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Parents Who Killed Their Children: (Filicide)

by RJ Parker

What really incites parents to kill their children?

This collection of “Filicidal Killers” provides a gripping overview of how things can go horribly wrong in once-loving families. Parents Who Killed their Children depicts ten of the most notorious and horrific cases of homicidal parental units out of control. People like–Andrea Yates, Diane Downs, Susan Smith, and Jeffrey MacDonald–who received a great deal of media attention. The author explores the reasons; from addiction to postpartum psychosis, insanity to altruism.

Each story is detailed with background information on the parents, the murder scenes, trials, sentencing and aftermath.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – “{A} valuable resource and reference book for Criminologists and Psychologists on the fraught subject of maternal filicide, supported with ten case studies. A clear-eyed view on the most heartbreaking of crimes.”

SUSPENSE MAGAZINE – “Parents Who Kill Their Children is a great read for aficionados of true crime. The way the author laid the cases out made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.”


Andrea Yates

Darlie Routier

Susan Eubanks

Lianne Smith

Alan Bristol

Jeffrey MacDonald

Deanna Laney

Susan Smith

Tonya Thomas

Diane Downs

    “Acclaimed true crime author, RJ Parker, has a knack for collecting high-profile cases under specific themes. This collection about parents who kill their children provides a fast-paced, gripping overview of how things can go horribly wrong in once-loving families. From Andrea Yates to Jeffrey MacDonald to Susan Smith, Parker reports on the stunning case details and suggests reasons why the parental bond can get so twisted. The updates at the end of each chapter add a lot, since popular media rarely follows up. An important reference for true crime readers.”

    Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D., bestselling author of “The Mind of a Murderer” and “The Ivy League Killer.”

    “Is there anything more reprehensible than filicide–that is, the intended act of a parent killing his or her own child? In “Parents Who Killed Their Children,” the award-winning true crime author RJ Parker shines a powerful light on this dark and sordid phenomenon. First, Parker offers a number of possible psychological and environmental causes (or at least correlates) of filicide. Then he presents ten shocking, real life case histories of parents who murdered their children. The result is a book that is bound to make you rethink the absolute sanctity of motherhood and reflect on why some mothers do indeed “eat their young.” This is a powerful read and another hard-hitting, compelling entry by RJ Parker.”

    Dr. Scott Bonn, Ph.D, criminologist, professor and author of the forthcoming “Why We Love Serial Killers” October 2014 from Skyhorse Press.

    “The only thing more shocking than female serial killers is when mom or dad kills their own children. RJ Parker has collected some of the most notorious and horrific cases of homicidal parental units out of control. Shocking and gripping.”

    Dr. Peter Vronsky Ph.D., investigative criminal justice historian and filmmaker. The author of the bestselling history of serial murder, “Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters” and “Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters.”

    “The author writes the before, during, and after, like no other. I’m an avid reader, but selective, and will read everything he is associated with.” – Lori Smith


    This book has been selected by several Universities in their upcoming courses in Criminology, Sociology and Forensic Psychology, including, the University of Utah and Penn State University.

    Parker has written 15 true crime books, available in eBook, trade paperback and audiobook editions and have sold in over 80 countries. He holds Certifications in Serial Crime and Criminal Profiling.

    Polishing the Diamond: A Travel Guide to Living Your Highest Potential

    by Glynis Stevens

    If you read one book this year – make it this one!

    How well do you take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

    Do you sometimes feel that you are living in the dark, you feel lost and uncertain as to who you are?

    Do you want to have more fun, and more fulfilling relationships?

    Is it time to let go of your smallness, step up and make a lasting impact?

    Do you want to expand and grow and live a life of meaning that inspires the world around you?

    In “Polishing the Diamond”- A Travel Guide to Living Your Highest Potential”, international author and coach, Glynis Stevens shares her autobiographical travelling adventures together with spiritual insights she experienced along the way.

    Throughout these sometimes out of body and extraordinary experiences in a number of fascinating places, she learned to understand and polish the diamond within so that her brilliance truly shines. Now she has created techniques and practical tools to share this wisdom with her coaching clients and you the reader. This ideas filled book offers you answers and systems to nurture your potential and be your best.

    “This is a lovely book that combines vivid travel writing, memoir, and inspirational guidance to personal growth. Ms. Stevens takes us on a voyage of self discovery”.

    Alan Lightman, Professor of The Practice of Humanities, MIT Boston, author of several books including Einstein’s Dreams and The Accidental Universe

    The Real World of Online Dating

    by Samantha Boyce

    The Real World of Online Dating is an account of events that happened whilst trying to find the elusive Mr Right. Told in an honest, and at times, graphic way. This story certainly isn’t for the faint hearted, nor is it a book that should be left lying around for younger people to read. It contains swearing and explicit descriptions that will both shock and maybe even repulse. You will experience a whole array of emotions from laughter to complete disgust and everything that falls in between.

    Steve Jobs 1955-2011: Steve Jobs Biography And Stanford Speech – Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

    by Frank Ar

    “Steve Jobs 1955-2011: Steve Jobs Biography And Stanford Speech – Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” is a tribute to Steve.

    The book starts with a commented transcription of Steve Jobs’s Stanford Speech in 2005. We then see together the personal life of Steve, and his accomplishments and resilience as Apple and Pixar founder. We learn from how he turned a challenge – having to leave the company he founded and made successful – into an opportunity, returning as a winner back to Apple to rescue the company.

    “Steve Jobs 1955-2011: Steve Jobs Biography And Stanford Speech – Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” also offers a selection of Steve Jobs’ quotes about life and technology, and how to use AmAre as a way to live life while stay hungry, and staying foolish.

    419: Diplomatic Consignment Scam: They Want Your Money!

    by Reyzl Yitkin

    At the beginning of this summer (2014) I got into correspondence with a charming ‘Captain Robert Morgan’ who offered me certain irresistible business opportunities that would end my financial difficulties and make it possible to develop the projects I work on, both personal and for the betterment of the country I live in. Contacting him seemed like the answer to my many prayers. The only hitch was that there was no Captain Robert Morgan and no investment plan: it was a ‘419 Scam,’ so named after the article in Nigeria’s Criminal Code dealing with fraud. Actually, it was a variety of the 419 Advance Fee Scam (remember Phillip K.Dick’s story â??Second Variety’?). I don’t know which order this variety is, but it’s called â??Diplomatic Consignment Scam’. Unwittingly I started what is called â??scam baiting’: I played along to see what his game was. And I found out that it was dirty and harmful.

    I have documented my whole â??romance’ with â??Captain Robert’ and included useful data that would warn others on what to do in a similar situation. Nowadays, when we all actively use the Internet, e-mail and Skype, any of us can become a target of scammers. And these guys have no scruples.

    I believe my experience will be useful. Please, read it and warn others.

    everything is rosy: Lessons I Learnt One Summer

    by B. J. Francis

    Ben is a boy who falls madly in love with a beautiful girl, but his love turns very quickly into an uncontrollable obsession and he will do whatever it takes to make his lovely Rosy take notice. This passion leads to him doing some time in jail for ‘threatening to kill”. While there, and during the following summer, he discovers the wisdom and the beauty of seeing both sides of every situation, and this changes his outlook on life forever. This is a story of a personal journey to find love and equilibrium and the equilibrium of true love.

    The most effective book on understanding prayer: prayer,good morning prayer,good books on prayer,good morning for prayer,good night prayer,prayers,prayer for healing

    by Dave Cook

    Understanding Prayer

     All you need to know about prayer is in this book and the reasons for praying will be explored, and the ways to pray.  Learn about the different types of prayer.  Can you imagine that Yoga is a prayer?  Discover the different ways prayer is used.  Learn how the different cultures pray and know the fundamental belief of prayer. 

    Affirmative prayer!! Find out all about it and how in it works in this book.  See an example of an affirmative prayer.  Deciding what to pray about will also be explored.  Do you have the right mind set for prayer, continue reading to find out.  Find solutions to doubts and get example on affirmative prayers.  Prayer has advantages and disadvantages. 

    Imagine that.  This book is a must read.

    Mastermataz How I Went from the Disaster of My Daughters Death: To a Life of Happiness Hell and Back

    by Jay R. Charles

    MasterMataz How I Went from the Disaster of My Daughters Death, to a Life of Happiness. Hell and Back. What Did I Do? How Did I Do It? Here is where I was, here is how I got through, here is what shifted my life, and here is what you can do also. I wrote My True Story to inspire all who reads, Show that you truly can overcome any situation in life, If I can, so can you!

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