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supercharged combustion volume III: tesla coil

by barbara m zavaleta

Volume III is the latest book in this louche catharsis centered around the introverted random tangent. This episode takes place 7+3+2 years later as she tackles reality vs. fantasy with the moon as her companion.

Her mind wanders off into the past blurred into the present forcing her to question the decisions she has made since and why they continue to torment her. She spends much of her time analyzing if her instincts and life’s clues are deliberate, psychic or is she grasping at straws.

Tesla Coil is the third unedited tale for the Supercharged Combustion series riddled with erotic metaphors, imaginary conversations and inner thoughts. She is challenged with the fantasy of love lost, the connections with our past and how their gravity and coincidences are too strong to ignore.

My Life In Poems, Pictures and Songs

by Kayrin McMillan

This book is a compilation of my favourite poems and songs I have written over the past twenty years. There is a surprise short story and the photographs are taken on the Scottish Island of Shetland where I have lived this past four years.

Adverse Reaction

by Sebastian Silsbury

Gritty urban fiction, containing the acclaimed trilogy “Cov’ Kid”.

Ahab’s White Whale

by Sedrick L Hawkins

A single narrative poem that holds strong imagery, story line, clever hyperboles, a strong authorial voice and a very straight forward message.

I Want To Have Impact, But Who Should Be My Mentor?: A Piece of Literature About A Person Whose Legacy Stumps All Empires

by Stephen Domena and Tiffany Domena

Do you know of any person who has a powerful legacy? I am certain that we all know of someone admirable. Has this person touched thousands of people? Have they had impact on millions of people? Has the person touched Billions of people?

Recorded history allows modern society to learn of many fondly admired individuals, but who amongst them has the broadest, mot widespread legacy? Open this book and see.

Love in Life’s Farm: I’m Yours, Your All is Mine

by Pawan Painjane

Love is not just an emotion but it is your very existence..

This book brings together my poems written over years. It has a touch of Sensitivity to our emotions which we miss in our busy scheduled life. The book conveys my experiences, thoughts and feeling through poems as, emotions do not have boundaries and so do poems.

Come, lets walk our the journey of LOVE. Together…

love repercussion: poetry

by youssef ahalla

If once

If once, the sun forgot to wake up

And I’m still falling in this dark night

Your head on my chest

So we will have extra time

For more dreams

If once, the bartender

Skips me to serve you


Stop It Right Here

by Frantz-Earl Robinson

â??Stop It Right Here’ is a collection of ten poems. We all have great opportunities to live a full and enjoyable life. However, to take hold of our opportunities we need the wisdom to deal with circumstances and people that only serve to hinder our progress. Conquer and dismiss the obstacles and make way for a life well deserved. Stage the getaway. Make no mistake, stop negativity in its track. Discover your will to resist harmful influence in â??Stop It Right Here’.

Reflections From the Minds Eye

by Gary Weiner

REFLECTIONS FROM THE MIND’S EYE is a collection of prose and poetry
designed to stimulate the retrieval of memories to the conscious level. The
human mind micro-processes infinite sensory data real or imagined which
are stored in the deep portion of the mid-brain. Welcome to a world of Thought
Provoking, Humanistic, Spiritual, Nature, Inspirational, and Romantic themes.

The Birds Fly in Silence and other Poems

by Madhu Kailas

A collection of 57 poems by Indian poet Madhu Kailas (pen name of the poet) reflecting on identity, death, love, existence, memories and devotion.

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