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Embracing Her Wolf

by Erin Hayes

Her Wolf is a paranormal series that shows that lives of women in different packs who have to navigate the dangers and rules of being a werewolf, including who they choose to love.

Books in this series:

Book 1: Embracing Her Wolf

Book 2: Rockin’ Her Wolf

Book 3: Becoming Her Wolf

Not everyone wants to be a leader.

So when werewolf Gemma Branford is expected to act as one for her pack, she wants nothing to do with the leadership and societal rules involved with being a werewolf. As a purebred Alpha female, her refusal to mate with any wolf in the pack has caused a stir, as this allows for any werewolf she chooses to become an Alpha male.

When a rogue Beta wolf tries to take advantage of this, she realizes she has to stand and fight back for her right to choose a mate. Suddenly, it looks like her chance meeting with Adam, the lowly Omega wolf from a nearby pack, is her best chance of saving both her pack and herself.

This is a paranormal romance novella with language, violence, and sexual content. Not recommended for readers under the age of 18.

Horde Zero (The Horde Zero Series Book 1)

by Leroy Benes

It started out as a bizarre murder case in a small town. Half of the Pallance family was eaten; their bones cleaned of flesh and left on the bloody kitchen floor. The other half of the family went missing â?¦

Detective Conner Mason is sent to Eagle Brooke to solve the case. Upon his immediate arrival, livestock and farm workers go missing. Thousands of animal bones turn up in the same condition as the Pallance family. Soon, he encounters a vicious dog that has trouble staying dead. The hordes of townspeople who start randomly attacking and eating one another also have trouble staying dead.

As the town is quickly quarantined and as the cannibalistic masses infect more and more of its people with their bites, the murder case falls by the wayside. It is no longer a murder case but a fight for survival and a race to find the origins of this strange epidemic before it’s too late.

The Undead – Part 1: The Eye

by Steven P.R.

Marvin and Lara flee Richmond from the undead and stop at a decrepit house alongside the road. They’re nearly out of gas, and they need a place to rest. But what awaits them inside? Will they survive the night?

The Undead is a new series by Steven P.R. that explores a world ravaged by a devastating apocalypse.

Part 1 is about 3,100 words.

Dark Recollections (Adrian’s Undead Diary Book 1)

by Chris Philbrook

For the first time, the internet phenomenon is now in print!

Beheading a zombie isn’t easy in a world where you’re more afraid of the living than the dead.

Adrian Ring’s simple life is thrown into chaos when the world is ripped apart by a plague of undead and legions of desperate survivors. Retreating to Auburn Lake Preparatory Academy, Adrian attempts to rescue friends and family on the way while dancing around his impending insanity over who and what he left behind, and evading maniac survivors. He saves his cat Otis, but shoots his mom. Pretty successful, all things considered.

Dark Recollections is the first part of Adrian’s own story of how he survived after “That Day.” Told through his eyes as he talks to his laptop, affectionately named ‘Mr. Journal,” and through short stories that entwine with his tales that bring forth dark visions of a world being eaten alive by an unimaginable evil. Adrian’s Undead Diary is an eight part epic about a solitary, guilt stricken man that didn’t think he deserved to live, but realizes very soon that he survived, and suffered for a reason.

It’s a great read for anyone. The stories are well written, characters build carefully and every detail is covered. People, this is what a great book looks like! Stop reading this review and start reading the book! -Frank D of

I don’t even think one needs to be a fan of zombie fiction to end up a fan of AUD; because Chris’s talent can’t be pigeonholed into one limited, literary genre. His true talent lies in weaving an enduring, sweeping story that does exactly what it’s supposed to do… pulls you in, engrosses you, evokes emotion, and leaves you satisfied (if not a little bit sad) when it’s over. In the case of AUD, for me, the zombies are just a bonus! -Wendi Haegle

The AUD Saga:

Book One: Dark Recollections

Book Two: Alone No More

Book Three: Midnight

Book Four: The Failed Coward

Book Five: Wrath

Book Six: In the Arms of Family

Book Seven: The Trinity

Book Eight: Cassie

Dark Recollections is the first book in the AUD series. It covers Adrian’s journal entries from September 21st 2010, to December 1st, 2010. Intermingled with his personal diary entries, book one also contains the short stories Phil’s Story, McGreevy’s Report, and Soccer Mom.

The Brothers of Blue Fire (The Faigann Trilogy Book 1)

by Michael Allan

Volume 1 in The Faigann Trilogy!

The Brothers of Blue Fire is a Sword & Sorcery style, Dark Fantasy tale revolving around four brothers and their relationships to one another.

“The story was amazing, and even though I nitpicked a few things here and there, I was never taken out of the story by anything.” – Chris C. (Beta Reader review)

The Ota’ren brothers haven’t seen each other much in the last two years. Nazar is being prepped to inherit the throne, Sarec is traveling the world, Damon joined the army, and Zeke has become a religious recluse. When they do meet, conversations turn to arguments and resentments abound.

But when Sarec goes missing in a dangerous land, the others must set aside their lives, and their issues, to bring home one of their own… Discovering something sinister along the way.

What are you waiting for? Grab a copy now. The Bothers of Blue Fire is 40,000 words of action and suspense you don’t want to miss.

Volume 2: The Coming Storm coming 2015!

Teller’s Cove

by R.W. Van Sant

A century ago, the clipper Morning Sunshine struck a reef and sank. Crew and passengers were torn to shreds by sharks before they could reach the shoreâ??except one. Captain Teller built a house on the cove to keep watch over his sunken ship and the evil that plagued it, until the night he disappeared.

The ship’s log speaks of golden treasure that lies hidden at the bottom of the cove along with the wreck. It also hints at an ancient evil that protects it, an evil that if disturbed could spell doom for humanity.

Now, heirs have moved into the old cove house and are planning to retrieve the lost family fortune. Will their greed awaken that which sleeps? If they do, will humanity lose dominion over the earth?

A Morning Jog

by j.a. bing

One young lady’s life will change forever one morning , when all she did was follow her normal routine.

A grim lesson of some neighbors can’t be trusted.

Horror short: approx. 7 pgs.

The Vatican Dagger, Episode 1: The Pazzi Conspiracy

by David Wisehart


The Vatican Dagger is a vampire saga set in the Italian Renaissance.

Dracula, the exiled prince of Wallachia, arrives in Rome pursued by rumors of his evil past.

To establish a new power base among the warring city-states of Italy, Prince Dracula allies himself with the Borgia family. In exchange for a secret marriage contract with Lucrezia Borgia, Dracula helps Cardinal Borgia become Pope Alexander VI. But when the new pope forbids the marriage of Lucrezia to the Wallachian prince, Dracula’s revenge threatens the Borgia dynasty and the future of the Roman Catholic Church.

The pope’s brilliant son, Cesare Borgia, enlists the aid of Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolò Machiavelli to defeat the growing forces of darkness…

Episode 1: The Pazzi Conspiracy (July, 2014)

Episode 2: The Blood and the Cross (July, 2014)

Episode 3: Murder in the Cathedral (August, 2014)

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