Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 11 Aug 14

The Land Without Unicorns (Unicorn Fantasy Series Book 3)

by Vicki Blum

Arica has been summoned to North Bundelag and given a very important task: to cross over to South Bundelag, where cruel humans rule and unicorns dare not venture, and bring back the Book of Fairies. But this ancient treasure is in the hands of a greedy human merchant. And worse yet, the “horse” she’s been given is actually the unicorn Shadow รข?? her foe from an earlier battle. Shadow says he is sorry for all he has done. But can Arica really trust him?

Valor: The Dark Prince

by J.W. Cockerill

Megan has gone missing. Rumours of an evil wizard abound. Aedra stands on the brink. Led by the Dark Prince, a vast and merciless army marches to destroy the Southern Kingdom. On the verge of doom, new heroes will be born and old ones will rise again. Valor must expose himself to the world if he is to unite it against their enemy. Prepare for the rise of Gorgyth. Prepare for the dark world!

In the third book of the Valor series, Aedra’s greatest empire sleeps peacefully in the south, while legions of goblins gather in the north. Led by an emperor who has lost faith in the ancient legends of Gorgyth, the Southern Kingdom sits defenseless, ignorant to the reach and preparedness of its enemy. But legends will come to life when the Dark Prince stands before the imperial city, his vast army behind him, ready to end the world of men.


by Dylan Robin Chambers

Twelve-year-old Gilbert Jenkins is devastated when the telescope he has been working on for a school science project turns out to be a dud. Dubbed a disgrace to his family, the astute and valiant opossum begins to accept his assignment as a menial laborer on Planet Democraton. When his telescope suddenly starts working again, Gilbert’s hope of a future career amongst the planet’s intellectual elite is rekindled, but his optimism soon fades when he discovers that Democraton is on an inescapable collision course with an asteroid.

Gilbert is dismayed when his attempts to warn General Leonelle and the Impartialist Army about the animal race’s impending doom are disregarded. Despite great adversity, Gilbert sets out to save the planet and his family from certain annihilation.

Time Travel Trouble: Try 3 Kelpies Books for FREE

by Gill Arbuthnott

Are you ready to travel 200 years into the future, battle to control time and even steal it? Then read on! Enjoy FREE chapters from three exciting books in our Kelpies range of fiction for 8 to 12 year olds: fun adventure The Accidental Time Traveller by Janis Mackay; exciting Chaos Clock by Gill Arbuthnott; and spooky Nicking Time by T. Traynor.

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