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by Night The Author

A collection of erotic poetry from Night The Author. Featuring great poems like “Drunk Sex” ‘Phatty” and “What your husband doesn’t know”. If you love erotic poetry..then you will love this short anthology of exotic and sexually charged verses of poetry.


by Astrid Brown

A collection of enchanted love poems

This book is for those, who are about to fall in love, for those who are deeply in love, those who were in love, lost loves and those who always will be and for the deepest love of all “Soul mates”. It is for those who cannot find the words to express how they feel, for all the love letters as yet to be written.

The mystery of Sam’s foot prints: The sparkling foot prints (The sparkling footprints of Sam Book 1)

by Kelly Pentland

Amazing things in life do happen each day and we got to look carefully for them .

He said his name was Sparkle Sam,

And he had twinkle toes,

That everywhere he tried to go,

The path behind would glow.

The Mystic Feecha Town: town of strang feechas

by Kelly Marie Pentland

A strange town indeed where one has to visit to believe it .A tale of how different places and people can be especially young twins or two lovers.Set in a style to be acted with own words and features yet still a gripping classic for children .

”See, Teeny Fee was just knee height, no more than two feet tall,

And though Tinny was just the same they didn’t mind at all.”

Octoto ,the octopus chef: a new life,out of sea not for tea (Octoto,the chef classics Book 1)

by Kelly Marie Pentland

Some times a change in life is always necessary and the octopus was on such a life mission .Only with perseverance did he finally manage to get his wish .A parable for children and adults alike ready or trying to find they feet .

Short tale for young children ,early English learners aid ,stage lovers,speech development aid and fairytale enthusiast with a deeper meaning to life .We all get into unknown and confusing situations in life and this is a special story created during those times to fill up those times for others .It is only with the support and help of people who know us we can get better .

Children will love the brilliant characters in the story and be colourful trying to perform this parable for family and friends to enjoy with outfits to make you laugh without a word said .

Visit the 333 talent art festival for tickets to the musical ,upload your children perform at home .

Three Crazy Kids Poems

I hope you like these poems. They are generally (and loosely) targeted at 6 to 14 year olds but if you are a big kid at heart, you will enjoy these.

I have written so many of these and wanted to share them with everyone. The three poems here introduce you to some of the characters in my series of books. The first one is out now on Amazon Kindle. I hope to launch across all platforms at some point.

I loved writing these and I feel that these animals are part of circle of friends. Maybe they will appear on TV one day or in a stage show. You just never know but first I think I need to sell a few books LOL.

So I wanted to show you all what I write and I truly hope you like it. I hope you will write a review and tell others what you think. Obviously I want those reviews to be “oh how astounding” or “The best writer since the Queen of kids books (my hero) Julia Donaldson” but maybe I will just ask you to be honest.

Lord Vulturemort if one of my favourite characters and appears only as a passing comment in one of the poems but I have already written a poem just for him and Harry Pottermous in my second book.

You don’t even know about Alien Pog from the Planet Og yet or even Florence Flamingo and the Book Club. Just wait till you read about Benny Baboon who enters the X Factor and has to face Sealion Cowell and Cheryl Cobra.

I just hope you enjoy.

Concubine of Siam

by Jerome Brooke

Concubine of Siam is a collection of poems.

The poetry of Jerome Brooke has been extensively reviewed. REVIEWS have said:

“…poems that create images of the cycle of history. The world of the paleolithic, the age of knights and castles, and the End Times. The world will begin anew, and all will return, endlessly. The poems of Jerome Brooke have been described as: ‘Savage and barbarous … intricate and complex … horrific. …talent, interest, and clarity of diction (Joseph Hart. — Isles of Myst Review)

* * * *

…the poems remind me of ancient primeval legends … . The imagery is active and personified (Joseph G Phillips. — New Mirage Quarterly)

* * * *

…A terse series of quatrains which evoke the cold and dark realms … of the Ice Age.’ (Carol Hamilton, New Mirage Quarterly).

* * * *

His work is: ‘A timeless tradition of honor, bravery, and romance. … tales of mediaeval warfare … spell-binding. Charming and seductive … . (Lorraine Tolliver, New Mirage Quarterly).

* * * *

The work of the poet has images of: ‘Battle, victories, defiance, perseverance ring melodiously throughout the pages … . The victor within us all prevails. (Paul Truttman, Western Archipelago).

* * * *

The poems are: ‘Primitive, barbaric, spare, austere, but eloquent … frightening. The images .. are savage. The poems are exciting and moody. (Joseph Hart, Isles of Myst Review).

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