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Diabetes Cure: My Against All Odds Story of How I Reversed My Diabetic Condition Without Using Drugs (Illustrated With Stick Figures)

by Jessica Brennan

This book presents my personal struggle with a debilitating (and costly) diabetic condition, as well as my complete triumph over the illness through a variety of natural methods – most of which don’t cost a penny. Imagine never again suffering from a terrible disease because you were able to leverage the power of self-healing to cure it!

Welcome to my life! I implemented very basic changes – ones that anyone can make – to create a healthy environment within my body, so that my disease could no longer thrive. Not many people know the secret code to self-healing, but it is explained fully in this book and will immediately help you to feel revitalized.

I believe that a sense of humor is key in life, so I added a lot of illustrations that will help get the point across, and also remind you that life can be good again. There is hope, and I know you can live a better life by following my steps.

Let’s get started!

The Geometry of Home Construction

by M. Schottenbauer

Now You Can Practice Geometry in Style!

Home construction is geometrically elaborate!

In this workbook, students of math can practice measuring the angles found in home construction! Topics include roofs, dormers, roof trusses, windows, masonry, ladders, stairs, and carpentry joints.

Cure Acne Overnight: How To Cure Acne Without Leaving Marks Or Scars (Acne Cure, Clear Skin, Acne Remedy, Acne Solution, Pimple Cure, Pimples, Acne, Remedies, Cures,)

by Albert Fernandez

Discover How To Cure Acne Overnight, Without Leaving Marks Or Scars With These Proven Methods

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You’re about to discover these proven remedies and strategies on how to cure acne overnight without leaving marks or scars. Millions of people suffer from acne, white heads, acne marks and a lot of embarrassment due to them. Women try to cover their marks or an existing pimple with makeup, but men can not.

The majority of people have acne or skin condition that causes them to break out even more than normal, you can wash your face countless times but nothing seems to help. Its not you, your simply lacking information on why your breaking out and what you can do to properly clean your face and rid yourself of acne.

This book goes in depth and teaches you what causes acne and how to FINALLY have that clear skin with no marks that you’ve always wanted, but it gets better than that, it will teach you how to cure it OVERNIGHT. Take control of your life with clear skin!

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

  • What Is Acne
  • Natural Overnight Remedies For Acne
  • Over-The-Counter Acne Treatments
  • Medications To Treat Sever Acne

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Greenhouse Gas and Global Warming: a brief insight into what it’s all about (A Smattering Of Book 1)

by Denise Watson

Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, greenhouse gas and global warming. Does this all sound out of your depth? It did mine. This short two thousand word report will give you enough knowledge to be able to know what your friends or colleagues are talking about and will allow you to contribute a little to the conversation, without being tripped up.

This content looks at the effects of these gases on our planet and why they are referred to as greenhouse gases. It’s knowledge worth having, without going over the top and can help you understand our world of today and its needs.

Good reading!



This is a tutorial that provide six easy steps you can adopt and use in setting up your own standard internet radio station.

A Letter From 22nd Century: Global Union (Future Ecologically Fantasy Manga)

by Naoto Akimoto

In the 22nd century, Osaka and the whole world are eco-friendly and comfortable place to live like this comic. And I do hope so.

In the 22nd century,a singning ceremony of Global Union was held in Brussels, Belgium.

Global Religious Conference that representatives from each religion get together was held five years ago.

An oldman living in the 22nd century goes fishing in the nearby river.

28P color comic. English Ver. and Japanese Ver. are in it.

It’s written in 2009-2010, and added one story in 2013.

Ocean trail footprints: whose and where to

by Kelly Pentland

One short syllable wondering about the presence of footprints from other species or humans we do not know .

Salt: The Miracle Mineral! Learn How Salt Can Help You Lose Weight, Defeat Depression, Halt Heart Disease, and More (The Definitive Guide on Salt – How to Reap the Benefits of this Wonderful Mineral)

by Sanford Evans

DISCOVER:: SALT – The Miracle Mineral

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Learn the Many Health and Beauty Benefits You can Achieve Using Salt

Salt and sodium are not the same thing. Sodium is often considered bad for you, especially sodium chloride, but natural salt is actually a healthy item to have in your diet. There are many benefits to consuming natural salt, but natural salt is not table salt. Table salt has been highly processed, reducing it down to sodium chloride after it’s been mined from the salt mines. This is what makes table salt so unhealthy and unhelpful. However, natural salts such as sea salts are very helpful in keeping your body healthy and running smoothly.

Salt is one of the Worlds Most Valuable Minerals

Salt has been precious to people for thousands of years, and it was once widely known that salt wasn’t just helpful in keeping the body healthy, but it was actually needed. Salt comes from living or dead seas and oceans, but it’s necessary for us to stay healthy. Natural salts have many benefits, and they can actually help you to reach your health goals.

Though, there are far too many myths surrounding salt and keeping people from enjoying an item that can bring flavor, boost your immune system, and lend a helping hand in keeping your body running. These myths are dispelled within this book, and you’ll learn all the ways that salt can help you, in and out of your food.

Salt has more uses than just in your body, but consuming it is still vital. However, salt can help you to clean your home, help in the kitchen, remove stains, and much more. Salt is a helpful and necessary part of our lives.

7 AMAZING Health Benefits of Using Salt

1. Inside this book you’ll find the various types of salts out there, and it tells you what each of them is like.

2. This book dispels common myths about salt, and instead tells you how salt can help you.

3. You’ll learn all about the history of salt in this book and why it was considered to be precious.

4. This book will show you that natural salts are a vital part of your diet if you want to continue to be healthy and boost your immune system.

5. Inside this book you’ll learn how salt can help with weight loss and achieving other health goals.

6. Many salt life hacks are available in this book, teaching you how to use salt to make your life a little easier.

7. Explore the healing benefits of salt and all that it can do for you inside the pages of this book.

Download:: This Guide on SALT to learn aboutâ?¦..

– What Is Salt?

– Different Types of Salt

– Health & Healing Benefits of Salt

– Dispelling Common Myths

– The History of Salt

– Salt & Reaching Your Health Goals

– Salt Hacks

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