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Tidewater: A Novel of Pocahontas and the Jamestown Colony

by Libbie Hawker

A new historical novel from the author of The Sekhmet Bed.

The Tidewater

To the nation of Powhatan, it is Tsenacomoco, rightful home of the Real People. To England, it is Virginia Territory, fertile with promise, rich with silver and gold. Against the backdrop of this wild land, the fates of three unforgettable people collide:

John Smith

An outcast among his own, despised for his low birth and his unchecked tongue, his is the only mind capable of solving the deadly puzzle of the wilderness. Smith knows the only hope for Jamestown Colony lies with the Powhatan people. He knows, too, that they would rather see the English starve than yield their homeland to invaders.


Disgraced and embittered, he sees in the English a chance to restore his reputation. He knows the invaders can be used to expand his brother’s empire and improve the lives of the Real People. He knows, too, that such a tool can turn in the hand, and become a weapon pointed at the heart.


Though not of royal blood, she dreams of becoming a female chief. When the English build their fort on her father’s land, she finds an opportunity to rise above her lowly station. But she is young, and doesn’t understand the implications of the game she plays. When at last she realizes the English are a force beyond her control, she must choose between power and servitude – between self and sacrifice – for the sake of her people and her land.

Control of the Tidewater can only rest in one nation’s hands. It is a conflict of desire and hatred, of friendship and fear, of stark ambition and desperate survival.


by Graham Masterton

Women always fall in love with Henry T. Roberts.

But only one of them – Augusta Pierce – is determined enough to follow him all the way across the American continent when he leaves in pursuit of his destiny.

Immense fortunes are being made from silver mining in Colorado, with millionaires springing up overnight.

Henry’s always been uncannily lucky, but with only a few dollars to his name and the deeds to a worked-out cave, it’s hard to see how he’ll ever realise his dreams.

As he follows his fortune, Henry must face up to the temptations and terrible guilt which almost destroy him.

The guilt of betraying a devoted woman, and the guilt of being a thousand times richer than he ever deservedâ?¦

‘Silver’ is a masterful historical epic that combines meticulous research with brilliant story-telling.

Praise for Graham Masterton:

â??One of the most original and frightening storytellers of our time.’ Peter James

â??A natural storyteller with a unique gift for turning the mundane into the terrifyingly real.’ New York Journal of Books

â??One of the few true masters.’ James Herbert.

Graham Masterton is a bestselling British crime author. Graham Masterton’s first novel The Manitou was released in 1976. This novel was adapted in 1978 for the film The Manitou. Further works garnered critical acclaim, including a Special Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America for Charnel House and a Silver Medal by the West Coast Review of Books for Mirror. He is also the only non-French winner of the prestigious Prix Julia Verlanger for his novel Family Portrait, an imaginative reworking of the Oscar Wilde novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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Warrior of Camelot: An Essene Camelot Novel: Book 2

by Andrew Mather

Rome’s bitter conquest of the north drives warriors to seek a new home. A riven community seeking to hide from Rome struggles to cope with a warrior who loves battle above all. Can standing up to Rome begin something that will echo in legend?

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