverpool’s successful season and Manchester United’s failure.

by Thomas Kelly

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The two most famous football clubs in England, Liverpool and Manchester United, each experienced heavily contrasting seasons in 2013/2014.

Manchester United, the most successful football club in the Premier League era, were about to embark on their first campaign without Sir Alex Ferguson. How would the chosen one, step into the great man’s shoes?

Liverpool, the English club with the most European Titles, were starting their second season with a young British manager at the helm.

This book, part of the Leadership in you lunch hour series, looks at how the role of leadership played a crucial part in both the success and failure of the two clubs that season.

This short lunch time read is a must have for anyone interested in leadership or who actually leads teams, be they in business or on the sports field.

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