Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 14

Fight to Survive: A Classic American Short Story

by Larry Dean Jackson

This is a “Prepper” short story of one family in rural Idaho and how they cope with a natural disaster when it arrives. It will help all who read to be ready and better understand what could happen. (It’s not always zombies.)

The Stormring (Zero Point Light Book 1)

by Stephen J. Carter

For fans of Hugh Howey and Peter Hamilton!

Being shipwrecked on an alien world can have its ups and downs. For Mick and his cohorts, it’s mostly downs. The planet that their ship’s computer, Maude, picks out for them just happens to be having the mother of all climate events.

No sooner do they make planetfall than they’re driven onto high Neburan seas. There, at their leisure, they get to observe the planet’s unraveling up close and all-too-personal. Enviropsychosis aside, fleeing to the only safe place left onworld can unman even the stoutest heart, especially when it means crossing a miles-wide, world-encircling, lightning-filled wall of storms – the stormring.

“The Stormring” is the first book in the high-concept “Zero Point Light” SF series, chock-full of good vibes, nasty shocks, hair-raising escapes, and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

The Time Trap

by Henry Kuttner

1939 Retro-Hugo Awards Best Novella nominee

A titan of the genre, Henry Kuttner, weaves a spellbinding tale of a time-traveling archaeologist in one of the most fantastic adventures ever conceived.

“[A] pomegranate writer: popping with seedsâ??full of ideas.”  â??Ray Bradbury

Kent Mason is an archaeologist hopelessly lost in the desert. When he stumbles into the ruins of the ancient city of Al Bekr, he unknowingly steps into a time portal and finds himself flung into into the greatest adventure of his life.

Originally written for Marvel Science Stories, Henry Kuttner spins a rambunctious story filled with more monsters, mayhem, beautiful women, unimaginable threats, and bizarre plot twists than any reader could possibly imagine.

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