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Connect and Communicate: How to Interact with Greater Clarity and Success (My Spiritual Backpack: Your Guide To Living In Your Greatness! Book 10)

by Nancy Rose

At some point, you most likely have experienced frustration and disconnect from unclear communication, and it can negatively affect you both personally and professionally. When this happens, you may: lose out on opportunities; feel misunderstood; not get your message across clearly; limit the depths of your relationships; limit the connections you make; and not understand the wants, needs and expectations of other people. In some situations, you may end up feeling hurt, angry, embarrassed, and a score of other negative emotions.

With minimal effort, you can implement the strategies in this book and become a more effective, exciting and successful communicator in all parts of your life.

Discover the following concepts and more: communication basics, body language, talking about difficult subjects, how to use your intuition, and trusting your gut feeling. It includes some of Nancy’s life lessons so you can connect on a more personal level. The action steps in this book will empower you to make changes in your life today! Right here, right now. The author has

For Sale By Divorce: The Experts Guide to Divorce and Property Division®

by Lou Rodriguez

Divorce Is Bad Enough. You Shouldn’t Have The Stress of Selling Your Home Too. To be certain; Divorce is not a cure, it’s a surgical operation.

And since you are not a surgeon, let this book and the experts’ quoted in it be your guide in helping you best navigate a process that hopefully, you will never become an expert at.

What You’ll Learn in For Sale By Divorce: The Experts Guide to Divorce and Property Division®

Basics of Divorce Law in Selling Your Home

This book covers the basics of divorce law and lays out the process involved in selling your home(s) during or after divorce, the options you have, and the importance of each.

Understanding Legal Issues

Help you understand the legal issues that need to be tackled with the help of Family Law Attorney Nancy K. Brodzki, Esquire.

Getting the Best Financial Outcome

Provides information that could help those going through, a divorce and have marital property, successfully sell their home(s) to the best financial outcome for all involved.

Understanding Tax Issues

Help you understand the tax considerations when dividing property in a divorce with the help of Carol Ann Wilson, a Certified Financial Divorce Specialistâ?¢.

Assessing the Marital Property(s) Value

Understand that property settlement during divorce depends on a fair, impartial and accurate assessment of the value of the property to be divided.

Letting Professionals Help You

Few events in life are more traumatic than divorce.   This book shows you that the one area that truly needs reasoned, dispassionate, businesslike treatment during divorce is what to do with your property.

As a former divorcee and Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist (REDS) this book is my attempt at helping you with that future by providing information, options and possible solutions regarding divorce and property division.  

As a person who has also gone through financial devastation as well, I have included a bonus chapter on Debt and Divorce at the end of this book.

Without a doubt, separation and divorce are two of the most painful life events there are but you can’t change the past; so try to learn the lessons the present offers, become educated on the next steps to take, and then focus on a positive future.

Good Luck!

How To Become A Real Man? The Compendium

by Alexei Kikhta

All the girls are talking about this man. But what he should know and be able to? It should look like? How should he behave? Every girl wants to be near her was a real man. But these men are not born, they become. This book will help you get answers to most of these questions, which are fundamental to the girls think of a real man.

The Power of Relationships;The guide that explains everything about relationships: relationships,the power of relationships, power,relationship,relationship … advice,relationship problems,healthy relati

by J Tyler

“Power of Relationships”


What You Can Tell From A Name

by Alison Thornton

A child’s name is the first impression you have. That impression is usually supported by the mother standing behind it. Children are named according to their parents intelligence. They are a social marker, an indicator of vocab, manners, ability, respect.

This book gives my opinions on some of our society’s names. There’s not many in there currently, put please add your suggestions in the Amazon reviews section and I will update the book accordingly. These are my views and I do not wish to cause offense.

Inspiration and Motivation: A Collection of Inspirational and Motivational Short Stories

by Muhammad Rayhan

Everyone loves inspirational and motivational stories. sometimes we need a push to go forward. these short stories will inspire you and also make you a better person. If you have youngsters in your family these stories would be perfect to teach them some very important lessons about life. Each story has a unique meaning and these stories have been told for centuries for inspiring people.

There are a total of 24 short stories in this book which will change the way you think about your life. I hope my small effort will make you a better thinker and decision maker.

List of stories:

2. The 4 Wives

3. Puppies for Sale

4. Wait For The Brick

5. A Box Full of Kisses

6. The Wooden Bowl

Table of Contents


The 4 Wives

Puppies for Sale

Wait For The Brick

A Box Full of Kisses

The Wooden Bowl

Trees That Wood

Two frogs

Mountain Story

Building Your House

inspiring love story – The Rose Within

Parable Of The Pencil – Pencil story

The Praying Hands

Eagles in a Storm

The Buzzard, The Bat, and the Bumblebee

Sand and Stone

Mothers day

The Making Of A Mother

Alexander Fleming

Love and Time

Dads Blessings

Bad Temper


Where are we heading ?

Growing Good Corn

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